The Bizarre Story of Manti Teo’s Fake/Deceased Girlfriend Lennay Kekua May Have been Solved … Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Confesses He is the Low Life Who Conned Manti Te’o

The fake/deceased girlfriend Lennay Kekua of Notre Dame’s LB Manti Teo may have finally come to a conclusion … Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is involved in scamming Notre Dame star Manti Te’o.

The fake, deceased, back from the dead, Internet hoax girlfriend  Lennay Kekua of Notre Dame’s LB Manti Teo has been one of the most bizarre stories to come down the pike in quite some time. Was Te’o scammed or was he involved in on the hoax? From the initial story, reported byDeadspin,  I have actually not posted on this for a reason and that was in order to have the facts come out, rather than speculation and unidentified sources coming forward and making comments for their own self-serving reasons. After all the shock over this story and speculation that Manti Te’o may have been involved in the hoax, it appears that TMZ has tracked down the culprit. The Manti Te’o not-really-dead-girlfriend hoax was perpetuated by a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who served as a representative for the family of the fake “Lennay Kekua”.

VIDEO: Tuiasosopo confessed to being the mastermind behind a hoax involving former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and his fake-deceased girlfriend Lennay Kekua.  

From VIDEO above, according to ESPN,  Tuiasosopo also said he pulled off similar hoaxes on different people.

TMZ reported:

The Manti Te’o not-really-dead-girlfriend hoax was perpetuated by a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo — who served as a representative for the family of the fake “Lennay Kekua” … and TMZ has the photo proof.

Here’s what we know …

While Manti was “dating” Lennay … a Notre Dame die-hard fan who we’ll call “Jan” (to protect her identity) reached out to Lennay on Twitter and began an online friendship.

After Lennay’s supposed death, Jan became involved with a group called “Wear a Lei 4 Manti” — in which fans wore Hawaiian leis to ND football games to show their support for the football star.

When the “Wear a Lei 4 Manti” movement began to receive media attention, Jan says she noticed she gained a Twitter follower named U’ilani Rae Kekua.

Jan tells TMZ … she reached out to U’ilani and asked if she was related to Lennay — to which U’ilani replied, “Yes, that’s my baby sister.” The two became friends.

In fact, Jan says they both mentioned how they were going to attend the Notre Dame vs. USC game in L.A. on November 24, 2012 … so Jan sent U’ilani her cell phone number in case she wanted to meet up.

Here’s where the story takes a turn … Jan tells TMZ she got a phone call from U’ilani on the day of the game directing her to the famous Tommy Trojan statue in front of the stadium, so they could meet up.

But when Jan arrived to the statue, U’ilani was NOT there … but guess who was — Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Jan and Ronaiah even took a photo together (see above). (Read the full story at TMZ).

Many have questioned how a story like this could ever happen, it’s just not believable that anyone could allow this to happen to them. This is why we never posted or commented on the story initially. In this day and age I actually thought it was completely believable that it could. Today’s kids live on line in social networking, twitter and Facebook. It is almost as if physical relationships are not the norm. Although I would say that there is this thing called Skype where one could see one in real time. That being said, SM learned a long time ago there is a dirty underbelly of the Internet and there are some real heinous individuals on it that will say and claim everything and anything.

We still must wait for Manti Te’o to speak about this in his own words no matter how embarrassing it may be. In order for him to move on, he must give his accounts of what happened.

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