Kentucky Public School Teacher at McCracken County High School Encouraged Students to Step on American Flag As Part of Art Project

Are you friggin kidding me … Kentucky public school teacher encourages students step on the American flag and calls it art.

Art teacher Shand Stamper encouraged students to step on an American flag that had been placed on the floor as part of an art display, outraging parents and students. Really, it was  called  re-creation of “Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 installation titled “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag.” Sadly, I call it desecration of the flag! According to reports, as part of the art exhibit, students were encouraged to stand on the flag and write their reflections on how they felt standing on the flag. WTF!!! So let’s understand this, you can desecrate the American flag and call it art, but if a rodeo clown wears an Obama mask, they get fired, banned for life from the rodeo in Missouri and calls for hate crimes against you?


The display at McCracken County High School, was reportedly a re-creation of “Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 art display titled “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag,” according to Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes.

Students were reportedly encouraged to stand on the flag and write reflections about how they felt standing on it, reported Starnes. According to WLEX-TV, the flag was stepped on and said visitors “had to step on the flag in order to participate in the project.”

The art teacher apologized, but I am sorry, how could anyone have such a lapse of judgement and not know any better. Sorry, not buying it. Let’s see the art teacher have the students step on Koran’s next and we shall see what happens. Oh that’s tight, he wants to keep his head.

Art teacher Shand Stamper has since apologized for the controversial art display – telling The Paducah Sun that it was not a specifically assigned project. The newspaper reported she sent a written letter of apology to school administrators.

“I love our flag and the nation it stands for. I love the freedom I enjoy because of our brave veterans. I feel sick and deeply sad that through my actions I have dishonored these men and women and also poorly represented you all,” she wrote in a letter obtained by the newspaper. “(To say) I am devastated by my actions bringing outrage and negativity on you is a gross understatement.”

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FAUX ART … Mural of George Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon Martin Unveiled in Florida State Capitol Entitled “We Are All Trayvon Martin”

Just another example of art imitating the absurd … WHAT A JOKE!

Since when did the Civil Rights fight mean bashing some one’s head against the ground?  A Miami artist, Huong, unveiled her mural at the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee entitled, “We Are All Trayvon Martin.” There is only one thing wrong with the art work, it is a complete fabrication of what occurred. I guess Ms Huong’s artwork would not have the same effect if Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman and Tryvon was pounding the snot out of Zimmerman and bashing his head against the concrete. Oh wait, she also seems to have forgot where Trayvon called Zimmerman a “creep ass cracker”. But this is just a perfect example of the BS that has come from those that would exploit Trayvon Martin. Her mural depicts nothing that is fact of what actually occurred.

A graphic painting depicting George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin was unveiled at the Florida Capitol rotunda Friday.

The Miami-based artist, Huong, joined protesters, referred to as the Dream Defenders,  on their 25th day of camping out at the capital as they urge Florida Gov. Rick Scott to change the Stand Your Ground law.

The art work also has an image of Martin Luther King Jr. with blood trickling down his head. Really? Sorry, but I would not only put Trayvon Martin in the same sentence as Martin Luther King Jr, I would never have them in the same picture, let alone the same art gallery. Let’s get one thing straight here folks, Martin Luther King Jr. was a Civil Rights hero and fought for racial equality … Trayvon Martin fought to make people’s nose bleed.

Daily Commentary – Friday, June 22, 2012 – Yoko Ono Launches London Exhibit with Whacky Artwork!

  • Her first exhibit in over a decade

Daily Commentary – Friday, June 22, 2012 Download

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More Wasteful Government Spending … $600,000 for a Gurgling Toad Sculpture at the Pentagon’s Mark Center in Alexandria, VA

Why are any of us not surprised … this is just like spending $3000 for the ceramic cat on the Wheel of Fortune.

What is wrong with these people? The Pentagon is looking to spend $600,000 on this so-called art of a gurgling toad sculpture. Is this going to be the centerpiece in the main lobby of the Mark Center? NOPE.  To make matter worse, only an estimated 2,500 people will see this piece of art daily. This is yet just another example of what happens when people spend others peoples money. The US Treasury is going broke and we have government folks who think its a good idea to spend $600K on a frog. UNREAL.

A $600,000 frog sculpture that lights up, gurgles “sounds of nature” and carries a 10-foot fairy girl on its back could soon be greeting Defense Department employees who plan to start working at the $700 million Mark Center in Alexandria, Va. this fall. That is unless a new controversy over the price tag of the public art doesn’t torpedo the idea.

Decried as wasteful spending that will be seen by just a couple thousand of daily workers who arrive on bus shuttles, foes have tried to delay the decision, expected tomorrow, April 1. But in an E-mail, an Army Corps of Engineers official said that the decision can’t be held up because it would impact completion of the huge project.

Sadly, this is not an April’s Fools joke, the only fools are those that thought this was a wise purchase. All the kisses in the world will not turn this $600K toad into a prince.

Soon to be New Sheriffs in Town, GOP Reps Boehner & Cantor to Smithsonian: Pull Exhibit Featuring Ant Covered Jesus or Else

So an ant covered Jesus is what passes as art these days? Not any more as there is soon to be a new Sheriffs in town. The exhibit, “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture,” includes video images of an ant-covered Jesus on a crucifix, male genitals, naked brothers kissing, men in chains among other so-called art images.

Republican US Reps John Boehner and Eric Cantor tell the Smithsonian to pull the exhibit featuring images of an ant covered Jesus or face the consequences. Soon to be House Speaker Boehner reminded the Smithsonian that he is soon to be Speaker and warned the federally funded institution that it will face serious questions when the Republican Congress considers the next budget.

“American families have a right to expect better from recipients of taxpayer funds in a tough economy,” Boehner’s Spokesman Kevin Smith told “While the amount of money involved may be small, it’s symbolic of the arrogance Washington routinely applies to thousands of spending decisions involving Americans’ hard-earned money at a time when one in every 10 Americans is out of work and our children’s future is being threatened by debt.

“Smithsonian officials should either acknowledge the mistake and correct it, or be prepared to face tough scrutiny beginning in January when the new majority in the House moves to end the job-killing spending spree in Washington,” Smith said.

When asked to clarify what exactly Boehner meant by calling on the Smithsonian to “correct” their mistake with the exhibit, Smith responded in an email that Boehner wanted the exhibit “cancelled.”

Cantor, meanwhile, said the exhibit should be “pulled.”

It appears that the Smithsonian has blinked. As reported at Big Hollywood, the Smithsonian has pulled the exhibit. Also reported at Fox News, a video depicting Jesus on a crucifix covered in ants will be removed from an exhibit at the museum. Intentionally sacrilegious? Oh, but it was ok to unintentionally do so? Because who would ever think that having an ant covered Jesus would ever be considered sacrilegious.

“I regret that some reports about the exhibit have created an impression that the video is intentionally sacrilegious,”the statement read. “In fact, the artists’s intention was to depict the suffering of an AIDS victim. It was not the museum’s intention to offend. We are removing the video today. The museum’s statement at the exhibition’s entrance, ‘This exhibition contains mature themes,’ will remain in place.”

So these so-called artists thought they were being cutting edge and daring. However, as stated by the Jawa Report, if these artists really wanted to be daring and controversial, they’d create an ant-covered Quran exhibit. Imagine what would have happened to the artists if it were an ant covered Mohamed? However, if they ever created such art, they would have their heads cut off. It’s much easier and safer to sacrilege Jesus.

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