Donald Trump Goes There, John McCain’s a War Hero Because He Was Captured, “I Like People That Weren’t” … “We Want Results … We Don’t Want Tone”


It looks like there is a little riff between The Donald and Sen. John McCain (AZ-R). Nothing is off limits for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and in thinking about it, it probably should not be. Trump reminds McCain and the rest of the establishment GOP, you better not bring a knife to a gun fight.  During Family Leadership Summit in Iowa Donald Trump went there and said the following of RINO John McCain, “He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” OUCH, he certainly did go there. Now just to provide context to those remarks from Trump, McCain who earlier criticized the Donald for “firing up the crazies” last weekend during a rally in his home state of Arizona.

Was it right for Trump to make the statement, probably not. Donald Trump meant it as a specific comeback against McCain, who had made an insulting comment about Trump followers, calling them crazies. But it will be taken as an attack against all POW’s. But, are all POW’s considered heroes? I, personally believe they are, but not all do. Because of course If Sen. John McCain is not willing to take the arrows, he should stay out of the fight. Why is it okay to insult American citizens who happen to gravitate to the blunt, strait forward message of Trump? Why is it okay for McCain to call American’s crazies who think he’s a Rino? HERE IS THE MAIN POINT, just because one is a war hero does not give them carte blanche to make insulting comments about others. Have you ever seen McCain when he is challenged on a topic, crazies, eh? Personally, I am sick of McCain, he needs to retire or get a full time gig on a cable network. God only knows he is on them enough. John McCain had his chance to run for president and he failed badly. Is McCain a war hero, yes! Has McCain done anything as a politician, no. One would think that he would make the VA his pet project and make sure it has been fixed for wounded warriors. How’s that been going?

In the end, Trump probably owes POW’s an apology, but isn’t that part of the problem of the sad state of affairs that this country has become? Everyone and their mother is offended about something someone said, because they are only willing to look at their own situation and not the bigger picture? Trump made a larger point during this interview and that was, the people want results, they don’t want tone. HE IS CORRECT. When everyone is so worried about tone, an being PC and making sure that every word they say doesn’t offend anyone … in the end, you have said nothing of any importance. Remember when Americans cared more about America than themselves and their fragile feelings? Me neither.

Is Donald Trump rough around the edges, YES. Does he give a damn what he says and who’s feelings he hurts, it doesn’t appear so. Can Trump win the GOP nomination, I don’t think so. But I don’t believe that is Trump’s purpose in life. I think Trump’s ultimate gift to America is not to be President of the United States, sorry Donald, but to bring the gutless, limousine, establishment Republicans back in line with the Republican base and make them responsive to the will of the people who are registered Republicans and the true Independent voters who want leadership in the mode of Ronald Reagan. Lest we remind everyone, including all the mushy-middle Republican politicians, Reagan fought the establishment, privileged GOP just as much as he did Democrats, sometimes maybe even more.

Sen. John McCain Defends ‘Low-Life Scum’ Remark to Code Pink Protesters … If the Low-Life Scum Fits, Wear It


Sen. John McCain appeared on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ Sunday morning and defended his comments calling the Code Pink protesters low-life scum. The CNN host asked McCain if that was the way he would handle it again. McCain responded with the following:

“These people were physically threatening. I am used to people popping up at these hearings and yelling and escorted out. That’s at least some version of free speech. These people rushed up. They were right next to Henry Kissinger, waving handcuffs at him. He’s a 91-year-old man with a broken shoulder who was willing to come down and testify before Congress, to give us the benefit of his many years of wisdom. Of course I was outraged and I am still outraged. Its one thing to stand up and protest, its something else to physically threaten an individual, particularly an individual who has served so much for his country, whether you agree with him or not.”

But the CNN host just could not let it go, she said, but you called them scum. As if that was the end of the world. Forget the fact that this out of control mob tried to physically threaten a 91 year old man, he concern was someone’s word. McCain responded by saying, “I think they are terrible people. Okay, I think they are terrible people that would do that to a 91 year old man with a broken shoulder, to physically threaten him. That is beyond any norm of behavior that I have ever observed. They literally surrounded him and were physically so in such close proximity to him that he was in danger of being harmed.”

