NBC’s Bob Costas Parrots Liberal Talking Points and Anti-Gun Agenda in Wake of Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher’s Murder/Suicide

Way to go Bob Costas, without any facts, you blame guns for the suicide of Jovan Belcher and the murder of his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. What investigative journalism Bob. How sad that Costas and NBC would use this tragedy to promote their anti-gun agenda.

A note to Bob Costas, shut up and talk about something you actually know about. During NBC’s Sunday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, Costas decided to spew the liberal anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda against guns. It appears that others have open letters to Bob Costas as well.  What was more unfortunate, the fact that Costas thought he was on MSNBC cable and agreed with a liberal KC columnists that guns are to blame for all the evils of society or the fact that Costas was completely clueless and ignorant on the subject of domestic violence?

Bob Costas parroted Jason Whitlock’s ignorant comment that, ”If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.” Really Bob? If you actually believe this, which you must because you made the comment, you know little to nothing about domestic violence. You might want to research the topic before you use it as a vehicle for your anti-gun agenda.

“If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

Costas stated, ”If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.” Hmm, so Bob do you really think that a football player who is 6 ft+, 200 pounds + could kill a woman with their bare hands?  But its only a gun as to why they are dead? Sadly “Domestic violence” occurs every day and woman and men are beaten and killed by methods other than guns. Victims of domestic violence have been killed by strangulation, beaten with bats, butchered with axes and hatchets and stabbed with knives.  As for methods of suicide, overdosing, cutting one’s wrists, carbon monoxide posing, hanging and driving one’s car off a bridge, into a bridge abutment or on coming traffic are just a few examples that come to mind. But its only guns that kill. What an IDIOT!

In the wake of Costas’ anti-gun comments he is taking lost of criticism and rightly so. For such a little and small minded man Costas finds himself in a fire storm of his own making. Looks like the diminutive Costas is backtracking big time on his comments. This tends to happen when one makes a stupid and knee-jerk reaction comment about something that one knows nothing about.

6:27PM EST December 3. 2012 – NBC’s Bob Costas, communicating through a spokesman Monday about on-air comments about guns he made Sunday night, “feels an unfortunate leap was taken that he was advocating taking away Second Amendment rights. He was not.”

An NBC spokesman stated that Costas is “in favor of people owning guns to hunt and carrying them in reasonably controlled circumstances.” WHO GIVES A S#@T what Costas is in favor of. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution does not provide a right to hunt. It does not provide a right to own a gun according to Bob Costas.

Just curious Bob, how come you did not mention that maybe having children out of wedlock and marrying the woman who has your child rather than playing the field was not the cause of the murder-suicide? I guess that would not fit the liberal talking points, now would it? Watch Greg Gutfeld blasts ‘ghoulish’ Bob Costas, ‘bigot’ Jason Whitlock at The Daily Caller.

“If it was a deadly flood, it would be the same saying we need to ban water,” Gutfeld said. “Here is the problem — there is no law that actually could have stopped him owning a gun. So what is Costas saying? He is talking about a total gun ban, which makes him a hypocritical buffoon, because he spends most of his life wandering in and out of the New York buildings where he is flanked by people who are armed.”

“He is a sanctimonious ghoul, because whenever something like this comes up, he has to come up. It’s ‘pay attention to me.’ It really wasn’t about the tragedy. It’s about scoring points with other people in media,” Gutfeld added.

Note to self,  if I am ever in Bob Costas’ presence and a crime is being committed that I will not protect him with the use of my conceal carry gun permit.

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