Another Failed Obama Green Energy Venture … Michigan Battery Plant Places Workers on Furlough. Another $150 Million Wasted

Well there you go again … Obama picks another ‘green” energy loser …

Remember during the recent Presidential debate when Mitt Romney stated the following, “Mr President, you just don’t pick winners and losers, you pick losers VIDEO). Well, Obama has done it again, this time it is a Michigan battery plant that was given $150 million of tax payer dollars at the Compact Power plant as workers are placed on a rotating furlough.

From Fox News comes the following, ‘Plant that got $150M in taxpayer money to make Volt batteries furloughs workers’.

President Obama touted it in 2010 as evidence “manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States,” but two years later, a Michigan hybrid battery plant built with $150 million in taxpayer funds is putting workers on furlough before a single battery has been produced.

Workers at the Compact Power manufacturing facilities in Holland, Mich., run by LG Chem, have been placed on rotating furloughs, working only three weeks per month based on lack of demand for lithium-ion cells.

As the Lonely Conservative opines, remember when Obama was touting that “green energy” jobs boom? Consider that among many of Obama’s 2008 promises to fix the economy in the where are they now files.

MEDIA BIAS: Chris Matthews Says Unemployment Was Well Past 10% When Obama Took Office, Um Sorry Tingles, It Was Only 7.8%

More MSM Bias and lies …

Chris “Tingle Up My Leg” Matthews continues the MSM propaganda for Barack Obama and continues to spew a false narrative of actual facts that existed prior to Obama coming into office. Matthews stated that the unemployment rate was over 10% and skyrocketing.  Really, over 10%? Interestingly enough the facts show that the unemployment rate was 7.8% when he took office. Actually, this was the lowest that the unemployment rate has been during the Obama Presidency as we have had 43+ months at +8%, event though Obama and his minions promised it would go below 8% after passing his trillion dollar, not shovel ready stimulus.

“When your guy left town, Dubya – who nobody asked him to come back by the way at the Republican convention – unemployment was well past ten percent and skyrocketing.”

Matthews stated that the unemployment rate was over 10% and skyrocketing when his Obamamessiah took office. That is just a false statement and intended lie to put forth to the American people to deceive them. According to the US Labor Department the unemployment rate was 7.8%. So why would Tingles feel the need to lie?  Obviously, the MSM has to aid Obama to get reelected despite Obama’s terrible economic record and failed policies to help create job growth in America.

Question, how does NBC allow such a statement by Matthews to be put forth and not responded to as false? Of course this is coming from a news network that allowed the doctored and edited tape to be put forth of the George Zimmerman 911 call. But when the skewing of the news and out right lies benefit Obama, mums the word. The Lonely Conservative has more from MSNBC MSU news.

UPDATE I: However, as reported at the real Unemployment Rate hits 11.7% as spread between the reported and propaganda data hits record.

Today’s reported unemployment rate: 8.1%. The reason: the labor “participation” dropped to a 31 year low 63.5% as reported earlier. Of course, this number is pure propaganda, and makes no sense for one simple reason: despite the economic collapse started in December 2007, the US civilian non-institutional population since then has grown by 186,000 people every month on average hitting an all time high of 243,566,000 in August. These people need a job, and the traditional shorthand is that at least 100,000 jobs have the be generated every month for the unemployment rate to merely stay flat, let along improve. So what does one get when one uses the long-term average of the past 30 or so years which happens to be 65.8%? One gets an unemployment number that is 45% higher than the reported 8.1%, or 11.7%.

Barack Obama Can’t Remember the Hardball Question from David Letterman of the National Debt

The irresponsible, unpatriotic and dumbfounded President …

Wow, the smartest President ever could not remember what the national debt was when asked by the serious and hard nosed journalist David Letterman.  When asked what the national debt was when he took office, Obama could not remember conveniently enough. A note to Barack Obama, it was approximately $10 trillion. Guess what it is now Mr. President in less than four years under your administration … +16 trillion. Talk about a convenient loss of memory? Obama goes on an entrainment show like David Letterman is unable to answer a question on the debt because it would be embarrassing to him. How’s that transparency working you you America?

Barack Obama called GWB irresponsible and unpatriotic for increasing the national debt $4 trillion in 8 years. However, Obama used that same Chinese credit card and increased the national debt nearly $6 trillion in 4 years to $+16 trillion. If $4 trillion in 8 years is unpatriotic, would it be considered treason to do $5 trillion in 4 years? Hmm?

US Sen. Barrasso (R-Wyoming) Delivered the Weekly GOP Address … “President Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any President since World War II” … “More presidential rhetoric, and a plea for more time, won’t heal our economy.”