John McCain

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He said the protesters — one of whom held handcuffs above Kissinger’s head — put him “in danger of being harmed.”

“These people were physically threatening Henry Kissinger,” McCain told CNN’s Dana Bash Sunday on “State of the Union” as he defended his comments.

“I’m used to people popping up at these hearings and yelling, and then they’re escorted out — that’s at least some version of free speech,” he said. “These people rushed up. They were right next to Henry Kissinger, waving handcuffs at him. He’s a 91-year-old man with a broken shoulder who was willing to come down and testify before Congress, to give us the benefit of his many years of wisdom. Of course I was outraged, and I’m still outraged.”

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Daily Commentary – Friday, September 6, 2013 – Senator McCain Caught Playing Video Poker

Daily Commentary – Friday, September 6, 2013 Download

Vatican Confirms that Syrian Catholic Priest François Murad Beheaded in Syria by Rebel Jihadist Forces (Video-Warning, Violent) … And Obama Wants to Arm the Rebels Against the Will of the People?

Because Islam is a religion of peace … Take a good look at what Obama wants to arm with American weapons.

The Vatican has confirmed that Catholic priest François Murad is dead and was beheaded by Syrian jihadists on June 23, 2013. The priest was trying to defend nuns inside a convent. Let this be a lesson to everyone what radical Islamist jihadists are all about. Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, was accused of collaborating with the Assad regime. So this is what they do, these animal.  These are the same rebels fighting against Assad that fools like Sens. John McCain (R-AZ),  Carl Levin (D-MI) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ) want to arm. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  This is what Obama, McCain and other misguided twits would rather have in power than Assad. The Obama administration has approved arming this animals.   As Weasel Zippers states, So I guess Christians will now be killed with American weapons. And we hear from Obama that the war on terror is over. Really?

On Sunday, June 23 the Syrian priest François Murad was killed in Gassanieh, in northern Syria, in the convent of the Custody of the Holy Land where he had taken refuge. This is confirmed by a statement of the Custos of the Holy Land sent to Fides Agency. The circumstances of the death are not fully understood. According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.

Father François, 49, had taken the first steps in the religious life with the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, and with them he continued to share close bonds of spiritual friendship. After being ordained a priest he had started the construction of a coenobitic monastery dedicated to St. Simon Stylites in the village of Gassanieh.After the start of the Civil War, the monastery of St. Simon had been bombed and Fr. Murad had moved to the convent of the Custody for safety reasons and to give support to the remaining few, along with another religious and nuns of the Rosary.

As these animals savagely behead Father, Francois Murad, you can here them yelling Allahu Akbar as they are taking pics with their cell phone.  I am speechless. This is what we are going to back in this Syrian war? OBAMA, HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!! This is what we want in charge of Syria? Sorry, but we have no business getting involved at all. Syrian rebels have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda. So now Barack Hussein Obama, we are in the business of helping al-Qaeda?

WARNING, and we mean WARNING: Syrian rebels beheads bishop François Murad might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. You must be 18 years and over to view.

This is why all polls show that Americans want no involvement when it comes to Syria and their civil war.  A recent NBC/WSJ poll indicates Americans oppose overwhelmingly intervention in Syria. In a  Gallup poll, 68% of Americans oppose U.S. Military involvement in Syria. A PEW poll shows that 70% of Americans oppose arming groups in Syria, yet that does not stop Barack Hussein Obama. According to a FOX News poll, 66% of Americans voters disagree with arming the rebels, made up of 77% of Republicans, 64% of  independents and 58% of Democrats.

Asked to pick a response to stop the killing of civilians in Syria, just 15 percent in the poll say they favor U.S. military action, and only 11 percent want to provide arms to the opposition.

By comparison, a plurality of respondents — 42 percent — prefer to provide only humanitarian assistance, and 24 percent believe the U.S. shouldn’t take any action.

Barack Obama in Real Trouble in Battle Ground States that he Won in 2008 … Pennsylvania, the Keystone Electoral State

Battle Ground state of Pennsylvania proving more difficult for Obama in 2012 that 2008 … Looks like the Keystone state is looking for a change in 2012.

