CNN’s Don Lemon Finally Admits the Truth about the Media and Barack Obama, “As a Journalist, You Weigh How Much You Should Criticize the President Because He’s Black.”

WOW, finally some truth from the liberal MSM admitting there is a bias for Barack Obama.

CNN’s Don Lemon admitted that “as a journalist, you weigh how much you should criticize the president because he’s black.” Really, the color of one’s skin determines whether you should criticize Barack Obama, or not? It’s not bad or failed policy? So by the converse, it id AOK to criticize a white president? Lemon went on to say, “then you have to do it, because you are a journalist.” Um, since when have the journalist of America truly criticized Barack Obama? Am I missing something? Never has a president got more of a pass from the media ever. Had Obama been criticized and vetted as a candidate by the media, he would never have been elected president. But the MSM was all too consumed with have a black man elected. Had the MSM criticized and thoroughly reported on the failures and scandals from Obama’s first term like the economy, disastrous job growth, out of control debt and the truth of Obamacare, he would never have been reelected in 2012. However, they were more concerned with no criticizing a black man.

Wasn’t it Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” So how come the media can’t seem to abide by the words of MLK?

Just a heads up, how do you think the MSM is going to cover Hillary Clinton, the potential first female president? I think we already know the answer.

“As a journalist, you weigh how much you should criticize the president because he’s black.”

Transcript from Real Clear Politics:

DON LEMON: But, Jake, he is the African-American president. He’s an African-American president. He’s a president of all people but, again, he has a responsibility as president to help everyone but he is a black man.

And as I said, he understands the issues that we as African-Americans face more than any other president that we have had. You know, we used to call Bill Clinton the first black president, but I mean, in reality, we know that — we know that was just sort of fun.

But, yes, I think he has more of a freedom. And his — listen, in his first term he didn’t do that much about, you know, gay rights, about gay marriage, whatever, and it started happening in the second term. I said in the beginning that that issue would be a second term issue.

He had to prove himself in the beginning. He had probably more criticism than most presidents because when you are the first of anything, there is a bigger responsibility put on you. He’s a spectacle in a way.

Everyone is being looking to hit him and everyone is looking to punch him, and I understand that, and as a journalist you weigh how much you should criticize the president, because he’s black, what have you, but then you have to do it because ultimately you’re a journalist. Journalists have to, black people have to, white people, Hispanic. We all must hold him to this because, as he said, it is an issue for the country, not just for one demographic.

EXIT QUESTION: President Barack Obama has proved himself? Really? Proved himself to be what, a socialist, authoritarian, imperial president hell-bent on destroying the United States and shredding the US Constitution?

“Piers Morgan Live” Soon to be Piers Morgan Canceled … CNN Gives Low Ratings Show the Axe … Get Ready for his Kicking & Screaming

CNN is giving ‘Piers Morgan Live’ given the boot … Piers Morgan, Not-So Live.

As reported at The Politico, CNN is canceling Piers Morgan’s low rated 9pm show. The 3 year experience to replace Larry King Live has crashed and burned badly with a prime time show that got consistently low ratings. CNN stated that the show could end as early as next month. It probably could not happen soon enough as “Piers Morgan Live” is simply unwatchable. So who will be next up for CNN to take on Megyn Kelly on Fox News and Rachel Maddow at MSNBC at 9PM? Some seem to think Bill Weir. All we know for now is that Piers Morgan is out … good riddance to bad rubbish!

The below video is exhibit 1 of the reason why Piers Morgan’s show has been canceled. Guests Dana Loesch and Scottie Hughes own Morgan in the gun debate so much so at the very end the CNN host winds up in a snit … “It makes me sick”. Actually Piers, your show made many more sick and the reason why no one watched it0 One last thing … Bu-bye!!!

CNN President Jeff Zucker has decided to bring an end to Piers Morgan’s low-rated primetime show, network sources told POLITICO on Sunday. “Piers Morgan Live” could end as early as next month, though Morgan may stay with the network in another role.

Morgan, a former British tabloid editor, replaced Larry King in the 9 p.m. hour three years ago, prior to Zucker’s tenure as president. His show earned consistently low ratings, registering as few as 50,000 viewers in the 25-to-54 year-old demographic earlier this week.

