5 Year Old Fiona “Kitty” Grace Carroll Missing Since 4/22/15 in Kemah, TX (Update: Found Deceased Under a Dock at the Kemah Marina)

5 year old Fiona Grace Carroll has been missing since Wednesday, April 22, 2015 in Kemah, Texas. U.S. Coast Guard said the missing girl’s father called police about 5 PM  and told them that his 5-year-old daughter Fiona Grace Carroll, known as Kitty,  had disappeared near the edge of the pier.  Kemah, Nassau Bay and Seabrook police and the U.S. Coast Guard are assisting with the search.

Fiona Grace Carroll

Authorities are searching for a young girl in the water near the Kemah Boardwalk after her father reported her missing on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The U.S. Coast Guard said the father called police about 5 p.m.  and told them that his 5-year-old daughter Fiona Grace Carroll — known as Kitty — had disappeared near the edge of the pier.

The Kemah Police Department held a press conference early Thursday morning on the details of the continued search for Kitty. The girl is described as having blonde, shoulder-length hair and wearing a red-and-white shirt.

UPDATE I: Missing girl’s body found under Kemah boat dock.

There is sad news to report in the case of missing 5 year old Fiona “Kitty” Grace Carroll. She was found under o dock at the Kemah marina by Texas Equusearch volunteers. Fiona Carroll had just celebrated her fifth birthday Tuesday.

The search for a 5-year-old girl at a Kemah marina came to a tragic end early Thursday morning, Texas Equusearch said.

A searcher found the girl’s body under a dock not far from her dad’s boat, Equusearch confirmed with KHOU 11 News.

Earlier in the morning, the Kemah Police Department identified the girl as Fiona “Kitty” Caroll.

More than 100 members of law enforcement joined the search. A Galveston County dive team, the Kemah Fire Department, the Seabrook Police Department and the U.S. Coast Guard assisted in the search, and Texas Equusearch also brought in its sonar equipment to help.

25 Year Old Pediatrics Resident Fehintola “FT” Omidele Missing Since 12/1/14 in Houston, TX (Update: Found Alive)

25 year old Fehintola Omidele has been missing since Monday, December 1, 2014 in Houston Texas. Dr. Fehintola Omidele is a  pediatrics resident at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital who was last seen by her family following a Sunday night dinner. She failed to show up for her job on Monday.  Fehintola Omidele’s (FT) cell phone was found in her Houston apartment; however, her car, a dark-gray 2011 Toyota Camry with Texas license plates of BZ2L971, was missing.

Fehintola Omidele

 Dr. Fehintola (FT) Omidele, a 25-year-old pediatrics resident at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, was last seen by her family following a Sunday night dinner, according to local reports.

When her family received word that she didn’t come in to work the next morning, they found her cell phone inside her Houston apartment but her dark-gray 2011 Toyota Camry missing outside.

UPDATE I: Search under way for missing doctor

Twenty-five year old Fehintola Omidele ate dinner with her family Sunday night but never made it to work the next day at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Sunday was the last time her family saw her, according to the Dickinson-based Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit search and rescue organization.

Omidele, who goes by FT, was born in Nigeria, but came to the United States with her family when she was eight — first to New Orleans for four years and then Katy, Texas where she became a standout student, graduating high school when she was 16 years old with a 4.3 grade point average.


Anyone with information on her whereabouts or disappearance is asked to contact the Houston police department’s missing person’s line at 713-731-5223.

UPDATE I: Missing doctor found alive in EL Campo, TX.

A Houston doctor who had been missing for several days has been found live.

Fehintola “FT” Omidele was located in El Campo Sunday, according to Equusearch.

Missing doctor found safe in El Campo.

Dr. Fehintola Omidele, who has been missing since Nov. 30, was found safe around 1 p.m. today after she called her sister and told her she was in El Campo.

There are still no details how she ended up in El Campo.

Eyewitness News is hearing that her family is headed there to meet her.

Texas EquuSearch Sues FAA in Federal Court Challenge Agency’s Order to Stop Using Drones in Searching for Missing Persons

Since when is a non-profit considered commercial use?

Texas Equusearch has sued the Federal Aviation Administration in federal court to challenge the FAA’s order to stop using unmanned drones in the search for missing persons. Texas Equusearch,  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been tirelessly been searching for missing persons for years and been using unmanned planes, drones, if you will since 2006. So once again we have federal government interference in the search for missing loved ones. I am sure this is what our Founding Father’s had in mind. Sorry, but I happen to think there is a huge difference between a non-profit organization searching for missing persons as compared to Amazon delivering packages.


Click HERE or on pic to watch VIDEO – pic screen grab from Houston Chronicle video

A Texas group sued the Federal Aviation Administration in federal court to challenge the agency’s order to stop using drones in the group’s searches for missing people, the latest round in an intensifying battle over regulation of the sector.