Barack Obama, a legacy of failure for America …

US  Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) yesterday delivered the Weekly GOP Address, following Friday’s dismal  jobs report. In the Weekly Republican Address, Barrasso said the following that, We are not better off than we were four years ago and “the undeniable truth is, President Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any President since World War II.” Barrasso went on to say,“when the President was hyping his so-called stimulus program, his economic team claimed unemployment would not go above 8 percent”. Instead, it’s been higher than 8 percent for 43 straight months.” 43 months and counting and the only reason why it is has gone up even more is that the participation rate is at a low not seen since 1981, those individuals who have just given up and left the work force is not counted. If they were, the actual unemployment rate would be over 11%.

“More presidential rhetoric, and a plea for more time, won’t heal our economy.”

Excepts of the GOP Weekly Address:

“The reality is that America is not better off than it was four years ago.

“Today, 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Many are our friends, neighbors, and family members.

The undeniable truth is, President Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any President since World War II.

“When the President was hyping his so-called stimulus program, his economic team claimed unemployment would not go above 8 percent, and that it would be below 6 percent by now. Instead, it’s been higher than 8 percent for 43 straight months.

“It’s bad enough the stimulus money was wasted. Even worse, he borrowed the money, much of it from China.

“Household incomes have dropped by more than $4,000, while the cost of everyday living has gone up.

“Gasoline prices have gone up another 30 cents a gallon in just over a month. Americans recently paid the highest prices ever on a Labor Day weekend.

One out of every seven people in America is now on food stamps.

“For every year since he took office, President Obama has spent at least a trillion dollars more than Washington took in, all of it borrowed.

“Under his watch, government spends too much, borrows too much, and grows bigger every day.

“President Obama’s record of failure has come at a great cost to our country and our future.

“The President’s policies have failed to produce the results, accountability, and solutions the American people deserve. The Obama Administration is simply not moving our country forward.

“It’s been said that, faced with his record, the President has changed his hope and change message of four years ago to one of divide and conquer today.

“More presidential rhetoric, and a plea for more time, won’t heal our economy.”

Wake up America, Barack Obama did not but provide promises in 2008. During the 2012 DNC convention it was just more of the same and provided more empty promises.

Mitt Romney Says Barack Obama Has Gave Up and ‘Admitted Defeat’ on the Economy

File this one under, if the truth hurts …

Mitt Romney has accused President Barack Obama what many have thought for months … Obama has given up trying to fix the economy and “admitted defeat”. What else can you call what Obama has dome lately? The Presidents plan to stimulate the economy was an EPIC FAILURE. Obama’s payoff the “green energy” companies was an EPIC FAILURE. Obama’s job growth plan has been an EPIC FAILURE   As stated by the American Thinker, “President Obama has failed miserably in trying to “stimulate” the economy by pouring hundreds of billions of dollars in “investments” for green energy, infrastructure projects, and other temporary measures that have done nothing except drive up the deficit.”

Now with the Presidential election mere months away Barack Obama has basically given up and gone into full campaign mode, not that he has ever stopped doing so since he was elected in 2008. Obama has failed  and as The One said in the past he had 4 years to fix  the economy. If he did not, Obama would be a one term President. He has not even come close and his policies and agenda have made matters worse, not better.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused President Obama on Saturday of giving up on trying to fix the economy, saying he had “admitted defeat.”

In his weekly podcast, Romney pounced on a recent government report, which found that the unemployment rate rose in 44 states last month.

He accused Obama of blaming the “stalemate in Washington” instead of working to boost job creation.

“With millions of Americans hurting like never before, the President has admitted defeat. With five months to go before his term his up, he’s saying he won’t even try anymore,” Romney claimed.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president argued that he has the executive experience necessary to turn the economy around.

Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars at Work … US Labor Department Spends Stimulus Money for Ads During MSNBC Olbermann & Maddow Shows

Hmm … who knew that spending money for Obama ads on MSNBC by the US Department of Labor was a shovel ready job?

Shovel ready, the wasteful spending of the Obama stimulus fund appears to be more “propaganda” ready. Yup, your hard earned tax dollars down the tubes so that Barack Obama could promote and recruit young liberals for green jobs. But as stated by the Gateway Pundit, “the Obama administration said the decision to put the ads on MSNBC had nothing to do with politics.” Sure it didn’t. That’s why Obama would spend half a million dollars on green ads on a liberal network that no one watches. The commercials ran on MSNBC on shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann in 2009.  Gee, and we thought these liberal hacks did Obama’s bidding for free.

The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm to run more than 100 commercials touting the Obama administration’s “green training” job efforts on two MSNBC cable shows, records show.

The commercials ran on MSNBC on shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann in 2009, but the contract didn’t report any jobs created, according to records reviewed recently by The Washington Times.

