Benedict Arnold Charlie Crist Gives $1,000 to Democrat Seeking Allen West (R-FL) US Rep. Seat

An Independent, eh? Well we know he was never a Republican … Nothing this Opportunist does would supri

Turncoat and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist gave $1,000 to the congressional campaign of Patrick Murphy, a Democrat who is going to challenge fir the seat of Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West. Crist is showing his true colors and that it might have even been a stretch to call him a RINO. Crist is a failed Republican and Independent … now he is going to test the waters of the Democrat party. What a political opportunist.

Crist: Really America, I am an Independent

Former Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist gave $1,000 to the congressional campaign of Patrick Murphy, one of the Democrats who has opened a campaign for the seat of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.

Murphy’s political consultant, Eric Johnson, was an adviser to Crist’s failed independent campaign for Senate last year.

Crist, you can give all the money you want to Democrats, it still will not change the fact that you are a loser and got blown out by Marco Rubio in the Florida US Senate election in 2010. Republican and Tea Party favorite Allen West reported raising an eye popping $433,500 in the quarter. West is a politician with principle and conviction, which would be the anti-Crist.  It would appear that Crist is continuing his political road to nowhere.

So-Called Independent Florida Senate Loser Charlie Crist Apologizes for Use of 1985 Talking Heads Song “Road to Nowhere” in a 2010 Campaign

Road to Nowhere … more like Charlie Crist’s political career to nowhere.

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has settled his lawsuit with David Byrne, the lead singer of the Talking Heads for Crist’s unauthorized use of the song “Road to Nowhere”. The song was used during Crist’s campaign without permission. As part of the settlement, Davis Byrne forced Charlie Crist to record embarrassing apology for stealing Talking Heads song, watch the VIDEO here.

A much more fitting Crist theme song:  Karma Chameleon by Culture Club


Desert loving in your eyes all the way
If I listen to your lies would you say
I’m a man without conviction
I’m a man who doesn’t know
How to sell a contradiction
You come and go, you come and go

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has settled a lawsuit filed by Talking Heads singer David Byrne after Crist used one of the group’s songs without permission in a campaign ad last year, both parties confirmed Monday.

Terms of the settlement were not released, but it included a recorded apology by Crist that was posted on YouTube Monday afternoon. Byrne had sued Crist for $1 million for using the song “Road to Nowhere” in a YouTube video attacking Marco Rubio, one of the governor’s opponents in the U.S. Senate race.

Crist said Monday that he was pleased with the terms of the settlement and that Byrne “couldn’t have been a better guy” when they met last week to mediate the case.

Charlie Crist, the once Republican turned Independent, but really wannabe pseudo Democrat lost to Republican Marco Rubio badly in the 2010 Florida US Senate race. A fitting end to a disastrous Senate campaign.

US Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) Says He Has No Interest in Being Republican VP

Tea Party favorite and new Florida US Senator Marco Rubio says he has no interest in being a Republican VP nominee in 2012. And why should he? Fresh off his landslide victory in the 2010 Florida Senate race over Crist and Meeks, the political world is Rubio’s oyster.  Marco Rubio is a star in the GOP and has a shining carrer ahead of him. There is no reason why the conservative Rubio should spend 2 years in the Senate and bolt for the useless position of VP. The 39 year old Rubio has a tremendous future and will be a power player in the Republican party for years to come. Rubio should not be concerning himself with 2012 …

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) said Monday that he has no interest in becoming his party’s vice presidential nominee in 2012.

Rubio, a newly elected senator who’s considered a rising star in the GOP, rejected running on the Republican Party ticket in two years.

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Is Charlie Crist a Possible VP Candidate for Obama in 2012 … NO!

To borrow a quote from VP Joe Biden, Crist is no bog F’n deal …

The Shark Tank asks the question, Is Charlie Crist a potential VP Pick…for Obama? To answer their question … NO!!! Why would Obama take on a turncoat Republican who has no idea if he is an Independent, Democrator RINO? Actually, Crist will be whatever makes it possible for him to retain some sort of government power. Believe it or not, in today’s political environment, one actually has to stand for something.

In spite of assertions made to the contrary by Vice President Joe Biden, speculation continues to swirl around the possibility that President Obama will replace Biden on the 2012 Presidential ticket for someone with less of a propensity for gaffes as well as for a younger and more ‘moderate’ candidate in order to appeal to the thousands of disenfranchised ‘Independents’ across the country.

Charlie Crist, once a very popular sitting Governor, finishes the year with a remarkable 50% approval rating-even after losing to Rubio by 19 points. Crist finished with 30% of the vote, while Democrat Kendrick Meek finished 3rd with 20%. This numbers are very telling when you consider that if Crist ran as a Democrat, and not just a Democrat-lite candidate, he would have garnered, at least 10-15% more of the vote and made it a fairly close election.