Search-and-rescue organization Texas EquuSearch, which has used unmanned aircraft to help search for missing people since 2006, asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to set aside the FAA’s order to halt its use of drones. The group argued in a five-page petition filed on Monday that the FAA’s order has no legal basis and “is unlawful, arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion and not otherwise in accordance with law.”

The FAA said it is reviewing the suit. The agency suggested in an email that Texas EquuSearch could work with public entities that hold FAA authorizations to use drones, such as some police departments, and obtain emergency authorizations to conduct its searches.

The FAA has effectively banned the commercial use of unmanned aircraft in the continental U.S. It says the limit is needed to protect air safety, at least until the agency sets full rules for the devices—now expected by late 2015 at the earliest.

Is the federal government more concerned with its overreaching authority or helping the families of missing loved ones?

Tim Miller, founder and director of EquuSearch, said the Feb. 21 Federal Aviation Administration order prohibiting the operation of four drones has meant the nonprofit organization has not used them in three active searches for missing people in Katy, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Miller said the 4-foot-long drones have led to the discovery of 11 missing individuals and allow searchers to view large stretches of wooded areas, fenced property and bodies of water.

“I was hoping we’d get a response from them that was more positive and we didn’t have to go to this extreme,” Miller said of the FAA. “It’s time-consuming for us, and God only knows what the outcome is going to be.”

Brendan Schulman, a New York attorney representing Texas EquuSearch, said the lawsuit seeks to confirm the rights of nonprofits to use civilian drone technology for the nation’s benefit.

16 Year Old Victoria Jackson Missing Since 12/19/13 in Pasadena, TX … Believed to have Met Man On-line at Social Media Website

16 year old Victoria Jackson has been missing since Thursday, December 19, 2013 in Pasadena, Texas. According to the teen’s mother, Victoria Jackson never came home from school and she believes that here daughter was tricked by a man she met on a social media website. Texas Equusearch is aiding in the search for the missing girl.

Victoria Jackson_missing

Missing – 16 year old Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson, 16, has been missing since December 19. Her mother says the 16-year-old never came home from school.

Jackson’s mother says she believes her daughter was tricked by a man she met on a social media website.

Jackson is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs around 135 pounds and has brown hair and blue-green eyes.

If anyone has any information regarding  Victoria Jackson’s whereabouts is asked to contact 877-270-9500.

36 Year Old Thomas “Zachary” Bunker Missing Since 5/29/13 in Norwood, OH (Update I: Texas Equusearch Joins Search)(Update II: Found Deceased in Warren County)

36 year old Thomas “Zachary” Bunker has been missing since Wednesday, May 29, 2013 in Norwood, Ohio. Bunker was last seen at 8:30 a.m. on Ashland Avenue in Norwood, although he called his family that same day from the Ft. Ancient area, in Warren County, OH.  Zach was last seen wearing casual clothing, shorts and t-shirt and was seen driving his dark gray, 2013 Ford Explorer with Ohio license # EOC-4793. Police said Bunker is considered a “critically missing” person because of his mental state at the time of his disappearance.

Texas Equusearch was brought in at the request of Bunker’s family. Search crews spent Saturday looking for Thomas “Zachary” Bunker in the entire west side of Hamilton.  Police said they got a tip that came from that area.


Thomas “Zachary” Bunker Missing Since 5/29/13

Thomas “Zachary”Bunker Description:

  • white male
  • 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • 185 pounds
  • brown hair and green eyes
  • He was operating a dark grey 2013 Ford Explorer with Ohio license EOC-4793.

Texas Equusearch will be holding a search for Zack Bunker at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 2, 2013. The Command Center will be at the Courtyard by Marriott, 1 Riverfront Plaza, Hamilton, OH.

For a downloadable poster, click here.

Your Search Coordinator is Dave Rader, and he can be reached at (513) 407-2018. Please bring snacks and water for the day, along with a picture id. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to participate in the search.

People with information about Bunker’s whereabouts are asked to call Norwood Police at 513-458-4520.

UPDATE I: Body of missing Thomas “Zachary” Bunker found deceased.

UPDATE II: The body of a missing Norwood man has been found in Warren County.

Thomas ‘Zachary’ Bunker was found dead off of South Nixon Camp Road near U.S. 350 on Tuesday, according to Dave Rader of Texas Equusearch.

Bunker had last talked to his family on Wednesday.

Volunteers and Texas Equusearch officials had spent much of the day on Monday searching for Bunker in an area near Fort Ancient, not far from where his body was found.

Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch to Assist NOPD in the Search for Missing School Teacher Terrilynn Monette in New Orleans, LA

Texas Equusearch joins the search for missing Teacher Terrilynn.

