John McCain: “I don’t understand” Threats to Block Gun Bill Debate … Hmm, I Don’t Understand How this Fool is a Republican?

Is Senator John McCain a Republican?

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) stated on CBS’s  ‘Face the Nation’ that he opposed the filibustering a debate over gun legislation, despite threats of such action by fellow Republican senators. McCain stated, “I don’t understand it. The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand.” Probably more to the point is that McCain cannot stand that the GOP Senators that are looking to filibuster the anti-Second Amendment gun legislation is the young gun conservatives Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas. Or as McCain refers to them as ‘Wacko Birds’.

I don’t understand why the Republicans think I am a RINO

Honestly, I don’t understand how this guy is a Republican. I certainly never understood how this RINO was nominated to represent the GOP as president in 2008. Had it not been for Sarah Palin on the ticket as VP the beating would have been even worse.

Sen. John McCain said Sunday that he opposes the thought of filibustering a debate over gun legislation that will probably be brought to the Senate floor this week, despite threats of such action by fellow Republican senators.

“I don’t understand it. The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand,” Arizona’s McCain said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

A trio of first-term GOP senators–Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas–stated in a letter last month that they will block any gun control legislation that they consider a threat to Second Amendment rights.

CBS ‘Face the Nation’ transcript.

Really, you IDIOT!  John McCain is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the US Constitution and the wrong side of the Republican party. In essence, one has to wonder why he even runs as a Republican these days? Is McCain not going to stand for the GOP principles of defending the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Let’s face it, McCain cannot stand that the party has passed him by and he no longer has any power. It is time for this fossil to hang it up. McCain actually thinks that background checks are going to prevent criminals and those that would inflict harm against others would prevent shootings? Is he that much of a moron? Since when do criminals follow the rules and the law? Back ground checks would not have prevented the Newtown, CT Sandy Hook Elementary School murders, nor other mass killings. All these Progressives are after is a gun registry database.

Several other Republican senators joined in, and in an expanded letter to be sent Monday to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, they wrote that they would oppose a bill that “would infringe on the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms, or on their ability to exercise this right without being subjected to government surveillance.”

The additional names include Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida; Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma; Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas; Sen. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin; Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyoming; Sen. James Risch, R-Idaho; Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, Sen. Dan Coats, R-Indiana, and Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas.

We are just Finding Out about this now … Barack Obama ’08 Campaign fined $375,000 by FEC


Brought to you from the most transparent and ethical administration ever.  The 2008 Barack Obama campaign has been fined $375,000 by the FEC, Federal Election Commission, for reporting violations of campaign donations received during the final days of the campaign. Yes, you read that correctly, 2008!!! As per the FEC, the fines are among the largest ever levied on a presidential campaign. So what took them so long to figure this out and why was this not reported to ‘We the People” prior to the 2012 presidential election?

President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign has been fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for reporting violations related to a set of donations received during the final days of the campaign.

The fines are among the largest ever levied on a presidential campaign by the FEC and stem from a series of missing filings for nearly 1,200 contributions totaling nearly $1.9 million. Campaigns are required to file the reports during the final weeks of the campaign.

I wonder when we will learn of any 2012 Obama campaign irregularities … 2050?  Wonder when the FEC will come down on the 2012 Obama campaign for its online/credit card vulnerabilities and donations from foreign nationals? How do you justify not  using CVV on their campaign donation page, yet Obama required it on his online site for Obamawear?

30 Newspapers Switch to Endorse Mitt Romney over Obama in 2012

Newspapers are a microcosm of the mood swing of American voting sentiment from 2008 to 2012.

Add the Wisconsin State Journal and the New York Daily News to the  list of newspapers who have switched from endorsing Barack Obama in 2008 to Mitt Romney in 2012. Similar to how many Americans voted for Obama in 2008 and have switched to Romney in 2012, so goes the print media.  The endorsement from the Wisconsin State Journal went as follows:

… But this election is about jobs, the slow economy and Washington’s dysfunction. Our leaders can’t even pass a budget, much less stabilize soaring debt that’s burdening our children and grandchildren.

Obama failed to embrace his own commission’s bipartisan debt deal. Ryan, serving on the commission, similarly balked at the solid and comprehensive agreement.

But Obama is the president. The buck stops with him. This is now Obama’s economy, …

Check out the  papers at least 30 papers that supported Obama for president in 2008 that have flipped to endorse Romney for president in 2012. The daily papers include:

 •Billings Gazette
•Cape Cod Times
•Casper Star-Tribune
•The Columbian
•The Daily Herald
•Daily News (L.A.)
•Daily Tribune
•The Dallas Morning News
Des Moines Register
•The Florida Times-Union (which split between McCain & Obama in ’08)
•Florida Today
•Fort Worth Star-Telegram
•Houston Chronicle
•The Journal & Courier
•The Joplin Globe
•Naples Daily News
•New York Daily News
•New York Observer
Orlando Sentinel
•Pasadena Star-News
•Pensacola News Journal
•Press-Telegram (Long Beach)
•Quad-City Times
•Reno Gazette-Journal
•Shreveport Times
•South Florida Sun Sentinel
•The (Nashua) Telegraph
The Tennessean
•Wisconsin State Journal

This is quite astonishing that so many liberal newspapers have changed their endorsement and gone away from Barack Obama.

