Daily Commentary – Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – Feds Predicted a Surge in Illegal Immigrants Last Year

  • Even though they claimed to have been caught off guard, they had already predicted an increase and expect there to be 127,000 this year many of which are juveniles

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Daily Commentary – Tuesday, May 12, 2015 – I’ve Been Wondering What Hillary’s Position Would Be on Immigration

  • We found out last week that she would create a path to citizenship and that she was ready to use executive action to shield many more

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Jamiel Shaw Sr.’s Son was Murdered By an Illegal Alien (Dreamer & DACA Recipient) Pedro Espinoza from Mexico in 2008 … Do Black Lives Really Matter, or Does It Matter Only If You are Shot By a White Person or White Police Man?


Jamiel Shaw Sr. testified in front of a subcommittee Wednesday, chaired by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). All should watch and take notice of what happened to Mr. Shaw’s son, 17 year old Jamiel Shaw II, who was violently gunned down by Pedro Espinoza in 2008. Pedro Espinoza is a member of the 18th Street gang,  a DREAMer, a DACA recipient, and a child brought to this country by no fault of his own. Hardly the harmless and innocent people that Obama, Democrats and gutless Republicans have told us what DREAMer’s are. Espinoza was convicted and sentenced to death in November 2012.

However, this is greater than just a senseless killing. Below is a must watch VIDEO … Do black lives matter? Well, for Barack Obama, only when it fits his political agenda. If a black person is killed by another black person, and especially an illegal, even a gang banger with multiple arrests, the answer is probably not.

“My son, Jamiel Andre Shaw II, was murdered by a DREAMer, a DACA recipient, a child brought to this country by no fault of his own. My family’s peace and freedom was stolen by an illegal alien from Mexico. He was brought here by his illegal alien parents and allowed to grow up as a wild animal.

He continued: “Some people believe that if you are brought over by no fault of your own that it makes you a good person. They want you to believe that DREAM Act kids don’t murder. I am here to debunk that myth.”



Jurors deliberated for less than 4 hours on May 2, before finding Pedro Espinoza, 23, guilty of 1st degree murder for the 2008 shooting death of 17-yaer-old football star Jamiel Shaw Jr. in Los Angeles. They have suggested that he receive the death penalty, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Jon Stewart Slams Barack Obama on Immigration … Didn’t Obama Previously Says, ‘I’m Not the Emperor of The United States’


Wow, even Comedy Channel’s Jon Stewart mocked Barack Obama for his flip-flop on his, “I am not an Emperor,” in taking executive action on immigration. In 2013 Obama was telling people who could not change immigration alone as that is not how the US Constitution worked and he was not the Emperor of the United States. As Stewart amusingly opined, “all it took was one bad midterm election” for Obama to go from “I’m not an emperor” to, well, this.

Jon Stewart took a shot at President Obama tonight for promising executive action on immigration over a year after saying he can’t because he’s not an “emperor.”

Stewart found it amusing that “all it took was one bad midterm election” for Obama to go from “I’m not an emperor” to, well, this.

The Blaze:

“My job is to execute laws that are passed and Congress right now has not changed what I consider to be a broken immigration system,” Obama said. “I’m the president of the United States. I’m not the emperor of the United States.”

Stewart said, though, that it only took “one bad midterm election” for the president to totally change his tune and abandon his initial “I’m not the emperor” sentiment.

But Republicans weren’t immune to Stewart’s critiques either, as he went after numerous politicians and talking heads during the segment.

EXIT QUESTION: How on earth does this man justify his actions when his own words states the contrary?

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, April 15, 2014 – Denver Public School System to Hire Previously Undocumented Teachers

  • DPS says it’s challenging to find bilingual teachers to serve their Spanish speaking population

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Barack Obama Says His Biggest Failure is Comprehensive Immigratiion Reform, Not JOBS or the US Economy

UNBELIEVABLE … President Barack Obama says his greatest failure in the last four years is not passing comprehensive Immigration reform. Not the +8% unemployment in America, not the 23 million unemployed/underemployed Americans, not the record number of people on food stamps, not the the US has continuous dropped in competitiveness and not the record $16 trillion debt. I guess that is why Obama could not remember what the debt was when he tool office when he was on David Letterman, it was not all that important to him. Instead Obama would rather pander to a Hispanic audience.

So How Does Obama’s Young Illegal Immigrants’ Amnesty Affect Competition for Jobs & College With Legal Americans?

Barack Obama, when you can’t run on the past 3+ failed years, 8.2% unemployment, record number of Americans on food stamps, a failed $787 billion stimulus plan, failed green energy companies, Obamacare and a terrible job recovery plan … you conquer, divide, play another race card and change the narrative strictly for political reasons.