What? If Crist ran as a Donkey he would have received 10-15% more of the vote? How naive an analysis is this? How could anyone presume that if Crist ran as a Democrat that he would have received the same amount of the Independent or GOP vote for that matter. If Crist ran as a Dem, many would have been upset that the Democrats abandoned Meeks and would have stayed home. Also, the GOP voters would have never voted for some one who completely switched parties where there was no whiff of independence. Also, why would Independents voted for some one who was not independent?

 Crist lost in a blowout to Marco Rubio for a reason. Crist lost because he was the poster child for politicians who would do or say anything to retain power. Newsflash, Crist lost Florida and offers nothing to help Obama win FLA in 2012. As stated at NRO“Why pick a guy who just lost his own state by a wide margin? Why associate Obama, already known for making promises with expiration dates, with a guy who changed so many positions, so quickly, when he changed parties?”

 Just a note to all who are on the get rid of Biden as VP bandwagon. Biden is not the problem on the ticket … OBAMA IS THE PROBLEM. How weak a president is Obama if those on the Left think that replacing the VP benefits Obama?

US Senate Election Results … 2010 Midterm Elections … So Far +1 for GOP

And so it begins … The Republicans are starting their pursuit on gaining the US Senate.

Rand Paul (R) wins the KentuckySenate race in another Randslide.

Republican candidate Rand Paul will win the Kentucky Senate race to score the first major victory of the night for the Tea Party movement, according to ABC News exit-poll projections.

Paul beat Democrat Jack Conway after a bitter personal campaign that became one of the nastiest in the country.

Republican Dan Coats has won the Senate race in Indiana. Pick up #1.

 But former Sen. Dan Coats in Indiana scored the first GOP Senate pick-up of the night, beating Democratic Rep. Brad Ellsworth for the seat left by retiring Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh.

Rob Portman Declared winner in Ohio over Democrat Lee Fisher.

Conservative Republican JimDeMint declared winner in South Carolina over Democrat Alvin Greene. Was there ever a doubt. This one was called the second the polls closed.

CNN & Fox News call Marco Rubio the winner in the 3 way race between Crist and Meek.

Missouri has been called for Republican Roy Blunt over Robin Carnahan (D).

Kelly Ayotte (R) wins New Hampshire.

2010 Florida US Senate Race: Charlie Crist … Once Republican, Turned Independent will Caucus with the Democrats

Shocker … Charlie Crist will caucus with the Democrats if he wins the Florida US Senate election, REALLY?

Surprise, surprise, surprise …so-called Independent, the Democrat in Independents clothing, Charlie Crist will caucus with the Democrat party if he wins the 2010 midterm election for the Florida US Senate seat. Talk about you “no dah” moment of politics. Did any one really think that Crist would caucus with Republicans after he lied to the GOP and the people of Florida when he said he would only run as a Republicans? Was there ever any doubt?


Was there really any doubt who Charlie Crist would be caucusing with?

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist would caucus with Senate Democrats if he wins Florida’s three-way U.S. Senate contest on Tuesday, a close advisor told Washington Wire Friday.

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Crist an Independent … Hardly …Bill Clinton Asked Democrat Meek to Quit Senate Run in Florida? Meek’s Says No

Democrat Primary elected candidates, back room Democrat deals and so-called Charlie Crist, OH MY!!! 

If you ever wanted to know why Americans are disgusted with politics and politicians … you need to look no further than the shenanigans and corrupt back room conversations and deals going on in the Florida US Senate race between Democrats and the Crist campaign. If Democrats get their way, they will have an individual in Charlie Crist become US Senator of Florida having never won a Republican or Democrat primary. With the Democrats actions, who really thinks Crist is independent? Come on Florida … Crist is beholden to the Democrat party … WAKE UP!!!

Did former Democrat President try and interfere in the US Senate race in Florida and ask Democrat Kendrick Meek to withdraw from the race to provide an advantage to so-called independent Charlie Crist? According to the Politico, Clinton did. At all costs the Democrats are looking to winthe Florida US Senate seat, even if it means throwing a fellow Democrat under the bus. Democrats will do anything to maintain power … that is what this about America … not WE THE PEOPLE, not your votes, but what back room deals they can do, usurp the process and maintain power.

Bill Clinton sought to persuade Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race for Senate during a trip to Florida last week — and nearly succeeded.

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Independent US Senate Candidate Charlie Crist … OMG He Throws Like an Obama … No Wonder Republican Marco Rubio is Cleaning his Clock in Polls by Double Digits


What a desperate, pandering attempt on Charlie Crist’s part to the FLA voters to throw the ball so far inside to show that he was way right as a candidate, wink, wink. I hope this was not Crist’s attempt as a last ditch effort to impress the Florida voters.

Charlie Crist’s attempt at throwing out the first pitch an the Ray’s game might have finally sealed his fate in the Florida US Senate race. It might have been the worst and most embarrassing first pitch ever in a game. He even topped his pal Barack Obama. No wonder the Rays lost to the Rangers in game two of the ALDS. What is more embarrassing, Crist’s pitch or his polling numbers?


