Teen Sexting Ring Busted in Milton, VT … Don’t These Teens Understand This is Child Porn, the State Doesn’t?


Twenty two high school students in Milton, VT find themselves in big trouble as the police have busted a high school sexting ring.  The students are between the age of 14 and 17 and used school issued laptops to view pics  of nude and partially nude adolescent girls. GOOD GRIEF. When will teens ever learn that actions have consequences? Who thinks up such an elaborate scheme for sexting and disseminating porn. Then again, who is so stupid to go along with it?

You know why teens don’t think their actions have consequences? Ask the enablers in the liberal, socialist Republic of Vermont  that finds it more important to pass gay marriage than they do to hand out punishment and charges for what has to be considered child pornography. Why would Vermont police waste their time, money and energy if they were not going to press charges?

The Milton Police Department said in a statement Wednesday that after investigating the sexting ring for six months, the case was now closed and that none of the juveniles would face criminal charges.

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