MSNBC’s Chris “Tingles” Matthews Least Liked TV Newscasters

It will come as no surprise, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was named the least-liked newscasters, based on survey results from the Q Scores company. The ‘Hardball’ anchor Chris Matthews had the lowest likability score of all the names tested, as he registered only a 6 on the Q Score survey. But don’t worry, Matthews had company at the bottom of the list with fellow MSNBC’ers Andrea Mitchell and Alex Wagner. In comparison, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley came in at number one on the list with a 19.

And just one example of how Tingles won the least liked award … Chris Matthews Gets Angry Over “Thrill Up The Leg” Question on C-SPAN

What do you want in a newscaster? Accuracy? Ethics? A voice of reason in times of duress?

Or do you just want to like your anchor?

If the last part is most important to you, then channel-surf no further than Scott Pelley of the “CBS Evening News.” The newsman topped TheWrap‘s list of most and least-liked newscasters, based on survey results from the Q Scores company.

Pelley’s 19 Positive Q Score, which measures likeability, helped him just beat the No. 2 guy, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who had an 18. Cooper’s 56 Recognizability score places him among the highest on this list.

“Hardball” host Chris Matthews struck out with the lowest likeability score of all.


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Names Barack Obama the Political Loser of the Year of 2013 … “Feels Like the 7th or 8th Year of His Presidency”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has lost that thrill running up his leg … Hey Mathews, How’s that “Hopey-Changey” thing working out for ya?

Friday morning on ‘The Morning Joe,’ Matthews named Barack Obama the political loser of the year for 2013. How painful must that have been for Chris Matthews to say, rather than acting like a school girl with a crush and a thrill running up his leg. Maybe Mathews just hadn’t enough coffee that morning and had a moment of weakness where he was actually telling the truth. Many liberals are going to have an introspective in evaluating Barack Obama and the failure that has been his presidency as his poll numbers near the 30′s. How difficult will it be for Chris Mathews, the rest of the liberal MSM and Democrats to admit … he [Obama] is not the one they were waiting for.

“Terrible year for the president. I mean, it’s terrible,” he said.

Joe Scarborough agreed that it has been a “terrible year” for Obama after there was “so much hope” following his second inauguration.

“There’s another piece of it which you’re subtly getting at,” Matthews continued. “It’s not just that it’s a bad year in terms of the rollout. There’s an erosion in interest. It feels like a very long presidency now. It feels like the seventh or eighth year of a presidency. It doesn’t feel like the fifth.”

VIDEO Hat Tip – NewsBusters

Transcript – NewsBusters:

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: Let me ask you losers, political losers of the year?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Terrible year for the president. I mean, it’s terrible, this…

SCARBOROUGH: Can you go back a year? One year ago, the president was getting ready for his second inauguration. So much hope. This has been a terrible year. [American voters buyers remorse for if the election was today, Obama would have been run out of office in an epic landslide].

MATTHEWS: There’s another piece of it which you’re subtly getting at. It’s not just that it’s a bad year in terms of the rollout. There’s an erosion in interest. It feels like a very long presidency now. It feels like the seventh or eighth year of a presidency. It doesn’t feel like the fifth. There wasn’t that rejuvenation that comes with re-election. There wasn’t any, certainly he was never going to get a honeymoon from the other side, but there was no sense of wow. And I think that’s hurt him a lot.

Seventh or eighth year of the presidency … are you kidding … IT FEELS LIKE THE 7th or 8th TERM OF OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY!!!

Chris Matthews Signs New Long Term Contract MSNBC

Oh, happy, happy, joy, joyChris Matthews signs a long term contract with BSLSD MSNBC. “Hardball” goes on, his syndicated talk show “The Chris Matthews Show,” goes the way of the Do-Do. I guess we can look forward to many more years to come of Matthews calling us racists, but we can also look forward to Tea Party folks like Dana Loesch owning his liberal a$$. Chris Matthews inked a new long-term deal with MSNBC on Tuesday, extending his presence on MSNBC into the 2016 election. How come they don’t reference what he will be making? Doesn’t Matthews want his audience to know he is a part of the 1%?

MSNBC has signed Chris Matthews to a new, long-term contract with the channel, TVNewser has learned.

As part of the new deal, however, he will be ending “The Chris Matthews Show,” a syndicated public affairs show produced out of the NBC News DC bureau. The final edition of the program will air July 21. The half-hour show typically aired on Sunday mornings, though not every local market carried it. The show has been produced by NBC since 2002.

