Colorado Teen Austin Sigg Pleads Guilty to Murder and Dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway

18 year old Austin Sigg pleads guilty in the death and dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Sigg faces a minimum sentence of 40 years in prison with the possibility of parole; however, was not eligible for the death penalty because he committed his heinous crimes at the age of 17. At the very least, the family of Jessica Ridgeway will at least be spared the ordeal of a trial and have to live again through the viscous and unspeakable murder of their daughter.

Honestly, there is no punishment that could be given to this piece of human waste other than the death penalty.


A Colorado teen charged with kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old girl pleaded guilty Tuesday to all 15 charges against him, against the advice of his attorneys.

Austin Sigg, 18, could be sent to prison for the rest of his life for the slaying of Jessica Ridgeway in Westminster nearly a year ago. Jessica was abducted while walking to school, and her disappearance panicked thousands of residents in Denver’s western suburbs.

Sigg also pleaded guilty Tuesday to a May 2012 attack on a 22-year-old jogger at a lake in Jessica’s neighborhood.

Prosecutors said Sigg entered the pleas because of overwhelming evidence against him. His trial would have started Thursday.

17 Year Old Austin Sigg Charged as Adult with 17 Counts Including Felony Murder, Kidnapping & Sexual Assault in Death of Jessica Rideway and Attempted Kidnapping in Ketner Lake Earlier this Year

Sorry, 17 year old’s need to face the death penalty as well.

Austin Sigg, the 17 year old teenager who confessed to the death of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway, has been charged as an adult. Austin Sigg has been charged with 17 different counts that include felony murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. Eleven of the counts are related to 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway that include, murder in the first degree, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault on a child.

Sigg also faces an additional six charges relating to an attempted kidnapping of a 22 year old female jogger in Ketner Lake earlier this year. In this case, Sigg is charged with attempted murder in the first degree, attempted sexual assault and attempted second-degree kidnapping.

The teenager accused in the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Ridgeway has been charged with 17 different counts including felony murder, kidnapping and sexual assault.

Austin Sigg, 17, made his first court appearance in Jefferson County court Tuesday morning.

He will be charged as an adult in the case.

Sigg faces a total of 11 charges directly related to Jessica Ridgeway’s death.  They include: four counts of murder in the first degree, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault on a child.

Austin Sigg will be charged as an adult; however, sadly he will not face the death penalty thanks to the Supreme Court ruling  in Roper v. Simmons that the death penalty was cruel and unusual for people who committed crimes while under the age of 18. Really, because of months we cannot stick a needle in a killers arm? If there was ever a case that cried out for the death penalty, it was the heinous kidnapping, sexual assault, murder and dismembering her body.

Sorry, but when a person hits the trifecta of kidnapping, murder and dismemberment, you should not be allowed to live no matter how old you are. Today, 15 year old’s are no different from 18 year old’s. We need to ask ourselves as a society, who do our laws protect? Are you kidding me that we let this twisted, evil SOB live!

17 Year Old Austin Sigg Arrested and Confessed to the Murder of 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway


It was a crime that was so heinous and unbelievable that many just sat back in horror when they had heard that missing Jessica Ridgeway’s body was found mutilated. All of us wondered what kind of sick and deranged SOB could have perpetrated such a savage crime. To our shock and dismay we learn it was a 17 year old. Police might have just arrested a potential serial killer in the making.

17 year old Austin Sigg has been arrested by police in the death of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway. Austin Sigg was taken into custody after his mother had turned her son into police after she learned her son had involvement in the crime. Sigg had confessed to his mother that he killed Jessica Ridgeway. Let us remind everyone that there is no such thing as mother-son confidentiality when it comes to this going to court. Austin Reed Sigg was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of two counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree kidnapping and two counts of criminal attempts.

The charges against Sigg are for Jessica’s death and for the alleged attempted abduction of a jogger in May 2012.

Sigg will appear in Jefferson County Court later this morning for his initial appearance. The district attorney says he plans on charging Sigg as an adult.

Investigators scoured the Westminster, Colo., home overnight where Sigg lives with his mother. FBI agents combed the backyard for clues and towed away his car.

VIDEO (Warning graphic)

As if this case could not get any worse. Austin Sigg, the murder suspect who confessed to killing Jessica Ridgeway, has also confessed to keeping the remains of the 10 year old girl in the crawl space of his residence. Police searched the home for part of Jessica’s remains underneath the suspect’s family home. Police have said Jessica’s body was “not intact” when the remains were found in an open park area on Oct. 10, 2012. Sadly, but not unexpected, the police found remains of Jessica Ridgeway in the suspects home.

The source says Sigg told police he drove by Jessica Ridgeway on the morning of October 5, turned his car around and grabbed her.  He brought her into the car where he hog-tied her and then he strangled her to death.

Police want to find out how an abduction turned into a bizarre and gruesome murder. They hope to find those clues inside the suspect’s home.

The source tells Justin Joseph FBI evidence recovery teams found parts of the little girl’s body inside the crawl space at the house.

