Arizona Police Officer Brandon Tatum … “Don’t Ignore the Positives the Flag Respresents” … “Real Heroes, When the Lose Games, They Don’t Come Back” (VIDEO)


Maybe Arizona police officer Brandon Tatum should have been the first black president. Officer Tatum makes a lot of sense and the NFL and its players would be wise to listen. Tatum slammed the NFL and its players who took a knee, “You have these people who turn around and take a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem, but don’t want to attribute the positive.”

“Listen, you play a game, this is fairy tale world. You suit up, you lose you cry, you play another game. In the real world, real heroes, when they lose games they don’t come back. The people who die for that flag, it ain’t a game. That’s real life, That’s real sacrifice.”

Now I have had enough – Why The Flag Means So Much To Americans – Full VIDEO

Arizona Police Officer Brandon Tatum:

“What does the American flag have to do with your perceived oppression? What does the National Anthem have to do wth these issues that people are bringing up? It is a separate issue. The flag and the National Anthem have nothing to do with what you are talking about. You are talking about an Anthem of hope and unity within this country that have made people become great, that have made the poor become rich and give people opportunities. You are talking about a flag that represents hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. Sacrifice. And the thing that makes me most upset is, you have these people who turn around and take a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem, but don’t want to attribute the positive. Listen, if you feel the American flag represents negativity and slavery and all this other stuff. Then you have to give credit and credence to a flag that has given you opportunity to go from corn field and picking cotton to being President of the United States of America. Going from being segregated, can’t go to proper schools, can’t vote. Taking you from that point to know you are making millions of dollars to play sports. And you know who’s watching you? White people.”

Amen brother!

NFL, you would do yourself a favor to listen to Police Officer Brandon Tatum and heed his words, the online ticket reseller TickPick told Secrets that sales have dropped 17.9 percent, far more than the usual Week Three fall.

UPDATE I: Arizona Police Officer Brandon Tatum on Fox & Friends this morning.

Officer Tatum calls what the Packers and Bears did last night in linking arms a cop out. So did the overwhelmingly majority of the fans. They put their hands over their hearts, not continuing this idiotic protest. Note to NFL, put your hand over your hears and be respectful, locking arms in some so called unity is BS. Its still protesting, just not on a knee. You are the one’s they created disunity with your disrespect of the flag and National Anthem.

Poll Finds that Americans Agree With President Trump … 64% Believe Players Should Stand For National Anthem


The most recent Remington Research Group survey regarding opinions on the NFL, its players and owners should bring shock to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the 32 NFL team owners, NFL players, networks and sponsors. In a survey conducted September 25, 2017, one day after the reprehensible and disrespectful behavior of the NFL refusing to stand for the National Anthem, 64% of Americans polled said NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem.


The NFL owners and players best take a good look at what fans had to say about their product. The people do not want politics in their sports entertainment and they do not want players disrespecting the American flag, the National Anthem or the United States of America. This is a friendly warning shot across the NFL bow, you best start to know who your fan base is because we can tune in something else at any time and leave all you over-entitled, millionaires and billionaires in the lurch to actually have to work for a living.

NFL poll

Americans are watching less NFL football because they want no part of politics in sports, left or right. Football is supposed to be an entertainment diversion, not CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. The NFL best get their act together and understand what their customer wants. Because it is not disrespect for flag or country, or to the memories of those who have laid down their lives so that men can play a game. Real heroes where military, police, fire and first responder uniforms, not football jerseys.

NFL poll2

President Donald Trump Says at CPAC … “I’m not Representing the Globe. I’m Representing Your Country,” the United States of America


Today at CPAC, President Donald Trump unabashedly stated, I am representing the United States of America. President Trump the following: “We will not answer to donors or lobbyists, or special interests, but we will serve the citizens of the United States of America, believe me. Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good. But there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or global flag. This is the United States of America that I am representing. I am not representing the globe, I am representing your country.”

President Trump had previously stated, “We are going to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country”. Trump continued to say, “I will never apologize for protecting the safety and security of the American people and the security of the American people is number one.”

Isn’t it refreshing to have a president that put’s America first and doesn’t feel the need to apologize for America?

Comments above begin at the 43:55 minute mark of video

Partial transcript:

The core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation that will put its own citizens first.

