Its Been 9 Years Since George Smith IV Went Missing on his Honeymoon with Jennifer Hagel Smith Aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line “Brilliance of the Seas” … CBS 48 HOURS: “Murder at Sea?” … $100,000 Reward (VIDEO)

It has been 9 years since George Smith IV went missing aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise line “Brilliance of the Seas” … the mystery an unanswered questions continue.

It has been none years since George Smith IV went missing while on his honeymoon with  Jennifer Hagel Smith aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line “Brilliance of the Seas”. Since that fateful day, July 5, 2005, George’s family, his parents George and Maureen and sister Bree, have fought to learn the truth of what happened the night that George Smith went missing. The Smith family is certain that it was no accident.  They appeared on CBS 48 Hours Saturday night, Maureen Smith said, “I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my son was murdered on that cruise ship.” The family has renewed their push to solve the case, they are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest and conviction of whoever was responsible for their son’s disappearance.

George’s sister Bree says it the best as she told ’48 Hours’, “I think the reward will propel people forward.”  People need to come forward and tell what they know and there needs to be justice.”

George Smith Missing

Nine years ago – July 5, 2005 – George Smith IV vanished from his honeymoon cruise in the Aegean Sea. His body has never been found.

Contrary to what authorities have said, his mother, Maureen Smith, is certain it was no accident.

“I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my son was murdered on that cruise ship,” she tells CBS News’ 48 HOURS.

Now, in a renewed push to solve the case, the family of the Greenwich, Conn. man says they are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest and conviction of whoever was responsible for their son’s disappearance

Watch the Full ’48 Hour’ VIDEO – Murder at Sea


Family continues pursuit for answers … JUSTICE FOR GEORGE!!!

The reward and media surge come three months after the family launched a Facebook profile to post evidence and information relating to their ongoing search for justice.

“We’re definitely not giving up,” Bree Smith said. “We started our Facebook crusade by releasing evidence we have collected about George’s disappearance. Between the Facebook crusade and the reward, we are hopeful this is the year we will get justice for George.”


Lonnie Kocontes Arrested for Murder of ex-wife Micki Kanesaki Who Went Overboard an Italian Cruise Ship into the Mediterranean on May 26, 2006 off the Island Escape

With murder, it’s never over, until it’s over …

55 year old Lonnie Kocontes was arrested Friday night on an outstanding warrant in Southwest Florida for the murder of his ex-wife Micki Kanesaki.  Kocontes was charged with special circumstances murder for financial gain in the death of his ex-wife who went overboard aboard an Italian cruise ship on  May 26, 2006 off the Island Escape in the Mediterranean. Her body was found by the Italian Coast Guard the next day, floating in the sea near Naples.

This sounds a little bit like the Gary Giordano – Robyn Gardner missing persons for profit case in Aruba. Prosecutors believe that Kocontes strangled Kaneski to death on board the ship and then threw her overboard. The arrest finally ended an investigation that started in 2008, when Kocontes began transferring more than $1 million from Kaneski’s bank accounts into joint accounts he held with his new wife. If convicted, Lonnie Kocontes faces life in state prison without the possibility of parole and is eligible for the death penalty.

He was charged with one count of special circumstances murder for financial gain, according to Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Kocontes’ ex-wife, Micki Kanesaki, plunged into the Mediterranean on May 26, 2006, off the Island Escape, which was sailing between Sicily and Naples, according to the FBI. Her body washed ashore the next day in Calabria in southwest Italy.

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42 Year Old Jason Gregory Rappe of Olympia, WA Missing Aboard the Holland America Cruise Ship Eurodam Traveling from St. Thomas (USVI) to the Bahamas

42 year old Jason Gregory Rappe of Olympia, WA has gone missing aboard the Holland America Cruise Ship Eurodam. It is believed that Rappe went overboard.  He was reported missing by his wife Thursday. The Eurodam was traveling from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands to the Bahamas when Rappe was reported missing.  A search has begun for missing Jason Gregory Rappe.  The Coast Guard activated a helicopter crew based out of the Air Station Borinquen on Puerto Rico and diverted the cutters Nantucket, a 110-foot patrol boat based in San Juan, and Decisive, a 210-foot cutter based in Pascagoula, MS, to search for Rappe.

The man, identified as 42-year-old Jason Gregory Rappe of Olympia, Washington, was reported missing Thursday by his wife from the Holland America cruise ship Eurodam. A baseball cap belonging to the passenger was found on one of the decks and he is believed to have gone overboard.

