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Radical London Imam Anjem Choudary Admits Islam is not a Religion of Peace, ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF SUBMISSION


Love him or hate him, at least London Imam Anjem Choudary speaks the truth. Last Wednesday during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Hannity and  Choudary discussed Islam and its views toward the world, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, woman, gays and other social issues. However, the money line of the contentious interview was when London Imam Anjem Choudary stated  that Islam is not a Religion of Peace …Islam does not mean peace, Sean, it means submission, submission to the commands of God.”

 “You’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech, you don’t believe in freedom of expression, you believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws,” Hannity said.

“Actually, as a Muslim, we believe that sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God and therefore we believe in submitting to the commands of God,” Choudary said.

Hannity asked him, “So you’re saying anything offensive about the prophet Muhammad should be illegal and it should be worldwide?”

Choudary told Hannity that in Islam, that carries capital punishment.

Sean Hanity_Imam Anjem Choudary

Click HERE or on PIC to watch VIDEO

Transcript of last Wednesday’s broadcast of Hannity from RCP:

HANNITY: So what you’re basically saying is freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the prophets of Allah, whatever your views on what happened in Paris. So you’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech. You don’t believe in freedom of religion. You don’t believe in freedom of expression. You believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws!

ANJEM CHOUDARY, LONDON IMAM: Actually, as a Muslim, we believe sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God. And therefore, we believe in submitting to the commands of God–

HANNITY: Well, you’re demanding–


HANNITY: But you’re not– no, you’re demanding everybody else submit to what you believe–

CHOUDARY: No. No, what we say–

HANNITY: –and it should be–


HANNITY: Well, that’s what you said. You said freedom of expression–

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Sean Hannity Blasts President Barack Obama in Blistering Monologue … ‘It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call’ … “It Is Time for You to Get Engaged.”


Last night Sean Hannity blasted Barack Obama in a blistering monologue begging, asking and demanding that this president ‘WAKE UP” and get engaged in the turmoil in both domestic and foreign policy. Much of which Obama has no one to blame but himself. Although he will try and pass the buck. It is becoming evident that Obama is the “Bystander” in Chief and refuses to step up to the plate and lead. But instead Obama attends fundraisers, plays golf and goes on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.

Hannity stated that our world is in an alarming state of emergency, between Israel’s ground war into Gaza to protect itself from Hamas, Malaysia flight ML17 blown out of the sky in an unspeakable act killing innocent men, women and children, ISIS on the rise, Al-Qaeda on the move, the Middle East on fire, Russia and Putin flexing its muscles, Obama administration scandals like IRS-gate and Benghazi-gate, and a US domestic policy of out of control national debt and a discouraged work force. Let us not forget the crisis we have on our Southern border caused by Obama’s lack of protecting or borders. Then there is that Obamacare thing.

Hannity said, “It is shocking to see a president of the United States, the free world, with such a lack of urgency and priorities. So I say to the president tonight: It is time for action, it’s time for urgency. It is time for you to get engaged.” Hannity went on to say, “Mr. President for you to stand up. It is time for you to lead. It’s time to skip for once your lavish million dollar Marha’s Vineyard vacation. It’s time for you to put down those golf clubs. I thing 180 rounds of gold is quite enough. It is time for you to lead by example. [...] You need to spend more time in The Oval Office. You need to be in the Situation Room. You may be surprised to learn what has actually happened in the six years since you have become the leader of the free world.”

Hannity_screen Grab_mono

Click HERE to watch VIDEO

The Blaze:

“It is shocking to see a president of the United States, the free world, with such a lack of urgency and priorities,” Hannity said. “So I say to the president tonight: It is time for action, it’s time for urgency. It is time for you to get engaged.”

Hannity then skewered the president over his handling of domestic matters.

“Mr. President, why don’t you consider the events of these past 24 hours to be a very, very costly and deadly wake up call,” Hannity said. “And while all this was happening yesterday, you spent 40 seconds dealing with the killing of nearly 300 innocent people and for your secretary of state to tell Israel to restrain itself again and again. It’s time for a wakeup call.

Conservative Talk Radio Talk Host Sean Hannity Fires Cumulus … Libs Get it 100% Wrong!