Matthews says he is ending the syndicated show to focus on “Hardball,” his books and his long-form TV docs.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “All We Do Is Kill Arabs On International Television, That Might Have Something To Do With Jihad”

More blaming of America by Leftist MSNBC’s Chris Matthews …

Chris Matthews went on his liberal rant on ‘Hard Ball’, insisting that he opposes intervention into Syria and said that America spends too much of its energy intervening in Arab nations. “It’s all we do is kill Arabs on international television,” he opined. “I think that might have something to do with Jihad.” Huh, so once again we have the LEFT blaming America for radical Islam and their killing of infidels. According to Matthews, we have something to do with “jihad”. It is truly sad that those on the LEFT actually believe this nonsense. So I guess Matthews believes America was responsible for 9-11 as well?

From Mediaite:

Matthews confessed he is, as a “Vietnam guy,” often suspicious of intervention in foreign conflicts. “As horrible as that may be,” he added.

“As long as Syrians are fighting Syrians, that’s better than us fighting Syrians,” Matthews continued. “If we don’t stop killing Arabs on international television one of these days. It’s all we do is kill Arabs on international television.”

“I think that might have something to do with Jihad,” he concluded. “Just guessing.”

Lefty Chris Matthews Just Can’t Help Himself … Says About Boston Marathon Bombings, ‘Domestic Terrorists …Tend to Be on the Far Right’

The liberal Left just cannot help themselves …

The LEFT and BSNBC’s Chris Matthews wasted little time in assuming that the twin bombings today at the Boston Marathon that so fate has claimed 3 lives and severely injured 100′s must have been a result of domestic terrorism. And those folks tend to be on the far right. Really Chris, could you not wait until you actually had some facts before you spewed your liberal venom of this being a politically motivated. Matthews jumped to the conclusion that the bombing at the JFK library in conjunction with the two bombs that went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon had to be at the hands of a “domestic” terrorist, who tend to be on the far right. Of course I thought the JFK Library incident was a bit bizarre when I first heard that story come across the wires and thought maybe this might be the fog of journalism. As it turns out the JFK Library incident had nothing to do with the two bombs that exploded in Boston and was caused by a mechanical fire. How sad and pathetic that Matthews would almost wish that this be a case of domestic terrorism, rather than the obvious.

On “Hardball” tonight, the host openly questioned whether at least a portion of the horror was an intentional attack against the Democratic Party. Matthews made his controversial comments when he assumed that a purported explosion at the JFK Library was associated with the bombings.

“I was just thinking, again, it’s early; it’s an early situation, but going after the Kennedy Library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the freedom trail or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic Party,” he said “Does that tell you anything?”


Transcript from NewsBusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about domestic terrorism as a category. Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right, well that’s not a good category, just extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much or its politics or its government that they just want to do the damage, they don’t care if they get public credit, if you will?

MICHAEL LEITER: What we’ll see over the coming couple hours and days is lots of people taking credit for this. We’ll probably have al-Qaeda take credit for it. We’ll have domestic terrorists take credit for it. And it will be the responsibility of the FBI and the Boston police to figure out if any of those are actually real cases like Timothy McVeigh destroying the Oklahoma City courthouse federal building; no one took credit for that. So it might be some time or never that someone actually takes credit for this. Lots of people will say they were responsible for it.

MATTHEWS: I was just thinking, again, it’s early; it’s an early situation, but going after the Kennedy Library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the freedom trail or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic Party. Does that tell you anything?

 And to answer Chris Matthews question about domestic terrorism … I guess Chrissy has forgotten about Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground? How about those Left-wing eco-terrorist Chris? Hmm?

Lefty Chris Matthews Loses His Mind on MSNBC Following Bad Obama Beat Down … Where Was Obama Tonight? Admits Romney Won Debate

Chris Matthew admits Romney won the Debate …

The LEFT has lost their collective minds tonight as President Barack Obama looked terrible and Mitt Romney sounded, acted and appeared to be more Presidential. OMG, below is must see VIDEO. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews did not have a tingle up his leg tonight although his heart rate may have been between 150-200. Matthews was frothing at the mouth as he had a post debate melt down wondering what in the hell Obama was doing during the debate.  What pained Chris Matthews to say was the following, “what was Romney doing tonight … HE WAS WINNING!!!”