Spending reports under the federal Recovery Act show $495,000 paid to McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations LLC, which the Labor Department hired to raise awareness “among employers and influencers about the [Job Corps] program’s existing and new training initiatives in high growth and environmentally friendly career areas” as well as spreading the word to prospective Job Corps enrollees.

No liberal media bias here and quid pro quo.

Mitt Romney Fires Back on Obama Deceitful Ads and Slams Obama for Lying … “When a President Does not Tell the Truth, How can we expect him to Lead?” (Video)


Mitt Romney fires back at President Barack Obama and his deceitful, misleading and out right lies in the most recent political ad, “When a President Does not Tell the Truth, How can we expect him to Lead?” Obama lied about Hilary Clinton, he lied about Obamacare being a tax, he lied that he would keep unemployment under 8% with a $787 billion stimulus, he lied about the number of jobs he would create, he lied about the cost of Obamacare and now he is lying about Mitt Romney’s business past and outsourcing.

All this to distract from the present reality that Obama cannot run for reelection based on his actions and policies for the past 3+ years.


President Barack Obama, The Outsourcer in Chief … Obama’s Record on Outsourcing draws Criticism from his Base

Who is outsourcing jobs?

As President Barack Obama accuses Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs in his days at Bain Capital, it would seem that Obama has some explaining to do as he has been president in outsourcing American jobs. The WAPO discusses another Obama broken campaign promise from 2008 … “Barack Obama promised voters four years ago that he would work to slow the outflow of American jobs to other countries.”

What say you Mr. President … cat got your tongue?

The issue of overseas outsourcing has returned to the center of the presidential campaign, with Obama hammering the record of Mitt Romney’s financial company. The debate intensified in recent weeks with Obama’s campaign attacking his Republican rival after a Washington Post article reported that Romney’s private-equity firm, Bain Capital, had invested in companies that specialized in helping other firms relocate work overseas.

American jobs have been shifting to low-wage countries for years, and the trend has continued during Obama’s presidency. From 2008 to 2010, U.S. trade with China alone cost about 450,000 American jobs because of the growth of Chinese exports, said Robert E. Scott, a pro-labor advocate at the liberal Economic Policy Institute. That figure was less than in previous years, but the decrease was probably tied to the U.S. economic slowdown, which crimped demand for imports.

According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, large American companies in 2010 barely added any workers in the United States, increasing their numbers by 0.1 percent, while they expanded their foreign workforce by 1.5 percent. That was business as usual — between 2004 and 2010, the bureau reported, foreign affiliates hired 2 million workers while 600,000 were added by the companies at home.

Read more

OUT OF TOUCH, a Disaster for the US Economy … Barack Obama Says 80,000 Jobs is a “Step in the Right Direction” … Romney Says “Its a Kick in the Gut”, You Make the Call America

If this is a step in the right direction for the American economy … Obama needs to keep stepping right out the door of the White House in 2012 election.

WAKE UP AMERICA … Either President Barack Obama is the most out of touch with the people President ever, or he is just a bold face liar who thinks the American people are stupid. Following yesterday’s disastrous jobs report that say a meager 80,000 jobs created in the month of June and unemployment remained at 8.2%, President Barack Obama actually had the audacity to say that this was “a step in the right direction. HUH? From what the even more pathetic and anemic jobs numbers from April and May 2012 where April was revised from +77,000 to +68,000, and the change for May was revised from +69,000 to +77,000? In the last three months under the  Obama administration, the economy has created a paltry 225K jobs or an average of 75K per month.

This is what another 4 years of Obama looks like … 80,000 jobs nearly 4 years in Office is a step in the right direction

Make no mistake about it America, the job growth situation is getting worse not better. Did I miss something, Obama says in the VIDEO above in commenting about the poor jobs numbers that 84,000 were created. He cannot even seem to tell the truth about that as he did not use the total number created which was 80K (businesses created 84,000 while government lost 4,000). A note to the smartest President ever, 84,000 – 4,000 = 80,000.  Even if you are to take Obama at his spin and cherry pick the numbers, he states that 4.4 million jobs have been created over the past 28 months. Hmm … that averages to about 157,000 a month much below the last three months of jobs growth that are at best 50% of the average, April 68,000, May 77,000, and June 80,000. How could anything in job growth be a step in the right direction when the numbers just do not show it. At this rate we should be out of the recession just before the Rapture.

The private sector, which was expected to have created as many as 110,000 jobs, generated a mere 84,000, less than half the 176,000 forecast just yesterday by an ADP report. Only some of the most aggressive hiring by local governments in months — presumably for summer work — helped keep the overall jobs numbers from falling further. Local governments added 18,100 new workers.

