Cyndy Short, Ex-Lawyer for Missing Baby Lisa Irwin’s Family: I Left Because Tacopina & I Could Not Work As a Team

Splitsville in the legal team of Missouri attorney Cyndy Short and high powered NYC lawyer Joe Tacopina. Short stated that one of the two had to leave as they differed on how to handle the case and were not working as a team. Cyndy Short is out, Tacopina remains.

The Kansas City attorney who was representing the parents of missing 11-month old Lisa Irwin said today that she was fired by high-powered New York defense attorney Joe Tacopina.

“Tacopina and I were not able to work as a team,” attorney Cyndy Short said at a news conference today. “Our goals and our approaches are so different that one of us had to go.”

Short was dismissed shortly after she gave media tours of the Irwin home, which the family now says they learned about after the fact.

One has to wonder the motivations of missing baby Lisa Irwin’s family at this point and what were the differences of the two feuding attorneys? Is one just trying to protect the family and the other actually trying to find the missing baby?Why would a high profile attorney attach himself to this case? Is it to find the missing child? Hardly, that is not a lawyers jobs, it is to work for and protect their client. Tacopina’s client is not missing baby Lisa Irwin.

“After hearing there was a press conference and listening to Mrs. Short’s statement, we are further convinced that we made the correct decision,” parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin wrote in a statement e-mailed to “One of the reasons we relieved Mrs. Short was because she was holding her own press conferences, making statements to the media, and giving tours of the home that we were finding out about after the fact.”

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Just curious, who has baby Lisa’s best interest at heart in this missing persons case?

The Dana Pretzer Show – Tuesday, November 1, 2011 – With Robin Sax, Wendy Murphy and Fred Rosen


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Parents of Missing Lisa Irwin Cancel Interview with Baby’s Brothers and Police

So do the parents of missing Lisa Irwin have their missing child’s best interest at hand, or their own?

File this one under, raise the red flag. The parents of missing 11 month old Lisa Irwin have canceled the interview between police and the missing baby’s two brothers. The attorneys have stepped in and seem to be more concerned with protecting the parents than they do finding missing Lisa Irwin.  Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley also will not submit to separate interviews, nor has the DNA from the two brothers been allowed.

Attorneys for the family of a missing Missouri toddler canceled a Friday interview between the police and her two older brothers, who were in the house the night she disappeared, authorities said.

The boys, ages 8 and 6, are the half-brothers of 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, who went missing from her home in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 4. They were previously interviewed just after she disappeared, both for under an hour, Kansas City police Capt. Steve Young said.

Police have said the toddler’s parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, will not submit to separate interviews, but the couple’s attorney disputed the account.

Why won’t the parents allow the two boys, Lisa’s half brothers, who were home at the time interviewee by police? Chances are, they were not drunk at the time Baby Lisa went missing.

Jeanine Pierro on Fox News reported this morning that attorney Cyndy Short is off the case. This is really starting to not look good. The so-called phone that did not work because the bill had not been paid turned out to be not true. No access to the boys, DNA or separate interviews of the parents. It looks like Joe Tacopina is circling the wagoner and its all about protecting Casey Anthony the parents, not little Lisa Irwin.

Missing Lisa Irwin: Police & Investigators Show Up to Home of Missing Baby Lisa with Shovels, Bomb Detection Devices to Search KC Home & Yard of Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley


It would appear that the instigators, police and FBI mean business in the search for missing 11 months old Lisa Irwin. Police arrived at the home of Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley and searched the home and yard for clues to missing 11 month old Lisa Irwin. A search warrant was served on the parents of missing baby Lisa prior to the search. Joe Tacopina, the parents newly hired attorney, questioned the need for the warrant stating that authorities “can go in and out any time,” they have had unfettered access because we want answers.” Actually Joe, the reason why the police to these procedural precautions is so when they find evidence that might be incriminating to your clients, you will not have the evidence thrown out of court for not having a search warrant.

One of the most aggressive police searches yet of the home where a Kansas City infant went missing more than two weeks ago drew officers Wednesday armed with shovels, rakes and other tools who hauled off bags that appeared to be full of potential evidence.

Police refused to say what they found inside or outside the home belonging to Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, who say an intruder snatched their baby daughter, Lisa, from her crib in the middle of the night as the mother and two other boys slept.

From shortly after sunrise through late afternoon, FBI agents and police officers joined in the search that began after a judge issued a warrant that prevented the parents from returning to the house while it was under way.

Officers headed to the back of the home with shovels, rakes and a ladder and could be seen digging behind a shed in the yard. Out front, investigators left the house carrying brown paper bags and clear plastic bags and took them to vehicles parked outside.

Police also brought in a bomb and arson truck to assist the search, though spokesman Capt. Steve Young said there were no indications of explosives in the house. Some bomb detection devices use X-ray technology to scan solid objects to reveal items concealed within. An AP reporter saw investigators carrying at least a dozen thin, black rectangular sheets away from the home during the afternoon.

Attorney Tacopina stated that the parents of missing Lisa Irwin have nothing to hide. That is except the missing time that the baby-mom has when she claims that she blacked out because she was drunk while supposedly taking care of baby Lisa.

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, October 19, 2011 – Dana’s thoughts about the Lisa Irwin and Morgan Harrington Cases

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