Con Ed Says It will Evict Ground Zero Mosque Unless $1.7 Million Paid in Back Rent

Well here is one way to get rid of the ground Zero Mosque, evict them for not paying back rent …

Con Ed has given the Ground Zero Mosque developer Park 51 an ultimatum of either paying the $1.7 million in back rent or face eviction and the termination of the lease. Con Ed had increased the rent from $2,750 a month  to $47,437 a month, retroactive to July 31, 2008. Park51 responded with a lawsuit to stop the increase, calling Con Ed’s rent demands “outrageous.” Its not outrageous … its NYC. As mentioned at the American Thinker, the political elites in New York city love the mosque, defended it, marched in support of it. Actually, its about time these mosque folks are treated just like everyone else in New York City.

Con Ed and mosque developer Park51 have an unusual, uneasy alliance, sharing ownership of a site slated to be one of the most controversial projects in city history.

The utility owns a former substation on the western half of the property, at 51 Park Place, and the mosque developers own a five-story building on the eastern half. The buildings were connected years ago and used to house a Burlington Coat Factory store.

Park51, which leases the substation from Con Ed, wants the two buildings so it can knock both down and build a $100 million, 15-story community center.

But the plan hit a major obstacle in August when Con Ed raised the rent from $2,750 a month, a rate set in 1972, to $47,437 a month, retroactive to July 31, 2008, The Post has learned.

Before anyone listens to the the Ground Zero mosque developers crying foul, they might want to look at their past record. As stated at Atlas Shrugs, once again Ground Zero mosqueteer does his deadbeat dance.

How does this guy continue to get a free pass? He expected infidel taxpayers to foot the bill. Clearly he was counting on that $5.5 million from the taxpayer 911 fund he requested, but didn’t get it :)

Here is the truth about the Ground Zero grifter, the story that the media never tells you. This lowlife has defaulted on two bank loans, hasn’t paid his back taxes, was busted for prostitution. Gamal not only beats people up and threatens Muslims who speak out against the mosque, but he is also a tax cheat, owing a quarter of a million in taxes while defaulting on not one, but two bank loans.

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Katie Couric Says … “Maybe We Need a Muslim Version of The Cosby Show” to Stop American Bigotry (Exclusive Clips)

And Katie Couric had the nerve to criticise Sarah Palin for her comments … We not only have Media bias, we are witness to media stupidity.
Who knew that Katie had the answer to peace with radical Islam … we just need a Muslim version of the Cosby show. You just can’t make this insanity up. Couric blames America and thinks that it is American bigotry that is the problem. Go figure. Who knew it was American bigotry that brought down the Twin Towers and killed nearly 3000 people. Most people suspect that it was radical Islamic hate. How can anyone take Couric seriously in her deep-thinker glasses by making such ridiculous comments or her insensitivity of the notion that a mosque should be located so close to where so many died on September 11, 2001.
No one on the set wondered if Couric was being reckless in taking the idea that many Americans had — that a mega-mosque two blocks from the hole of Ground Zero was insensitive and should merely be located somewhere farther away — and wildly extrapolating that with “seething hatred” of “1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.”
 @Katie Couric, the aforementioned, Couric stated that “Maybe we need a Muslim version of The Cosby Show”.At the 22:40 mark of the VIDEO, where the rocket scientist Couric says, “I also think the chasm between, or the bigotry expressed against Muslims in this country has been one of the most disturbing stories to surface this year. Of course a lot of noise was made about the Islamic Center, mosque near the World Trade Center.”
Special exclusive clips of Katie Couric’s Muslim version of the Cosby Show

As stated at Mediaite, “So could funny Muslims in even funnier sweaters be the answer?” How ground breaking would it be and enlightening to Americans to have a Muslim family like Cosby breaking boundaries, educating the masses and stopping bigotry. I can just see the finale when we all learn that the Islam family was a terror cell and had been plotting to blow up the CBS studios.
“I know that sounds crazy,” she said, “But The Cosby Show did so much to change attitudes about African-Americans in this country, and I think sometimes people are afraid of what they don’t understand—like you, Mo.” She was referring to Daily Show veteran and NPR regular Mo Rocca, who was present for the discussion. A Harvard alumnus, Rocca shamefully confessed that despite having attended “really fancy schools,” he knows basically “nothing about Islam.”

