17 Year Old Hannah Thomas-Garner Missing Since 11/30/14 in Ashland, OR (Update: Sylvia Davis Also Missing, Planned to Runaway with Thomas-Garner)

17 year old Hannah Thomas-Garner has been missing since early Sunday morning, November 30, 2014 in Ashland, Oregon.  Hannah was last seen at a party Sunday near the 13 mile marker of Dead Indian Road in rural Jackson County.  She has not been seen since. Jayme Lynch, spokeswoman for the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office stated that the car she was driving, a light blue 2012 Ford Focus, has been found abandoned Monday morning around 12:20 am in Shasta City, California. Hannah Thomas-Garner is a student at Ashland High School.

Hannah Thomas-Garner

Missing: Hanna Thomas-Garner


  • Hannah Thomas-Garner is a 17 year old white female
  • Blonde hair with dark roots
  • Blue eyes
  • 5 feet, 6 inches tall
  • Weighs 137 pounds
  • She has a piercing in each ear

Hannah Thomas-Garner_map

Missing Oregon teen’s car found in Mount Shasta:

Lynch declined to release the exact location, though deputies and Mount Shasta police officers were searching the area Monday.

Jamie Daughterty last saw her daughter, Thomas-Garner, at about 9 p.m. Saturday, when she went to bed after watching Hulu with her parents and playing on her cell phone at their Ashland home. While they went to bed, Thomas-Garner snuck out to go to a bonfire party, which she left at about 1 a.m., Daughterty said.

She may have given someone a ride home, Daughterty said.

UPDATE I: Stepfather says surveillance photo is likely Hannah Thomas-Garner … Sylvia Davis, who planned to runaway with Thomas-Garner, has also been reported as missing.

A girl who planned to runaway with missing Ashland teen Hannah Thomas-Garner has also been reported missing, police said Tuesday.

Thomas-Garner, 17, was last seen Saturday at a party in rural Jackson County, police said. She was picked up Monday while hitch-hiking near Mount Shasta, south of Ashland. Her car was found abandoned near Shasta City, California, on Monday, Ashland police said.

Sylvia Davis, who planned to runaway with Thomas-Garner, has also been reported as missing by her parents, Ashland police said. Davis, 15, reportedly arranged for an unidentified male to pick her up in Ashland.

Police said they have received surveillance video footage that may show Thomas-Garner in a convenience store in Redding, California, around 7 a.m. on Tuesday. Photographs from the video were shown to Thomas-Garner’s stepfather who said he thinks the girl in the surveillance video is the missing teen.

If any one has any information regarding Hannah Thomas-Garner, please contact the police at 541-482-5211.

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17 Year Old Lezly Meraz-Escareno Missing Since 11/17/14 in Toronto, SD … Listed as Runaway

17 year old Lezly Meraz-Escareno has been missing since Monday, November 17, 2014 in Toronto, South Dakota. She was last seen at her home in Toronto, SD around 10 pm on Monday. Lezly Meraz-Escareno is believed to be a run away and being with friends who are hiding her in the Watertown area.

Lezly Meraz-Escareno_missing

Lezly Meraz-Escareno

Assistant Sheriff Scott Sebring said 17-year-old Lezly Meraz-Escareno has been missing since Monday. She was last seen at her rural Toronto home at about 10 p.m.

The report lists the young woman as a runaway.

According to Sebring, Meraz-Escareno was last known to be in the Watertown area, and she is believed to be with older friends who may be hiding her.

If anyone sees or knopws the whereabouts of Lezly Meraz-Escareno, please contact the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office at 605-696-8300.

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Two Students From Capistrano Valley High School Jess Garces and Christian Colon Missing Since 10/29/14 in Mission Viejo, CA

Two students, 14 year old Jess Garces and 14 year old Christian Colon, from Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, CA have been missing since Wednesday, October 29, 2014.  Authorities believe the two might be on bikes,  one dark brown and gray and the other cobalt blue. The two are likely also in helmets, one red the other blue. The two teens both left their cell phones behind.

Garces is female, 5 feet 1 inches tall with a medium build. She has brown and shoulder length wavy hair. She has a freckle on her chin and has a medium build.

Colon is male, about 5 feet 7 inches tall with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He has a thin/lean build and wears black eye glasses.

Authorities believe the two might be on bikes — one dark brown and gray and the other cobalt blue. The two are likely also in helmets, one red the other blue.

Officials said both teens left their cell phones behind. They were last seen Wednesday.