Obama Panic Alert … Ohio Democrats Already Down 270,000 Votes From 2008

Team Obama, his minions and the in the tank liberal MSM have touted that Obama was overwhelmingly ahead in his ground game and early voting. NOT SO FAST.

Last night Senator Rob Portman (OH-R) spoke with Sean Hannity discussing voting in Ohio and Mitt Romney’s chances of victory. According to latest reports, 230,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio this year. Also in contrast, 40,000 more Republicans have voted early in Ohio this year.

Gallup states that Romney is up by 7 over Obama in early voting. We will only know on election eve who has been telling the truth when it comes voter turnout.

So Much for the Obama Early Voting Advantage: Gallup Poll Finds Romney Up 52% – 46% Among Early Voters

Hmm, Gallup reports that, “In U.S., 15% of Registered Voters Have Already Cast Ballots”. That’s not the headline … the following is, Romney leads Obama by 7% in early voting!!!

Team Obama, his minions and the in the tank Obama MSM have been spinning for weeks that Barack Obama has the advantage in early voting and that they are way out ahead of Mitt Romney. NOT SO FAST. Just like everything else they spew about Obama, its a myth. According to Gallup, Romney is leading Obama in early voting 52% to 46%. This is an amazing 22 point drop by Obama from 2008.

Romney Leads Among Early Voters, Similar to His Likely Voter Lead

Thus far, early voters do not seem to be swaying the election toward either candidate.

Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 45% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. However, that is comparable to Romney’s 51% to 46% lead among all likely voters in Gallup’s Oct. 22-28 tracking polling. At the same time, the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.

The Lonely Conservative has an very interesting factoid, the GOP is way out ahead of absentee ballots over Democrats in Pennsylvanian.

In 2008 the GOP edged the Democrats by just 2% in absentee returns. As of today the GOP’s lead is 18.8% — a 16.9% bump in a state Obama won by 10% in 2008. Republicans have turned in 55.2% of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.

The Romney Victory team has been on the ground in Pennsylvania for months with over 60 staff and dozens of offices. We have made over 5 million volunteer voter contacts including over 1 million volunteer door knocks across Pennsylvania.

Let’s be realistic, who really is motivated to vote for another Obama four years? Anyone can plainly see that there is no enthusiasm for Obama in 2012. There is no hysteria for Obama like there was in 2008. Frankly, why should there be. Just as many wanted to vote into office the first black president, many are making sure they vote out a president who has been an epic failure.

Liberal Newspapers Abandoning Obama … Orlando Sentinel Endorses Mitt Romney … Add The Tennessean as Well

WOW, Hell Just Froze Over … Liberal Newspaper have buyer’s remorse. The Orlando Sentinel and Tennessean endorse Mitt Romney …

What a difference four years makes. How bad is it for President Barack Obama … liberal newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel endorses GOP Presidential challenger Mitt Romney In an amazing reversal of fortune, the the Orlando Sentinel kicks Barack Obama to the curb and endorses Romney and laid out their rational for their decision. Their main point and the main issue for millions of Americans, the economy. Barack Obama has failed America as unemployment remains high, millions of Americans are unemployed or under-employed, as economic growth is “anemic” and the federal debt is through the roof over $16 trillion.

But the core of Romney’s campaign platform, his five-point plan, at least shows he understands that reviving the economy and repairing the government’s balance sheet are imperative — now, not four years in the future.

Romney has a strong record of leadership to run on. He built a successful business. He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and mismanagement. As governor of Massachusetts, he worked with a Democrat-dominated legislature to close a $3billion budget deficit without borrowing or raising taxes, and pass the health plan that became a national model.

This is Romney’s time to lead, again. If he doesn’t produce results — even with a hostile Senate — we’ll be ready in 2016 to get behind someone else who will.

But wait, Team Reelect Obama thought that was bad … Hell just froze over, The Tennessean also just endorsed Romney. Granted, the state of Tennessee is dark red and not in play for the 2012 Presidential election; however, the Tennessean is as liberal a rag as their is in the US.  It is the newspaper that gave Al Gore his start in journalism. Nuff said. This is a newspaper that has endorsed every Presidential Democrat candidate, not this time. Who knew, pigs can fly.

The Tennessean decision to endorse Romney also pointed to Obama’s failures with the economy and Obama’s failures. He promised America “Hope & Change” and as the Tennessean, maybe only such change can come from Mitt Romney.

Should President Obama, as some suggested, have devoted his early political capital to jobs and debt reduction and pursuing Wall Street criminals, instead of health reform? Time will tell. But it’s clear whatever shaky bridges were burned in the push for health reform only emboldened Republicans to oppose his subsequent economic proposals. That has rendered much of his presidency ineffective.

Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a call for hope and change. Perhaps the change he spoke of could only come with the help of Mitt Romney.