“CNN confirms that Piers Morgan Live is ending,” Allison Gollust, head of CNN communications, told POLITICO on Sunday after an earlier version of this post was published. “The date of the final program is still to be determined.”

Earlier on Sunday, Morgan told The New York Times that the show had “run its course” and that he and Zucker “have been talking for some time about different ways of using me.” Sources who spoke to POLITICO said the decision to end the show was Zucker’s.

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for Thursday,  February 20, 2014:

Check out the unbelievable, consistent low ratings of Piers Morgan. It is hard to believe they stuck with him this long. The funny part is I have watched more shows of American Greed on CNBC than Piers.

CNN_Piers Morgan ratings

As The Other McCain opines, this is the “first smart move that network has made in years.” I could not agree more. The money line comes from The Guardian that emphasize the following comments from the New York Times article that Morgan was a square peg in a round hole. Really, after all this time CNN finally figured out that a liberal Brit going against the United States Constitution and the First Amendment was a bad thing? God figure.

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” Morgan told the New York Times, which first broke news of the CNN decision on Sunday.

“Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.”

LOL, remember when Piers Morgan told CBS News during his book tour that, “I will be taken out of CNN kicking and screaming. I absolutely love it. It’s a fantastic network. It’s a great news place to be.”

Freedom of the Press? Not in an Obama World … The FCC Wants to Grill Reporters, Editors & News Station Owners About How They Decide Which Stories to Run


It would appear that Barack Obama wants to put government FCC monitors in America’s news rooms to determine why media outlets cover certain stories. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  So now we are going to have government lackeys in news rooms to monitor and make sure that the media is covering the stories they want them to? Could Barack Obama and the Obama administration possible trample on the United States Constitution and Freedom of Speech any more?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

As reported at Mediaite, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal bringing people’s attention to this study, saying “the government has no place pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” And while participation is technically voluntary, ignoring them would not be a wise decision for any news outlet that wants an FCC license. We all know that the MSM is bias and pretty much in lockstep leans to the left, but it is not the governments job to interfere with what they report or how they report .  “Participation is voluntary—in theory,” supposedly; however, the FCC’s questions, queries and interrogations may be hard for the broadcasters to ignore as it is this very government agency that could put a media outlet out of business if they spitefully withhold an FCC license. But of course the Obama administration has never gone after or targeted a specific group of people who opposed him, have they … IRS-GATE!



click on pic to watch VIDEO, via Mediaite

An Obama administration plan that would get researchers into newsrooms across the country is sparking concern among congressional Republicans and conservative groups.

The purpose of the proposed Federal Communications Commission study is to “identify and understand the critical information needs of the American public, with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations,” according to the agency.

However, one agency commissioner, Ajit Pai, said in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece Wednesday that the May 2013 proposal would allow researchers to “grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run.”

He also said he feared the study might stifle the freedom of the press.

Who is Obama kidding?

This is just heinous as Obama uses the death of Daniel Pearl to make it appear that he is for Freedom of the Press

“Reminded us of how valuable a free press is.”

“reminded us that there are those who would go to any leangth in order to silence journalists …”

“A well informed citizenry that is able to make choices and hold governments accountable …”

Obama says, “Clear out the press so that we can take some questions”

FCC Research Study can be read HERE (pdf)

Questions that the FCC poses in the study to news managers and staffers, including the following. Honestly, what business is it of the federal government?

  • What is the news philosophy of the station?
  • How do you define critical information that the community needs?
  • Who decides which stories are covered?
  • Have you ever suggested coverage of what you consider a story with critical information for your customers (viewers, listeners, readers) that was rejected by management?

Do we really wonder why, as opined by The Lonely Conservative, that the US has dropped to #46, just above Haiti, in press freedom in the world. Way to go Barack Obama!

Liberal Sports Commentator Bob Costas Does DNC Infomercial on “Redskins” Rant During Cowboy-Washington NFL Game

Thanks Bob Costas for that DNC infomercial … More liberal media bias.

