Daily Commentary – Monday, April 14, 2014 – Couple Clipped by FedEx Truck Claims it Was on Fire Prior to Bus Collision

  • However, NTSB says it was not on fire and also says there were no skidmarks before the FedEx Truck slammed into the bus carrying high school students

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School Stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA …Up to 20 Hurt in Pittsburgh-Area Attack (VIDEO)(Update: 7 Victims are reported with Life Threatening Injuries)(Update: Suspect in custody)(Update: Stabbing Suspect Named …Student, Alex Hribal)


As many as 20 students were hurt when a student went on a stabbing rampage through the classrooms and hallways at the Franklin Regional High School in  Murrysville, PA, outside Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning. Up to 20 people have been injured because of the mass stabbing. Four to five individuals have been sent to local hospitals. Four victims are said to have serious injuries. The authorities are reporting that the suspect is in custody.

Victims, as young as 15, were taken to four Pittsburgh-area hospitals. Two were in the operating room and a third was on the way, Dr. Chris Kaufmann, a hospital trauma director, told CNN. One hospital reported that it had patients as old as 60.

The stabbings were reported at Franklin Regional High School, in the suburb of Murrysville. Ambulances swarmed the parking lot.

Stevens said that the first call for help from the school came at 7:13 a.m., shortly after the school opened its doors for the day. The situation was under control by 7:30 to 7:40, he said.

The school district website said that high school students and middle school students nearby were “secure,” and that elementary school had been canceled for the day. They cited “a critical incident” at the high school.


UPDATE II: 20 injured in Pittsburgh-area high school stabbings, authorities say.

At least 20 students were injured Wednesday morning in a stabbing incident at Franklin Regional Senior High School in the Pittsburgh area, said Dan Stevens, an emergency management agency spokesman.

Four people were flown to hospitals by helicopter, he said.

A message on the Franklin Regional School District’s website said all of its elementary schools were closed after the incident, and “the middle school and high school students are secure.”

Authorities said a suspect was in custody

UPDATE III: 22 injured in knife attack at Franklin Regional High School …’He was just stabbing everybody in his way.

The charges might not reflect all victims, according to Westmoreland County public safety spokesman Dan Stevens. Two other students were treated for injuries that were not from being stabbed.

Mr. Peck told the court that the suspect made some statements after school officials tackled him that indicated he wanted to die.

Defense attorney Patrick Thomassey described his client as a good student with no prior criminal record and no history of addiction to drugs or alcohol. He said his client is not a loner and interacts well with other students.

Mr. Thomassey described the incident as “bizarre” and asked for a mental evaluation to determine whether his client will be competent for an April 30 preliminary hearing.

UPDATE IV: Pa. High School Stabbing Suspect Alex Hribal Not ‘Well-Liked’

Suspect Alex Hribal has been charged with 4 counts of attempted homicide and will be tried as an adult.

The 16-year-old student accused of going on a stabbing rampage today at a Pennsylvania high school “wasn’t a real well-liked kid” and had previously made death threats, the brother of a witness told ABCNews.com.

Alex Hribal is a sophomore at Franklin Regional High School, where the bloodshed happened today, said police. He’s being held at a juvenile detention center in Westmoreland County after being charged with four counts of attempted criminal homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a weapon on school property.

He was denied bail.

Minnesota High School Forces 14 Year Old Kayona Hagen-Tietz to Stand Outside in a Sopping Wet Swim Suit Because of a Fire Alarm, Gets Frost Bite

What happened to the Country I grew up in, public school edition: HAVE PUBLIC SCHOOLS COMPLETELY LOST ALL COMMON SENSE?

The brain surgeons at Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota forced 14 year old Kayona Hagen-Tietz to stand outside in the 5 degrees below zero weather with  a windchill of 25 degrees below zero in a sopping wet swim suit because of a fire alarm. Kayona had been swimming in the school pool when a science experiment went wrong and set off the fire alarms. It is reported that school administrators would not let the female student retrieve her clothes, sit in a teachers car or wait inside another building. Guess what happened next … SHE SUFFERED FROSTBITE!!!   The 14 year old girl had asked if she could wait inside an employee’s car, or at the elementary school across the street to get out of the cold; however, school administrators believed that this would violate official policy, and could get the school in trouble. So they opted to simply let the girl freeze. So basically, the school allowed 14 year old Kayona Hagen-Tietz to get frostbite so that the Como Park High School could conduct an unplanned fire drill without violating a school fraternization rule … Are these people insane!!!


A Minnesota public high school was so committed to obeying its fire drill policy to the exact letter of the law that it forced a female student–dressed only in a swimsuit, and sopping wet–to stand outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes. As a result, she suffered frostbite.