Jess Garces_Christian Colon_missing

If you have seen the teens or know of their whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

15 Year Old Jenna Grant Missing 10/22/14 from her Home in Northridge, CA

15 year old Jenna Grant has been missing since Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Jenna Grant is believed to have runaway from her home near Zelzah Avenue and Prairie Street between midnight and 5:30 a.m. Jenna has runaway in the past. Jace Kessler, Sgt. of the LAPD Devonshire division said that Jenna Grant has run away in the past, and was “said to be possibly depressed.”

Jenna Grant_missing

A 15-year-old girl has been missing from her home near CSUN since Wednesday morning.

Jenna Grant, a 10th grader at Cleveland High School, was believed to have run away from her home near Zelzah Avenue and Prairie Street between midnight and 5:30 a.m., her father, Adam Grant said in a telephone interview with The Sundial on Wednesday evening.

Grant is 5-feet tall, weighs 120 pounds, has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, her father said. She was last seen wearing jeans, dark Vans shoes, a maroon day pack, and her hair in a ponytail.

If anybody has any information regarding Jenna Grant, please contact Adam Grant at (818) 585-3397.

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14 Year Old Mckinzie Joy Locklin Missing Since 8/9/14 in Kent County, MI … Possible Runaway (Update: Found Safe)

14 year old Mckinzie Joy Locklin has been missing since Saturday, August 9, 2014 in Kent County, Michigan. She is considered a runaway. According to authorities, Locklin has a learning disability and a history of running away. She reportedly left her home on foot and has no cell phone. The teens disappearance was upgraded to a missing persons case by police.

Mckinzie Joy Locklin

 Mckinzie Joy Locklin

Kent County Sheriff’s Missing Persons media release.

According to a release, she was reported as a runaway on Saturday evening and is now considered a missing person.  She left her home in the 7300 block of Sunview Drive SE on foot.

Locklin is described in a release as 5 feet 7 inches tall, 120 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen wearing a white tank top, pink shorts, a multi colored plastic head band and white and purple tennis shoes.  She was also carrying a black East Kentwood High School backpack.

If anyone has any information on her whereabouts should contact the sheriff’s department at 616-632-6100 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

UPDATE I: Missing 14-year-old Gaines Twp. girl found safe.

15 Year Old Lorien King & 16 Year Old Hunter Pike Missing Since 5/23/14 in Bellingham, Washington … Runaway

Two Whatcom County girls, 15 year old Lorien King and 16 year old Hunter Pike has been missing since Friday, May 23, 2014 in Bellingham, Washington. The two teens have apparently ran away; however, it is not known why. It is believed they may be taking public transportation toward California. Bellingham Police spokesman Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said that Pike and King may be using the aliases Jordan Hawood and Skylar Davenport. Obviously they must have received such information from a friend that the girls told of their plans.

Hunter Pike_Lorien_King missing

Left to Right: 16 Year Old Hunter Pike – 15 Year Old Lorien King (Pic via Bellingham PD Twitter)

The two Whatcom County girls, Hunter Pike, 16, and Lorien King, 15, were believed to possibly be heading toward California using public transportation, Bellingham Police spokesman Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said.

The teens made comments early Friday that made their friends concerned for their well-being, Vander Yacht said, and “then they were gone.”

Around 8 p.m. Friday, shortly after family members reported the girls missing, the department posted their pictures on Twitter.

“We’d like to get them back to their family,” Vander Yacht said. “Use of social media is one of the best ways we can do that.”

Police were initially concerned about the teens’ welfare, but after a series of tips came in from people who had seen their photos on social media, it appeared they were OK, Vander Yacht said.

It was not clear why the two were running away, Vander Yacht said.

Twitter: Bellingham Police @BellinghamPD

16 Year Old Matthew Plutchak Missing Since 5/20/14 in Topsham, ME (Update: Now Considered a Runaway)

16 year old Matthew Plutchak has been missing since Tuesday night, May 20, 2014 in Topsham, Maine. Matthew Plutchak was last seen walking on Main Street in Topsham Tuesday night at 10:30 pm Goodwin’s Volvo and Dairy Queen. It has been reported that Plutchak was being picked up by someone at Dairy Queen; however, he never returned home.

Topsham Police said Wednesday that they are looking for a 16-year-old boy who was last seen walking on Main Street in Topsham Tuesday night.

Police said Matthew Plutchak was seen walking on Main St. in Topsham at 10:30 p.m. between Goodwin’s Volvo and Dairy Queen. He was reportedly on his way to being picked up by someone at Dairy Queen. He has not returned home.

He was last seen wearing a green graphic type sweatshirt and cargo shorts.

Matthew Plutchak_FB

Matthew Plutchak of 244 Parliament Circle. Matthew is a student at Mt. Ararat High School reported missing, Pic – Topsham PD Facebook

UPDATE I: Police, game wardens call off search for Topsham teen.

