Daily Commentary – Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – 1980′s Heart Throb John Stamos Arrested on DUI in Hollywood

  • Doesn’t matter who you are, don’t drink and drive!

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Elf Drinking From the Top Shelf Charged with DWI in Riverdale, NJ


23 year old Brian Chellis of Cedar Grove, NJ who was dressed in an ‘Elf on a Shelf’ costume was arrested Friday morning for alleged DUI. The police found the passed out Elf in his vehicle in the Target parking lot, near the store’s loading dock with the engine running, lights on and music blaring,  Police issued him summonses for driving while intoxicated, careless driving and possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.


A man dressed as one of Santa’s little helpers found himself in trouble Friday morning when Riverdale police allegedly discovered him drunkenly passed out in a car.

Around 3:30 a.m., Sgt. Pat Harden was dispatched to the parking lot of Target on Route 23 after receiving a report of a suspicious vehicle, Lt. James Macintosh said.

Harden located the car, a gray Toyota van, parked by the store’s loading dock with its engine running, lights on and music blaring, the lieutenant said.

The driver, Brian Chellis, 23, of Cedar Grove, was asleep behind the wheel, wearing an “Elf on the Shelf” costume, Macintosh said.

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Daily Commentary – Tuesday, April 1, 2014 – Colorado Man Claims “License Plate Profiling” in Suit

  • Darien Roseen filed suit in Idaho a year after being pulled over and searched for marijuana he claims due to his Colorado license plates.

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Daily Commentary – Tuesday, March 11, 2014 – Dangerous Trend, Sleeping Pill Use on the Rise

  • Risky pattern of taking with other drugs leading to DUI’s and worse

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Daily Commentary – Monday, January 26, 2014 – Justin Bieber Breaks His Silience With a Twitter Post

  • After his arrest in Miami for DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest and driving with an expired licence


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Former 70′s Singing & TV Heartthrob David Cassidy Arrested for Third Time on Suspicion of Drunken Driving

David Cassidy is 63 and looking rather rough these days …

The former 1970′s teen heartthrob David Cassidy was arrested by California Highway Patrol for suspected DUI. This is the third time that Cassidy has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Hmm, I am sensing a trend here and its not good. Cassidy blew a .19%, twice the legal level, and was sent off to the pokie and booked for DUI. He was freed on $15,000 bond.

NOW: My how the heartthrob has fallen


Pic – Fox News

Cassidy, 63, blew .19% — twice the legal level — on an alcohol test administered by the California Highway Patrol officer who stopped the singer-actor’s rented Chevrolet Impala, according to a CHP statement Saturday.

The former star of the TV series “The Partridge Family” was booked in a Los Angeles jail on a driving under the influence of alcohol charge early Saturday, the statement said. Jail records show he was freed on $15,000 bond several hours later.

“Cassidy was observed making a right turn on a red light, in violation of a black and white regulatory sign indicating, ‘No Right Turn On Red,’” the CHP said. The traffic stop happened off the 405 Freeway, near the Los Angeles International Airport.

Then, David Cassidy sings ‘I Thin k I Love You’

Daily Commentary – Monday, December 23, 2013 – Scared Monkeys Moron of the Week Award Goes To….

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Daily Commentary – Friday, December 20, 2013 – Have you Heard of the Affluenza Defense?

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“Affluenza” …16 Year Old Ethan Couch Sentenced to 10 Years’ Probation by Judge Jean Boyd For DUI Vehicular Manslaughter of Hollie & Shelby Boyles, Breanna Mitchell and Brian Jennings

JUSTICE ??? No jail time for teen for the intoxication vehicular manslaughter of four individuals because of “affluenza,” are you frigging kidding me?

Ethan Couch was sentenced to 10 years’ probation by Judge Jean Boyd of the Fort Worth Juvenile Court for the vehicular manslaughter of Hollie and Shelby Boyles as the 16 year old was driving drunk with a blood alcohol content of over .20.  WTF!!! Too rich to be held responsible?  Huh, what kind of message does this send? Isn’t justice supposed to be blind with regards rich and poor?  Couch’s defense was because his family was so rich that they have no raised him to learn right from wrong. Um, what!!! What am I missing here? So this punk gets a lenient sentence because he is a rich, spoiled, white kid. Does anyone think that the poor black kid who has absentee parents who did not teach them right from wrong and robs a store and kills someone isn’t going to prison? What’s next, povertitis?  Honestly, I have never seen a case from start to finish that was so wrong in every sense.

