20 Year Old Jena Chisholm Missing, Last Seen 12/19/13 in Florence, KY … Believed to be in Las Vegas, NV (Update: Dog and Car Found in Las Vegas) (Update: Jena Seen With Man at Quad Casino) (Update: Jena Found Safe)

Where is 20 year old missing Jena Chisholm?

20 year old Jena Chisholm is missing ans was last seen on December 19, 2013 at her home in Florence, Kentucky where she lives with her father, Tim Chisholm.  Jena’s sister, 16-year-old Josie Chisholm said, “She [Jena] told me she was going to Vegas but she told me she was going after Christmas.”  However,  Jena Chisholm disappeared before that on the night of Dec. 19th. According to reports, Jena’s father said that he awoke the morning of December 20th to a note on the table that said she went to stay with a friend of hers … we had a great breakfast and day and that she’d be back for a doctor’s appointment on the 26th.” Jena left her home in a 2006 powder blue Volkswagen Beetle convertible with Kentucky plates: 316 MYB.


Pic – Facebook

WCPO – KY Post:

When Jena didn’t show up for her appointment, her family became concerned.

“We had put the find a phone application on…and she’s already outside St. Louis, Missouri at that time,” Tim said.

Jena took her dog Chamber with her. Her parents say she loved Chamber and took him everywhere.

They would soon find Jena’s location using an iPhone tracking app. She went to Albuquerque, N.M., Las Vegas, Los Angeles, then back to Las Vegas.

“We tried to call, we tried to text, she didn’t answer a thing,” said Jena’s mom, Tina Chisholm.

Jena’s phone was shut off on the 26th and has not been turned on since. Now, she is untraceable.

Description: Jena Chisholm is 5’1″, weighs 110 pounds, and has light blonde hair with brown eyes. Jena has two tattoos: a black rag doll over her left clavicle and a large red and black tattoo on her right torso. Jena is driving a 2006 powder blue Volkswagen Beetle convertible with Kentucky plates: 316 MYB.


Pic: Facebook – Jena has two tattoos: a black rag doll over her left clavicle and a large red and black tattoo on her right torso.

FACEBOOK: Find Jena Chisholm.

Jena was last seen at her Florence, KY home on December 19, 2013. Her family has not seen or heard from her since. We tracked her through her iPhone to Las Vegas and to Los Angeles. We believe she has stopped using that phone because it has not been turned on in several days. We believe she is back in Las Vegas because her dog was found there, tied to a fence outside the Diamond Inn. Jena loved that dog and it’s hard to believe she’d leave her behind. She left home in her 2006 powder blue Volkswagen Beetle Kentucky License plate 316-MYB with a promise to return for a doctor’s appointment on December 26. She did not return. Jena has two tattoos: a black rag doll over her left clavicle and a large black and red tattoo on her right torso.
Please call Las Vegas police with information.


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UPDATE I: Missing Jena Chisholm’s dog found in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The missing girls dog was found tied up outside a hotel near the Las Vegas strip. The dog, Chamber, was tied to a fence outside of the Diamond Inn motel. Hotel management said that the dog was found abandoned in one of the rooms.

Tom Scheben, spokesman for the Boone County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky, said Jena Chisholm’s dog was found tied to a fence outside the Diamond Inn, which is across the street from Mandalay Bay. He said a cleaning crew found the dog inside one of the rooms and put it outside.

“My gut was telling me, based on the motel she was in, something wasn’t right,” said Melanie Downard, the Las Vegas woman who found Jena Chisholm’s dog. She was able to connect with the missing woman’s family after conducting an online search. She says the family has arranged for the dog to be flown back to Kentucky on Friday.

“We do not think she would leave her dog behind willingly,” said McArtor, who described Jena Chisholm as an animal lover. She said the abandoned dog coupled with the fact that Jena Chisholm had recently began undergoing evaluations for a mental illness has the family concerned for her safety.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

UPDATE II: Jena Chisholm’s vehicle found in Las Vegas.

Metro Police say the car of a 20-year-old woman who vanished from Kentucky has been found in Las Vegas. The vehicle was located on Cambridge Street near Twain Avenue and Maryland Parkway.

UPDATE III: Missing Kentucky woman seen with man in Vegas casino.

A 20-yearold woman who was reported missing Dec. 20 after she unexpectedly left home in Kentucky has been seen at a Las Vegas casino, police and her father said Friday.

Jena Chisholm appeared disheveled and homeless, but wasn’t detained by security officers who questioned her and a man she was with at about 10 p.m. Thursday at the Quad casino, Tim Chisholm told The Associated Press.

“I know she’s alive and walking around Las Vegas, at least last night,” Tim Chisholm said from his home near Florence, Ky. “My initial concern was that she was hurt, abducted or doing drugs.”

Chisholm said his daughter showed her Kentucky driver’s license before she and the unidentified man were allowed to go. Later, the security officers realized Chisholm was the focus of a search by her family, Las Vegas police and sheriff’s officials in Boone County, Ky.

UPDATE IV: Missing Kentucky woman found in Las Vegas.

A Kentucky woman who was reported missing by her family last month has been found in the Las Vegas Valley.

Jena Chisholm, 20, reportedly left her northern Kentucky home on Dec. 19 and was reported missing by her family after she failed to show up for a doctor’s appointment Dec. 26. Metro Police Lt. John Loretto said she was found late Friday, offering no other details.

Officer Laura Meltzer said someone made contact with her last night without realizing that she was reported missing. Officers tried to contact her, but police did not issue a critical missing person report.

There were no signs that Chisholm was ever in danger.

UPDATE V: Jena Chisholm Found Safe … Headed Home to Kentucky with Family.

Many have asked how Jena is doing now. She stayed the night with her family at a hotel in Vegas and hopefully will be heading home to Kentucky today. Her mom says she wanted to come home but couldn’t figure out how. She lost her car keys, phone and dog. Had no money left and just kept dealing with it. It didn’t occur to her to borrow a phone. She had her mom’s credit card but didn’t want to spend the money. She slept in parking garages. She was helped every day by kind people In Las Vegas who gave her food. Other kind people searched for her and shared her picture. We are forever grateful and humbled by this kindness. We need to continue to help all families searching for missing members, when there’s no contact we can’t be certain the missing just doesn’t want to be found.

If anyone has any information about Jena Chisholm’s whereabouts, please call Las Vegas police missing persons at 702-828-2907 or the general line at 702-828-3111. To contact the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, call 1-859-371-6565.

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