Politics of the Absurd: US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Says Republicans Out to Get Elmo with PBS Cuts

How can anyone take Democrats seriously anymore?

US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) stated during a floor speech that GOP efforts to cut PBS spending were due to a vendetta that the Republicans have with Elmo. What! How pathetic have Democrats become? How ignorant could any one Democrat Senator be? Every one knows that the GOP has a vendetta against Bert & Ernie. Duh!


 Just curious, do tax payer $’s really need to pay for Elmo and Katy Perry playing tag? It only wasn’t
seen because of parent outrage, not because of PBS

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that House Republicans want to strip government funding of PBS because they have a “vendetta against Elmo.”

Boxer made the comments during a floor speech where she made the case for her bill that would ensure that the president and lawmakers are not paid if a government shutdown occurs.

Boxer claimed that funding 4 hours of the Iraq war could keep PBS afloat; however, asMichelle Malkin reminds us … so could Barbara Boxer’s earmarks.

House Republicans passed a bill last month that would cut spending from both National Public Radio and PBS. But wait, according to Boxer the vendettas do not stop with Elmo. She claims that the GOP has a ”vendetta against healthcare” and a “vendetta against clean energy.” Good grief, how did this brain surgeon get elected? No Senator Boxer, the GOP has an issue with out of control Democrat and Obama spending, they have an issue with record debt, they have an issue with sticking the children and grandchildren with monster debt, they have an issue with being extorted from foreign countries for energy

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