Administrators wouldn’t let the student retrieve her clothes, sit in a car or wait inside another building, according to WCCO.

The trouble began when a small science experiment triggered the fire alarm at Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was swimming in the school pool for health class at the time. Her clothes were in her locker, and a teacher told her that there was no time for her to change. Hagen-Tietz was rushed outside–still wet and dressed in only swimsuit.

These people are supposed to be the educators, right? I am sensing a well deserved lawsuit.

EXIT QUESTION: If it was a school policy not to go into a burning building and rescue of student from a fire, would school officials just let the student burn to death?

17 Year Old Arapahoe High School Student Claire Davis Dies Saturday, December 21, Eight Days After She was Shot by a Student with a Shotgun in Centennial, Colorado

Sad news to report in the Colorado teen Claire Davis who was battling to stay alive from gun shot injuries suffered eight days ago in another senseless school shooting …

17 year old Claire Davis has passed away today, Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 4:29 pm local time with her family by her side. Claire Davis was critically shot eight days ago with a shotgun by a fellow student, Karl Pierson, at school in Centennial, Colorado. She has tragically passed away as doctors stated that her injuries were just too severe to save her life. God Bless Claire Davis, her family, friends and loved ones. Our prayers and condolences go out to the family that they may find peace in the loss of their blessed child.


Claire Davis – Rest in Peace

In a statement posted on the Littleton Adventist Hospital’s Facebook page:

It is with heavy hearts that we share that a 4:29 p.m. this afternoon, Claire Davis passed away, with her family at her side. Despite the best efforts of our physicians and nursing staff, and Claire’s fighting spirit, her injuries were too severe and the most advanced medical treatments could not prevent this tragic loss of life. Claire’s death is immensely heartbreaking for our entire community, our staff and our families.

The Davis family would like to thank everyone who have sent their best wishes and prayers, and are grateful for the kindness and support of the community. They know that you all are mourning with them, and again request privacy during this time of grief.

Information regarding a public celebration of Claire’s life will be announced at a future date. Please feel free to continue to leave cards for the Davis family in the Cards for Claire box, located within the main entrance of the hospital.

Statement from the Davis Family:

It is with unspeakable sadness that we write and say that Claire has passed away from the gunshot wound she received at Arapahoe High School on December 13, 2013. Although we have lost our precious daughter, we will always be grateful for the indelible journey she took us on over the last 17 years—we were truly blessed to be Claire’s parents. The grace, laughter and light she brought to this world will not be extinguished by her death; to the contrary, it will only get stronger.

Last week was truly a paradox in that we lost our daughter, yet we witnessed the wonderful love that exists in the world through the tremendous outpouring of support we received. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the first responders, the school resource officer, security guard and vice principal at Arapahoe High School, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office, and the physicians, nurses and staff at Littleton Adventist Hospital. Each played a significant role in giving Claire a chance to live, and demonstrated extreme amounts of professionalism, courage and love. Please know that we will never forget the extraordinary work you did on Claire’s behalf.

We ask that you give us time to grieve the death of our daughter by respecting our wishes for privacy.

With much loving-kindness,
The Davis Family

“The Denver Foundation is privileged to be able to help the Arapahoe High School community honor Claire Davis and help with needs that extend beyond the immediate,” says David Miller, President of The Denver Foundation. “We will be honored to work with Claire’s family to determine where contributed dollars will make the greatest difference.”

For more information about the Arapahoe High School Community Fund honoring Claire Davis, or to make contributions, please visit www.denverfoundation.org.

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Unspeakable Acts: Mass Grand Jury Indicted 14 Year Old Philip Chism on Charges of Murder, Aggravated Rape & Armed Robbery in Death of Teacher Colleen Ritzer


A Massachusetts grand jury has indicted 14 year old Philip Chism on charges of murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery in the heinous and horrific death of his algebra teacher, Colleen Ritzer. According to prosecutors, under the aggravated rape and armed robbery indictments, Chism was charged as a youthful offender, but they will move to join those charges with the murder case in Superior Court. Philip Chism robbed, raped and murdered 24 year old Colleen Ritzer at Danvers High School.

On October 22, 2013, Phillip Chism followed Ritzer in to the the girl’s bathroom of the high school with a box cutter he brought to school and killed her. Chism punched and raped Ritzer before ultimately killing her, then robbed her of her credit cared and iPhone, then discareded her body outside the school. Sick, just sick!


Citing Massachusetts law, prosecutors said they would ask that Chism be tried in an adult court.

“The indictments … detail horrific and unspeakable acts,” said District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

The armed robbery indictment alleges that Chism, armed with a box cutter, robbed Ritzer of credit cards, an iPhone and her underwear. The aggravated rape indictment alleges that he sexually assaulted her with an object.

