Even Liberal Democrat Howard Dean Asks, “I Wonder If Obama Has the ‘Legal Authority to Do This’ Regarding Obama’s Fix (VIDEO)

Folks, even Howard Dean can see this is tyranny …

Following Barack Obama’s speech where he proposed a “keep your plan” fix for Obamacare, former Vermont Governor, DNC Chair and Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean pondered while on MSNBC whether Emperor Obama had the legal authority to even propose such a “FIX”  as the law had been passed by Congress. Hmm, many Conservatives are asking the same question regarding Obama’s actions. Wow, does that make Dean a racist?

“I wonder if he has the legal authority to do this, since this was a congressional bill that set this up?”

VIDEO Hat Tip – The Weekly Standard

So what is it with Barack Obama? Does he think because it is called Obamacare that he has the legal authority to change any part of the law he feels by executive fiat? Imagine if a Republican did that with abortion? When Republicans confront Obamacare, they are constantly told that it is the law of the land. Really? If it is, then how come Barack Obama thinks he can just change it himself? Maybe the real probalem with Obama is that he was too busy reading the Communist Manifesto as a youth instead of watching School House Rock and “I’m Just a Bill”.

Former VT Gov & DNC Chair Howard Dean Threatens To Leave Democratic Party Over Obama’s Budget

The bloom is off the Obama rose now that Democrats do not have to support him for another presidential run …

Former Vermont governor, Democrat presidential candidate and DNC Chair Howard Dean has threatened to leave the Democrat party over Barack Obama’s proposed budget. Dean stated, “I just think that’s unacceptable. If this passed I would have to reevaluate if I belong in the Democratic Party. If this were passed with Democratic votes, I think it would be impossible to be Democrat.” Does Obama’s budget have a chance of passing and getting Democrat votes, Dean does not think so. Folks on the LEFT are calling this Dean’s Obama scream. If Howie leaves the Democrat party, there is always the socialist party for him to turn to.

Howard Dean has had it with President Obama’s budget proposal, saying the plan put forward by the White House might just drive him from the Democratic Party he once led as DNC chair.

On Sunday night, Dean tweeted that the restoration of some defense sequestration cuts contained in Obama’s budget proposal were a step too far when coupled with the president’s entitlement cut proposal that progressives like Dean are already livid about.

“If this is true I may have to become an independant [sic],” Dean wrote, before linking to an April 10 article by Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Josh Green.

NewBusters asks, Will the media notice this story? Whether they wish to or not, there is a civil war a brewing in the Democrat party.

Daily Commentary – Monday, July 26th, 2010 – Shirley Sherrod and Fox News

  • Dana’s perspective on the Shirley Sherrod fiasco and the radical rants from the LEFT and Howard Dean.

icon for podpress  Daily Commentary – Monday, July 26th, 2010 – Shirley Sherrod and Fox News [1:48m]:  | Download

Howard Dean Handed His Lunch and his Race Card by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday on the Shirley Sherrod Racism Incident

Far be it from Howard Dean to let the fact get in the way of using the RACE CARD.

Democrat Howard Dean and the race baiting LEFT were at it again this morning on Fox News Sunday. It would appear that Dean has learned nothing from the Shirley Sherrod racist incident. Howard Dean took his race baiting ways on FNS and was handed his lunch by host Chris Wallace. Dean stated that FOX News was complicit in the firing of  Shirley Sherrod, yet what Dean deems to have forgot is that FOX News did not cover the story until she had been ousted by the Obama Administration.

Dean began his misguided playing of the race card as follows:

“Let’s be blunt about this, I don’t thing Newt Gingrich is a racist and you certainly are not a racist, but I think FOX News did something that was absolutely racist.”



That is when Chris Wallace let Dean have it with both barrels and Dean folded like a cheap suit and stammered trying to find the words as he was caught completely flat footed and in his liberal, progressive lies. The VIDEO is priceless, because Howard Dean when confronted with the truth was speechless.

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Howard Dean Finally Says Something Truthful … Democrats Left Tort Reform Out of Health Care Bill … They Feared ‘Taking On’ Trial Lawyers

Why was there no tort reform in the health care bill if they really wanted to reform health care?

Finally some one in the Democratic party has decided to tell the truth as to why tort reform was left out of the House healthcare bill, otherwise known as Obamacare. Howard Dean stated at a “town hall meeting on Tuesday night that Democrats in Congress did not include tort reform in the health care bill because they were fearful of taking on the trial lawyers”.

The answer from a doctor and a politician, Howard Dean, is that the Democrats were too cowardly to take on the trial lawyers. In 1500 pages of so-called health care reform, Democrats had no problem taking on the American people who’s health care coverage would be affected; however, when it came to their buddies, the trial lawyers, the point was moot.

“This is the answer from a doctor and a politician,” said Dean. “Here is why tort reform is not in the bill. When you go to pass a really enormous bill like that the more stuff you put in, the more enemies you make, right? And the reason why tort reform is not in the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everybody else they were taking on, and that is the plain and simple truth. Now, that’s the truth.”

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Howard Dean Joins Virginia Dem Congressman Jim Morant at Town Hall Meeting … BRILLIANT!!!

And now for the most comical, absurd and idiotic comment from the Town Hall meeting for the 8th District of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Does anyone really wonder why Obama and the Democrats have lost the PR battle for Obamacare? Watch the following video. The American people do not want talking points of the plan … THEY WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT WHAT SO EVER!

