Remains Found Near J. B. Thomas Lake in Snyder, Texas Positively Identified as Missing Teen Hailey Dunn

It is sad but not unexpected news to report … the remains found last month near J. B. Thomas Lake in Snyder, Texas have been positively identified as missing teen Hailey Dunn.   Dental records and DNA were used to try to identify the badly decomposed bones. The teen’s scattered remains were discovered by an unidentified person on March 16, 2013. Her body was found about 20 miles northwest of the girl’s hometown of Colorado City.  The Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers and FBI investigators spent nearly four days gathering the remains and evidence that could lead to a conviction. Hailey Dunn went missing on 12/27/10 in Colorado City, TX. Hailey Dunn’s mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, was the last person to see Hailey before she went missing on December 27.

Billie Jean Dunn, the mother of Hailey Dunn, pleaded no contest in June 2011 to making a false report to law enforcement and received a suspended 90-day jail term with probation. The mother and Adkins have denied involvement in Hailey’s disappearance. Law enforcement officials have named Adkins as a “person of interest” in the case, but have not charged him.

Hailey Dunn – Rest in Peace

The remains of a teenage girl discovered near a Texas lake last month have been positively identified as missing teen Hailey Dunn, authorities confirmed today.

Investigators have confirmed the remains found near Lake J. B. Thomas in Snyder, Texas, in March belonged to the missing Colorado City, Texas, teen, Scurry County sheriff officials announced today at a news conference, according to ABC News affiliate KTXS in Abilene, Texas.

If you have information to provide about the disappearance of Hailey Dunn, please call the Scurry County Sheriff’s Office 325-573-3551, the FBI Dalls Division 972-559-5000, Crime Stoppers 1-800-252-8477 or submit a tip online at Callers may remain anonymous.”

UPDATE I: Report: Shawn Adkins to Testify Against Billie Jean Dunn.

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Remains Found in Texas Field Not Those of Missing Teen Cheerleader Hailey Dunn

The human remains that were discovered  earlier this week in a field near the McMahon Wrinkle Airpark in Big Spring, TX, about 40 miles from Dunn’s home in Colorado City, were not those of missing cheerleader Hailey Dunn. According to autopsy reports, the bones discovered belonged to a male and thus ending the speculation that Hailey Dunn had been found.

The discovery of male remains now shift to male missing persons cases in that area. The news that the remains found were not those of Hailey Dunn, who went missing on December 27, 2010 is a double edged sword of emotion. Had this been Hailey Dunn there would have finally been some answers and closure for Hailey’s family, friends and loved ones. Now that we have learned that they are not, could Hailey be alive?

The community of Colorado City had mixed emotions as the news swept through the small town on Friday. The human remains found in Big Spring are not missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn.

“Our hopes are back, and it has people a little excited. It wasn’t our little girl but unfortunately it was somebody’s baby,” said April Wehba, one of many who have been searching for Hailey. [...]

As the community continues to hold on to hope, they have one message they’re hoping Hailey hears:

“If Hailey is alive and if there is any chance she is watching and listening, we haven’t given up hope because we just want you home. We’re not going to give up so if you’re watching we just want you to know it’s safe to come home,” Jenkins said.

Pic: Hope for Hailey

The investigation continues, what happened to Hailey Dunn?

Hailey Dunn Missing: Human Remains Found Near Home of Mother of Shawn Adkins … Persons of Interest & Ex-Boyfriend of Billie Dunn

Could the remains found in a pasture 40 miles from Colorado City, Texas be that of missing teen Hailey Dunn?

Human remains have been discovered in a field near the McMahon Wrinkle Airpark. The airpark is approximately one mile away from the home of the mother of Shawn Adkins, Hailey Dunn’s mother’s boyfriend at the time of her disappearance. There has been no official positive ID made yet.  Shawn Adkins has been the only one named person of interest in the Haily Dunn missing persons case. Adkins was the last person to see the 13 year old cheerleader Hailey Dun on December 27, 2010, the date she went missing. Adkins was the live in boyfriend of Hailey’s mother, Billie Dunn. The two have since seperated following the disappearance of Dailey Dunn.

Human remains have been discovered in a pasture 40 miles from Colorado City, Texas, where 13–year-old Hailey Dunn disappeared more than a year ago.

Authorities in Big Spring, Texas, confirmed that human remains were found near the McMahon Wrinkle Airpark Tuesday afternoon. The airpark is about one mile from the home of the mother of Shawn Adkins, Hailey Dunn’s mother’s boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, and the only named person of interest in the case.