The two then “totally agree[d]” that “religion should be taught as an academic subject in public schools.” A funny solution, given that Rocca had just admitted-slash-joked that even his expensive private schooling had been insufficient.

There is only one problem with a Muslim version of the Cosby show, how long would the show really last after Sondra, Denise, and Vanessa Huxtable are offed because of  honor killings?

Saudi King Abdullah Plan to Move Ground Zero Mosque to West Village

Ground Zero mosque to be moved to the West Village?

So says reports from the NY Post, where there is supposedly a plan by Saudi King Abdullah to move the controversial mosque from its present intended location to the  shuttered St. Vincent’s Medical Center in the “tolerant”  West Village. With the mosque no longer in the shadow of Ground Zero, who would object to this plan?

A Manhattan lawyer with ties to the Saudi royal family is sounding out officials and community leaders about a plan to move the controversial Ground Zero mosque to the West Village.

Attorney Dudley Gaffin is claiming King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia might want to buy shuttered St. Vincent’s Medical Center and transfer the mosque to a new Islamic cultural center he would build on a plot at the site, say sources who have heard Gaffin’s pitch.

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Daily Commentary – Friday October 15th, 2010 – Bill O’Reilly on The View

  • Did you catch the episode of “The View”, and if so who do you think was to blame for the fiasco on the view?

 Daily Commentary – Friday October 15th, 2010 – Bill O'Reilly on the View [2:53m]:  | Download

Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar Walk Off The “LIBERAL” View After Bill O’Reilly States Facts

Bill O’Reilly proves there is no such thing as liberal tolerance.  See what happens when moonbat, Left liberals do not get their own way …

Can we please change the name of “The View” to “If you Do Not Agree with Our One Liberal View, We Will Take out Toys and Go Home Like Little Children”.

All hell broke loose on The View as the intolerant liberals on the show, Goldberg and Behar, stormed off the set in an unprofessional and childish manner. This is what liberals have come to, they cannot debate, they cannot rationally discuss and they cannot conduct themselves in a professional manner or accept the truth.

During the “Liberal” View, a heated discussion took place between Bill “Pin Heads & Patriots” O’Reilly, Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar. The two liberal women from the outset were not happy that O’Reilly was on the show and they showed their typical intolerant liberal ways by storming off the set when provided with the facts that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not want the mosque built near Ground Zero, Muslims did kill 3000 people on 9-11 and that President Barack Hussein Oabma is completely out of touch with the American people.


Joy Behar could not accept the fact that there is polling that states that 70% of Americans do not want the mosque built near GroundZero. Behar whined, I have never seen that poll, I wanna see that poll.  Here you go Joy, direct from CBS comes the following where 71% say  building a mosque near Ground Zero is inappropriate.

Also, a CNN/Opinion Research survey showed that 68% oppose the plan to build the mosque, compared to 29% who favor it. An ABC-Washington Post poll said 2/3 of Americans are against the mosque being built near ground Zero. What poll does not have Americans in a super majority against the mosque? Bill O’Reilly made the point that most all Americans do say they have a right to built it, but the questions is should it be as it is highly inappropriate and offensive to the family and loved ones who died on September 11, 2001.

Whoopie went ballistic because O’Reilly said Muslims and not “extremist” Muslims. Gee Whoopie, do you get upset with Barack Obama was well who does not call the terrorist “radical Islam” but instead a “sorry band of men”?

After Whoopi and Joy walked off the set, Barbara Walters ripped them a new one.

You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage. I love my colleagues, but this should not have happened.

Behar and Goldberg would later come back with their tails between their legs and apologize as they must have received a tongue lashing back stage for their unprofessionalism. 

What are these folks going to do on November 3, 2010 when they are stripped of all their power, the American people have spoke
and they are on the wrong side of “We the People”.  

The Near Ground Zero Mosque: A Truther? Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Partner Faiz Khan Signed 9-11 Truth Petition


From the Investigative Project on Terrorism comes the following. Make sure to check out the VIDEO’s and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s partner Faiz Khan in his own words calling 9-11 and inside job. Faiz Khan, the long time partner of Rauf and a physician who claims to have been a first responder after the September 11 attacks has some major explaining to do.

There is a reason why Americans opposed the building of this mosque and it had nothing to do with the fact that they did not have the right to. The fact of the matter was, the whole situation did not pass the smell test … now the “Truther” comes out.