Some one needs to explain how on Earth the following gets probation.:

  • CRIME I: On June 15, 2013 Ethan Couch and some friends stole beer from a local Walmart store.
  • CRIME II: Couch and his friends went to a party and drank the alcohol underage.
  • CRIME III:  Three hours after the crash, tests showed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.24, three times the legal limit. [keep in mind there is no lega limit for a minor as they are not supposed to be drinking.]
  • CRIME IV: Intoxication manslaughter of 4 individuals: Brian Jennings, 43, Breanna Mitchell, 24, Shelby Boyles, 21, and her 52-year-old mother Hollie Boyles.


To the families of the victims, Ethan Couch was a killer on the road, a drunken teenage driver who caused a crash that left four people dead.

To the defense, the youth is himself a victim — of “affluenza,” according to one psychologist — the product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for the boy.

To a judge, who sentenced Couch to 10 years’ probation but no jail time, he’s a defendant in need of treatment.

The decision disappointed prosecutors and stunned victims’ family members, who say they feel that Couch got off too easy. Prosecutors had asked for the maximum of 20 years behind bars.

“Let’s face it. … There needs to be some justice here,” Eric Boyles, who lost his wife and daughter, told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360″ on Wednesday night.

The Cure for Affluenza is poverty inflicted by going to prison

What kind of a precedent is this going to set? You have basically told America that there are two sets of laws, one for the rich folks who raise irresponsible kids and can blame their lack of judgement on money and the rest of us. This judge should be ashamed and removed from the bench, if possible.

EXIT COMMENT: Seeing that the judge blamed this kids parents for his lack of upbringing because they were rich, I really hope the families who have lost loved one’s sue the pants off this Couch family in civil court and take them for ever dime they have!!!

Police Arrest Three 17 Year Old Boys Accused of Not Preventing Jane Modlesky, 17, from Driving Drunk … She was Killed in a Car Crash in Glastonbury, CT

Three teenagers have been arrested for not preventing 17 year old Jane Modlesky, from driving drunk.

NBC Connecticut reports, 5 months after 17 year old Jane Modlesky was killed in a car crash, three 17 year old boys have been arrested for not preventing their friend from driving drunk in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Jane Modlesky, a student at  Glastonbury High School, got behind the wheel of her parents 2008 Honda Pilot SUV in July 2013 with a blood alcohol content of an unbelievable .27,  more than 13 times the legal limit of .02 for a minor. Sadly and predicatively, Modlesky ended up crashing into a tree and dying. Authorities say say the three teenage boys were aware that Modlesky was “highly intoxicated” but allowed her to drive anyway.

Jane Modlesky_Facebook

The teenage boy who was initially driving dropped a friend off at a Glastonbury home, police said, then drove to his own house and got out.

Another 16-year boy got behind the wheel and drove to his own house, where he and another teen got out of the car, police said.

Modlesky then got behind the wheel and was killed when she struck a tree half-a-mile away, police said.

Police determined that Modlesky’s blood alcohol content was .27, which was more than 13 times the legal limit of .02 for someone under the age of 21.

Police said the last two teens in the car with Modlesky were well aware that she was “highly intoxicated,” but allowed her to drive anyway.

“They very well knew that she was intoxicated and should not have been driving,” said Agent James Kennedy of the Glastonbury Police Department.

The first teen to drive the car was charged with violation of passenger restrictions and operating a motor vehicle between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. He is due in court on Dec. 20.

The boy he dropped off was not charged.

The second teen to drive was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree, violation of passenger restrictions and operating a motor vehicle between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. He is due in court on Dec. 18.

The other teen was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree.

So many things could have been done to prevent this senseless death. For starters, parents know where your children are as Modlesky had been at an under age drinking party. Two, what ever happened to looking out for one another? If some one is this falling down drunk, call their parents, call them a cab, do something! A teenager getting yelled out and ground by parents is a lot less then the alternative … Death!

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