As if following the lead of Barack Obama on suddenly making the name ‘Redskin’s’ the most important issue in America as we face a government shutdown, debt limit default, over-spending, jobless recovery, and record number of American on food stamps, NBC’s Bob Costas decided to provide us with some perils of wisdom to pressure the Washington Redskins into changing their name. Yup, during half-time of last nights Cowboys – Redskins game, Costas provided a free DNC commercial.

So, at halftime of the Sunday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington REDSKINS, Bob Costas decided to lay down some wisdom on America. He started out okay in his discussion of Obama’s new pet project, to pressure Washington into changing the name of the football team, but almost at the end when you were sufficiently sucked in, he threw out the bombshell…..the use of the term “Redskins” is indeed offensive … a nasty slur.

And there you have it. Just like Global Warming, um, I mean Climate Change, the debate about the term “Redskins” is now settled science. Expect for Washington to be changing their name very soon.

Just curious Bob, you have been a sports announcer for 30+ years, why is it all of a sudden that you decided to speak out against the name change? Oh that’s right, you got the talking points ok to do so from Barack Obama. Even though a majority of Americans, including Native Americans are against a name change. But Bob and Barack know better.

Political Correctness: AP Stylebook Revises Definition of ‘Islamist’ as AP Caves PC Pressures … Term “Islamist,” Will No Longer Be Used To Describe “Islamic Fighters, Militants, Extremists Or Radicals”

If it looks like an Islamist, walks like an Islamist and talks like an Islamist, geuess what AP … It’s an Islamist.

Remember when the journalist news used to be about reporting the news and not about worrying whether someone felt uncomfortable? Now the AP wants to redefine the enemy of the United States. How about a new definition for the AP … gutless, politically correct cowards?

This is yet another example why many have no trust or respect in the MSM. Just days after  dropping “illegal immigrant” from its influential stylebook, the Associated Press has revised its definition of another politically charged term, Islamist. The AP stated that it will no longer use the term ”Islamist” to describe  an Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals. Instead, the AP now defines an ”Islamist” as an “advocate or supporter of a political movement that favors reordering government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam. Of course this was a result of the cowards at AP succumbing to the pressures of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Yup, here is one of the Islamists that the AP refuses to define as an Islamic Fighters, Militants, Extremists Or Radicals

Following on the heels of the Tuesday decision by The Associated Press to discontinue use of the term “illegal immigrant,” the news agency on Thursday revised its stylebook entry for another politically charged term.   The term “Islamist,” the AP clarified in a Thursday afternoon alert to online stylebook subscribers, should not be used as “a synonym for Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals.”

“Islamist” is frequently used as a label for conservative Islamic political movements, particularly Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, the group’s Palestinian offshoot. It generally carries a negative connotation.

The AP first added the term to its stylebook in 2012. The definition initially read:

Supporter of government in accord with the laws of Islam. Those who view the Quran as a political model encompass a wide range of Muslims, from mainstream politicians to militants known as jihadi.

Just how gutless and politically correct has the AP become? These folks are more worried about if they upset terrorists than they are in correctly and accurately reporting the news. If these jokers were around in the 1940′s I am guessing that they would have provided cute and flowery definitions for the term Nazi’s and fascists.

Sorry, but we will continue to use the term “Islamist” as it is meant to be and for effect we will add the term radical jihad Islamist fascist for effect.

Ben Carson Says White Liberals Are “The Most Racist People” In America on Mark Levin Radio Show

Why we love Dr. Ben Carson, he calls it like it is an is unafraid to do so.

Last night on Mark Levin’s radio show Dr. Ben Carson, the new voice of conservatism, discussed the “left-wing media’s” attempt to attack him and stop his speech on many issues and views on gay marriage and religion. As Carson has stated in the past, political correctness, threatens to destroy our nation. Carson states that “they” need to shut me up completely and the reason why the attacks against him are so vicious. There is nothing like a comment from a  Black conservative for the LEFT to lose their minds. Dr. Carson told Levin that, in his experience, white liberals are the “most racist people there are.”

 From Mediaite:

“They need to shut me up, they need to delegitimize me,” Carson told the radio host while explaining why he believes the media has scorned him for lumping homosexuality in with unsavory sexual acts like bestiality and pedophilia.