Conservative talk radio host fires Cumulus.

As reported by Inside Music Media, after months of bitter negotiations, Sean Hannity, the #2 rated radio host, has rejected an offer to extend his contract. In essence, Hannity beat Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey to the punch and gave his a taste of his own medicine. Hannity fired Cumulus. It is also being reported that sources close to Hannity feels Cumulus treats its employees “like dirt…sub-human.” Rumors have it that Michael Savage will replace Hannity for afternoon drive time. Pardon the laughter, oh yea, that’s going to work. This is only half of the story. The liberals foaming at the mouth that Hannity, and Rush, were going to be silenced could not be more wrong.

Johnny Paycheck – ‘Take this Job and Shove It’

In the end as the Daily Caller reports, Hannity told Cumulus to ‘Take this Job and Shove It’.

But as NewsBusters reports, that Michael Savage could replace Hannity. More importantly they are reporting that the LIBS have got the entire Hannity being fired from radio 100% wrong. Sean Hannity is not going to be silenced from the radio waves. BOT EVEN CLOSE. According to Del Colliano, Clear Channel is “100% behind Hannity and will replace 80% of the Cumulus stations as soon as the current deal is up.”

Sean Hannity, the popular conservative radio and TV talk show host, turns down a recent Cumulus offer to renew his contract to continue aitring [sic] his show on 40 of their stations.

And now Lew “Trickey” Dickey has apparently seized the low road again.

He allowed Michael “I hope you get AIDS and die, you pig” Savage to go on Cumulus stations and predict that he – the 71-year-old talker – will replace Hannity in afternoon drive. [...]

Sources close to the situation who wish to remain anonymous in my witness protection program say it’s the other way around.

I have known for weeks that the opposite is true.


More from NewsBusters on the Libs getting it wrong again. SM had stated earlier as negotiations were going on between Rush and Hannity with Cumulus that LIBS best be careful. don’t ask fro things they might just come true. Sorry LIBS, this is not the worst thing that could happen to Hannity … it was the best thing for the #2

Just how wrong were liberal media members on this?

According to Del Colliano, Clear Channel is “100% behind Hannity and will replace 80% of the Cumulus stations as soon as the current deal is up.”

This will allow Hannity to stay on 500-plus stations carried through Premiere.

For the record, sources close to Hannity told me Friday that Del Colliano’s gotten it 100 percent correct. Another prominent, independent source also confirmed this moments ago.

This also squares nicely with what Alan Colmes predicted back in July.

Much more interesting thoughts as to what is the driving force behind this breakup at The American Spectator.

FOX News Prime Time Shake Up … Megyn Kelly to Take Hannity’s 9 PM Slot … Roger Ailes Says ‘All of Our Stars Will be Back’


According to the Drudge Report, FOX News is set to make their first change in their prime time schedule in 10 years. Megyn Kelly has landed the 9 PM time slot, previously held by Sean Hannity. This does not come as too much of a surprise as before Megyn Kelly went on maternity leave, she stated when she returned she would be leaving her day time show and moving to prime time.Well it appears she has landed the coveted 9 PM slot.


What a problem to have for FOX, some much talent and not enough time slots for them. This is also terrible news for the rest of the cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC, who already are a distant second and third. Tak about the rich getting richer. So why is FOX the #1 cable news network? They do not sit on their laurels and just bleed the current model until in fails. They are aware enough to realize that tweaks to their business and viewership model are needed to stay #1.  The joke of the day had to be from CNN’s Peirs Morgan. That’s right, who? Megyn Kelly will now be taking Pier’s on in the 9 PM hour which prompted Morgan to Tweet, “Bring it on”. Really? Dude, Piers, get a reality check … “It’s already been broughten”. 

Tweet_pier_morgan_bring it

But do not let your heart be troubled, according to Roger Ailes, Hannity is going nowhere and all the FOX News stars will be back.  So is FOX prime time going to be from 7 to 11? Their line up will most likely be Greta Van Susteren 7-8, Bill O’Reilly 8-9, Megyn Kelly 9-10 and Sean Hannity 10-11.

