AMAZING!!! GOP Surges to 2018 Generic Ballot Lead in New Reuters Poll Over Democrats … Double Digit Democrat Lead Gone!



In February and March of 2018 Democrats spoke of a “Blue wave” that would sweep them into control in the House and Senate in the 2018 midterm elections. All of the Generic ballot polls had the Democrats ahead by double digits. Including the Reuters Generic ballot that had double digit leads for Democrats just a few months ago. Fast-forward to the present and an American people that are weighing the reality of what Trump has done for America vs. the rhetoric and bias of the Democrats, MSM and the LEFT. According to the most recent Reuters Generic ballot poll, the GOP now has a 3 point lead for the first time. You can even see at RCP, the polls are trending to the GOP. The double digit leads are done fro the Democrats.

Reuters Generic Poll_052218 GOP leads

This on the foot-heels of a recent CBS poll that stated 68% of Americans gave President Trump the credit for the good economy. So after the liberal MSM’s best efforts to destroy Trump’s presidency with 90% negative news, Americans are seeing the truth for themselves.

Donald Trump has defied the odds at every turn. Trump was not supposed to defeat 16 Republicans in the GOP primaries and he did. Trump was not supposed to beat Hillary Clinton for the U.S. presidency and he did. Trump and the GOP are supposed to lose all kinds of seats in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. Wouldn’t it be just like Donald Trump to prove them wrong again and pick up seats instead. We shall see.

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