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A pervasive and destructive problem is afflicting our current justice system, eroding community confidence in law enforcement. “Shadow vigilantism” is a vicious cycle in which ordinary people, as well as criminal justice officials, are so fed up with the system’s failures that they distort and subvert the system to force it to do the justice that it seems reluctant to do on its own. The effects of this lack of trust are pervasive and pernicious: citizens refuse to report a crime or help investigators; jurors refuse to indict or convict; and officials manipulate a system that is perceived to be unreliable. This downward spiral eventually undermines the moral authority of law enforcement and creates widening rifts in the community.

Mark Levin Radio Show – September 27, 2017 … “Why I love America and why I won’t take a knee” (VIDEO)

Why I love America and why I won’t take a knee … “I love America because this is where people come to to escape tyranny and to live in freedom.”

Levin went on to say, The only reason why we tune into football, baseball and other sports is to take our minds off of real life. And when they become the very thing we look to get away from, it is time to tune out. When the NFL calls the country racist, they are calling the people in it racist. The vast majority of people in the United States are not racists, but we are now told by NFL players that we are. Really? Why would so many people try to come to America, if we are so racist? The answer is, we are not. But now we have the inmates running the asylum and football players, many of which are black, make millions and call the very people who make them money, racists?

Why don’t football players go on strike if they feel such conviction? Why don’t they quit their NFL jobs altogether and go become social workers or social advocates? Make it your career. Levin stated, “rather then getting on your knee, get off your ass and go do what you say needs to be done”. But they won’t because they and the owners are frauds.

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Mark Levin 4/5/17 – Mark Levin Show April 5,2017 Full Show … What If Trump was Not the First & Only Target of Obama Spying and Leaking?

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN … What if Donald Trump wasn’t the first or only target of an Obama White House campaign of spying and illegal leaking. Directed at domestic political opponents?

Partial transcript:

Because it’s five weeks ago. Tomorrow. We decided that the issue here, among other things is the Obama administration’s Surveillance activities and the politicization of surveillance. This is a very important piece I am about to read to you, hat tip my buddy Larry O’Connor. April 05 today. The accusation that the Obama administration used information gleaned from classified foreign surveillance, to smear and blackmail its political opponents at home has gained traction in recent days. If the reports that former national security advisor Susan Rice. May have been rifling through classified transcripts for over a year. They could’ve included information about Donald Trump and his associates. While using a resource is that are supposed to keep Americans safe from terrorism. For other purposes may be a dereliction of duty is no more of a crime than spending all day on Twitter instead of doing you’re gonna. The crime here would be if she leaked the names of US citizens to reporters. In the end, the seriousness of the accusation against Rice and other former administration officials. Who will be caught up in the unmasking scandal. Or rise or fall based on whether or not Donald Trump was actively engage in any conspiracy. To turn over the keys of the White House to the Kremlin. For true believers in the Trump-Kremlin conspiracy theories the Obama spying on line scandal isn’t a scandal at all. Just public officials taking prudent steps to guard against an imminent threat to the Republic. But what if Donald Trump wasn’t the first or only target of an Obama White House campaign of spying and illegal leaking. Directed at domestic political opponents. Let me repeat this, but what if Donald Trump was that the first or only target of an Obama White House campaign of spying and illegal leaks. Directed at domestic political opponents. By the way you fraud reporters and journalists so called at CNN you don’t need to listen. You can focus on not in Fox and Bill O’Reilly. And he December 292015. Article. The Wall Street Journal described how the Obama administration it conducted surveillance on Israeli officials. (more)

Daily Commentary – Friday, July 22, 2016 – It’s Been One Heck of a Crazy and Bad Week

  • More police officers shot, the GOP convention has had it’s problems, and we are in the middle of a record breaking heat wave

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Trump whining About Losing in Colorado … Blames Everyone But Himself … Educate Yourself as to Why Trump Lost


Sorry, but I am getting really tired of Donald Trump’s act. He is beginning to make it almost impossible to like him, even if he wins. Trump is the epitome of a sore loser. When he wins everything is great, the people are great and he loves all the people of the state that some how voted for him and did not see through his act. However, when he loses … the process is unfair, its rigged and he was screwed out of votes. REALLY?

Such was the case in Colorado where Trump lost to Cruz in a major way. Trump lost his mind because he lost and has no one to blame but himself. If you don’t know the rules of a primary, don’t bother to care to know them and don’t even have a presence in a state, what the hell do you expect to happen? With all the whining that Trump has done when he loses about things not being fair, he is beginning to sound like a liberal. Of course Trump had no issue where he gained less than 50% of the vote in South Carolina or Florida and won all the delegates. So when the rules benefit Trump is a happy camper and when they do not, he’s a whiner. Wake up folks.

Take a good listen to an interview with Conservative radio host Mark Levin and US Congressman Ken Buck from Colorado.

Mark Levin radio promo

Listen to the interview HERE via Right Scoop

The Right Scoop:

Buck, who knows the system inside and out, explained to Levin why voters were not disenfranchised as Trump is suggesting and why there is no fury about the process.

Buck explained that the caucus process for Colorado has been for a long time that voters would make a non-binding straw vote. Delegates were not bound by the vote to any candidate.

However four years ago a national rule changed by the RNC that would have bound the delegates to a candidate by the vote. So the central committee in Colorado met last fall and decided to abandon the straw vote because they didn’t want delegates bound at that stage.

Buck said the last time they had a straw poll in Colorado, Rick Santorum won, but by the time they got to the convention he was no longer in the race. So if they had done what the RNC wanted, they were worried the delegates would be bound to a candidate no longer in the race.

One point that Buck made was that 40% of the delegates at the state assembly and at each of the congressional district assemblies were new voters. They had never been through this process before but they figured it out. He said they showed up at their caucus, felt strongly about Ted Cruz, got elected to the county assembly, then the state assembly and then cast their votes for the candidate. Meaning, this is not an exclusive process, but a very inclusive process.

Buck said up until a week before the state assembly, Trump had no presence in the state. And Trump chose not to speak at the convention, even though he was encouraged to do so

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