Det. Sgt. Tony Everett said the remains appeared to have been there “for a long period of time,” according to the San Angelo Standard Times. Everett said an FBI evidence recovery team from Dallas is expected to process the scene this morning.

From the outset all eyes were on  Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn who both failed numerous lie detector tests.

Both Dunn and Adkins failed polygraph exams during the initial investigation into Hailey Dunn’s disappearance. Billie Dunn took a lie detector test twice, and the first test ended prematurely when investigators discovered she was under the influence of narcotics. The second exam indicated that she had been deceptive, according to the affidavit.

Adkins took three polygraph exams. The first two times he walked out of the room before the test was completed. The third time he was found to be deceptive during the first part of the exam.

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UPDATE I: No official ID has been made yet due to the extent of the decomposition.

Police in Big Spring, Texas say the bones were found in a pasture near the town’s airport. The town is located about 100 miles south of Lubbock and about 40 miles from Colorado City, where Hailey was last seen.

Officials say they cannot yet determine the identity of the remains because of extensive decomposition. They say it appears the remains have been there for some time.

UPDATE II: Remains discovered are not those of missing Hailey Dunn.

Billie Jean Dunn, Mother of Missing Hailey Dunn Arrested for Hindering Apprehension & Prosecution, Possession of Dangerous Drugs & Obstructing Justice

 Billie Jean Dunn, the the mother of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn has been arrested and charged with hindering apprehension and prosecution, possession of dangerous drugs and obstructing justice.  All are the charges facing Billie Jean Dunn are misdemeanors. Billie Jean Dunn is being held without bond and will appear in court on Friday.

Hailey Dunn, Missing

Hailey Dunn was reported missing since December 27, 2010 although not reported until December 28. Presently, Shawn Adkins is the only other person of interest; however, there is no report as to whether any charges have been made against Adkins or pending arrests.

We can tell you that last month, authorities reported the discovery of thousands of images of child pornography on a computer taken from Adkin’s mother’s home in Big Spring, which is in Howard County. Investigators say they also found images on a memory stick taken from the Dunn home in Colorado City.

Once again we are presented with a case of a missing teen, in this case 13 year old Hailey Dunn, where there are no one surrounding this girl wearing white hats. How wasn’t something going to happen eventually to Haily Dun with the folks that were surrounding this child?

Missing Haily Dunn … Pornographic Images, Child Porn in Mother’s Dresser & Grandmothers Arrested for Drugs, Oh My

13 year old Hailey Dunn has been missing since December 27, 2010 from Colorado Cty, TX.

Like many cases before it, with the parents, grandparents and surrounding adults, one has to wonder how something did not happen to Haily Dunn sooner. We are presented once again with a case of a missing kid where no one is wearing a white hat.  First, all the focus was on  Hailey Darlene Dunn’s mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins (POI), was the last person to see Hailey Darlene Dunn. Then the mom, Billie Jean Dunn goes on the talk shows pleading for her daughters return, but something just seemed off.

Hailey Dunn_Colorado City Police Dept

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Flash-forward nearly two months and all hell breaks loose and questions abound surrounding the adults who were supposed to be responsible for looking out after the welfare of Haily Dunn. Are you serious, pornography and an images of child porn were found on a memory stick found inside the dresser of Billie Jean Dunn. Also, more than 108,000 images were found on a computer taken from the home. This certainly puts a new slant of Haily Dunn’s disappearance.

The memory stick had over 300 images of pornography, including child porn. Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said the memory stick contained “320 images and videos of pornographic nature” with images depicting bestiality and child pornography.

Billie Jean Dunn was supposed to attend and talk at an  Traffick911 rally event for the prevention of trafficking of children in sex slavery. Needless to say, the recent development of the discovery of child porn images has put an end to that.

Billie Jean was asked to appear at a Traffick911 rally in Mansfield on Sunday. Her estranged husband, Clint Dunn, was also asked to appear.

Traffick911 is an organization aimed at stopping the buying and selling of American children into sexual slavery.

But wait, it gets worse. 49 year old Connie Ostrander, the grandmother of missing Haley Dunn, was arrested on drug charges in possession of a controlled substance.

Connie Ostrander, 49, is currently in the Snyder Jail charged with possession of a controlled substance.  Ostrander is the mother of Billie Jean Dunn, Hailey’s mother.

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