Following Appearance Before Senate Intelligence Committee … Jared Kushner Says “I did not collude with Russia”


Senior advisor and son-in-law to Donald Trump, Jared Kushner spoke to the media following his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He stated, I did not collude with Russia.” Kushner stated the obvious, of which the MSM. liberals and Democrat party refuse to come to grips with and accept … “Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won.” He then went on to say, “suggesting otherwise, ridicules those who voted for him.” But that is exactly what the LEFT is doing by continuously attacking and resisting a duly elected president. The LEFT, Democrats and the MSM have utter contempt for Trump and those who voted for him, those damn deplorables!

Via LA Times:

Jared Kushner denied Monday that he colluded with Russians in the course of President Donald Trump’s White House bid and declared he has “nothing to hide.”

Behind closed doors, Kushner spoke to staff members of the House intelligence committee for nearly three hours at the Capitol, then made a brief public statement back at the White House.

“Let me be very clear,” he said. “I did not collude with Russia nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.”

President & Commander in Chief Donald Trump Stops to Retrieve Marine’s Hat (VIDEO)


Hell must have froze over the weekend as CNN actually provided something positive of President Donald J. Trump. While boarding Marine One, the Commander in Chief stopped and took the opportunity to retrieve a Marine’s hat that had blown off his head. Not one, but twice President Trump retrieved the Marine’s hat. A marine standing at attention can obviously not move from his post. The president realized that and helped him out. This is not a light moment as CNN would have you believe but instead an incredible optic from a president who is very proud of the men and women he serves as their Commander in Chief.

On his way back from Germany while getting onto Marine One, President Donald Trump did something that I have never seen any other president do in the past.

As President Trump approached Marine One, one of the Marines who stands guard at the door and salutes the president when he boards and leaves the helicopter had his cover (military lingo for hat) blown off.

Sticking to his training, the Marine refused to break his position of attention and did not attempt to retrieve his cover.

This is yet another way how Trump is making America great again. Respecting and honoring the military. Remember Barack Obama’s coffee cup salute to the marines getting off Marine One? Just how insulting could a president possibly be? Yes, I would say there is quite a different amount of respect in the White House today for our men and woman of the military and they know it.

President Obama Salutes Marines with Coffee Cup in Hand – Semper Latte

Gutfeld From The FIVE Comments on President Donald Trump’s Speech in Poland (VIDEO)


Watch the video below, Greg Gutfeld from The FIVE absolutely nails the analysis on his take of President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland. His take on social progressives is spot on and the notion that the LEFT refuses to listen to the words of Donald Trump that make so much sense, because they cannot get past the fact that Trump is saying them. The LEFT called Trump’s speech an alt-right manifesto. Really? The battle for freedom against whether it be Nazi Germany, communist Russia or radical Islam is alt-right? Oh yeah, and the freedom and God thing just drove the LEFT crazy. And the LEFT wonders why they can’t win elections in the Unite States? Listen to the comments of poor Juan Williams. What a fool he has become.

What a novel concept, read the transcript of the speech without knowing who said it. Instead the Left provided ridiculous and negative comments. Many of whom  probably never even listened to the speech. Or did so with their socialist, uber-lib filters.

Charles Krauthammer Says Trump’s Warsaw Speech was his Best and Reaganesque (VIDEO)


Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer, an individual who is hardly pro-Trump, had nothing but praise for President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland. Krauthammer stated, Trump was praising The West, not just the United States. Krauthammer went on to say that Trump’s speech was one of the most anti-Russian speech since Ronald Reagan. Krauthammer went on to sy that Trump savaged Russia for their past actions against the Poles, the 40 years of Soviet occupation and present day. Thus dispelling the notion of Democrats and the LEFT that Trump is in bed with Putin and Russia. The images and words make that almost impossible to believe.

Sorry, the LEFT is going to have a hard time spinning this speech to the common sense people of the United States and the world.

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