“At this point, we are actively searching,” Castrodad told The Associated Press. “We are hoping to find a survivor.”

UPDATE I: Coast Guard searching for passenger missing from cruise ship.

The search continued Thursday night for a cruise ship passenger who was reported missing early Thursday morning, less than a day after his ship departed from a port call to St. Thomas.

Coast Guard search and rescue crews were searching for the passenger, a 42-year-old man from Washington, who reportedly disappeared from the Holland America Line cruise ship Eurodam early Thursday morning while the vessel was traveling from St. Thomas to the Bahamas, according to a press release from Coast Guard spokesman Ricardo Castrodad.

Castrodad said Thursday evening that the passenger had not been sighted and a search was ongoing.

UPDATE II: Search ends for man missing from Caribbean cruise.

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Coast Guard Calls Off Search for Missing 21 Year Old Tennessee Woman who fell off Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship ‘Allure of the Seas’

US Coast Guard suspends the search for the missing Tennessee woman who went overboard in the Atlantic aboard the Royal Caribbean ‘Allure of the seas’.

The US Coast Guard has been searching for a missing 21 year old Tennessee woman who is reported to have fallen off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship ‘Allure of the Seas’. The unidentified woman fell overboard off a cruise ship 47 miles east of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night as the ‘Allure of the Seas’ was sailing to Nassau, Bahamas on a seven-night voyage to the Caribbean when a guest witnessed the woman going overboard. The unidentified missing individual is reported to be from Bartlett, Tennessee.

U.S. Coast Guard crews are searching for a 21-year-old Tennessee woman who fell off a cruise ship Sunday into the Atlantic Ocean off Florida, CBS Miami reports.

Royal Caribbean said in a statement that the Allure of the Seas was bound for Nassau, the Bahamas, on a seven-night cruise when “a guest witnessed another guest going overboard” at about 9:25 p.m. Sunday.

The ship’s captain stopped, turned around and alerted the U.S. and Bahamian Coast Guard as the ship’s crew reviewed surveillance footage of “a 21-year-old female guest from the United States going overboard.”

The Coast Guard asked that anyone with information on the missing person contact the 7th Coast Guard District search and rescue coordinators at 305-415-6800.

UPDATE I: FBI begins investigation into missing 21 year old woman who reportedly went overboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship ‘Allure of the Seas’.

Could There be a Break in the Honeymoon Cruise Disappearance and Murder of George Smith ? FBI Has Incriminating Video Tape Which May Lead to an Arrest

George Smith IV of Greenwich, CT has been missing since 2005. Could a video tape lead to an arrest in the case of missing and murdered George Smith?

“We have truth on our side. “My son’s life is not going to be in vain.” -  (Maureen Smith, George’s mother – Jan. 2006)

Since first covering the case of missing honeymooner George Smith in 2005 we had wondered whether there would ever be “Justice for George”. Especially when his wife of mere seconds Catherine Hagel Smith settled with Royal Caribbean Cruiselines. However, when the Smith family retained new and eager council as well as  FBI Russian organized crime agents entered the case, we began to finally believe that maybe, just maybe that the Smith family could finally get justice.

As reported in the UK Daily Mail, the FBI is apparently closer to answering how George Smith fell overboard on his honeymoon cruise seven years ago after discovering new footage from on board the ship. Twenty-six year old George Smith disappeared aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Brilliance of the Seas, during the night of July 5, 2005. George had been partying on his honeymoon with his bride Jennifer Hagel Smith and his new found friends, Josh Askins the Russians. George Smith was brought back to his room by the Russians that night and was never seen nor heard from again. Was there foul play and a robbery gone bad? Josh Askin has testified to a Connecticut federal grand jury that he and the three Russian-Americans, cousins Greg and Zachary Rozenberg and their pal Rostislav “Rusty” Kofman, were in the room with Smith before he went missing. George Smith goes missing with blood stains on the exterior overhang of the ship beneath his cabin. Also according to Jones, Askin was also overheard on the  elevator telling others that George Smith had $50,000 in his cabin and that Hagel was playing “$200 hands of blackjack” in the hours before Smith disappeared.

The investigation into the death of Mr Smith, from Connecticut, has remained open and authorities have an incriminating video tape in their possession which may lead to an arrest.

According to Cristin Marandino from Greenwich Magazine: ‘On that videotape there are certain individuals that make very self-incriminating statements following the death of George Smith.

‘This is a videotape that the gentlemen made of themselves. And in their room, sort of passing around a flip phone.’