Autin Sigg will appear in court today to in connection with the death of Jessica Ridgeway.

For more updates, read others comments and provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons and Crime forum: Jessica Ridgeway.


Colorado Authorities Officially ID Body Found was that of Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway (VIDEO)

10 year old Jessica Ridgeway had been missing since October 5, 2012  . A body had been found this past week  and removed from Pattridge Park in Arvada, CO. No confirmation had been provided as to the identity as we learned that the body had been unthinkably badly dismembered and “not intact”. However, local media had stated it was that of the missing 10 year old girl.

Sadly, but not unexpected, Police in Westminster,  CO officially confirmed that a body found Wednesday belongs to missing 10 year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

Police in Westminster,  Colo., today officially confirmed that a body found Wednesday belongs to missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

“We recognize there is a predator at large in our community,” said Westminster, Colo., Police Chief Lee Birk.

The girl had been missing since Oct. 5.

“The commitment of the task force of investigators in this case will not waver,” said James Yacone, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Denver office. “Our commitment and resolve to seek justice on behalf of Jessica will only grow stronger.”

America, it’s time to get JUSTICE FOR JESSICA. The Westminster, CO area has a murderous child predator in its midst. Please be vigilant of those around you. The FBI Releases Behavioral Profile of Possible Suspect.

The suspect is likely male and might have recently missed work or suddenly left town, according to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. The suspect might have already changed his appearance and gotten rid of his car.

“It could be your boss, it could be your friend and, ultimately, it could be your family member,” FBI spokesman David Joly said.

The FBI is asking for the public’s help locating the suspect, who might have been a “no show” and missed work immediately after the incident and offered a plausible excuse such as illness.

Last year, police released a sketch of a man believed to have been involved in two attempted abductions near the location where Jessica’s  body was found . Credits:  (9 News/Arvada Colo. Police)

This animal will eventually be found. When he is, what are the odds that he had a previous sexual predator past? Last year, the police has released a sketch of a man who was believed to have been involved in two attempted abductions near the location of where Jessica’s body was found on Oct. 10, 2012. Is there a connection> It’s hard to believe there is not.

Police Find Body Suspected of being Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway in Pattridge Park in Arvada, CO (Oh Dear God, Not Intact)

There is sad and tragic news to report in the search for missing Jessica Ridgeway.

Police searching for missing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway have found a body and removed it from Pattridge Park in Arvada, CO. Authorities have not yet made a positive ID; however, it is strongly suspected it is that of Jessica Ridgeway. Local media is saying that the body discovered is that of missing Jessica Ridgeway. The 10 year old girl went missing last Friday as she walked to school.

Westminster Police spokesperson Trevor Materasso did not release the gender or approximate age of the body, the station said.

Police confirmed the discovery of the body to NBC News and said a statement would be issued at 6:30 a.m. local time (8:30 a.m. ET).

Police tweeted the following:

Arvada PD and Westminster PD and additional resources are working to process the crime scene. …more… #jessicaridgeway

This afternoon a body was discovered near the Pattridge Park Open Space in the City of Arvada. …more… #jessicaridgeway

UPDATE I: Authorities have not been able to make a positive ID on the body found in the  Pattridge Park open space in Arvada, CO. At first thought, I had to think, why can’t they make a positive ID, she has been missing for less than a week. However, then came the grim and stomach sickening news, her body was found not intact. Oh dear God, my hear breaks. I can only hope that they can match DNA evidence to the predator who perpetrated this heinous act.
The heartbreaking investigation into the disappearance of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway took a grisly turn today when police said that a body found during their search for Jessica is “not intact.”

The condition of the body is delaying identification.

“It’s not intact,” Westminster Police Department spokesman Trevor Materasso said at a news conference today. “This is extending the length of time it’s taking for investigators to positively identify who that body is.”

Missing Jessica Ridgeway’s Backpack and Water Bottle With Her Name On It Found in Superior, CO … 6.4 Miles From Where She Went Missing (VIDEO)

10 year old missing Jessica Ridgeway’s backpack has been reportedly found in Superior, CO.  A backpack with contents that had Jessica’s name on it, a water bottle,was found in a subdivision 6.4 miles from where she went missing in Westminter, Colorado. A homeowner in a subdivision in Superior found the bag on the sidewalk outside. A bloodhound is being used at the scene where the bag was found. Police had not previously been searching for Jessica in the area. They are now interviewing nearby residents and have expanded their original search area.

Could this be the clue that was needed to locate Jessica, or was the backpack put here to throw the police off the real trail? Jessica Ridgeway has been missing since Friday, October 5, 2012.

WESTMINSTER – Police are searching an area in Superior after a possible lead in the disappearance of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

Police will hold a live press conference at 5 p.m. It will air here online.

According to 9NEWS Reporter Kevin Torres a backpack with contents that had Jessica’s name on it was found 6.2 miles from where she went missing. Bloodhounds sniffed it out and are searching the area. Police are working to confirm if the backpack belonged to Jessica.