For too long we’ve traded away our jobs to other countries, so terrible. We’ve defended other nations’ borders while leaving ours wide open — anybody can come in.

Take a look at what’s happening to our world, folks. And we have to be smart. We have to be smart. We can’t let it happen to us. So let me state this as clearly as I can: We are going to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.

We will not be deterred from this course, and in a matter of days we will be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep America safe. You will see the action. I will never, ever apologize for protecting the safety and security of the American people. I won’t do it. If it means I get bad press, if it means people speak badly of me, it’s okay, it doesn’t bother me.

The security of our people is number one, is number one. Our administration is running with great efficiency, even though I still don’t have my Cabinet approved. Nobody mentions that. Do you know I still have people out there waiting to be approved. And everyone knows they’re going to be approved. It’s just a delay, delay, delay. It’s really sad. It’s really sad. And these are great people. These are some great people.

We will not answer to donors or lobbyists or special interests, but we will serve the citizens of the United States of America, believe me. Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good. It’s very important, but there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency, or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I’m representing. I’m not representing the globe. I’m representing your country.

There’s one allegiance that unites us all, and that is to America. America. It’s the allegiance to America. No matter our background or income or geography, we’re all citizens of this blessed land, and no matter our color or the blood, color of the blood we bleed, it’s the same red blood of great, great patriots. Remember great patriots. We all salute with pride the same American flag, and we all are equal, totally equal in the eyes of almighty God. We’re equal.

This is what the LEFT and the MSM does not understand, an overwhelming number of Americans that don’t live in California or NYC, believe in all of the above comments made by Donald Trump.

Lee Francis, Teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, NC Suspended after American Flag-Stomping Faux First Amendment Lesson


Lee Francis, a teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School, has been put on suspension with pay after he placed an American flag on the ground and stepped on it in an so-called effort to teach children about freedom of speech. The backlash from this disgusting act has been swift and massive on social media and from the public at large. The top school system administrator, Cumberland County Schools Superintendent Frank Till said in a statement, “Clearly, there are other ways to teach First Amendment rights without desecrating the flag.” However, the radical leftist teacher said he’s been shocked by the backlash, both in-person and on social media, that his lesson has generated. REALLY, WHAT KIND OF A CLUELESS INDIVIDUAL ARE YOU? This fool is shocked that people would be outraged that you used a school setting to desecrate an American flag in a state that has so many military installations!

A note to Lee Francis and the rest of the American hating liberal teachers in America … the majority of people in the U.S. love America and they don’t need you stomping on a flag to provide them with a lesson on free speech. This was just a hateful act of a liberal trying to spew their venom on children. Nothing more.

A teacher’s First Amendment lesson at a Fayetteville high school has sparked outrage and he has been place on leave by school officials.

Lee Francis, a teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School, said he put an American flag on the ground and stepped on it. But, he said, it was in the context of a lesson on freedom of speech.

“I put it on the ground and I used my right foot and I took two steps on it, and immediately two kids get out of the room,” he said.

A number of residents denounced Francis’ actions, calling them unpatriotic.

“I think it’s inappropriate to teach that in school,” said Fayetteville resident Grayson Chavonne. “If he wants to do that in his own home that’s his prerogative, but it doesn’t need to be taught to our kids.”

Dan Travieso, who is running for the N.C. Senate in District 21, called Francis’ lesson a direct insult to those who fought for our country and a “poor choice of judgment.”

“Just because I step on the flag doesn’t mean I step on their graves,” Francis said. “It doesn’t mean I step on their bodies as they return from overseas. It means I step on a piece of fabric.”

This fool’s statement shows just how little this man really knows and why he should never be teaching children. Guess what you moron, people have given their lives to defend the flag that is symbolic of America and liberty. Yes you were disrespecting those that died defending it and if you can’t understand that, you should be no where near teaching children.

Protester at DNC Gets What He Has Coming to Him After Burning the American Flag


As the speeches went on at the highly Hollywood produced DNC infomercial, Democrats, socialists and anarchists were outside protesting in the street making slurs about capitalism and burning the American flag.

I must say, a grin came across y face when I witnessed the below bit of poetic justice and karma from Old Glory as a moron sets an American flag on fire and then gets engulfed in the flames as he tries to step on it. Don’t worry, I am sure Obamacare will pay for his injuries.

Warning: Language

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