In 2008 Barack Obama ran on the sound bite of “Hope & Change” and the he was a Washington DC outsider. That and a complicit media who refused to challenge Obama allowed for his winning of many key battle ground states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania in 2008.

Barack Obama won Pennsylvania in 2008 over John McCain 55% to 44% and received the 21 electoral college votes on his way to the presidency. My what a difference 2 and 1/2 years make and the failed policies of Barack Obama. The Obamamessiah has gone from a 55% victory in 2008 to a 41% approval rating in the Keystone state. The state of the economy is obviously holding down Obama’s approval rating. The fact that 50% of registered PA voters think  it is time to give a new person a chance is damning to Obama’s reelection chances. Obama is going to have to defend his record, not run on promises in 2012.

A new poll from Susquehanna Polling and Research says that 48% of Pennsylvanians disapprove of Obama’s performance, while 41% approve.

Also: Only 43% of registered voters in Pennsylvania say Obama has done well enough to deserve re-election, the poll said; 50% say ” it is time to give a new person a chance.”

It’s not just Pennsylvania (21) that Obama has to worry about in 2012, add Ohio (20), Florida (27), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13) and Indiana (11). This amounts to 107 electoral votes. Obama would be hard pressed to gain any of these states in 2012 with the rate the economy and his job approval are at this point. Obama is also going to have an issue winning New Hampshire, New Mexico, Maine, Colorado, Wisconsin and Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.

John McCain’s New Ad, Complete the Danged Fence … Hmm, Then What Amnesty Sir?

The RINO’s are running scared. This ad might be the greatest pandering ever inflicted upon the American voter. Actually, McCain’s tough border ad might go beyond pandering. Shameless might not even be strong enough.

Does anyone honestly think that if McCain was not in a tough Republican primary with JD Hayworth or if the political climate did not presently exist against progressive RINO’s that McCain would be saying any of this?

Whether it’s Republican or Democrat … it’s just another example of politicians will do and say anything to be reelected. Once elected … they forget the will of the people.

Video Hat Tip: Hot Air

Now let’s hear from another McCain who never needs to pander to Conservatives or what we like to refer to as the real McCain, or as he calls himself, The Other McCain.

John McCain, I was for AMNESTY, before I realized I was against it for my political survival.  So what is his policy on immigration, secure the border and then give illegals amnesty?

John McCain, “I Was a Maverick Before I was Against it and now a Partisan”

I was a Maverick before I was against it …

From Maverick to Partisan … Guess the Arizona Republican primary with J.D. Hayworth is getting too close for McCain’s comfort. At the heart of the Republican primary is now whether John McCain was ever a Maverick. McCain now seems to be running form the label he so embraced in 2008 and prior.

” If you want real reform and if you want change, send a team of mavericks. And what maverick really means, what this team of maverick really means, is we understand who we work for.

Wow, it appears that both candidates for the 2008 Presidential election have something in common … they can’t tell the truth as to what they are. Then candidate Obama claimed to be a middle of the road, reach across the aisle, moderate Democrat and candidate McCain claimed to be “Mavericky”.

Well, we all know what Obama turned out to be, the most partisan first year President in history; however, John McCain now says that he was not a maverick, but instead a Partisan.  Today on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace McCain said the following:

“Look, when I was fighting against my own president, whether we needed more troops in Iraq, or … spending was completely out of control, then I was a maverick. Now that I’m fighting against this spending administration and this out-of-control and reckless health care plan, then I’m a partisan.”

The FOX News VIDEO can be seen at Think Progress.

To be or not to be a Maverick, that is the question.

McCain’s “maverick” reputation and his past willingness to work with Democrats on issues like the environment, campaign finance reform and immigration before his run for President in 2008 often frustrated or angered fellow Republicans and he has lately made it appear like it’s a moniker he’d like people to forget.

Has McCain forgot that he approved the campaign ad below?

McCain startled many political observers when he told Newsweek magazine “I never considered myself a maverick” — even as Sarah Palin was describing him that way in a campaign appearance late last month in Arizona for her old running mate.