The first question Cavuto asked was about the rumor, first reported on Drudge Report, that Megyn Kelly will me moving into the 9pmET time slot this Fall. “Generally, I don’t confirm or deny any rumors, and that is a rumor at the moment,” said Ailes, adding “all of our stars will be back.”

As for Hannity, who currently hosts the 9pm hour, Ailes said, “Hannity is a brand that many of our viewers love and want to see, and, as you know, is one of the nicest guys in the building.”

Hot Air has a bunch of possible mix and matches with time slots and who could be going where. It is incredible how with one slight change and so much talent on one cable news station just how much is affected as one domino knocks into the next.

Could This Really Be True … Is Cumulus Media Planning on Dumping Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity? However, It May Not Be a Bad Thing

Could this really be good for business? A note to the LEFT, I wouldn’t get too giddy …

The Politico is reporting that Cumulus Media is planning on dropping both top conservative radio talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from its stations. Yea that’s the ticket, lose your two biggest talents and think that you can go forward without a gaping hole in your earnings or listener-ship.  According to the reports, some industry sources said that Cumulus is also expected to move some of its existing talent,  which includes Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, and Michael Savage into one of the slots. With all due respect to these folks, especially Mark Levin, they are not el Rushbo or Hannity, nor do they garner the audience that these two individuals have. Rush and Hannity are by far the two biggest radio draws, its not even close.


In a major shakeup for the radio industry, Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country, is planning to drop both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from its stations at the end of the year, an industry source told POLITICO on Sunday.

Cumulus has decided that it will not renew its contracts with either host, the source said, a move that would remove the two most highly rated conservative talk personalities from more than 40 Cumulus channels in major markets.

The decision comes after negotiations between Cumulus and Premiere Networks, the division of Clear Channel that distributes Limbaugh and Hannity’s shows, broke down due to disagreements over the cost of the distribution rights, the source said. Cumulus is known to drive a hard bargain on costs, and Clear Channel is known to seek top dollar for big names.

Over at Twichy, they show that Media Matters, Eric Boehlert pretty excited about it. The comical and ironic aspect of his tweets is when he refers to Rush as “hate” programming. Really, Media Matters accusing others of “hate” marketing is like the Obamacare call centers put in place to answer questions and add people to Obamacare working part time and not able to be eligible for insurance.


The Top Talk Radio Audiences from Talkers.com

A note to the LEFT, don’t get too giddy and don’t ask for things they might just come true. Read the article at ‘The Week’ that makes the most sense regarding the potential parting of the ways of Rush and Hannity from Cumulus. The article asks, Who’s dumping Who? Here are the facts and if Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh both leave Cumulus, they will be replaced with more conservative talk radio host. This opens up a potential of more local talent or other B name hosts. It is not like Cumulus is going to replace the #1 and #2 radio audience talk show hosts with elevator music or NPR. Thus, it will add more conservative talent to the air waves. Then, it is not like Rush and Sean are not going to find new homes on the radio and their legions of fans are just going to change their preset radio button to a new station. Those that listen on line will just add a new app. So in the long run, the LEFT who think this is a bad thing, may rue the day that this shake up happens because it just will provide even more conservative talent on the air waves. Oh the horror.

That’s an important distinction, says Hinckley. And if Limbaugh goes to Clear Channel, it’s not like he’ll be off the airwaves. His legions of fans would just have to change the presets on their radios.

And Cumulus wouldn’t drop conservative talk radio altogether — it would just switch personalities, says Byers. In recent weeks, “Cumulus has been quietly reaching out to radio talent agents and political insiders about new local and regional station hosts to fill some of the airtime that will be left vacant by Limbaugh and Hannity,” he says. “Cumulus is also expected to move some of its existing talent — which includes Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, and Michael Savage — into one of the slots.”

“Cumulus has already tried to position Huckabee as a ‘safe’ alternative to Limbaugh,” says Adam Martin at New York: “A conservative commentator who wouldn’t call people ‘sluts’ on air.” Huckabee doesn’t have a huge following, according to Talkers magazine’s most recent analysis, but Savage and Levin do.

