NFL News: Philadelphia Eagles Reported They Will Sign QB Tim Tebow on Monday … Is It Tebow Time in Philly?


ESPN is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles are set to sign former Florida Gator QB Tim Tebow. According to CBS Sports, the team is convinced he’s improved a lot, who has trained with throwing coach Tom House, and will keep him as their fourth quarterback on the roster for the off-season program, that includes  Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. Honestly, I don’t get this one. Chip Kelly has made some controversial moves in the off-season, cutting his best wide receiver, traded his best running back and acquired a quarterback who spends more time on injured reserve than he does in the huddle. But there was obviously a method to his madness. This one; however, is a head scratcher and makes even non-Philly fans ask why. I just don’t see how a QB with a completion rate under 50%, who has just as many turnovers in his career as TD’s, including 7 fumbles, and is a one trick pony is a positive in the Eagles offense.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the guy and admire his pursuit of his dream, but I just don’t see how bringing in a distraction like Tebow is worth it. I think he is a good guy, but that hardly makes one a good QB. I would have thought if Tebow had any chance of playing in the NFL again, he would have had his shot with the Patriots. They are known for fitting talent to a position and if Tebow would have agreed to become a TE, FB or a hybrid receiver position, he would be playing in the NFL …  but he refused to change positions.


Tim Tebow plans to sign a one-year deal Monday with the Eagles, a league source said Sunday night.

Tebow flew in to Philadelphia on Sunday night in time to be in attendance for the start of the Eagles’ offseason program Monday.

Philadelphia has finalized an agreement with the 27-year-old Tebow, the framework of which was put into place when he worked out for the team last month.

Tim Tebow has been working for ESPN and as an analyst for the SEC Network and last played in an NFL regular-season game when he was with the Jets after playing two seasons with the Denver Broncos. He also was with the New England Patriots for a brief stint, but was released before the season started.

UPDATE I: chimes in, Can Tebow help Eagles? Probably not.

Just a note to Philly fans, Tim Tebow (1-1) actually has a better playoff record than Peyton Manning (11-13), also better than Bradford and Barkley, seeing that they have never sniffed post season. Although Mark Sanchez has a better playoff record (4-2) than Tebow, it was mainly due to the Jet’s defense and running game, not Sanchez. Also, Tebow has one less butt fumble than Mark Sanchez.

Twitter blew up when the news about Tebow surfaced early Sunday night. Rarely has someone accomplished so little and received so much attention, but when the talking heads at ESPN and the other 24-7 sports networks find a story they like, they will shove it down our throats over and over again regardless of the actual significance.

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ESPN Hires Former Heisman Trophy Winner and SEC Great Tim Tebow as SEC Network Sports Analyst

Tim Tebow gets a new gig, although not as quarterback in NFL … Tewbow back where he belongs, the SEC!!!

Tim Tebow, the former University of Florida Gator, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL QB, has been hired as a football analyst for the SEC Network. Tim Tebow said of his new position,  “I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity. When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.”

We wish Tebow the best of luck in his endeavors. I think he is a class act and only wish he had been given an opportunity in the NFL. With the quarterback play I have seen, or the lack thereof, no one can tell me he could not have helped a team do better than they did. Look what he did in Denver, even with management and GM John Elway rooting against him.


John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Former Florida quarterback and Heisman winner, Tim Tebow, has been hired as a college football analyst for the SEC Network launching in August 2014. Through a multi-year agreement, Tebow’s primary role will be as an analyst for SEC Nation, the network’s traveling pregame show that will originate from a different SEC campus each week beginning August 28, 2014. In the months leading up to launch and after, he will contribute to a variety of ESPN platforms including SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage, offering in-depth perspective as a legendary Southeastern Conference player.

The SEC Network:

The Southeastern Conference and ESPN have signed a 20-year agreement through 2034 to create and operate a multiplatform network which will launch in August 2014. The new network and its accompanying digital platform will air SEC content 24/7 including more than 1,000 events in its first year.

I can only wonder at what point SEC and Tebow morals and God will clash with PC liberal ESPN. Just saying.

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Tebowmania Silenced by Patriots and Tom “Terrific” Brady’s Record Setting Six TD Performance, 45-10 … However, It Does Not Stop Tebowmania

The final score was 45-10, honestly it could have been worse, much worse … However, Tebowmania is much bigger than football.

Tim Tebow, Tebowmania and the Denver Broncos came to a crashing halt last night in Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  Everyone talked about Tim Tebow and his miracle working all week after the phenomenal game that he had against the Steelers where he threw for 316. The media forgot about one thing in their exuberance of Tebow and Tebowmania … Can you say Tom Brady?

Patriots QB Tom Brady, the two time Super Bowl MVP, winner of three Super Bowls carved up the Denver Broncos defense for a post season record tying six touch down passes, a record five in the first half, on their way to a convincing 45-10 victory. A note to the MSM, Brady ain’t bad, is he?  The Patriots overwhelmed the Broncos from the opening kickoff of the game. Denver never had a chance and there would be no MSM over publicized divine intervention that would save Denver. From the outset Denver was over-matched and for some reason after winning the coin flip, the Broncos deferred to the second half and kicked the ball off to Tom Brady and the prolific PAT’s offense. Huh? It took a little less than two  minutes for Brady and the Patriots to march down the field and score. Then the Patriots scored again, again and again.

