Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid Says … House ‘Being Operated With A Dictatorship Of The Speaker’

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black … What ever happened to the “civility” that Obama had called for? Where is his leadership to tell those in his in party to shut their mouths, as they are helping nothing.

It would appear that Sen. Reid (D-NV) could care less about civility and trying to offer an olive branch in order to come to a deal with House Speaker Boehner. Harry Reid stated while speaking on the floor of the US Senate that the House was “being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker.” How juvenile could one be? How could anyone think that such words are helpful an would be considered doing the work of the American people? Just how many bills have the Senate passed to deal with the fiscal cliff?

With a Dec. 31 deadline for an agreement to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff” rapidly approaching, leaders in each party demanded the other side take the initiative. The new flare-up happened despite a round of calls that President Barack Obama made to congressional leaders by phone Wednesday night from Hawaii before he boarded Air Force One to head home from vacation.

The market was glum, with stocks falling for the fourth day in a row amid the stalled negotiations and a report that consumer confidence had plunged to its lowest level since August.

Obama’s plane landed in late morning at a suburban Maryland Air Force base, not long after Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate floor to chastise House Republicans who last week opposed Speaker John Boehner’s efforts to pass a narrowly crafted bill. Boehner’s “Plan B” would have raised tax rates only on the very wealthiest Americans. But the opposition within his own party caucus forced the Ohio Republican to cancel a vote on the bill.

Reid charged Thursday that the House was “being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker.”

In a response to Reid’s childish remarks, Speaker Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said: “Harry Reid should talk less and legislate more if he wants to avert the fiscal cliff. The House has already passed legislation to do so.”

I really have to question the wisdom of the American voters who reelected the status quo and those in Nevada who reelected Reid in 2010. The leadership in both parties needs to be purged and we need to start from scratch. Of course that should have meant Obama should have been thrown out on his ears as well.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Attempts to Add On-Line Internet Poker to Tax Cut Bill

Thank you Nevada for reelecting Harry Reid, all that is wrong with Washington, DC politics … NOT!You had an opportunity to rid this country of Harry Reid, instead you chose the status quo. Well Nevada, here is more of the same …

Harry Reid, simply shameful

Because on-line gambling creates jobs and helps families with their taxes … Unreal what Democrats will do instead of helping “We the People”.  

From the man who brought you the smoke-filled, back room deals like the Corn Husker kickback and the Louisiana Purchase II during the passage of Obamacare in the Senate comes Harry Reid’s attempt to attach on-line Internet poker to the current Tax bill. At one time Reid was against on-line poker, that was before he needed casinos support in the last election. Now it appears to be pay back time to the gambling community.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to use the tax cut package President Barack Obama brokered with Republicans to legalize online poker, POLITICO has learned — a move that could further complicate the deal Obama announced Monday.

Already, the online poker proposal has exposed the Nevada Democrat to charges of flip-flopping on a controversial issue, as well as using his Senate leadership position to repay big casino interests that helped him win reelection in a hard-fought campaign against Republican Sharron Angle last month.

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2010 Nevada US Senate Election: Sharron Angle’s Closing Argument … “Now It’s Our Turn”

Two days to go before the 2010 midterm elections and Republican US Senate candidate Sharron Angle as her closing argument for the people of Nevada. It’s your turn Nevada to go to the election polls and make a difference.

Angle’s powerful closing argument against Harry Reid and for the people … “They promised you change, but they delivered unprecedented spending, overwhelming debt, heartbreaking job loss, astounding foreclosures, skyrocketing bankruptcies … NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!”


Sharron Angle presently leads by 4% in Rasmussen, Mason-Dixon and CNNpolls. Send Harry reid into retirement this Tuesday and make some real change that is good for Nevada and America.

Sharron Angle Sends Joy Behar Flowers and Thanks Her for the 150,000 online Donations … Response, Behar Calls her a Bi@ch Again

Oh those kind, tolerant and classy liberals …

After being called a“bitch” and told she’s “going to hell” the other day on the “Liberal” View, Republican US Senate candidate Sharron Angle sent Joy Behar flowers and a note.

Keep talking Behar … Angle’s lead is growing in the polls

“Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle”

Obviously Sharron Angle has a sense of humor, too bad that the so-called comedian Joy Behar does not. Having been bested, she was not able to laugh it off and instead spewed more hate as she called her a bitch again. The exact comment was … “Those flowers were picked by ILLEGALS  and they aren’t VOTING for you, B*tch! VIDEO“ Just curious, why is Barbra Walters and the producers of The “liberal” View allowing this to continue? Have the no shame? Is this what Barbara Walters wants to have her show reduced to … the Jerry Springer Show? Does ABC want to become MSLSD MSNBC?

