Daily Commentary – Tuesday, May 26, 2015 – New Orleans Police Officer Shot Dead While Parked In Police Cruiser (Update: Officer ID’d as (HANO) Police Officer James Bennett, Jr.)

  • The hunt is on for the suspect who shot and killed a New Orleans Housing Authority Officer while on duty 05/24/15

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UPDATE I: The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office identified the victim Monday as 45 year old James Bennett, Jr. Rest in Peace.

The shooting was reported at 7 a.m. Sunday, the New Orleans Police Department said in a news release. The victim’s car rolled forward and struck a curb after the shooting.

“The death of this HANO police officer is an unspeakable tragedy, and a vile and cowardly act,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said in a statement following the officer’s death. “Tragedies that involve our men and women in uniform affect our entire city and touch every member of our law enforcement community. We are deeply saddened by this loss, and our hearts and prayers are with the officer’s friends and family and with the entire HANO family during this very difficult time.”

GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Heads to Louisiana to Tour Hurricane Isaac Storm Damage

Hmm, Romney visits Gulf Coast areas affected by Hurricane Isaac … where is Barack Obama?

Mitt Romney, fresh off a successful Republican National Convention and officially receiving the GOP nomination for President, is off to New Orleans and Louisiana to tour areas affected by Hurricane Isaac. Romney will meet up with Governor Bobby Jindal, who did not attend the RNC convention so to take care of matters in Louisiana. Romney will be altering his campaign plans and not go to Virgina as previously planned following this mornings post-convention rally this morning in Lakeland, FL with his VP choice Paul Ryan. The GOP VP will go solo to Virginia later today.

Mitt Romney will head to the New Orleans area today to tour areas affected by Hurricane Isaac.

Romney and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will meet with first responders.

Rather amazing that Romney finds the time to take away from his campaign to visit the areas affected by Hurricane Isaac. Isn’t this President Obama’s job? Then again, who is the candidate that actually acts and conducts them self is a Presidential manner?

New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway Part IV

The entire New Orleans contingent that participated in the “Make the Travel Agents and people Aware” weekend need to be congratulated. What a tremendous job they did in reminding people that Natalee Holloway is still missing and Aruba is still doing nothing over 2 years later. Aruba does nothing, but somehow they expect Americans to reward them by going there on vacation and spending their hard earned money.

Thank you for the reports a long the way and the pictures. Scared Monkeys gives a big Hat Tip to those that came up with the idea of putting the “Where is Natalee” sign on the back of the horse drawn carriage (see picture below). BRILLIANT!  The amount of eyes that saw that poster in the streets of New Orleans  from an individual’s independent thought is simply fantastic. No ATA marketing campaign can compete with that type of grass roots ingenuity and perseverance.

Meetings for the travel convention were between 9:30 and noon. We set the banners up in new locations this morning. Many were able to see them as they drove to and from-or near-the Hilton. The travel agents themselves were coming and going on tours of the French Quarter and had to pass by the banners…



About 12:30 we moved our efforts to the French Quarter, where there were organized tours for the attendees. The Quarter also was crowded with tourists and locals, as is usual on the weekends.

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New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway Part III

More reports in from those that went to the New Orleans Travel Show to remind those attending, Natalee Holloway has never been found in Aruba … neither has justice.

We have planned where we will put the banners tomorrow, and they still will be very visible. Tomorrow is the last day of this convention…and gatherings also will be held in and near Jackson Square, on the edge of the French Quarter, so we will try to put a banner on the car in a way that it still can be driven safely, then drive down the street which borders Jackson Square.

In this next picture is a man from Haiti (right side- sitting on the while post) who showed much interest in Natalee’s being found and the family getting answers. He is holding a Natalee brochure. Behind him is the World Trade Center. Some of our signs also are visible.


I am turning left again, toward Harrah’s, where you can see more signs…and some of downtown New Orleans in the background.

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New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway Part II

The Justice for Natalee Holloway faithful are back with more to report from New Orleans. Kudos to those who went in support of Natalee Holloway, her family and to remind others, don’t forget … do not ever forget.