Check out the Dateline NBC profile the case of the disappearance of honeymooner George Smith aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas in 2005 (VIDEO).

More at the June 2012 issue of Greenwich Magazine.

47 Year Old Canadian Woman Passenger Aboard Celebration Cruise Line Ship Missing between Grand Bahama & the Florida Coast (Update: Search Called Off)

A 47 year old Canadian woman is missing aboard a Celebration Cruise Line cruise ship.  The unnamed woman went missing between the Grand Bahamas and the Florida coast.  She was last seen Tuesday evening on the boat’s return voyage from Freeport, Bahamas. According to accounts, they are pretty sure that the woman was on board when the ship left Grand Bahama Island at 8 pm because “every person has to swipe a card” to go on and off the ship, and she hadn’t swiped her card to leave.

Federal and local authorities are investigating a missing female passenger from a Celebration Cruise Line ship at the Port of Palm Beach this afternoon.

The 47-year-old woman, who is identified only as ” a resident of Canada,” was reported missing by her boyfriend at 8 a.m. today after he had not seen her since “1 a.m.,” said Charles Kinnear, president of the cruise line.

Kinnear said the man, who also has not been named, said he left the woman at the gift shop while he went to the casino late last night. He then went back to the cabin to sleep.

When he woke up, the man said, he noticed that she still had not returned. He walked around the ship to see if she had gone to breakfast or something, Kinnear said.

When the man couldn’t locate her, he notified the ship’s crew.

From ABC News, the boyfriend has stated the following regarding the missing woman.Presently the FBI is in charge of the investigation of the missing woman.

The boyfriend told authorities he’d last seen the missing woman at the ship’s gift shop before heading to the casino at around 1 a.m. Tired, he then decided to go to sleep.

The ship docked at the Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach, Fla., at 7 a.m.

When the boyfriend awoke, he searched the ship. At around 8 a.m., he alerted the ship’s crew, which along with the Coast Guard launched a full search of the ship for the woman.

No trace of the missing woman has been found.

UPDATE I: Search called off for missing Canadian Woman.

The Coast Guard has called off its search for a woman believed to have gone overboard on a Bahamas cruise.

Search and rescue crews trolled the waters between Freeport, Bahamas, and the Port of Palm Beach in Florida for about 84 hours, covering an area of nearly 7,300 square miles. They also did air searches to try and spot the woman from above.

RNC Chief Reince Priebus Continues to Compare Barack Obama to Disgraced Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Capt. Schettino

If the lack of leadership fits, wear it …

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus does not back down from his comments comparing President Barack Obama to the disgraced Costa Concordia cruise ship Captain Schettino. The analogy is that Obama left his job that he was elected to fix the economy to do nothing but campaign for 2012. Schettino was more concerned with saving himself than he was other passengers and going down with ship. Barack Obama is more concerned with reelection than he is creating jobs.

“When I made those comments, I clearly used the analogy in both sentences that this president was akin to leaving his own job and campaigning non-stop all the time, worried about his job, number one, instead the jobs of the millions of Americans that are out there,” Priebus said. “Now we’ve talked about the fact that this president is in love with campaigning, he’s not in love with his job as president and getting the debt under control as promised and getting Americans back to work.”

Pressed about whether the analogy was appropriate considering the maritime crash killed at least 16 people — with more than a dozen still missing — Priebus stood by the comments.

“The analogy was made and it was an analogy of leadership, that in a time of crisis, this president is leaving the White House and campaigning non-stop all the time,” Priebus said. “I think it’s pretty clear, but if people out there on the Democratic side want to make hay of it they’re going to be able to do it.

Hot Air reminds us that before DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz whines about the RNC Chair’s comments, she might have some apologizing to do first as when it comes to incendiary comments regarding the Tea Party. Debbie is all in a huff about a comparison to a ship captain who has been charges with manslaughter, I guess she forgot when the Democrats accused W of murder. Hmm?

In the end, its all nonsense … Obama needs to be fired for dereliction of duty. Any President who nixes a job creator like the Keystone XL pipeline for political reasons in a time of such economic despair, needs to be ushed out the door sooner, rather than later.

How Insensitive Could They Possible Be … Costa Concordia Offering Survivors of the Cruise Ship Disaster a 30% Discount Off on Future Cruises


Following the cruise ship disaster of the Costa Concordia where it ran aground and  … the owners of the Costa Concordia are offering survivors a 30% discount on future cruises. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Who the hell would get back on any boat that would have had such a disaster that was caused by Captain error? Let alone the fact that the Captain and some crew members fled the ship before actual passengers were rescued.