Matthews talks, um excuse me, rants about a debate that is going on at MSNBC every night. Really? What was is that, the liberal love-fest of Obama and the carrying of his water? At the PJ Tatler states, there has been no debate at MSNBC for quite some time, if ever. Matthews  is caught in the past and longs for JFK. I wonder what Chris would ever do if JFK came back and saw the state of the Democrats party and registered as a Republican?

UPDATE I: From The American Thinker … Obama sycophant Andrew Sullivan tweeted,

Andrew Sullivan ?@sullydish
Look: you know how much I love the guy, and how much of a high info viewer I am, but this was a disaster for Obama.

UPDATE II: Buzz Feed’s Andrew Kaczynski says, “The MSNBC host said Obama can’t handle another two more debate performances like his debate tonight.”

MEDIA BIAS: Chris Matthews Says Unemployment Was Well Past 10% When Obama Took Office, Um Sorry Tingles, It Was Only 7.8%

More MSM Bias and lies …

Chris “Tingle Up My Leg” Matthews continues the MSM propaganda for Barack Obama and continues to spew a false narrative of actual facts that existed prior to Obama coming into office. Matthews stated that the unemployment rate was over 10% and skyrocketing.  Really, over 10%? Interestingly enough the facts show that the unemployment rate was 7.8% when he took office. Actually, this was the lowest that the unemployment rate has been during the Obama Presidency as we have had 43+ months at +8%, event though Obama and his minions promised it would go below 8% after passing his trillion dollar, not shovel ready stimulus.

“When your guy left town, Dubya – who nobody asked him to come back by the way at the Republican convention – unemployment was well past ten percent and skyrocketing.”

Matthews stated that the unemployment rate was over 10% and skyrocketing when his Obamamessiah took office. That is just a false statement and intended lie to put forth to the American people to deceive them. According to the US Labor Department the unemployment rate was 7.8%. So why would Tingles feel the need to lie?  Obviously, the MSM has to aid Obama to get reelected despite Obama’s terrible economic record and failed policies to help create job growth in America.

Question, how does NBC allow such a statement by Matthews to be put forth and not responded to as false? Of course this is coming from a news network that allowed the doctored and edited tape to be put forth of the George Zimmerman 911 call. But when the skewing of the news and out right lies benefit Obama, mums the word. The Lonely Conservative has more from MSNBC MSU news.

UPDATE I: However, as reported at the real Unemployment Rate hits 11.7% as spread between the reported and propaganda data hits record.

Today’s reported unemployment rate: 8.1%. The reason: the labor “participation” dropped to a 31 year low 63.5% as reported earlier. Of course, this number is pure propaganda, and makes no sense for one simple reason: despite the economic collapse started in December 2007, the US civilian non-institutional population since then has grown by 186,000 people every month on average hitting an all time high of 243,566,000 in August. These people need a job, and the traditional shorthand is that at least 100,000 jobs have the be generated every month for the unemployment rate to merely stay flat, let along improve. So what does one get when one uses the long-term average of the past 30 or so years which happens to be 65.8%? One gets an unemployment number that is 45% higher than the reported 8.1%, or 11.7%.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Says There is No Media Bias … Really George? Even Though 51% Expect Media to Help Obama


MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall asked ABC’s George Stephanopoulos whether if he believes there is a liberal bias in the media? Stephanopoulos replied, “I don’t.”  Yea there is no media bias, that’s why CNN and MSNBC did not broadcast any of the female, Hispanic of Black speakers at the GOP convention that were not the prime time speakers. Yup, no media bias there.  How can anyone take Stephanopoulos seriously when he owes his entire career to Bill Clinton? remember when Stephanopoulos as a member of the Clinton Administration said, “Clinton did not have a character problem?”

When those in the liberal, corrupt media complex cannot admit there is no media bias, none, its time to completely replace the old media with a new one that defends the rights of the citizens and questions a government and its actions, policies and agenda no matter what party is in office. Recently Americans stated in a Rasmussen poll that media bias was more of a problem  than campaign donations. Also, another more damning poll of Americans shows that a whopping 51% expect most reporters to help Barack Obama; only 9% predict they will help Romney.

Nothing like a good in the tank reporter correcting  Obama when he says, My Muslim Faith”. No liberal media bias here.

Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg discuss recent insane comments and examples of liberal bias in the media. It happens more and more today because there is no diversity of thought or ideas in the news room.

