At the Summit of the Americas, Barack Obama Describes His Responsibilities … “Part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation”

More from the Vacationer in Chief …

Finally Barack Obama describes what he thinks his real job responsibilities are as President. No wonder President Obama has not focused on jobs, unemployment, a coherent energy policy or reducing the debt, he is too busy with his real job responsibility of scoping out new vacation spots. UNREAL.

Just two days after President Barack Obama gave a sharply edged response to news anchor Larry Conners of KMOV in St. Louis after Conners had asked the president about Americans who “get frustrated and even angered when they see the first family jetting around [to] different vacations and so forth,” Obama told a panel at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia that part of his job there was to scout out locations for a future vacation with First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I want to thank President Santos and the people of Colombia for the extraordinary hospitality in the beautiful city of Cartagena,” said Obama. “We’re having a wonderful time. And usually when I take these summit trips, part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation.  So we’ll make sure to come back sometime in the near future.”

Weasel Zippers has a suggestion for Obama and his responsibilities to find future vacation places, “please take her to North Korea where the two of you may enjoy their single-payer system for the rest of your miserable lives.”

Obama and his minions talk about Mitt Romney being out of touch with the American people. There is a perception with many that during these harsh economic times where families cannot afford one vacation a year, Barack Obama and the first family take far too many vacations on the tax payers dime. Now Obama would make such a comment? Sorry Mr. President but to borrow your own words, where’s the fairness? This feeling is echoed at the Gateway Pundit where they refer to the recent embarrassing interview with Larry Conners, where he [Obama] was called out for angering Americans with all of the lavish vacations the Obamas have taken. This President has no shame and appears to care less that Americans can’t afford the cost of gas and many barely get by from pay check to pay check.

We have just come up with Obama 2012 election slogan … Let them Eat Cake 2012.

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