The owners of the Costa Concordia are offering survivors of the disaster a 30 per cent discount off future cruises as they battle to stave off law suits expected to cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

So far 12 individuals have died and there are 20 people still missing following this cruise ship debacle and the cruise ship has the audacity to offer 30% discounts. Could they be more insulting? What’s next, will they offer free drink and photo vouchers? People are dead and missing, survivors are getting ready to file law suits and the cruise ship company decides to add insult to tragedy.

29 People Still Missing Following Italian Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Running Aground

The search goes on by rescuers for missing survivors following the cruise ship Costa Concordia running aground off the Italian coast. Italian coastguard official stated that the number of people missing had been revised up to 29 – 25 passengers.  Amazing pics can be seen of the rescue attempts at the UK Daily Mail.  It looks like a cross between Titanic and the Poseiden Adventure. Say a prayer.

A stricken Italian cruise liner shifted on its rocky resting place on Monday as worsening weather disrupted an increasingly despairing hunt for survivors and authorities raised their estimate of the number missing to 29 people.

As the Costa Concordia’s owners blamed their captain for veering shorewards on Friday in a bravura “salute” to residents of a Tuscan island, the giant ship slid a little, threatening to plunge its whole gigantic carcass and 2,300 tonnes of fuel below the Mediterranean waters of the surrounding nature reserve.

The slippage forced rescuers to suspend for a few hours their efforts to find anyone still alive after three days in the capsized hull, resting on a jagged slope outside the picturesque harbor on the island of Giglio. Six bodies have been found. Most of the 4,200 passengers and crew survived, despite hours of chaos.

Fears grow as time goes by in the search for those still missing. The ship’s owners have blamed the captain for Friday’s crash, saying he changed course towards an island. According to accounts, the ship’s captain, Capt Schettino, has been accused of abandoning his vessel before all the passengers had been evacuated. So much for the captain going down with the ship. Capt Schettino was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

Dateline NBC Profiles the Case of the Disappearance of Honeymooner George Smith Aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruiseship Brilliance of the Seas in 2005 (VIDEO) … JUSTICE FOR GEORGE

George Smith, missing since 2005 …

“We have truth on our side. “My son’s life is not going to be in vain.” -  (Maureen Smith, George’s mother – Jan. 2006)

The disappearance of George Smith aboard who went missing in 2005. Scared Monkeys has followed the case ever since. The family of George Smith are tremendous people who deserve answers.  Dateline NBC reviews the Royal Caribbean 6000 page file and provides a profile on the case and new details never before released. Even though George disappeared in 2005, the case is still being investigated and the Smith family never rests in getting JUSTICE FOR GEORGE.

What is most amazing in this case and may provide answers as to what happened to George Smith, the controversial and confrontational settlement between Royal Caribbean, Jennifer Hagel Smith and the Smith family may have been the smoking gun. Part of the settlement was the handing over of their files, a treasure trove of data and information.


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This segment shows the last day of George Smith’s life and what took place the night prior to his disappearance and presumed death. The newlyweds George and Jennifer Hagel Smith went to dinner and then headed off to the on board ship casino. Also at the Casino Royal were the passengers Josh Askin and the individuals who would become known as the “Russians” (Rostislav “Rusty” Kofman and cousins Greg and Zachary Rozenberg ). It was reported that some passengers had heard that George Smith had said that he had large sums of money back at his cabin. Whether George did or not is irrelevant, what those that over heard him say; however, is relevant. Did the money play a role in what happened to George Smith, was it a robbery gone horribly wrong?


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The party moved from the from the casino to the disco. Josh Askin through his attorney states that when things got a little weird and sleazy. He references that the group was met up with the an off-duty casino floor manager who had his arm around Jennifer and was coming on to her completely forgetting and ship employee – passenger boundaries.  Jennifer leaves the disco with Lloyd, the casino floor manager after many witnesses noticed an argument between Jennifer and George.  The disco closes and the four Russians help an drink George Smith back to his room. Thanks to the electronic key cards (locklink), there was a trail of who went where and when. It is reported that after George, Josh and the Russians got back to George’s room, they left again with George to go find Jennifer. When she left the disco, she never went back to the room. After looking for Jennifer, they return to George’s room at 4:01 am. Later that morning a passenger in the room next to George’s hears words, things being moved and then a loud thud. Then there is silence.

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