Is it any wonder after watching that pitch why Republican Marco Rubeo is destroying both Crist (I) and Meek (D) in the polls. In teh most recent Rasmussen poll, Rubio is now far out ahead of his two rivals as he has hit the 50% mark … RUBIO (R) 50%, CRIST (I) 25% and MEEK (D) 19%.

Coming off a contentious televised debate, Republican Marco Rubio has now jumped to a two-to-one lead over Independent candidate Charlie Crist in Florida’s U.S. Senate race. Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek still runs third.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Florida shows Rubio with 50% of the vote, up nine points from just over a week ago and his best showing in the race to date. Support for Crist, the state’s current GOP governor, has fallen to a new low of 25%, while Meek captures 19%. Three percent (3%) like another candidate in the race, and three percent (3%) more are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

You know what they say about birds of a feather and water seeking its own levelRemeber how patheticallty bad Barack Obama’s attempt was as well at trying the first pitch? How ironic Obama’s was inside and extremely LEFT. However, just like Obama’s job approval numbers, Crist is finished in the US Florida Senate race.

UPDATE I:Is Crist and Democrats looking to play dirty politics in order to get anyone but Rubio elected? Will Meek drop out to help pave the way for Crist? How pathetic is Crist? He drops out of the Republican primary because he was losing by double digits to Rubio, after he had stated he was going to only run as a Republican. Now as an Independent his campaign is going no where so he needs the Democrat to drop out to have a chance. UNREAL! To the Independents and Republicans in Florida that actually might vote for this politically hack, can you see now that he is nothing more than a Democrat?

Meanwhile, Mr. Crist is striving to assemble a center-left coalition by winning over Democratic voters. His latest mailing throughout the state was titled “Ten Reasons Democrats Should Vote for Charlie Crist.” On issues from health care to taxes, Mr. Crist has moved dramatically to the left.

Mr. Crist has also refused to say which party he would caucus with if he wins. His latest nonanswer: “I will caucus with the people.” But Mr. Crist has met privately with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, adding to GOP paranoia that Democrats may be getting ready to throw the sure loser Mr. Meek over the side. One Republican Party leader tells me he wouldn’t be surprised to hear suddenly that “Meek was offered an ambassadorship from Barack Obama.”

Didn’t the Democrats learn their lesson with lame duck US Senator Arlen Specter? However, according to the Weekly Standard, Meek denies the rumors. If Democrats pull such a stunt as to have Meek step down, I find it hard to believe that the Florida voters would take to kindly to this type of sleazy political games. As states at Hot Air, it is too late to take Meek’s name off the ballot. In an environment where political game playing is not looked upon kindly by the voters, such a Democrat stunt will merely prove correct what Rubio has been saying all along, he is the only candidate who is running as a Republican and against Obama’s policies and agenda.

The Story the MSM will Never Report … The Rise of Black Republican Candidates, Hispanic Too

But there is no media bias …

It is the story that you will never see, hear or read about in the MSM; however, Real Clear Politics has the story … The Rise of the Black Republicans.  One would think that with the election of Barack Obama as the first black President in the United States, our apologies to Bill Clinton, that the media would begin to cover stories of the advent of black candidates running for office. But how could the MSM cover such stories and continue to carry the water of the Democrat party and promote the GOP as racist?

I bet you haven’t heard of Tim Scott, Allen West or Ryan Frazier. If they were Democrats, I might lose that bet.

But they’re not. Mr. Scott, Mr. West and Mr. Frazier are three of the 14 black candidates running for Congress as Republicans this November. Thirty-two black Republicans ran in the primaries.

Most of the 14 are running all-but-hopeless races against black Democratic incumbents in black majority districts. But Mr. Scott, running in South Carolina, is a virtual cinch to win. Mr. West (Florida) and Mr. Frazier (Colorado) are in races that are judged tossups.

If all three win, that would be a post-Reconstruction record. The largest number of black Republicans to serve together in the House in the last century is two, J.C. Watts (Oklahoma) and Gary Franks (Connecticut) between 1995 and 1997. There haven’t been any since Mr. Watts retired in 2003.

The main stream media has also failed to mention that the republicans have several Hispanic candidates running in 2010 as well. How can that be America, we have been told by the Democrat state run media that Republicans are anti-immigrant and especially anti-Hispanic. Oh, that is right, a majority of Americans are anti-illegal immigration. Didn’t Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say he didn’t know how any Hispanic would be a Republicans? Of course that would mean Harry Reid  is confused by Republican US Senate candidate Marco Rubio in Florida and Brian Sandoval in Nevada who is of all things ahead of Reid’s son Rory for the Governor of Nevada.

Many liberals also say Republicans are anti-immigrant, even though Hispanic Republicans are poised to win a Senate seat in Florida (Marco Rubio) and gubernatorial races in New Mexico (Susana Martinez) and Nevada (Brian Sandoval).

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