Joy Behar wasn’t amused and pointed out that those flowers were probably picked by illegal immigrants, which is why Behar attacked Sharron Angle to begin with.  She doesn’t approve of the ads being used in Nevada, seeing them as racist and putting immigrants down.
Behar still referred to Angle as a “bitch.”

 From The Daily Caller … Woman’s Groups Outraged by Behar’s comments.

The fantastic irony of the venomous Joy Behar comments is that all she managed to do was make herself look silly and fill the coffers of Sharron Angle with donations. How great was this by the Angle camp to turn the tables on Behar and continue to make her look like a partisan hack. Who finds it comical, if you will, that Angle is one upping Behar on the zingers?

By the way Barbara Walters, you are a disgrace if you think someone calling another a “bitch” is a point of view. A brilliant media career reduced this accepting the rantings of the “Moonbat” LEFT.

The Independent Vote Paves the Way for Victory for the GOP in Nevada, Kentucky, Colorado & Pennsylvania

Obama and the democrats have lost the Independent vote …

Less than a week before the 2010 midterm elections and the independent vote is making it possible for Republican US Senate wins in Nevada, Kentucky, Colorado and Pennsylvania. It was Barack Obama who carried independents in 2008; however, that was then, this is now. Independents have all but abandoned the Democrats in 2010 as the oppose the Reid, Pelosi, Obama agenda.

In a recent TIME/CNN/Opinion Research poll, Republican and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle leads Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 49% to 45%.  No wonder the Reid camp is gaming the system with buying votes. Also, Tea Party backed GOP candidate Rand Paul is riding the wave of independent support with a 50% – 43% lead over Democrat Jack Conway in Kentucky. Rand Paul is destroying Conway by 37 points, 63% to 26%, among independents. In the “keystone” state of Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey leads Democratic Representative Joe Sestak 49% – 45% and in Colorado, Republican Senate nominee Ken Buck is clinging to a narrow advantage over Senator Michael Bennet.  

 The opinion seems to be that Republicans may not win control of the Senate asa +10 pickup is almsot next to impossible; however, many are gleeful that Harry Reid will be put out to pasture once and for all. Democrats can than their lucky stars that all Senate seats are not up for reelection like the House as they would find themselves on November 3, 2010 with a GOP controlled veto proof majority.

However, come 2010 midterm election eve … no one really knows what the size of the GOP victory will be. One thing is for certain, there will be no way that Democrats will be able to spin it as any sort of victory.

Nevada US Senate 2010 Election: Sharron Angle To Reid, “Man Up” and Win the “Election Outright”

Sharron Angle campaign to Harry Reid … “WIN IT OUT RIGHT”!

Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State announced that voters can be provided “free food” at “voter turnout events.” Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid.

Harry Reid intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outright. As a result, we need to deploy literally dozens of election law attorneys and poll watchers to combat these tactics at a cost of nearly $80,000. That’s over and above our current budget. We need to raise $80,000 and we need to do it RIGHT NOW, because even as I am writing this, Harry Reid and his Machine are trying to steal this election.

Not to worry Nevada voters, as Weasel Zippers comments, a vote for Harry get you free food and gift cards. Nah, no vote buying here at all on the part of Democrat incumbent Harry Reid. You know what it won’t get you … EMPLOYMENT! How do you feel Nevada that you have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and top the lists for home foreclosures and bankruptcies.

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The “Partisan” View … Joy Behar Calls Republican Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle a Bitch

The LEFT have come unhinged as they see the handwriting on the wall for the 2010 midterm elections … Is it really literate to protest an ad that you claim is hate speech with, um hate speech?

On ABC’s ‘The View”, Joy Behar calledRepublican Nevada Senate challenger Sharron Angle a “bitch” and said “she was going to hell”. How professional. Does Behar realize that she is not on MSNBC? Does ABC realize that they are not MSNBC, or are they? However, this is not the first time that Behar has become unhinged and acted in an unprofessional manner. As the Gateway Pundit says, is this ‘The View’ or ‘The Jerry Springer Show’?


Far be it from a liberal to call another a moron or a Nazi

I’d like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here bitch, come to New York! I’m not praying for her! She’s going to hell! She’s going to hell, this bitch!

 However, as stated at Weasel Zippers, for every action there is a reaction and the “bitch” comment by Behar rallied the GOP and Tea Party troops whereas Angle received $137,000 in campaign donations. Keep talking Joy! The more the LEFT media open their mouths with their bias liberal agenda, the more they are counteracted by a sane electorate.

Hot Air has an interesting take, if Joy defines “Hell” as the US Senate, then she is correct. As Sharron Angle is on the verge of winning the Nevada US Senate over Harry Reid. According to Rasmussen, Angle leads Reid 49% to 45%. Making matters even worse which can explain why Reid cannot do better than 45% in a poll as an incumbent, Harry Reid only has a 29% approval rating.