From The Daily Camera:

A Superior resident e-mailed the town’s listserv shortly after 1 p.m. today with a message bearing the subject line “Children’s Back Pack Found.” The message reads: “Found this morning on the side walk at Andrew Drive and Alpha Court. Water bottle has ‘Jessica Ridgeway’ name on it. Come and get it.”

Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso, at a late-afternoon news conference, said detectives believe that the backpack is Jessica’s, but declined to discuss its contents or verify that it contained a water bottle with the girl’s name on it.

Twitter Westminster Police Department

From CBS Denver News

The search shifted to Superior near Andrews and Alpha on Sunday after a homeowner found a water bottle and backpack on the sidewalk.

“Now investigators are working with that backpack. We do have reason to believe that it is directly associated with this case. We’re working with the family to make those confirmations,” Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso said.

Police also taped off an area with a paper bag was found. It’s not clear what was in the bag or how it’s relevant to the case.

AMBERT ALERT: Search Continues for Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway … Is there a Connection to Arvada school Students Who Saw Man in a Dark Sedan Trying to Lure Kids Closer to his Vehicle

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for missing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway. She has been missing since Friday, October 5, 2012 when she left to walk to  Witt Elementary School in Westminster, Colo.. Jessica Ridgeway left her home at 8:30 AM to walk to Chelsea Park where she would  meet up with her friends and then walk to school together as she did every day.


The search continues for missing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway. The VIDEO below is from Channel 9News. Massive numbers of citizens show up to help search for missing Jessica; however, there appears to be no clues or tips of information as to what happened to Jessica Ridgeway. It is as if she just vanished.

One has to wonder whether there is a connection to the story that was reported three weeks prior of students at an Arvada school that saw a man in a dark sedan trying to lure kids closer to his vehicle?

Three weeks ago, students at an Arvada school saw a man in a dark sedan trying to lure kids closer to his vehicle. JeffCo schools sent letters out to all of its schools – including Witt Elementary – where Jessica attends school. Police are looking into whether there’s a connection.

MAP Hat Tip: Klaas

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Jessica Ridgeway.

For more updates and information, to provide your opinion and analysis and read others, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons: Jessica Ridgeway.

Anyone with information can call Westminster police at 303-658-4360

AMBER ALERT Issued for Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway of Westminster, CO Last Seen Leaving her Home Walk to School at 8:30 AM Friday, 10/5/2012 (VIDEO)

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway who is missing in Westminster, CO .  Jessica Ridgeway  was last seen at approximately 8:30 AM Friday, October  5, leaving her home walking to school. She never made it to school. According to Westminster police spokesman investigator Trevor Materasso, Jessica’s mom gets home about 7:30 am and gets her her daughter ready for school. At 8:30 am she sends her off and Jessica walks to a local park where she meets classmates. They then as a group walk to school. However,  on Friday Jessica never made it to Chelsea Park, and the group walked to school without her.  Making matters even more tragic, the reporting of Jessica Ridgeway missing was delayed  as the school called her home to report her absent, but her mother sleeps during the day, and didn’t get the message until 4 p.m. That’s when she called police to report her missing.
Jessica Ridgeway was last seen in the area of 107th Ave. and Moore St. in Westminster.


She’s 4’10”, 80 lbs with blue eyes and blonde, shoulder length hair. She was wearing Blue jeans, a black puffy jacket with pink lining, purple eyeglasses and black boots with pom-poms.

Westminster police say Jessica was last seen leaving her home to walk to school at 8:30 a.m. Friday. She never made it to school.

According to police, Jessica’s father lives out of state and have already made contact with him. They have no reason to believe the father or anyone in the family was involved in Jessica’s disappearance. Police are asking that is anyone who wants to help with the search to meet officers first at the Westview Recreation Center at 108th and Oak St.

Anyone with information can call Westminster police at 303-658-4360

VIDEO from News9: Jessica usually walks three blocks from Morris Street to Chelsea Park where she would meets up with a large group of friends before walking 1.3 miles to school. In that three block radius, she disappeared.

UPDATE I: The search for missing Jessica Ridgeway continues.

Dozens of police, firefighters and volunteers were searching a neighborhood in Westminster, Colo., on Saturday after a 10-year-old girl vanished Friday morning on her way to school.

Teams searched overnight and continued Saturday, using search dogs as well as going door-to-door around the neighborhood in Westminster, a suburb of Denver.

UPDATE II: From ABC News, FBI involved in the search.

Police are searching vast areas of terrain including fields and lakes. Bad weather kept search helicopters grounded, but about 150 volunteers turned out to help.

Police and FBI agents are stopping and searching cars, handing out fliers, trying to spread the word and generate leads. Officers are also going door-to-door handing fliers to neighbors.

UPDATE II: Here is a list of the present registered sex offenders in Westminster, CO. One has to potentially suspect a sex offender in such a missing persons case as the little 10 year old had a daily routine to school that any predator could have stalked.

UPDATE III: Search area from Google maps.

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