Levin added that the doctor has been attacked by “white liberals” because he is a black conservative, to which Carson replied: “They are the most racist people there are. Because they put you in a little category, a little box. You have to think this way. How could you dare come off the plantation?”

“I don’t have a particular agenda that I’m pushing,” he added. “So it would be particularly difficult for them to trip me up.”

As Weasel Zippers aptly states, Libs prove Ben Carson’s point by calling him a “token” or “uncle tom” in 3 … 2 … 1.


Dr. Benjamin Carson Addresses National Prayer Breakfast and Lectures Barack Obama on Obamacare … “When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account” (Update: Left Goes Mental Over the Truth & Carson’s Comments)

Barack Obama gets an earful on Obamacare from famed Baltimore neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Last week during the National Prayer Breakfast, neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson criticized President Barack Obama, Obamacare  and the governments intrusion in healthcare. All the while as President Obama sat in the audience. It is too bad that Obama could probably not hear a word of what this educated man was saying. After listening to Dr. Benjamin Carson all I could take from him is why is not this man the president of the United States? His discussion on the dangers of “political correctness”. He stated PC was dangerous as it because the unanimity of speech and though is bad. This country was founded on freedom or thought and freedom of expression. PC muzzles people and keeps people from discussing important issues. With Obama less than 5 feet away, Dr. Carson criticized Obamacare and encouraged a program where newborn babies are given health savings account as an alternative to Obamacare.

If you have never watched one YouTube video, you need to watch this one.It is fascinating, informational and inspirational. Carson’s discussion on education is tremendous. Think back to slavery, it was illegal to educate a slave. Why was that? Because,  to educate a man, liberates a man. Amen brother. What he is talking about is to have a public educated, so that they never become victims and dependent upon a government.

Simply amazing, as Barack Obama looked on, Carson basically dismantled Obama’s class warfare and “fairness” doctrine before his very eyes. Oh to have really known what Obama was thinking as Carson ripped Obama’s ridiculous and divisive ”hurt the rich” and “class warfare” … “Some people say, ‘Well that’s not fair because it doesn’t hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10.’ Where does it say you’ve got to hurt the guy? He just put a billion dollars in the pot”.

From Real Clear Politics:

DR. CARSON: What we need to do is come up with something simple. And when I pick up my Bible, you know what I see? I see the fairest individual in the universe, God, and he’s given us a system. It’s called a tithe. We don’t necessarily have to do 10% but it’s the principle. He didn’t say if your crops fail, don’t give me any tithe or if you have a bumper crop, give me triple tithe. So there must be something inherently fair about proportionality. You make $10 billion, you put in a billion. You make $10 you put in one. Of course you’ve got to get rid of the loopholes. Some people say, ‘Well that’s not fair because it doesn’t hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10.’ Where does it say you’ve got to hurt the guy? He just put a billion dollars in the pot. We don’t need to hurt him. It’s that kind of thinking that has resulted in 602 banks in the Cayman Islands. That money needs to be back here building our infrastructure and creating jobs.


DR. CARSON: Here’s my solution: When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account to which money can be contributed — pretax — from the time you’re born ’til the time you die. When you die, you can pass it on to your family members, so that when you’re 85 years old and you got six diseases, you’re not trying to spend up everything. You’re happy to pass it on and there’s nobody talking about death panels. Number one. And also, for the people who were indigent who don’t have any money we can make contributions to their HSA each month because we already have this huge pot of money. Instead of sending it to some bureaucracy, let’s put it in their HSAs. Now they have some control over their own health care.

 It is really too bad that this man is not more prominent than he is. His thoughts and vision is remarkable. He is an individual who should be considered a hero, not sports athletes , singers or actors. This man is the real deal. Carson’s role model was Jesus.  Dr. Benjamin Carson for President!!!

UPDATE I: Looks like the LEFT considers Dr. Carson a racist for daring to question and criticize Obama, the first black president. Oh Wait, Dr. Carson is a man of color as well.