Under the aggravated rape and armed robbery indictments, Chism was charged as a youthful offender, but prosecutors said they will move to join those charges with the murder case in Superior Court.

Fire up “sparky” for this one, any one capable of this should not be allowed to walk among us, or anyone.

3 Students Shot Near Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, PA … 16 Year Old A.J. Willet Arrested Charged with 4 Counts of Attempted Homicide

Three students have been shot near the Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, PA . The school is located in the Beechview area of Pittsburgh and has approximately 1,200 students.  The three male victims suffered varying injuries, one was shot in the leg and foot, one was shot in the neck and shoulder and one was grazed in the head. All injuries are considered non-life threatening. The shooting happened between Crane and Lowenhill Avenues around 3 pm,  just moments after classes let out for the day Wednesday afternoon. .

Brashear High School

Click on pic for VIDEO from CBS-Pittsburgh

Several people have been taken in for questioning in connection with a shooting that left three students injured near Brashear High School Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, the shooting happened between Crane and Lowenhill Avenues around 3 p.m., just moments after classes let out for the day.

The victims – two 11th graders and one ninth grader – were reportedly walking to a car that was parked on Crane Avenue, about a block away, when the shooting started.

According to school officials, a shooter came out of the woods near the school, shot three students and then retreated into the woods.

UPDATE I: Continual updates on the shooting incident at The Raw Story.

UPDATE II: 16-year old Anjohnito (A.J.) Willet, Jr. Antonio was questioned and then later arrested. A.J. Willet was charged with 4 counts of attempted homicide, among other charges.  Willet is due in court Tuesday. He will be charged as an adult. The suspect claims that the shooting was in retaliation of an incident that took place on October 18, 2013 inside Brashear High School where the victim was assaulted and robbed by the individuals that he shot.

AJ_Willet_Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

Willet is facing several charges, including four counts each of criminal attempt homicide and aggravated assault, as well as a minor not to possess a firearm charge.

Pittsburgh Police Lt. Kevin Kraus told a late evening news conference that Willet was the lone gunman who wounded the three students.

“We believe with the information and the evidence that we have, that we have the one and only shooter, but the investigation is not over,” said Lt. Kevin Kraus, of Pittsburgh Police. “It’s still very active and ongoing.”

Missing 24 Year Old Danvers High School Math Teacher Math Colleen Ritzer Murdered by 14 Year old Student Philip D. Chism at Danvers High School in Massachusetts (Suspect Arrested, Held Without Bail)

24 year old Colleen Ritzer and 14 year old Philip Chism were both separately reported missing and then the unthinkable …

Twenty four year old Colleen Ritzer, a math teacher at Danvers High School in Danvers, MA who had been reported missing on Tuesday, October 22 when she did not return home from school was found dead in the woods behind the school this morning. 14 year old student Philip D. Chism was arrested for murder and is being held without bail. As reported at NBC News, the criminal complaint states authorities “learned from an interview of the juvenile suspect and video surveillance recovered at the school” that the suspect assaulted and killed Ritzer and then dumped her body. According to reports there are over 120 cameras at the school. Philip Chism will be tried as an adult.

VIDEO from Boston.com

Collen Ritzer_murdered

24 year old Colleen Ritzer, RIP

Philip Chism

Murder suspect – 14 year old Philip Daniel Chism

24-year-old Danvers High School teacher has been found dead, and a 14-year-old boy is being held without bail on a charge of murdering her.

Math teacher Colleen Ritzer’s body was found in the woods behind the school, said Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

Philip D. Chism was ordered held without bail at his arraignment this afternoon in Salem District Court. Judge Matthew Nestor approved funds for a mental competency evaluation. Chism is to be tried as an adult; a probable cause hearing was slated for Nov. 22.

Chism had been reported missing Tuesday after he did not return home from school. Ritzer was reported missing at about 11:20 p.m. Tuesday when she did not return home and did not answer her cellphone.

Police searched the school and found blood in a second-floor bathroom. Ritzer’s body was found later behind the school, Blodgett said in a news conference this morning at the high school.

Jonathan Blodgett, the district attorney for Essex, MA discusses the ongoing homicide investigation into the murder of a teacher at Danvers High School.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

UPDATE I: Philip D. Chism arraigned in court today and held without bail (VIDEO).

Lost Priorities … North Andover High School Punishes Teen Erin Cox for Being Responsible and Giving Drunken Friend a Ride Home From a Party

Honestly, what has happened to the world that I grew up in … ZERO Tolerance has ZERO common sense.