Faiz Khan, 9-11 Truther

But a trove of videos and writings available on the Internet shows that a longtime partner of Rauf believes the 9/11 terror attacks were “an inside job” by U.S. government and corporate interests, the Investigative Project on Terrorism found.

Faiz Khan, a physician who claims to have been a first responder after the September 11 attacks, is a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth and is on the advisory board of the Muslims for 9/11 Truth. In an essay on the Alliance’s website, he argued that “the prime factor for the success of the criminal mission known as 9/11 did not come from the quarter known as ‘militant Islam’ although the phenomenon known as ‘militant Islamic networks’ may have played a partial role, or even a less than partial role – perhaps the role of patsy and scapegoat.”

In speeches, Khan says people in the Third World, where the “sleaze of governance” is more of a given, few people question whether 9/11 was an inside job.

Check out number 52 on the 9-11 list

Are we supposed to believe that the so-called moderate Imam Rauf did not know that his partner was a 9-141 truther? What about the US State Department who paid for Rauf to go to the Middle East and speak on behalf of the US? Did they even bother to vet this guy? How about Barack Hussein Obama, how do you feel now Mr. President that your Imam behind the near Ground Zero mosque has a 9-11 truther as a partner? Then again, as the Gateway Pundit reminds us Obama and his folks never cared enough to vet the communist, radical “green” jobs czar Van Jones to find out that he was one either. Ultimately, Van Jones was forced to resign because it was revealed he was a 9-11 truther … not the the MSM ever covered the story until his resignation.

I am sensing a pattern here. Why did the MSM not investigate this? Maybe NYC Mayor Bloomberg will have a change of heart and actually want this entire project now investigated. Investigating mosques un-American, eh Mayor Bloomberg, want to try again?

I guess we are supposed to believe that just like Barack Hussein Obama sitting in the pews for 20 years that he never heard anything hateful come from the mouth of Reverend Wright once again. Where is  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his partner  Faiz Khan explaining themselves? Hmm? Just how much is America supposed to stomach? Americans are a tolerant people, we are not stupid!

Quran Burning Called Off, Maybe Not … Move Ground Zero Mosque? … Deal, No Deal

The insanity of the insane …

Can we just preface this by saying that all involved in the Quaran book burning and the Grind Zero Mosque are crazy attention seeking fools with self-serving and evil intentions! Could there be any more insanity from all involved, all in the name of tolerance and God, yea right.

The AP is reporting that theQuran book burning has been called off and the lunatic pastor is saying there is a deal to have the Ground Zero mosque moved. Rut-roh, seems to be some going back on the deal, if there ever was one.  Oh, but wait … there is no deal to move the mosque. Gateway Pundit says, “Pastor Terry Jones told reporters tonight that his planned bonfire is back on after he was “lied to” by a local imam.”

The leader of a tiny Florida church says he won’t follow through on a plan to burn copies of Islam’s holy text if he’s able to meet Saturday with the organizers behind a mosque planned near ground zero in New York.

Speaking to NBC’s “Today” show, the Rev. Terry Jones said if he meets with the imam in New York, he won’t burn the Quran. It wasn’t clear if he meant the burning would be halted indefinitely or just for Saturday.

 Now the lunatic Florida pastor says the Quran burning might go forward after all. we agree with Weasel Zippers, MAKE IT STOP!

Oh wait, now we know that the insanity has arrived. The lunatic fringe from the Westboro Baptist Church have stated that if  Gainesville’s Dove World Outreach Center calls its off, they will burn the Qurans. Does the Westboro Baptist folks really want to mess with radical Islam? They might be even more insane than the members of Westboro.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls 60% in US and 9-11 Families Un-American, Again

Why is it that every one has to be tolerant except Liberals and Muslims?

How many times will NYC Mayor call 60% of Americans, including families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 UN-AMERICAN? There are probably more NY’ers than not who wish Bloombergwas “un”employed these days. Simply amazing that these LEFTist tool politicians call others Un-American when they are just expressing their First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech. I guess we can now understand why Leftists like Bloomberg are in lockstep with the ridged, without compassion, unbending and unrelenting planners of the Ground Zero mosque, they have all too much in common. But Bloomberg says, the hell with the people and what they say … build it no matter what. What tolerance and compassion for the families and victims of 9-11.


Pic Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers

In a rousing address before a predominantly Muslim audience Tuesday night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reaffirmed his commitment to the controversial Islamic cultural center near the former site of the World Trade Center.