26 year old Terrilynn Monnette has been missing since the early hours of Saturday morning, March 2, 2013 when she was last seen  in the parking lot of Parlay’s bar in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue in Lakeview. Monnette was seen on surveillance video with a man. The individuals has since been identified and interviewed by NOPD detectives, police said, and is not considered a suspect. Terrilynn Monnette has not been seen or heard from since she left the bar parking lot in her car.

FACEBOOK: Find Terrilynn Monette

Search efforts for Terrilynn Monnette have come up empty … enter Texas Equusearch. Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch have been announced by the New Orleans Police Department that they will join the search for the missing Terrilyn Monette. Equusearch will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday to help search for the missing 26 year old girl. According to the NOPD, Equusearch will help search through the lagoons of City Park for Monette and her car.

The New Orleans Police Department has announced that it will be joined by the search and recovery team Equusearch as early as Tuesday evening (March 12) to assist with the ongoing efforts to find missing schoolteacher Terrilyn Monette. Ten days into the disappearance of the 26-year-old California native, the Houston-based nonprofit is set to arrive no later than Wednesday morning, the organization’s director, Tim Miller, told police.

Equusearch will help the NOPD in searching through the lagoons of City Park for Monette and her car. Police have been combing through the park and the vast green space between Parlay’s bar, where Monette was last seen March 2, and her apartment, covering the most likely route for her to get home.

 Police ask anyone with information on this missing person case, including the location of Monette’s 2012 black two-door Honda Accord, Louisiana license plate WUN494, to contact NOPD at 504.821.2222.

For more updates, provide you opinions and analysis, and to read others opinions and analysis, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Terriyynn Monette.

47 Year Old Janice Klein Missing Since June 22, 2012 in Plano, TX … Search Continues (VIDEO) (UPDATE: Missing Mom Found at Airport)

47 year old Janice Klein has been missing since Friday afternoon, June 22, 2012 in Plano, TX. Klein was last seen at about 1:30 pm when she told her 20 year old daughter  she was going to sit in the backyard. Her family members went to check on her three hours later and she was no where to be found. She vanished leaving her personal items, including her purse, cell phone and vehicle.

Janice Klein Description:

  • 5’5″ and weighs 150 pounds.
  • blond hair and blue eyes
  • last seen wearing a green shirt with gray or brown pajama pants.

Missing: Janice Klein

 Plano Police spokesperson, Officer Andrae Smith stated, “There is nothing to lead us to believe that foul play is suspected.” Although, how does one go from their backyard to missing?

Robert Klein as he struggles to find out what happened to his wife, Janice Klein.

She’s just the most wonderful wife and mom and she’s dedicated her whole adult life to raising two great kids and we just want her home”, he said.

“We’re just at a loss. I mean she wasn’t feeling very well she had migraine headaches on and off. Nothing like this ever before has ever happened so we’re just at a loss as to where she could be”, Klein said.

Texas EquuSearch’s Tim Miller is supposed to head to Plano, TX on Sunday to discuss case with local law enforcement.

Plano Police have asked that anyone with information regarding Klein’s disappearance call them at (972) 424-5678.

UPDATE I: Search continues for missing Plano woman Janice Klein.

Plano police have asked for the public’s help to find a woman who vanished on Friday afternoon.

A Department of Public Safety helicopter and a search and rescue team with dogs joined the search for Janice Klein, 47, who hasn’t been seen since she told her daughter she was going to sit in the backyard of her home in the 4500 block of Salerno Circle.

Police are  trying to figure out what happened.

“We are trying to just establish where we think she might be,” said Plano police spokesman Andrae Smith. “We have very limited information to go on at this moment.”

The former teacher’s family has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to her return.

For more updates, comments and opinions, and to present your own opinions and theories … go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Janice Klein.

UPDATE I: Missing Plano mom Janice Klein found at DFW Airport.

Janice Klein, the Plano woman who went missing on Friday, was found at DFW International Airport Sunday afternoon, according to NBCDFW. She was found in an airport bathroom, dehydrated

More at KHOU:

Plano woman who vanished from her home on Friday afternoon was found alive Sunday evening on the grounds of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Plano police confirmed the discovery of 47-year-old Janice Klein by airport police, who found her in a bathroom around 5 p.m., severely dehydrated. She was taken to an unnamed hospital for treatment.

After Klein arrived at the medical facility, she was tentatively identified from media reports as the missing woman.

“They notified Plano police about three or four hours later, after seeing the news,” Plano police spokesman Officer Andrae Smith told reporters at a news conference early Monday morning. “Plano police sent some detectives down to this hospital and located this individual.”