The Libs at CNN did not take too much time in trying to attack Dr. Benjamin Carson for his comments and come to the aid of their liberal savior and daddy, President Barack Hussein Obama. As reported at Mediaite,  on Sunday, the panel guests on CNN’s State of the Union weighed in on whether it was appropriate for Carson to use the forum of the prayer breakfast to advocate for free market reforms to healthcare and a flat tax code. What’s the matter, the liberal and bias MSM cannot stand some one calling out Obama’s divisive, class warfare doctrine? Especially when the individual who did it was black? I guess this makes Dr. Carson a racist. Isn’t anyone who dares differ with Obama considered a racist? How sad that Democrats just not get the message that its better to teach an individual to fish, rather than just give some one fish. The fact that the Democrat on the panel made this about partisan politics, rather than the common sense that Dr. Carson was espousing just shows what Democrats are really after … class warfare and a dependent government class of people who are uneducated and forced to remain on the Democrat plantation.

Crowley turned to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and asked if she found “anything offensive” in Carson’s speech.

“I think that there is a political correctness that he was trying to use to appeal to a conservative audience,” Schakowsky said. “I think it’s really not really an appropriate place to make this kind of political speech and to invoke God as his support for that kind of view.”

Schakowsky concluded by saying that Carson’s message displayed an “empathy gap” between where the American propel are and where Carson, and other conservatives, want the nation to go. “We need to have an economy that works for everyone,” she concluded.

CNN’s Don Lemon Anti-Gun Activist Discusses Gun Control … Should We Start Profiling White Men? What About Profiling those with Mental Issues, Hmm?

Isn’t it amazing that the liberal media thinks its perfectly ok to take away law-abiding citizens rights when it comes to gun ownership and racially profile white men. Yet, its evil to racially profile blacks, illegals and terrorists. It is truly sick that the MSM would use such a tragedy like the mass murder of children as Sandy Hook Elementary School for their liberal agenda.

CNN’s discussion on gun control, not that we should be racially profiling white men, but why aren’t we racially profiling white men? It is simply amazing just have selectively, racially biased liberals are. They are all for racially profiling white men when it comes to mass shootings, but hell no when it comes to Muslims and blacks. In those cases, it would just be wrong and a violation of their civil rights. I wonder who Lemon feels about First Amendment Rights of free speech on pornography or the burning of the American flag? I wonder if he wouldn’t mind his “freedom of the press” taken away from those in the MSM who lie, misrepresent and knowingly defend a president who is not doing the will of ‘We the People”?

 Socialist on panel blames “white” privilege for not having whites profiled


CNN’s Don Lemon discusses the possibility of profiling white men in an attempt to prevent gun violence and decrease the amount of mass shootings. Lemon argues that white males between the ages of 18 and 25 were behind nearly all recent mass killings.

On the panel: David Sirota, radio talk show host; Richard Moran, criminologist; Lou Palumbo, retired police detective and private security provider; and Tom Deets, gun store owner.

From NewsBusters, CNN anchor Don Lemon previously went on an anti-gun rant and called for an assault weapons ban. Lemon is only the latest CNN anchor to abandon journalistic standards and act as an activist instead pushing for gun control. Lemon went on to rant that mental health needs to be discussed, but that is a secondary issues to guns. ARE YOU ON CRACK? Obviously the CNN anchor has never done root-cause analysis in his life. Mental health is hardly the secondary issue, it is actually the primary one.

DON LEMON: Listen. For the past three days, I have been on the verge of tears every second and most of the people here have been crying 24 hours straight. Yeah – yes, we need to address mental health, but mental health in this particular issue, let’s not get it twisted, is a secondary issue. If someone who has a mental issue did not have access to guns that should only be available in war zones, we would not be dealing with this.


A note to the clueless, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment LEFT, the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states a “right to bear arms”, not a right to hunt. And from this Leftist, pro-totalitarian state Lib comes the ranting’s that even law-abiding citizens should have their rights taken away. UNREAL.

Who needs an armor-piercing bullet to go hunting? Who needs an assault rifle to go hunting? You can’t even use the prey that you kill with an assault rifle if you indeed do it. No one needs an assault rifle to go out and shoot a deer. No one needs an assault rifle that’s capable of shooting 10, 20, 30 rounds off at the same time to shoot a duck, or to shoot quail. It does not make sense. Our first – the first thing that we need to do – and according to everyone that is here, even gun enthusiasts, is talk about what we’re doing with assault rifles, why should guns that should only be available in war zones, why are they available to people who are mentally healthy and people who are not mentally healthy. That’s the issue that we need to deal with.

