Out of Control Government … California Town Considers Banning Residents From Smoking Outside Their Own Homes

So much for Liberty in Rocklin, CA …

A California town is actually considering banning their residents from smoking outside of their own homes. So much for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In California, it is already against the law for smokers to light up near businesses, parks and playgrounds. Now your own home, seriously? Banning individuals from smoking on their own property, is as insane as it gets.  When did we allow government to take over such liberties? One family is complaining and a law will be made based on one troubling making family. This is just unacceptable.

A Placer County town is considering a ban on smoking that some say goes way too far.

The Rocklin City Council is considering making it against the law for smokers to smoke anywhere outside on their property.

The city council is considering the ban after one home owner complained about smoke coming from their neighbors’ backyards saying it caused health problems for their kids.

From The Blaze. Maybe these folks should close their windows. So let’s understand this, the PITA neighbors complain about this but have never mitigated their damages and left? If they think smoke is such an issue, why didn’t they do something sooner? And if you have such an issue … MOVE!!!

We’re just saying, ‘please don’t poison us,’” James Baker told the newspaper in the Sacramento-area city. “Can you smoke inside your home? The reason they don’t want to do that is because they don’t want their family breathing it in. But it’s okay for your neighbor?”

Kelly Baker said her two sons, ages 11 and 16, both have asthma and that after 10 years of breathing in their neighbors’ secondhand smoke, the kids have become sicker.

“Kids like to play in the backyard,” she said. “It’s scary when you can’t breathe.”

She told the Herald the smoke from her neighbors’ porch cigarette breaks seeps in everywhere in her house, including the bathroom and laundry room.

“I’ll stand by my pantry and smell smoke,” she said. “Even during the winter with every window shut and every door shut (the smoke) comes in. It comes in through the vents, I think.”

What’s next, no barbecuing outside either?

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