What is rather comical and ironic is that McCain could cite Obama’s camapign ads in 2008 stating that McCain was not a Maverick to make his case.

Is it possible after all that Sarah Palin really did help the “consistent conservative” J. D. Hayworth in the end? People on the right ripped Palin for simply repaying the favor to campaign for McCain in 2010. However, how soon some on the right forget, had it not been for McCain … there would be no Republican sensation known as Sarah Palin.

That being said … ultimately, did Palin actually provide Hayworth with a political advantage in the Republican primary by “urging her fans four times in 15 minutes to send McCain the Maverick back to Washington.” It is that very label “Maverick” that long time Senator John McCain seems to be running from.

Why run from being a Maverick or as some call it the death of a Maverick? Because McCain being “mavericky” means that he sided with Democrats on such issues like immigration reform with Ted Kennedy or campaign-finance reform with Russ Feingold and his cap & trade position. In today’s political climate where Democrats have lost the favor with the American people on several of the top issues including immigration … McCain can’t run fast enough away from his past beliefs on immigration and shamnesty.

In any event, one would think that the LEFT would want to support a McCain re-election to the US Senate rather than J.D. Hayworth, a true conservative.  A recent Rasmussen poll shows that either McCain or Hayworth would defeat Democrat Rodney Glassman in a general election.

Potential bad news for the Democrat is the finding that 57% of the state’s voters believe the health care reform bill signed into law by President Obama will be bad for the country. Thirty-two percent (32%) say it will be good for the country.

Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters in Arizona favor a repeal of the law, including 53% who strongly favor repeal. That’s higher than support for repeal nationally. Thirty-three percent (33%) oppose repeal, including 28% who strongly oppose it.

Looks like McCain’s chickens are coming home to roost.

Real LEFTIST Class … Potty Mouth Comedian Kathy Griffin Says Sarah Palin Gave McCain a BlowJ*b


So this is what passes as comedy for the LEFT these days, eh? So-called comedian Kathy Griffin said on Friday at a performance in Anchorage, Alaska that  Sarah Palin performed a sexual act on John McCain in 2008. We kid you not.

More PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) on display from the LEFT. It is truly amazing just how much the LEFT fears Sarah Palin and the efforts they go to try and discredit her.

KATHY GRIFFIN: She was so famous as Governor, you know, when John McCain picked her after meeting her for ten minutes. And, um, that must have been some blowjob. (H/T: Newsbusters)

FYI Kathy, what you do is hardly humor either

Imagine, just imagine if something comparable was said about Barack Hussein Obama. After all, it’s not like he was a well known commodity when he was tapped to run for President and eventually elected.

So let’s see if we can understand the humor. It’s perfectly ok to say that a  married mother of five children and popular Governor of Alaska gave a BJ to an esteemed and long time Senator from Arizona and a Presidential candidate who all but gave up his life for his country in Vietnam and was a POW for years.  OK, some one find the humor in all this phony, slanderous BS. So some how fabricating the story and making a joke out of it that  Sarah Palin gave John McCain a BJ to be VP is funny. Who knew?

I wonder how many female fools in the crowd would have laughed if it were them or their daughters that a false accusation was made of in order to make a joke. How about the men in the audience if it was their wife, sister, aunt or mother that was accused of performing a sex act for advancement.

The Gateway Pundit reminds us that deadbeat dad Levi Johnston escorted Kathy Griffin to the stage.

Liberal woman, you’ve come a long way baby.

J.D. Hayworth to Challenge John McCain in the Republican Senate Primary

It’s official, former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth says he’s planning to run against John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat. Hayworth has left his Arizona radio program on KFYI-AM, a conservative radio talk show in Phoenix.


Hayworth was ousted from his Congressional seat in 2006 after 12 years in office by Democrat Harry Mitchell, and has hosted the radio show for the past few years.

“We will formally announce at a later time, but we’re moving forward to challenge John McCain,” he said. “I think we all respect John. I think his place in history is secure. But after close to a quarter-century in Washington, it’s time for him to come home.”

He said he wasn’t serious about running against McCain until a recent “outpouring of support” from Arizonans asking him to run changed his mind.

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