Bernie Goldberg discusses bias in the media on CNN. Media crossed the lines between media journalism to media activism

Joe Scarborough calls out bias in MSNBC news reporting – “a George W. Bush appointee”

Bill O’Reilly slams AP and MSNBC for bias

Political Bias At MSNBC? Look No Further Than Chris Matthews Questioning Pat Toomey

Former NH Senator Judd Gregg calls out MSNBC host and then they cut him off

FOX News Megyn Kelly Loses It Calls Out Obama’s Spokesman Bill Burton for liberal media bias during 2008 campaign (Watch this doozy, its a classic)

Newt Gingrich Tears Chris Matthews a “News” One & Turns the Tables on Mr. Tingles … “you’re being a racist because you assume it refers to black.”

The liberal, corrupt MSM is all in for Obama and not even trying to hide it …

You know how you know that the Democrats are losing and President Barack Obama is losing … just watch the corrupt liberal media complex and see how more and more they are losing it and becoming unhinged. Watch the Obama campaign, oops, the liberal MSM interview the GOP during the RNC and see their heads pop off. Can anyone tell the difference anymore between the MSM and the Obama campaign and Obama Super-PAC’s?

Fresh off his not-so professional interview where MSNBC’s Chris “where is that tingly feeling” Matthews with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus over whether Romney had played the race card with a birth certificate joke … Mathews got his hat handed to him in an interview with former GOP House Speaker and GOP Presidential primary candidate Newt Gingrich. The Newtster actually turned the tables on Mr. Tingles and called Mathews a racist. Want to see a LIB lose their mind and get flustered, call them for what they really are. It was priceless.

The transcript can be read at NewsBusters.

Much more of the exchange can be read at the Politico. I have to admit, no one, but no one puts the liberal, in the tank media for Obama in their place like Newt Gingrich. BRAVO!!!

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews — not Mitt Romney — is the one playing the race card, according to Newt Gingrich.

Hours after Matthews scrapped with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus over whether Romney had played the race card with a birth certificate joke, the former GOP presidential candidate defended his attacks against “food stamp president” Barack Obama by accusing Matthews of “being a racist.”

“Why do you assume food stamp refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have?” Gingrich said as Matthews tried unsuccessfully to interrupt him. “Wait a second, you’re being a racist because you assume it refers to black.”

Matthews said Gingrich’s and the GOP’s rhetoric about welfare had racial undertones, rhetoric that dates to President Ronald Reagan.

“This is a history we have here,” Matthews said. “And this lingo is so clear to every African-American watching right now.”

Gingrich disagreed.

“So we’re not allowed to tell the truth about food stamps?” he said. “Come on, give me a break.”

UPDATE I: NRO reports, RNC Chair Priebus on Chris Matthews: ‘He Made the Case for Us.’ Following the dust up and the media bias ambush from Mathews regarding imaginary racism, Priebus calls Mr. Tingles for what he truly is,

“We shook hands, but I will tell ya that someone from MSNBC, I don’t know if it’s a producer or somebody, has been trying to call us all day — I’m sure it’s to make amends, but there’s nothing to make amends [about]. When somebody wants to take the prize of being the biggest jerk in the room . . . I mean, he made the case for us. This is the Barack Obama surrogate of 2012. This is what they’re all about. They’re going to be about division, they’re going to be about distraction. And I’ve got to tell you, the brand of Barack Obama, hope and change and bringing us all together, it’s completely broken. When people come to realize that you’re not real anymore, you’re not who you said you were, that’s a big problem for Barack Obama.”

Chris Matthews Has Lost that Obama Tingle Up His Leg … Blasts Obama … ‘I Hear Stories That You Would Not Believe’

Chris Matthews slams Barack Obama … “‘I Hear Stories That You Would Not Believe”.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews blast President Barack Obama and asks why does Obama want a second term, there is nothing to root for. What are they trying to do in this administration, what are we to expect from Obama, more of the same? Mathews asks, “Is this it, is this as good as it gets”?

Hat Tip: Breitbart TV

Mathews went on to slam Obama and his minions wearing propeller caps stating that Obama has yet to tell us what he will do with a second term. Is he going to reform social security, health care, the tax system …? Why are we in this fight with him? Although the most telling comments made by Matthews to show how the Left MSM is in the tank for this President was when Chris said, “give us our orders and tell us where we are going … give us our mission. Hmm.

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