Do You Live in One of the 10 Freest States in the United States or One of the Least … North Dakota Named the Most Free

“Where Liberty Dwells, there is My Country” – Benjamin Franklin

The Blaze announces the 10 freest states and the 10 least … which one doe you live in? In order to calculate these scores, they weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims. The fill report can be read here, at “Freedom in the 50 States”.   Many of the most free states are so because of low taxation and fiscal policy. North Dakota was named the most free, New York state comes in dead last.

  1. North Dakota: VIDEO
  2. South Dakota – VIDEO
  3. Tennessee – VIDEO
  4. New Hampshire – VIDEO
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Idaho
  7. Missouri
  8. Virginia
  9. Georgia
  10. Utah

North Dakota is the freest state in the U.S., followed closely by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma, according to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University’s third annual “Freedom in the 50 States.”

The 223-page report “scores all 50 states on their overall respect for individual freedom, and also on their respect for three dimensions of freedom considered separately: fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom,” the study explains. Surprisingly, Texas did not make the top 10 and was ranked the 14th most free state.

The bottom 10 are 41. Mississippi, 42. West Virginia, 43. Vermont, 44. Maryland, 45. Illinois, 46. Rhode Island, 47. Hawaii,  48. New Jersey, 49. California and 50. New York.


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More Eminent Domain in the News, this time Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson

In the face of a national outcry on eminent domain and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, Richardson’s decision shows that he either given up national ambitions or has a political tin ear.
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