Hearing Slated Today In Casey Anthony Civil Case … Motion for Texas EquuSearch


The legal battles are not over yet for Casey Anthony. Today, the Casey Anthony legal team returns to court to fight a civil law suit against her brought by the non-profit search organization, Texas EquuSearch. Judge Lisa Munyon will hear motions brought by TES looking to be paid back for the monies that they spent in looking for what was thought to be missing Caylee Anthony. Texas Equusearch spend more than $100,000 in the search for Caylee Anthony.

Pics: Property of Scared Monkeys

Casey Anthony’s legal team will return to court to fight one of the civil suits against her.

Judge Lisa Munyon will hear a motion from Texas EquuSearch Monday afternoon.

Texas EquuSearch spent weeks looking for Caylee Anthony, and it wants Anthony to pay them back thousands of dollars.

At question is whether the fact that Caylee Anthony was ever missing. According to TES, the Casey Anthony’s defense team presented at the murder trial that Caylee Anthony was never a missing person case. Defense attorney Jose Baez and the rest of Team Casey put forth that Caylee Anthony died from accidental drowning and was never missing.

The hearing is being held to ask the judge to force Anthony to answer their questions in a deposition.

EquuSearch v. Casey Anthony: Hearing today at 1:30 PM

EquuSearch is joining another motion filed by attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez, who is also suing Anthony. They say Anthony should be compelled to answer questions in a deposition without invoking the Fifth Amendment. At a hearing last week, attorneys for Gonzalez said Anthony should no longer have that privilege.

Thousands of people took part in the searches for missing Caylee Anthony, only to learn from Casey Anthony’s murder trial that Caylee was dead from the outset.

33 Year Old Mother of Three Michelle Parker Missing in 11/17/11 in Orlando, Florida

33 year old mother of three Michelle Parker has been missing in Orlando, FL since Thursday, 11/17/11, when she was last seen about 4 p.m. Parker’s black Hummer with  license plate AWG M26 was also reported missing.

Missing: Michelle Parker

According to detectives, Michelle Parker’s cell phone was powered down in the area about 8 p.m. Thursday. Also, her sport utility vehicle was later found on the west side of Orlando.

In a bizarre happening, Michelle Parker vanished last week following the airing of “The People’s Court” episode she appeared on. The episode of the court show aired featuring her and her ex-fiancée, Dale Smith. According to reports, there has been quite a rocky road and violent past between Parker and Smith.  Obviously not a good sign, especially when one’s ex goes missing.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

In an alert, police said that Parker has a violent history with a former boyfriend. Court documents indicate the pair went through a custody battle in 2009 over their now 3-year-old twins.

Parker also filed a request for domestic-violence injunction against the man that year. In it, she accused him of a violent tirade in the presence of their children, then 15 months old.

Parker also filed a request for domestic-violence injunction against the man that year. In it, she accused him of a violent tirade in the presence of their children, then 15 months old.

She wrote the man cursed and threatened her on Aug. 16, 2009, while holding one of their twins. He also broke the passenger window of her vehicle, she said, and threw a pair of child car seats.

As reported by WFTV, the family of missing Michelle Parker state that ex-fiance is not a suspect as search continues for missing Orlando mother. Really? I am not sure how confident I would stand behind those statements, especially when there is so much historic data that these kind of disappearances and crimes have an estranged spouse or relation component. According to accounts, Texas Equusearch has joined efforts to search for missing Michelle Parker.

Posted November 20, 2011 by
Texas Equusearch | 5 comments

Body Discovered Believed to be that of Missing Amber Chantel Elkins

Sad but not unexpected news out of the search for missing mom Amber Chantel Elkins.

Searchers discovered a body on Sunday in a wooded area of Montgomery County that is believed to be that of missing Amber Chantel Elkins. According to Tom Miller, the founder of Texas Equusearch, the body was found found near a bridge around 3:30 PM. Although there has been no positive ID of the body, it is widely believed to be that of Amber Chantel Elkins. The body has been sent to the Montgomery County Medical Examiner’s office for identification.

Search volunteers on Sunday discovered a body believed to be that of Amber Chantel Elkins, a 20-year-old Humble mother, in a wooded area of Montgomery County, an official said.

Tim Miller, founder and director of Texas EquuSearch, said the body was found near a bridge around 3:30 p.m. Officials are awaiting positive identification of the body, but believe it’s Elkins and notified her family, he said.

Elkins vanished a week ago.

“Right now it’s the worst news they could ever imagine,” said Miller. “Now it’s real. Now she’s really not coming home.”

Tim Miller stated that it appeared that the body  “was dumped in an isolated area.”

Miller said his team was searching the area off Gene Campbell Road and FM 1314 after receiving some information from detectives, their focus was on the woods near some cell towers.

“So, we just had our people out there, just concentrating on areas around these cell towers that we had information on,” said Miller.

Just the other day, Elkin’s boyfriend, James Clarke Jr, was charged with murder.

Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Amber Chantel Elkins … REST IN PEACE.

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