Sean Hannity 1/10/2017 – Obama’s Farewell Address (VIDEO)


What are the real facts of the Obama presidency? Its hardly the rosy picture that Obama and his minions want you to believe and will try and tell you. But the American people know that as they rejected his last 8 years and policies in 206 and voted in Donald Trump.


Sean Hannity Interview with Kellyanne Conway 12/2/16 on Fox News (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway for White House Press Secretary

Watch  Kellyanne Conway and how she eviscerates the LEFT and their faux arguments about Hillary Clinton. Kellyann discussed the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics debate that was intended to record history by drawing out the internal deliberations of both campaigns. Instead, those on the LEFT lost their minds as they still cannot accept the fat that Hillary lost and Trump won. It is amazing that Democrats cannot just accept that they had a terrible candidate, who appealed and connected with no one and had no message.

Kellyanne Conway would make a fantastic White House press secretary as she would own these fools.

Newt Gingrich Interview with Sean Hannity on 10/31/16 … Hillary Clinton Campaign Lies & Crimes Exposed (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton has no one but herself to blame for all of this. 650,000 emails on a laptop computer that was used by Clinton personal confidant Huma Abedin and her now estranged husband, perv Anthony Weiner. None of this would have occurred had Hillary not used a personal server t conduct business while Secretary of State under Barack Obama.

Gingrich points out that FBI Director Comey had always stated Hillary was guilty of this, she was guilty of this and she was guilty of this, he just didn’t think that she was indictable or would be convicted in a court. And with an Obama DOJ and Loretta Lynch who would meet with the husband of the individual in question, of course she was never going to be indicted. Then Comey went to Congress and said she lied about this, lied about this and lied about this. And this was the FBI director who the Democrats were praising. Then comes 650,000 emails!!!

Sean Hannity … For Comey To Have Done This It Had to Be Really Big

Just watch and take a good look America before you vote … Pay attention folks, this is huge and its called obstruction of justice.

Daily Commentary – Monday, March 23, 2015 – As You Might Expect, I Listen To a Lot of Political Talk Radio

  • If you like listening to talk radio, try going to I Heart Radio and listen to one of your local radio hosts, you might find them more interesting than the more well known hosts like Hannity and Limbaugh

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