North Andover High School senior, 17 year old Erin Cox has been demoted from being captain of the school’s volleyball team and suspended for 5 games because she did the right thing and went to a party to drive a drunk friend home. That is correct folks, punished because of an ignorant “zero alcohol” policy for actually doing the responsible thing. How is it that we have become a nation that punishes people for doing the right and responsible thing? UNREAL. This is not a trouble making student, in fact she is a model student. I guess the rocket scientists at the school would rather have teenagers drive drunk and harm kill themselves, as well as putting other innocent people in harms way?

Is this the message that we want to be teaching kids? Attorney Wendy Murphy, friend of SM and frequent guest of the Dana Pretzer Show, is representing the teen against the ridiculous policies of the North Andover, MA school. Murphy stated, “If a kid asks for help from a friend, you don’t want that kid to say ‘I’m sorry I can’t help you. I might end up in trouble at school.’” She is 100% correct.

Two weeks ago, Erin received a call from a friend at a party who was too drunk to drive. Erin drove to Boxford after work to pick up her friend. Moments after she arrived, the cops arrived too and busted several kids for underage possession of alcohol.

A North Andover High School honor student, Erin was cleared by police, who agreed she had not been drinking and was not in possession of alcohol. But Andover High told Erin she was in violation of the district’s zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use. In the middle of her senior year, Erin was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and told she would be suspended from playing for five games.

From The Daily Caller … We are proud of her as well!!!

According to AHS’s student handbook, student athletes are forbidden from “knowingly being and remaining in the presence of other minors using alcohol or illegal drugs or controlled substances.” Since Cox admittedly attended the party–in order to help her drunk friend–she violated the policy.

But Cox’s mother says she did the right thing, regardless of district policy.

“She didn’t do anything wrong,” said Eleanor Cox. “She did what she thought was right, and I’m very proud of her.”

Kentucky Public School Teacher at McCracken County High School Encouraged Students to Step on American Flag As Part of Art Project

Are you friggin kidding me … Kentucky public school teacher encourages students step on the American flag and calls it art.

Art teacher Shand Stamper encouraged students to step on an American flag that had been placed on the floor as part of an art display, outraging parents and students. Really, it was  called  re-creation of “Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 installation titled “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag.” Sadly, I call it desecration of the flag! According to reports, as part of the art exhibit, students were encouraged to stand on the flag and write their reflections on how they felt standing on the flag. WTF!!! So let’s understand this, you can desecrate the American flag and call it art, but if a rodeo clown wears an Obama mask, they get fired, banned for life from the rodeo in Missouri and calls for hate crimes against you?


The display at McCracken County High School, was reportedly a re-creation of “Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 art display titled “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag,” according to Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes.

Students were reportedly encouraged to stand on the flag and write reflections about how they felt standing on it, reported Starnes. According to WLEX-TV, the flag was stepped on and said visitors “had to step on the flag in order to participate in the project.”

The art teacher apologized, but I am sorry, how could anyone have such a lapse of judgement and not know any better. Sorry, not buying it. Let’s see the art teacher have the students step on Koran’s next and we shall see what happens. Oh that’s tight, he wants to keep his head.

Art teacher Shand Stamper has since apologized for the controversial art display – telling The Paducah Sun that it was not a specifically assigned project. The newspaper reported she sent a written letter of apology to school administrators.

“I love our flag and the nation it stands for. I love the freedom I enjoy because of our brave veterans. I feel sick and deeply sad that through my actions I have dishonored these men and women and also poorly represented you all,” she wrote in a letter obtained by the newspaper. “(To say) I am devastated by my actions bringing outrage and negativity on you is a gross understatement.”

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Backlash Against Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunch Program … “They Say It Tastes Like Vomit”

Backlash against Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch program …

The National School Lunch Program, that is supported by first lady Michelle Obama is a failure. Just one yard after it was implemented, many school districts are dropping out of the federal lunch program because the children are not just eating it. “They say it tastes like vomit”. As more and more children, either go hungry for the rest of the day, or bring in their own lunches and don’t buy the lunches, the program cannot afford to pay for itself. How comical, the kids won’t eat the food and lunch rooms are losing money. This administration can get nothing right.

Why does this sound like Obamacare?

Obama Eating

Way to set an example to the kids by eating healthy Barack Obama

After just one year, some schools around the country are dropping out of the healthier new federal lunch program, complaining that so many students turned up their noses at meals packed with whole grains, fruits and vegetables that the cafeterias were losing money.

Federal officials say they don’t have exact numbers but have seen isolated reports of schools cutting ties with the $11 billion National School Lunch Program, which reimburses schools for meals served and gives them access to lower-priced food.

Districts that rejected the program say the reimbursement was not enough to offset losses from students who began avoiding the lunch line and bringing food from home or, in some cases, going hungry.

Look for this administration to put a penalty in place for those who do not buy the healthy lunches much like Obamacare. Didn’t Obama promise you can keep the lunch you had and it would cost less?

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