Watching last nights AFC Division playoff game reminded me of New England Patriot games of their past Super Bowl winning years. Tom Brady and the offense was one thing, but wake up the echos of their defense. The PAT’s defense chased Tebow around all night sacking him 5 times as well as tackling for losses all night long in the running game.  The PAT’s defense pounded Tebow all night long. A note to owner Bob Craft, coach Bill Belecheck and the New England execs … look how good the Patriots looked with a defense.

However, for the Tebow “nay” sayers who think Tebowmania is over, think again. Just like how Tom Brady transcends the NFL into pop culture, in his own way so does Tim Tebow.  I am a life long patriots fan; however, I am also a Tebow fan. We have been waiting for an athlete to be proud of.  Just because Tim Tebow met his Waterloo last night does not mean the end of Tim Tebow or Tebowmnaia. What Tim Tebow has brought to the NFL and to all of us is much bigger than just football. Tebow attracts fans to the NFL who could care less about the sport, the teams or the score. Tebow represents all that is good with athletes and for those who try to do the right thing. Tebow does not hide his religion or his love of God, why should he.  Isn’t it a breathe of fresh air to see some one succeed when all others said he could not? Isn’t it refreshing to see an NFL player known more for praising God than killing dogs? Tebow is a role model and although he is not perfect, he does not claim to be. Only his Savior Jesus Christ is, who he honors. All that Tim Tebow does and is can only be a good thing for the NFL, its fans and for our culture in general.Want to know what Tebow gave rise to during a football game, check out the John 3:16 ad that played during last nights playoff game. The nay sayers and atheists  will claim seperation of Church and Sports. However, we all know better.

Tim Tebow is a class act. What he does for others not so fortunate is commendable. How Tebow conducts himself should be applauded. Who knows what the future has in store for Tim Tebow in the NFL or for the Denver Broncos. One thing is for certain, there are few people who have life, including sports, in their proper perspective like Tebow.  KUDOS!

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45 Million Viewers Watched Tebow’s TD Pass in OT for Denver Victory Over Steelers

Tim Tebow … a network ratings dream …

Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow is not only a “miracle worker” on the football field, he is a ratings bonanza for the networks. As Tebow was throwing an 80 yard catch and run pass to Demaryius Thomas in OT to defeat Pittsburgh 29-13 and throwing for 316 yards … CBS ratings went off the charts as a reported 45 million looked on.It was the highest rated AFC Wild card game since 1988 receiving a 25.9 rating.

The television ratings for Broncos-Steelers could provide a clue: The game pulled in a whopping 25.9 rating for CBS, becoming the highest-rated AFC wild-card game since 1988. (That was 24 years ago, pre-Internet and before a majority of Americans had cable or satellite.) Variety estimates 45 million people watched Tebow’s touchdown pass in overtime.

As fate would have it John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports that the final quarter-hour television rating for the Broncos-Steelers game was, you guessed it, 31.6. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Can you imagine what the ratings will be when Tebow and the Broncos visit Foxboro, MA on Saturday night to play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this weekend? This will be off the charts.

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Mile High Miracle … Tim Tebow Does it Again, Wild Card Win, Denver Beats Steelers 29-23 with OT Victory

Its time to give Tim Tebow his due, whether you love him or are a hater, what Tebow did yesterday no one could have predicted. The Denver Broncos shocked the sports world and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in OT.

Does it pay to give the honor and glory to God? You make the call … you think its a coincidence that Tebow threw for 3:16yards? Call it a coincidence or divine intervention, what are the chances that Tebow throw for 316 yards and has a QB rating of 125.6?

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

No one but no one gave the Denver Broncos a chance against the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers and their top ranked defense. As a matter of fact, the first quarter of yesterdays Wild Card match up between Denver and Pittsburgh looked like what may had predicted. Denver and the Tebow lead offense looked offensive with gaining less than 10 yards.

What happened next was simply amazing.  The Broncos actually started to take it to the Steelers and in many respects got hosed by the refs in the second half with an obvious pass behind the line of scrimmage that should have been called a lateral, a fumble and the Broncos taking the ball at the Steeler 19 yard line. What happened next was the Steelers driving the field for a TD.

The game goes into OT and many figured that the Tebow magic was gone and the Steelers would outlast the Broncos for the win. The rest is what we call history …

What will be referred to in Denver as “The Slant … the Skinny Post or the Mile High Miracle”, the first play of OT Tebow connected with WR  Demaryius Thomas on a trilling 80-yard touchdown. The sell out crowd at  Sports Authority Field at Mile High erupted in celebration … the legend of Tebow is alive and well in Denver.

Facing the Giants was a movie … Tim Tebow is Living It

What was predicted by many as Tim Tebow’s last game at the Denver QB as so many said, he can’t do it, he is no good and he can’t win. To the nay sayers of Tebow, he does not care what you think. There is a reason why this kid does what is does and is able to pull off these shocking results. No, God may not necessarily interject him self  in sporting events. I would tend to believe that he has more important big picture things to do. However,  Tebow believes that with a positive attitude, belief and giving the glory to God whether one wins or loses … to borrow a line from Facing the Giant’s … Give God your best … With God on your side, all things are possible.

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