More Political Correctness: CNN Apologizes for Guest Using “CrossHairs” … What Would they Ever Say about George Carlin and his Baseball-Football Skit?

In the immortal words of George Carlin … WTF!!!

How pathetic has political correctness become? CNN actually apologized for a guest using the word “cross-hairs”. Imagine that, that evil, hate monger used the term, “in the cross-hairs”. That gets an apology, but the incorrect and purposely false reporting that Jared Loughner, the alleged Tucson tragedy gunman who killed six was a right-wing Tea Party member gets nothing. This is the message that the MSM has learned from the Tucson tragedy? One would think there would be a greater look into mental health and the ability to “target” mentally disturbed people sooner capable of violence.

Would CNN take add $’s from Target?

With the PC hysteria, the media might want to start with themselves. So metaphors of CNN’s choice are now deemed bad. Just curious, in a CNN board room have they ever stated they would target a certain demographic or would CNN ever accept commercial ad space from TARGET?


From Real Clear Politics:

HCNN’s John King: “Before we go to break, I want to make a quick point. We were having a discussion about the Chicago mayoral race. My friend Andy Shaw used the term ‘in the crosshairs’ in talking about the candidates. We’re trying, we’re trying to get away from that language. Andy is a good friend, he’s covered politics for a long time, but we’re trying to get away from that kind of language.”

Classic Values is not so many words tells CNN and John King where to stick is apologizing for free speech.

 What would CNN ever do with comedian George Carlin and his skit on Baseball vs. Football? The comic classic would be watered down to mere dribble if CNN and the rest of the pathetic MSM had their PC way. Would they be apologizing ffor the following, “Football is played on a gridiron, in a stadium, sometimes called Soldier Field or War Memorial Stadium“. Oh no, Carlin said war, we must apologize. Then there is this horrible comic line that has caused so many madmen to take up arms, “Football is rigidly timed, and it will end even if we’ve got to go to sudden death.”So does this mean that in all sports cast, the announcers will no longer be able to use such abusive language like “sudden death”?

 George Carlin, Baseball vs. Football


The object in football is to march down field and penetrate enemy territory,
and get into the end zone; in baseball, the object is to go home! “I’m going home!”

And, in football, they have the clip, the hit, the block, the tackle, the blitz, the bomb, the offense and the defense;
in baseball, they have.. the sacrifice.

It is unbelievable that freedom of speech and the political correctness police have come to this. What a sad state of affairs. Will CNN print a manual of acceptable words that can be used on their air without having to sit in the corner in time out if used? Just curious, how many shooting sprees was George Carlin responsible for?

Sarah Palin Targets on Map Considered a Death Threat, Joe Manchin “Taking Dead Aim” and Shooting Bill with Real Gun … Perfectly OK for the LEFT

Can this nonsense get any more ridiculous … The Democrats and the loony LEFT have yet another Paul Wellstone Memorial moment.

Fake targets, cross-hairs or bulls-eyes on a map to show politically targeted states or districts are evil, bad and make “registered Independents” go crazy, however, using a rifle complete with scope and real cross-hairs to “take dead aim”at a piece of legislation is perfectly ok. I think we can see the hypocrisy of the LEFT once again on display.

Just another example of PDS and a double standard for Democrats. The LEFT actually made references that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bauchman, Fox News are accessories to murder. Just how insane has the LEFT become?  Oh but it’s different for Democrats, Palin is inciting violence by putting cross-hairs on a map, however, newly elected Senator Joe Manchin (WV-D) was using a gun shooting as a metaphor.

Manchin said in a statement today.

“The act of a deranged madman who commits a horrific act should not and cannot be confused with a metaphor about a piece of legislation. I have never targeted an individual, and I never would,” he added. “This tragedy, I hope, serves as call for common sense, and wake-up call that we should all come together with common purpose to do what is best for our country.”

 Manchin Takes Dead Aim


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