Fox News Sean Hannity Gets George Zimmerman’s Exclusive Interview … Discusses Night He Shot Trayvone Martin, “I Looked up and He Punched Me and Broke my Nose.” … He Prays for Trayvon’s Family Daily (VIDEO)

Tonight Fox News Sean Hannity scored the exclusive interview with George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch man in Sanford, FL who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Did you think that Al Sharpton and MSNBC would get the interview? The case has become a polarizing news story of racism, media bias and anti-gun law agenda. Sadly, once the bias liberal media attached themselves to the case, the facts became irrelevant.

However, as the prosecution has released information in the case under Florida Sunshine laws, some of which should never have been released and was only done so to sway public opinion and inflame prejudice against Zimmerman. Tonight George Zimmerman flanked by his attorney Mark O’ Mara went on their own PR offensive. Amazingly Zimmerman went through the events of the evening where he  followed Trayvon Martin, got into a scuffle with Martin while getting his nose broken and eventually shooting Martin dead. Some will call it a crazy legal move for a man facing second degree murder charges, others will say that the case is being tried in the court of public opinion, why not present your side to the public. During the interview George Zimmerman said, “I am sorry that they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must feel like. I pray for them daily.”


Martin soon turned to confront Zimmerman and “asked me what my problem was” before the exchange escalated into violence, Zimmerman told Hannity in his first TV interview, conducted in an undisclosed location in Florida. The 28-year-old, with his attorney sitting by his side, said he reached into his pocket to find his phone to call 911 for a second time, and “I looked up and he punched me and broke my nose.” At one point Zimmerman said he heard Martin “telling me he’s going to kill me.”



The case drew intense national attention as speculation grew about the motives for the shooting, especially given that Martin was black. Zimmerman has white and Hispanic heritage. He dismissed suggestions by some that he acted out of racism. “I don’t think it’s fair that they rushed to judgment to assume that,” he told Fox News.


“I do want to tell everyone, my wife, my family, my parents, my grandmother, the Martins, the city of Sanford and America that I’m sorry that this happened,” he said. “I hate to think that because of this incident, because my actions, it’s polarized and divided American. And I’m truly sorry.”

VIDEO 4 – Zimmerman addresses the sexual molestation allegations of witness #9.

On FOX News Live on ‘Hannity’ Lefty Bob Beckel Shouts “F*CK” … Drops the “F” Bomb Live on TV

Has the LEFT no Shame … Bob does it again …

Lefty Bob Beckel lost his mind last night on the ‘Hannity’ show as he dropped the “F” bomb live on TV. Making matters worse, he refused to apologize. After coming back from a commercial, Beckel screamed at Jennifer Stefano of AFP Pennsylvania, “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about!”

From Mediaite

Bob Beckel didn’t realize when the commercial break ended during tonight’s final segment of Hannity, caught in a heated off-camera argument with fellow panelist Jennifer Stefano. Off-air debates, we thus learned, are granted a much more colorful range of vocabulary than on-air debates, and as the cameras started rolling, the first words on national television were, “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about.”

UPDATE I: The Other McCain has an interesting follow up and take on the apologies not for what Beckel said, but for Beckel. It would seem that the “establishment” boys club are circling of the wagons. I would agree, interesting how the so-called seasoned pro Democrat consultant could not take the prodding during the commercial break from a little girl. Really Bob? My apologies to my favorite “Rabid Shrew” … Jennifer Stefano for the little girl comment, done for effect to show what an oaf Beckel truly is. Follow Jennifer on Twitter, HERE.

Hmmmm. Is there some kind of “boys club” thing going on here? Grant that going after an antagonist during the commercial break is probably considered “unprofessional” among TV commentators. But the protective circle-the-wagons defense of Beckel would seem to be rather — what’s that fancy word the feminists use? — gendered.

We’ll let the feminists decide whether the token Democrat on Fox News is guilty of being a MISOGYNISTIC PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSOR, and just give props to our favorite “rabid shrew.”

BTW, sorry but the excuses for Beckel don’t cut it. This is not the first time by any stretch that he has had a potty mouth on Fox. Beckel refused to say he was sorry last night. Take a good look at the VIDEO below of other Beckel apology moments for ignorant comments. Its all fun and games until you use the “F” word.

Just curious … who is tired of Beckel’s BS … this act is old and lame. Watch Bob swear, see Bob apologize, watch Bob swear again. LAME!

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