Barack Obama, the Politician in Chief turned his back on America and the US Constitution so to pander to Hispanics for his reelection.  Thus the reason why a President should never be allowed to make a unilateral change in immigration policy … when its done 100% for political reelection reasons, damn the American economy and actual legal Americans.

‘Barack Obama does not even believe he has the authority to grant amnesty to certain illegals by executive order’

President Barack Obama bypassed Congress and changed immigration policy for a segment of the “illegal” immigrants on Friday with his passage of an Executive order offering legal status to some undocumented immigrants under the age of 30.  Forget whether Obama had the right to make such a law and single out a specific group of people, what about the affects that such a “political” act will have on the economy, and those legal Americans to compete for jobs and education? Suddenly 85,000, maybe more, work permits are going to be given to “illegals” and flood the market.

President Obama has just opened a floodgate of opportunity for young illegal immigrants in the United States, but could it squeeze the aspirations of legal Americans in the process?

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Emperor-in-Chief Barack Obama Issues ‘Dream Act’ …Grants Immunity to Illegal Alien Children Bypassing Congress Even though Obama Previously Stated US President Did not Have Authority to Do So (VIDEO)

It’s good to be King … Just one problem, the United States has a President and Three branches of Government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

Barack Obama, the Emperor in Chief bypasses the Congress and signed into law by Executive order his version of the ‘Dream Act’. The Presidents Executive order would stop deporting some illegal immigrants who were brought to the country as children and have gone on to be productive and otherwise law-abiding “illegal” residents. So why now? Barack Obama had 3+ year to do such a thing, but did nothing. Obama had a Democrat controlled House and Senate for the first two yeas of his Presidency and did nothing. This has nothing to do with anything but desperate politics, an upcoming election and pandering to the Mexican vote with “back door amnesty”. As stated at Hot Air, “Obama on new DREAM Act policy: This isn’t amnesty, it’s the right thing to do”. Whether that is or is not the case, it is not up to the President to pass the law.

President Obama said Friday his administration would stop deporting some illegal immigrants who were brought to the country as children and have gone on to be productive and otherwise law-abiding residents, forcing the emotional immigration policy debate into the forefront of the presidential campaign.

Obama described his decision as the “right thing to do for the American people,” but many Democrats and immigration advocates also saw it as the right strategic move to boost his reelection chances.

The policy puts political pressure on Obama’s Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, by highlighting past GOP opposition to legislation designed to help young immigrants and by forcing Romney to confront his party’s sharp divisions over the issue.

But the shift also carried some danger for the president, who risks alienating centrist swing voters who tend to be more conservative on immigration issues and could see the move as politically opportunistic.

Several conservative Republican lawmakers quickly denounced Obama’s move as “backdoor amnesty.”

Obviously, comprehensive immigration reform needs to take place; however, this is hardly the way to do it by Executive fiat. Dealing with children brought to the US at no fault of their own is the last thing to deal with, not the first. Border security should be handled first, not last. All this executive order does is not create a greater “illegal” immigrant magnet for individuals to come into the country against the laws of the United States.

Once again we see how Barack Obama is a complete, ineffective leader. Obama is a hyper-active partisan who has ZERO ability to work with others and get things done. Bill Clinton worked with the Republican Congress, George Bush worked with the Democrat Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy on ‘no child left behind” and Ronald Reagan worked with a Democrat controlled Congress and the “Reagan” Democrats … not Obama. The most liberal, socialist President ever has no concept of how to play nice with others. Instead, he thinks he is a King and just does things in spite of what the laws might say. Case in point prior to this, Obamacare.


Why did Obama have a change of heart as opposed to what he has said in the past when interviewed o Univision regarding how laws of “illegal” immigration are passed in the US? Watch the VIDEO below at the 7:15 mark where Barack Obama says, “… that is the law that is on the books right now.  The way our system works the President does not have the authority to simply ignore Congress and say we are not going enforce the laws that you passed”.   So how did Obama go from his hands were tied with regards to the “Dream Act” to unilaterally changing and creating new immigration law in the US? How long before Democrats will be demanding that these folks are allowed to vote? After all, that is really what this is all about, creating a new monolithic voting block for Dems.

 Rep. Steve King (IA-R) to sue Obama administration over new immigration policy.

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King said Friday that he plans to sue the Obama administration to halt implementation of its newly announced selective illegal immigration law enforcement policy. He told Mike Huckabee on the former Arkansas governor’s radio program Friday that he successfully sued his own state’s governor — and won — over a similar separation-of-powers issue.

“I will tell you that — I’m not without experience on this — I’m prepared to bring a suit and seek a court order to stop implementation of this policy,” King said

“I have done it once in the past successfully when then-Governor Tom Vilsack thought he could legislate by executive order — and the case of King vs. Vilsack is in the books.

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