Greetings from Louisiana! You wanted pictures, so I took more today 

This is the Hilton, where the tourism meetings are being held. This picture is taken at a strange angle to fit in the garage (front) and the tower behind it. The tower is where the tourism meetings are being held. (Hat Tip: Karo)


Moving around to the left is the Poydras Trolley Station, next to the Hilton’s tower. I drew an arrow in red above the station. This is where we tried to put a banner yesterday and Hilton security would not permit it. It would have been the perfect spot for a banner…


But we had a banner behind this white gate, which is the entrance to the River Walk Market Place, so that people crossing the tracks between 2 parts of the Hilton with rooms for guests, and people riding the Trolley could see it. The trolley in this picture is heading away—and just has passed the gate.

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New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway, Part I

The New Orleans Travel Show is the latest effort by concerned individuals who want to remind those in NO - Aruba_traadeshowthe travel and vacation booking business that people have not forgotten Natalee Holloway nor what happened in Aruba and continues to this day with regards to a cover up and lack of justice.

Let the following efforts by those that wish to remind the travel industry that it is unacceptable for a tourist to go missing and have their investigation covered up. Aruba, is not a vacation option. There are far too many other places for people to spend their hard earned money on a vacation. Promote travel to New Orleans and help revitalize their economy following Hurricane Katrina.

Lowering a price for a ticket or a package deal is not an option … Tourism industry, the only option when dealing with Aruba is … JUSTICE FOR NATALEE!

The following are the personal accounts of those on the ground including Scared Monkeys members from New Orleans: (Hat Tip: Karo)

There was good exposure for the cause today in New Orleans! Although some protesters were unable to come, last minute, and there are just 3 of us, the banners and signs are being noticed and are as well placed as possible. (Some of them are shown on the photos below.) We can only place signs on public property and Hilton Hotel security made us take down a banner they thought was too close to their property. The World Trade Center made us move signs in their lawn, near the sidewalk. Otherwise, there were no problems.


(Click on brochure to enlarge)

People were walking up to us and talking about the case, asking questions. Some were arrogant or rude and refused to take the nice brochures we were passing out. Others seemed extremely interested in the case and very sympathetic to Natalee’s family. Several even made it a point to tell us THEY are not going to Aruba!

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Trail going cold for 2,500 missing Katrina people

Five months later after Hurricane Katrina and about 2,500 people remain missing and the trail is going cold. As the evacuation of hurricane Katrina took place, 750,000 families along the Gulf Coast split up and scattered across the United States in the frenzied anticipation of the storm.
(More at Missing & Exploited)

Experts Debate Rebuilding New Orleans and Real Estate Opportunities

As many contemplate the rebuilding of New Orleans and its massive infrastructure that was devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, many ponder at the enormous task ahead.

“Rebuilding here means so much more than walls and roofs and levees,” Colten said.

“We have mile after mile after mile of shotgun houses and Creole cottages that have over the decades withstood the storms,” said Patty Gay, executive director of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans. The PRC is a private nonprofit organization that has, over the past three decades, renovated more than 1,000 homes and sold them to homeowners and assisted others with buying and renovating.

Since then, some have proposed mass buyouts in the city’s worst-hit areas, to be replaced with wetlands or green spaces. Others suggest building up those areas so that new, manufactured homes could be built and displaced residents could return. Many are calling for stricter building codes and requirements, similar to those put in place in Florida and California after storms and earthquakes in those vulnerable places.

As an ABC poll stated a majority of Americans thought it was a high priority to rebuild New Orleans.

This could explain why the realty market in New Orleans is just chomping at the bit in the expectation of a rebirth of their city as they are predicting an “enormous housing boom” and a Rebirth of New Orleans. There is a huge expectation that the renewal efforts, combined with the largest rebuilding project ever attempted in the countries history, will create huge opportunities in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Big money is headed this way as housing prices in the most devastated region of America soar. In New Orleans, where unofficial estimates say more than 100,000 homes could be demolished as a result of Hurricane Katrina, dwindling supply is fueling huge demand and housing price hikes of 10 percent to 40 percent, on average.

The hyperactive housing climate is marked by individuals and companies buying houses or groups of houses, sight unseen. Sterbcow said one company involved in rebuilding the city bought 150 homes without inspecting any of them.

The situation in New Orleans is very similar to the the other areas of the Gulf Coast region affected by the hurricanes this past month where Real Estate Speculation Moves in to the Gulf coast States following hurricane Katrina & Rita.

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