Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks Releases 911 Audio Recording in the Case of Chris Lane’s Murder … Thrill Kill by Three Teen Thugs in Oklahoma


Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks released the 911 recording of the emergency call for help made by Joyce Smith of Duncan following the shooting of Australian baseball player Chris Lane.  Good Samaritan Joyce Smith was driving by and saw Christopher Lane stagger across the road before collapsing. Sadly, by the time emergency help arrived at the scene to help Lane, it was too late.

You can hear the 911 audio HERE.

Thrill Kill Thugs

Chris Lane was shot and killed by three teen thugs,  15 year old James Edwards, 7 year old Chancey Luna and 17 year old Michael Jones. Edwards and Luna were charged with first degree murder and Jones was charged with accessory to the murder.  They simply did it because they were bored. They murdered an individual for the sport of it … who does this? These three punks should never see the light of day as they have lost the right to walk among us. They obviously have no conscience, heart or soul. Lock them up and throw away the key forever to protect society. Or maybe we can bring back “sparky” for this special, sick crime.

Still no comments from Jess Jackson, Al Sharpton or Barack Obama … just the sound of crickets.

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