Rep Mike Kelly Gets Standing Ovation After Historic Rant Ripping the #IRS for the Vindictive Bullies That they Are … “This confirms that the IRS can do anything they want, anytime they want, to anyone they want.”

FINALLY A STATEMAN STANDS UP FOR ”WE THE PEOPLE” …  Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) is my new hero and should be a hero to all Americans!!!

US Representative Mike Kelly was given a standing ovation Friday at the House Committee on the IRS scandal after he ripped into IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. Every American, no matter what your political belief, should watch the below video and stand up and cheer for what Kelly did. He stood up for all Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, etc, as blasted the IRS commissioner and the over-reaching abuses of the IRS. It is about time some one stood up to this “Gestapo” like government organization and called them out for what they true are … government bullies who have the ability to destroy people lives. There is no greater abuse of power than what the IRS is allowed to do to “We the People” as a matter of their standard SOP.

Representative Kelly shredded the IRS for their scandalous actions of targeting Conservative groups and their over-reaching, bullying tactics. As Kelly stated, “This confirms that the IRS can do anything they want, anytime they want, to anyone they want.” Kelly basically said what every American has thought or wanted to say for years, but were too afraid of retaliation from this all-too powerful government organization. The standing ovation at the end of Kelly’s rant just shows the outrage of the American people. This is what tyranny looks like, and its hardly soft tyranny. Kelly would also say, “And I don’t believe the White House just found out about this in a news report. Where you’re sitting you should be outraged but you’re not.” I think it is rather unbelievable that President Barack Obama also did not learn of this when the American people did. Obama dodged the question when asked. That is either a lie or this president is not most clueless, unengaged president ever.

Our Founding Fathers never envisioned such and entity would ever be given so much power which shredded the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. This is what America fought to get away from. How in the hell  has it come to this? Government has gotten far too big, out of control and without fear of “We the People”. What happened to a government of, by and for the People?

From Real Clear Politics:

REP. MIKE KELLY (R-PA): This has nothing to do with political parties. This has to do with highly targeted groups. This reconfirms everything the American public believes. This is a huge blow to the faith and trust that the American people have in their government. Is there any limit to the scope where you folks can go? Is there anything at all? Is there any way that we could ask you is there any question that you should have asked?

My goodness. How much money do you have in your wallet? Who do you get emails from? Whose sign do you put up in your front yard? This is a tax question? And you don’t think that’s intimidating? It’s sure as hell intimidating. And I don’t know that I got any answers from you today. And I don’t know that — what Mr. George said is great work — but you know what? There’s a heck of a lot more that has to come out in this. Any anybody that sat here today and listened to what you had to say, I am more concerned today than I was before, and the fact that you all can do just about anything you want to anybody?

You know, you can put anybody out of business that you want. Any time you want. I gotta tell you. You could talk about how you’re a horribly run organization, if you’re on the other side of the fence, you’re not giving that excuse. And the IRS comes in, you’re not allowed to be shoddy, you’re not allowed to be run horribly, you’re not allowed to make mistakes, you’re not allowed to do one damn thing that doesn’t come in compliance, and if you do, you’re held responsible right then. I just think the American people have seen what’s going on right now in their government. This is absolutely an overreach and this is an outrage for all Americans.

More at Twitchy Best rant ever!!!

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