Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Six Point Lead on Generic Ballot … It’s the Trending, Not the Snap Shot


A recent Gallup poll showed that Democrats took a 6 point lead in the Generic ballot over Republicans. Sorry, not buying any such a data anomaly until there is a trend that supports the polling. The only other explanation for any type of bounce would be the unemployment benefits package. Wake up America, Republicans have no issue with extending unemployment benefits, they just do not want your children and grandchildren to pay for it. Neither should you!

All polling specific polling data says just the opposite of what Gallup is reporting. In poll after poll after poll, Democrats are in trouble across the land from Arkansas US Senator Blanche Lincoln to even states like Washington and Wisconsin are toss ups.

What might be more telling in the Gallup poll is the enthusiasm factor between Democrats and Republicans. By a 51% to 28% margin, Republican voters expressing significantly more enthusiasm about voting in the 2010 midterms than Democrats. In a midterm election it is all about voter turnout.

Simultaneous with increased support for Democratic congressional candidates, Gallup polling last week found Republican voters expressing significantly more enthusiasm about voting in the 2010 midterms. The 51% of Republicans saying they are “very enthusiastic” about voting this fall is up from 40% the week prior, and is the highest since early April — shortly after passage of healthcare reform. Democratic enthusiasm is unchanged, at 28%. 

Rasmussenhas the Generic Congressional poll at Republicans 45%, Democrats 36%. It is hard to believe that where the GOP has had a consistent lead in this polling data that suddenly a 6 point shift would be considered valid data.

America, its about time you start taking responsibility. You cannot compalin about the out of control deficits and federal budget and then have Obama and Democrats pass an unemployment extention without it being paid for. Step up or shut up.

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