June capped the worst quarter in two years for hiring, and was way off the average of 226,000 monthly new jobs in the first quarter. From April through June the U.S. economy averaged 75,000 new jobs a month, a mere 3,000 ahead of 2010 and far behind last year’s average of 130,000.

Mitt Romney Calls today’s 80,000 jobs created reports a “kick in the gut”

Obama is so quick to say that Romney’s plan for the economy is going back to the Bush years. I would dare ask, and so should the American people and the MSM, what is Obama’s plan … 4 more years of this nonsense?

There is a reason why in the latest Rasmussen poll that only 31% of Americans give Barack Obama positive marks on handling the economy. A delusional 12% true believers who must be socialist-anarchists or the most ignorant individuals in America that want to see America implode actually said Obama was doing an excellent jobs. Then again, maybe these are the folks that received “green” energy stimulus and grants at the tax payers expense? Inn another Rasmussen poll, 50% trust Romney with the economy more vs. only 42% for Obama.

The economy has been the most important issue to voters for years, but ratings for the president’s performance in that area are at their lowest level since last November.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows just 31% of Likely Voters believe President Obama is doing a good or excellent job handling economic issues, including 12% who say he is doing an excellent job. Forty-eight percent (48%) believe Obama is doing a poor job in this area. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

At what point is America going to punish Barack Obama in the polls for his disastrous handling of the number one issue for Americans, the economy? It is obvious that Obama’s policies are not working. Also, when is anyone going to question why Obama focused so much on Obamacare during the first two years of his Presidency than the economy and jobs? Instead, President Barack Obama continues his class warfare  bus tour message to folks that just drink the Kool-aid and brush off a a second quarter that saw only 224,000 jobs created … an amount that we should be seeing created in a month.

“Mr. Romney and his allies in Congress, they’ve got a particular view,” Obama said in Parma. “They believe if we cut taxes, especially for the wealthiest Americans [at the expense of education, Medicare and other programs] that somehow all this is going to benefit you.”

“I’ve got a different theory,” Obama continued. “I think they’re wrong.”

And hence the Betting on America theme. Obama presented himself as a president who has invested in working Americans, citing his support of the federal loans to Chrysler and General Motors.

One thing is for certain, Mitt Romney must come out with an economic plan of how he differs from Obama and what he will do when he becomes President to turn the US economy around. It can’t just be he will repeal Obamacare. It does not have to have all details, but Romney must create a bullet point presentation to the American people that will show what he will change and the effective job growth. Barack Obama is there for the taking because no President should ever be reelected with a continued over 8% unemployment rate and no plan for the future.

Did VP Joe Biden Just Say We are in a Depression, What Happened to the Obama Recovery … Millions and Millions of Americans Are in Depression”

This one is going to leave a mark. I hardly think that President Barack Obama wanted his Veep Biden to remind Americans that “Millions and Millions of Americans Are in Depression.” When trying to control the message, using the “D” word is hardly a wise thing to do for an incumbent Presidential administration.

Vice President Biden just said what Americans already know, there has been no job recovery and to millions of Americans, they are still in a depression. Gee Joe, what happened to the Obama job recovery that you were supposed to lead? What happened to all that stimulus money for those shovel ready jobs? Is Biden and Obama just figuring out that millions and millions of Americans are without jobs? Who is out of touch?

Vice President Joe Biden today offered a blunt assessment of the plight of the unemployed, telling supporters at a campaign rally in Iowa that the economy remains “a depression for millions and millions of Americans.”

“The unemployed are in real trouble,” Biden said in a speech on the banks of the Mississippi River in Dubuque.  “My grandpa used to say, from Scranton, he’d say, ‘Joe, when the guy in Dunmore…is out of work, it’s an economic slowdown. When your brother-in-law is out of work, it’s a recession. When you’re out of work, it’s a depression.’”

“It’s a depression for millions and millions of Americans,” he said.

To make matters worse, as pointed out by the Weekly Standard, Biden ripped off the tag line of his speech from former President Ronald Regan. Isn’t that something that his grandpa said the same thing as Reagan. The only thing that Biden should have said was that A RECOVERY IS WHEN BARACK OBAMA LOSES HIS JOB.

“The unemployed are in real trouble,” Biden said. “My grandpa used to say, from Scranton, he’d say, ‘Joe, when the guy in Dunmore – the next town over – when the guy in Dunmore is out of work, it’s an economic slowdown. When your brother-in-law is out of work, it’s a recession. When you’re out of work, it’s a depression. It’s a depression for millions and millions of Americans.”

But the last bit is particularly curious since it sounds an awful lot like something President Ronald Reagan said.

“A recession is when your neighbor loses his job,” Reagan said during the 1980 presidential campaign. “A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.”

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