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Feisal Abdul Rauf, Ground Zero Imam Says US Worse than al-Qaeda … “United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida …”

Let the following be a lesson to all … always question and do not ever let anyone tell you to stand down when you know something does not pass the smell test.

Remember Feisal Abdul Rauf, the so-called moderate Muslim imam behind the controversial mosque near Ground Zero? It would appear that some new audio has been discovered where Feisal Abdul Rauf is telling folks overseas that the United States has been far more deadly than al-Qaeda. Hmm, so this is the moderate that is supposed to be a bridge? A bridge to what exactly?

This so-called moderate Muslim who wants to build a mosque near Ground Zero under the guise of peace and understanding actually thinks that the US and al-Qaeda are similar. Unbelievable. Nice job politicians and liberal MSM of vetting this one.

“We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaeda has on its hands of innocent non Muslims,”Feisal Abdul Rauf said at a 2005 lecture sponsored by the University of South Australia. After discussing the U.S.-led sanctions against Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Rauf went on to argue that America is to blame for its testy relationship with Islamic countries.

What complicates the discussion, intra-Islamically, is the fact that the West has not been cognizant and has not addressed the issues of its own contribution to much injustice in the Arab and Muslim world.”

So this is what a moderate Muslim talks like? Or is it as the Jawa Report states and that Feisal Abdul Rauf is nothing more than an extremist wolf in moderate sheep’s clothing? Iguess we now know why he wont call Hamas a terror group, eh?



Read much, much more by Pam Geller at Atlas Shruggs. Yes, this is the so-called moderate Muslim that wishes to build a bridge between Christianity and Islam. It would appear more like a one way road to Islam. Visit Atlas Shruggs and rwead the too numerous quotes and get a real perspective as to who is behind the “near” Ground Zero mosque.

The media frenzy to destroy good, decent Americans who oppose a 15-story mega-mosque on Ground Zero is rabid. Even for them. Despite red flags everywhere and the nationwide grief caused by this grotesque act of Islamic supremacism, why isn’t the media doing its job, investigative journalism?

Instead, the morally ill media is in full-on operational smear machine mode in the raging war of ideas, the information battle space, the objective of which is to erect the Ground Zero mega mosque. Tolerance is a crime when applied to evil (Thomas Mann). Whilst the NY Times front page spins interfaith yarns into PR gold faster than Rumpelstiltskin and accords godlike status to Imam Feisal Rauf, new audio surfaces. Here are a couple of soundbites of tolerance.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims. You may remember that the US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children. This has been documented by the United Nations. And when Madeleine Albright, who has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, when she was Secretary of State and was asked whether this was worth it, said it was worth it.

Isn’t it fantastic that the US tax payers are paying $16,000 to have this imam to spread his “moderate” message.

So the USA killed 500,000 children, the Astute Blogger debunks the lie … what happened to their parents?

A special shout out goes to Jim Geraghty of NRO and his comment that in light of Feisal’s words above, “everyone who lectured us about how moderate and sensible Imam Rauf is is invited to eat their words with the sauce of their choice.” Amen brother!

The Near Ground Zero is a Bridge to What … Mosque Planner Daisy Khan Says Opposition Goes “Beyond Islamophobia, It’s hate of Muslims.”


THE BIG LIE … The near Ground Zero Mosque is meant to bring peace, understanding and a bridge between religions, REALLY?

Eventually in the end the truth comes out. Billed as a project of peace and understanding, “We the People” are beginning to see exactly what we suspected all along. So if you are outraged and do not believe that a mosque should be built near Ground Zero, the site of 9-11 where nearly 300 innocent people were murdered, you are now branded an Islamophobia and you hate  Muslims. These are the words from mosque planner Daisy Khan,“It’s beyond Islamophobia. It’s hate of Muslims.” Oh the tolerance from the Muslim Daisy Khan who cannot accept that people actually might object, not to the practice of the Muslim religion, but to the building of a mosque so close to Ground Zero.

So this is the tolerance and compassion that we can expect? Nice PR Daisy, where did you get your lessons from BP Oil?

A leader of a planned Muslim community center near Manhattan’s Ground Zero compared opposition to the project to the persecution of Jews, in comments that could add to the controversy over the center’s proposed site.

“We are deeply concerned, because this is like a metastasized antisemitism,” said Daisy Khan, who is spearheading the project with her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. “It’s beyond Islamophobia. It’s hate of Muslims.”

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