Coroner’s Official Autopsy Results on Cause of Death of Whitney Houston … Cocaine “Exacerbated her Heart Condition” & Played a Role in her Accidental Bath Tub Drowning

It has to be the worst kept secret with regards to the death of singer Whitney Houston … according to LA County Coroner Craig Harvey, cocaine did play a role in her death and accidental drowning in the bath tub. Imagine that, who saw that coming? Sadly, we can only add Whitney Houston’s name to a long list of celebrity deaths as a result of drug addition and abuse.

Singer Whitney Houston’s use of cocaine “exacerbated her heart condition” and played a role in her  accidental drowning in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel suite, Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey said.

The long-awaited autopsy results were released Thursday after weeks of intense speculation over how the 48-year-old pop star died. It marks another high-profile Hollywood death connected to drug use, coming less than three years after Michael Jackson died suddenly at his Holmby Hills mansion. Jackson’s death resulted from intoxication involving a powerful sedative, and his doctor was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Adults do not have accidental drowning deaths in bath tubs, such tragic events are usually reserved to children who cannot help themselves. However, if one’s heart gives out or they are so wasted on drugs that they do not even realize they have passed out and drown, that is just simply pathetic. But the question remains, how did she die … we know drugs played a roll, but …

Houston was found submerged in the bathtub of her hotel room on the afternon of Feb. 11 by an assistant. Beverly Hills Fire Department paramedics performed CPR on the singer for about 20 minutes before pronouncing her dead..

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