Whose brilliant idea was it to bring lighting rod and flame thrower Howard Dean to a town hall meeting? Please do not use the excuse that Dean is a doctor. He is as divisive as it gets and if Congressman Morant could not foresee this, he is a fool.

Democrat Congressman Jim Morant says the following …

“There are 100’s of people in this gymnasium who can’t hear him (Howard Dean) because of a handful of people. Now, these folks are not from the 8th district, they really don’t belong here and I am going to ask them to leave”.

Actually Congressman Morant, this is democracy in action. Sorry if it does not fit your definition of the people need to hear your talking points and bow down to your point of view.

BTW Congressman Morant, you say people in the audiance are not from the 8th disctrict and need to leave … neither is Howard Dean, SO MAYBE HE NEEDS TO LEAEVE AS WELL!

A Vote For A Democrat Is A Vote For Less Cash In Your Pocket

A rare note from Dugga, the Scared Monkeys tech guy…

I’m not a big debater. I prefer to push the buttons and twiddle the knobs to shine the spotlight on those who are more well-spoken than me. But on occasion, I find issues so concerning, and ignorance so profound that I am forced to speak up. Today is one of those days.

My mom showed up wearing a Hillary Clinton button last week. As an elderly couple on a fixed income, I was forced to ask her if she had the first clue as to what it would mean for her and dad if a Democrat took office. Here’s what I told her.

In President Bush’s first term, he proposed, and congress passed, a series of temporary tax cuts. Most of these will expire in 2011. As you would expect from partisan politics, the Democrats have no plans to renew these cuts. John McCain has spoken out boldly in support of making these cuts permanent – as they should be.

Take a look at what’s going to happen the moment a Democrat takes office. Not their actions, but their inactions will allow the following to occur:

  • Child Credit: This credit will shrink from $700 to $500 per child on January 1, 2011.
  • The Income Tax: Rates will increase between 3 and 4.5 percentage points in each bracket on January 1, 2011.
  • The 10 Percent Bracket: The bracket will be eliminated on January 1, 2011, raising the income tax burden of many workers by 5 percentage points. For low-income Americans, this is perhaps the most important of all the tax relief points that will expire!
  • The 15 Percent Bracket for Joint Filers: On January 1, 2011, the upper limit of this bracket will shrink from 200 to 167 percent of the upper limit of the 15 percent bracket for single filers, creating a marriage penalty.
  • Standard Deduction for Joint Filers: On January 1, 2011, this will shrink from 200 to 167 percent of the standard deduction for single filers, creating a marriage penalty.
  • The Estate Tax: The top rate for this tax will increase to 60 percent on January 1, 2011, and the value of an estate exempt from taxation will shrink to $1 million, which is less than it is today.

Many Americans desperate for “change” because of differing opinions on how the Iraq war has been handled might take a second look at the Democrats when their pocketbook is involved. Why is nobody remembering that in its first 100 days, the new Democrat Senate passed the largest tax increase in American history — more than $700 billion in higher taxes!

Yes, gas is expensive and the economy sucks right now. And on the heels of April 15th, a lot of us are still sore from being reamed for a large chunk of our income. Next time someone starts saying we need “change”, ask them how much they’re willing to pay for it.

- Dugga (not Red) (although if I had more disposable income to wager, I’d bet you he’d agree with me!)

DNC chair Howard Dean Says … We May have to Broker Clinton-Obama Deal, Clinton Vice President?

So DNC Chairman Howard Dean wants to play Monty Hall and Let’s Make a Deal_or_no_dealDeal with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama if there is no official nominee by the time the Democratic Party meets in Denver in August, 2008. Howard, will there be any screaming involved in the deal making?

Dean said Democrats would look to “get the candidates together to make some kind of an arrangement” before the party meets in Denver this August to officially select its nominee.

Deal? So does this mean that Hillary Clinton will be Barack Obama’s Vice President? Why not, why does it always have to be stated that Barack is supposed to be Hillary’s VP on the Dream Team Democratic ticket. What’s the matter with a Obama-Clinton ticket? Obama seems to be on a role and has the momentum. Inquiring minds want to know.

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VP Cheney; Dean Has Never Won Anything

Yesterday, Vice President Cheney basically called Howard Dean a horse’s a$$. Wait a minute I can’t use dollar signs after the amount of money that Dean has raised as compared to counterpart, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. Howard Dean has made his Chairmanship all about himself instead of about the Democratic party. Dean wants to use the excuse that Republicans are trying to distract from the real issues. Howard, YOU ARE THE DISTRACTION! In a verbal tapestry of political drive by insults, VP Cheney let Dean have it.

Howard Dean is “over the top,” Vice President Dick Cheney says, calling the Democrats’ chairman “not the kind of individual you want to have representing your political party.”

“I’ve never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I’ve never met anybody who does. He’s never won anything, as best I can tell,” Cheney said in an interview to be aired Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes.”

I guess we know for Dick Cheney stands on the Green Mountain state of VT. No maple syrup for you Mr. Vice President.

“So far, I think he’s probably helped us more than he has them,” Cheney said in the interview taped Friday. “That’s not the kind of individual you want to have representing your political party.

The vice president added: “I really think Howard Dean’s over the top. And more important … I think many of his fellow Democrats feel the same way.”

As much as the Democrats want to look the other way, Dean is a liability to the party. And why shouldn’t he be? Dean is really a Carl Rove mole.

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