OUCH! Can you say the rats are abandoning the sinking S.S. Obama? Even liberal print media is starting to understand that Obama is not the answer, even if they believe in his ideology. Just how bad and an epic failure must Barack Obama be to lose the endorsements of some of the most uber-lib print media in the United States? But don’t worry Barack, you got the Honey Boo Boo endorsement.

Frank Luntz Focus Group Overwhelmingly for Romney … One Member Says Obama’s Lied & “Been Bullsh*tting the Public”

Frank Luntz focus group goes big for Mitt Romney …

An interesting thing happened following last nights Presidential debate in Long Island, New York. The Frank Luntz focus group was a group of voters from Nevada, many of who had voted for Obama in 2008. In the end about 80 to 90 percent of the focus group members who had voted for Obama in the 2008 election stated that they were voting for Romney in 2012. When asked by Frank Luntz to describe Romney, they said the following:

“Forceful, compassionate, presidential,” one participant said.
“Confident and realistic,” said another.
“Presidential,” another told Luntz.
“Enthusiastic,” another reacted.
“Our next president,” one man said.
“Dynamo, winner,” said one more.

The focus group was jazzed for Romney and extremely critical of President Obama. Actually, it appeared that many in the focus group were tired of being tired of Obama. One in fact was sick and tired of Obama’s lies and let it be known, sensors be damned:

“He’s lied about everything. He lied to get elected in 2008 that’s why I voted for him. I bought it. Bull. And, he’s lied about everything. He hasn’t come through on anything. And he’s been bullsh*tting the public.“

Frank Luntz overall analysis of the focus group was that so many undecided voters had switched to Romney that this was “as significant as Denver”. f this focus group is any reflection of what voters are thinking and feeling in Nevada, no wonder many consider that the Nevada in now in play in 2012.

Good Grief, Romney Closing the Polling Gap in California, Improves by 8%

How bad is the polling data for Obama, he is even losing ground in California.

Now nobody expects Mitt Romney to win in California, because if that ever happened we would be witnessing a landslide vote greater than the 1980 Reagan victory over Carter. However, Mitt Romney has gained ground in polling data in Cali.In 2008 Obama won California 6% to 37%; however, in 2012 he is only ahead by 14% as Romney has see a recent 8% gain.

Obama had led by 22 points in the CBS 5 tracking poll released four weeks ago. Obama now leads by only 14 points, an 8-point improvement for Romney. At the same time, the poll found U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s support for her re-election bid remained largely unchanged, month-on-month, suggesting that the erosion in Democratic support is not across-the-board, but contained to Obama. Unclear is whether the Obama erosion is fleeting or long-lasting.

Newt Gingrich Responds to Obama’s 2007 VIDEO … “It’s a Reminder of the Depth of Dishonesty, Racism and Factual Falsehoods of Modern Left” (Video)

Last night Newt Gingrich went ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren and responded to the shocking and eye opening VIDEO of then candidate Barack Obama pandering to those in attendance at Hampton University. Speaking in a tongue that was hardly his own, Obama spewed lies and racial division as he spoke to the predominantly black crowd. Gingrich resounded by saying, “It’s a reminder of the depth of dishonesty, the appeals to racism, the factual falsehoods that are at the heart of the modern left.”

It is just too bad and borderline criminal that the MSM refused to cover and vett then candidate Obama in 2008. And in 2012, the MSM is even more in the tank for Obama.

“It’s a reminder of the depth of dishonesty, the appeals to racism, the factual falsehoods that are at the heart of the modern left. What then Senator Obama said was factually false. New Orleans got far more money than New York City. New Orleans got a great deal of money that was not matched by the Stafford Act… Factual inaccuracies are at the heart of the modern left. If they have to rely on the facts they’ll lose every time.”

What else would one expect from Barack Obama who would later become the most polarizing and divisive President ever during first term in office.

Where is the MSM? Remember When Obama Trashed Republicans for High Gas Prices During 2008 Election


Remember when Barack Obama was trashing Republicans for the high price of gas during the 2008 Presidential election? The gas prices have more than doubled, $1.84 to $3.85, since Obama took office, yet the silence in deafening from the MSM informing America. The corrupt liberal media complex is so in the tank, pardon the pun, that it would be simply unheard of for the media to remind America that they are not better off today than they were four years ago.

From CNS News:

Average retail gasoline prices have more than doubled under President Obama, according to government statistics, rising from $1.84 per gallon to $3.85 per gallon.

The average gasoline price is calculated by the Energy Information Agency, and shows that over the past 43 months of President Obama’s term retail gasoline prices have more than doubled, rising from an average of $1.84 per gallon to $3.85 per gallon.

Rising gasoline prices were particularly prevalent in August, which saw a 9.0 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for gasoline, a rise that almost entirely accounts for the general increase in prices seen by families across the country over the past month.

Just curious, what energy independence plan did Obama come up with in the last four years? Question two, who thinks if Obama was a Republican that the price of gas and unemployment rate would lead every new broadcast?

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