Following a report that missing Topsham teen Matthew Plutchak was seen Tuesday night on Main Street, local police, firefighters and the Maine Warden Service called off a search they launched Wednesday morning.

Topsham police, game wardens and a search dog from the Bath Fire Department searched trails in the area Wednesday morning, but called off the search at about noon after receiving a positive confirmation that someone saw Plutchak on Main Street at about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

UPDATE II:Topsham Police Department – Facebook.

There is not much progress to report tonight in the Matthew Plutchak missing person case. The case is still actively being investigated, but it appears there are people out there who may have information about Matthew’s whereabouts that are refusing to cooperate beyond saying he is fine and will return home at some point. This is an active missing persons case, anyone who has any information is asked once again to contact the Topsham Police, 207-725-4337.

UPDATE III: Missing Topsham teen staying with friends in Bath – Matthew Plutchak now considered runaway.

Topsham police say a missing teen is now considered a runaway after they learned he was staying with friends in the Bath area.

Police said police had been looking for 16-year-old Matthew Plutchak, who was last seen Tuesday night.

Topsham police said with the help of Bath police, they have located three separate addresses in Bath where Plutchak has been staying.

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Matthew Plutchak, please call  Topsham Police at  207-725-4337.

15 Year Old Shelby Reece Rohn Missing Since 4/27/14 in Wendell, ID … Believed to be With Rusty Ray Davis

15 year old Shelby Reece Rohn has been missing since April 27, 2014 from Wendell, Idaho. The Gooding County sheriff’s office believe the teen ran off with 18 year old Rusty Ray Davis of Wendell.  Davis is wanted on a current charge of lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor.

Shelby Reece Rohn

 Shelby Reece Rohn

Rohn has long, red hair and blue eyes and is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds, Nunnally said. She was last seen wearing a blue Boise State University hooded sweat shirt.

Police believe Rohn may have fled with 18-year-old Rusty Ray Davis of Wendell. Davis is wanted on a charge of lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, Nunnally said. Davis has brown hair and eyes. He’s described as 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds.

Rusty Ray Davis

With Rusty Ray Davis

If anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of either Shelby Reece Rohn or Rusty Ray Davis is asked to call the Gooding County Sheriff’s Office at 208-934-4421.

15 Year Old Ava Reinhard Missing Since 4/23/14 in Greenwood Village, CO

15 year old Ava Reinhard has been missing since April 23, 2014 in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The 15 year old sophomore at Cherry Creek High School and was last seen April 23 at about 8:30 a.m with two young men that go by the names “Ghost” and “Juice.” Police believe that she may be a run away.

Facebook: Help Us Find Ava

Ava Reinhard_Greenwood Village Police Department

Ava Reinhard, 15, is a sophomore at Cherry Creek High School and was last seen April 23 at about 8:30 a.m., said the Greenwood Village Police Department.

Detectives described Reinhard as 5-foot-7, approximately 135 pounds, long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was last seen wearing black yoga pants, a black T-shirt, black canvas shoes and possibly a read, yellow and green beanie-style hat.

Ava Reinhard_FB


UPDATE I: New Info from the Denver RTD security team: Ava’s hair may now be dyed purple over blue. Please be on the lookout for her in Denver still! She was spotted at 6th and Federal yesterday.

Ava Reinhard_FB2

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact authorities at 303-773-2525.


17 Year Old Miekayla Elva Wojciechowski Missing Since 4/17/14 in Brandon, SD (Update: Teen Found Safe in Pipestone, MN)

17 year old Miekayla Elva Wojciechowski  has been missing since April 17, 2014 in  Brandon, South Dakota. The missing teen was last seen running on foot away from her home on April 17. It is being reported that she may be be with 17-year old Blake Austin Schroeder.

Miekayla Elva Wojciechowski

Wojciechowski is about 5 feet tall and weighs around 113 pounds. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Wojciechowski may be with 17-year-old Blake Austin Schroeder.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Brandon Police 605-582-6125.

UPDATE I:  Brandon Police say they have found Miekayla Wojciechowski in Pipestone, MN.

Brandon Police say they have found Miekayla Wojciechowski in Pipestone, MN.

Brandon Police are asking for your help finding a missing teen. 17-year-old Miekayla Wojciechowski ran away from home April 17.

Brandon Police say she ran away after arguing with her parents. The mother of the missing teen wants to see her daughter home soon, and she isn’t happy with how police have handled the situation.

“The police department just isn’t concerned. I’m at my wits end. I don’t know. I sit here and cry because I want to know where my daughter is at, but I ain’t getting any help,” Dawn Wojciechowski said.

Brandon Police say that the 17-year-old has a history of running away from home, which factored into their decision not to notify the public sooner.

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