The LEFT just cannot help themselves and neither can the liberal women from The View. Imagine how Joy Behar will be reacting after November 2, 2010.

Harry Reid Loeses It, ” I’ve never had to prove, whether it was in the street or the ring or in the Senate,”

Democrat Senate Majority leader has truly lost it and about to lose his US Senate race.

Incumbent Nevada US Senator Harry Reid, who is in deep trouble and in the battle for his political career, stated that “my manhood has never been in question.” His reference was to GOP candidates Sharron Angle’s comment for Reid to “man up”.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) fired back at GOP challenger Sharron Angle on Saturday for saying during their debate earlier this month that he should “man up.”

“This is what her and her kind all around this country are using, this is part of the talking points of the right-wing Republicans,” Reid said in an interview on CNN.

“But, you know, that’s one thing I’ve never had to prove, whether it was in the street or the ring or in the Senate,” the onetime boxer said. “My manhood has never been in question.”

Actually Senator Reid, it is not your manhood we are questioning, it is your voting record and your liberal agenda that it bad for the economy, the federal deficit and America. But since you brought it up, I have to agree with Jammie Wearing Fool, ”if he was comfortable in his manhood he wouldn’t be whining like a little bitch over being told to man up”. As stated by the Gateway Pundit, the war is lost Harry, when your message at this late date is your “manhood”.

By the way Senator Reid, the nerve of Sharron Angle, that Tea Party extremist, bring up the fact that you live in a luxury hotel in Washington, DC while your Nevada constituents have lost their homes and have the highest foreclosure rate in the country. How dare she. It is just another example of who out of touch Reid is with the people and the reason why he needs to be retired.

Sharron Angle Ad: Welcome to Nevada, Mr. President … aka: Harry Reid, Obama’s Pet

Harry Reid … President Barack Obama’s Pet.

Sharron Angle takes on not only Harry Reid, but Barack Obama as well in her latest political ad. Look back on Obama’s 2008 promises and see what you got in return courtesy of Obama and his lapdog Harry Reid. Nevada, you received $13 trillion in defits, record bankruptcies, record foreclosures and 14%, make that 15% unemployment. There some Obama-Reid change you can believe in.


In the latest Rasmussen poll, Republican challenger Sharron Angle is up 50% to 47% over Democrat Senate Majority Leader and incumbent Nevada US Senator Harry Reid.

Harry “Superman” Reid … “But for Me, We would be in a Worldwide Depression”


Think the 2010 midterm elections are not starting to get to the Democrats and the impending tsunami …

We have often asked our self what planet Democrats are from as they obviously have no touch with reality or the American people. Who knew Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thought he was from Krypton? Reid’s  continued defiance of the American people and the voters of Nevada, let alone some of his bizarre behavior make the following “Reidism” quite, well in a word … INSANE!

“But for Me, We’d Be in a Worldwide Depression”


Watch Harry Reid take credit for saving the world … via Breitbart TV. WHAT!!! Harry Reid is responsible for saving the world from a worldwide depression. This is the delusion and lies the Democrat leadership lives by. In other words, by acting as Obama’s “pet” and lapdog by passing trillions of dollars of debt on the backs of Americans, that makes him defender of the universe? Hmm, and the Democrats attempt to say Sharron Angle is extreme huh? I wonder how saved the people of Nevada feel with their 14% unemployment and record home foreclosures?

I can see it now, Barack Obama and Harry Reid arguing with each other like 3 year old’s both claiming that they were responsible for saving the earth.

Ok, I didn’t save the world from depression, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night

Did you also know that Harry Reid was responsible for the following:

  1. He invented the ”Post It” note.
  2. He saved the earth from an asteroid by blowing it and himself up before it hit earth. Oops, that was Bruce Willis.
  3. He invented the Internet, oh that was Al Gore.

Please support Sharron Angle and send this man back home where he can keep his delusional comments to himself.

UPDATE I: Who did Reid Save From What … Nevada hits 15% record Unemployment.

On top of the Las Vegas Valley’s new 15 percent high, statewide unemployment was 14.4 percent in September. Nearly 200,000 Nevadans lacked jobs in the month and were looking for work. Add in discouraged workers who’ve dropped out of the labor force and underemployed part-timers who want full-time jobs, and unemployment in the Silver State easily exceeds 20 percent, experts say.

Nevada remained No. 1 in the nation for unemployment in September, with California’s 12.4 percent joblessness coming in at No. 2. Just 11 states have double-digit joblessness; nationwide, unemployment was 9.6 percent in September.

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