Liberal Dennis Kucinich Says Barack Obama Risks Impeachment If He Acts Against Syria Without Congressional Approval

At least there is some consistency on the LEFT to the Imperial Presidents actions.

Former Ohio Congressman and self-avowed Lib Dennis Kucinich warned that President Barack Obama faces impeachment if he takes military action against Syria without congressional approval because as there was no no “imminent or actual threat” to America. Kucinich also takes issue with how Obama phrased his statement earlier today; however, I am not sure how this is an epiphany to anyone that Obama cares little about the US Constitution and following it.

On Hannity Friday night, guest host Tucker Carlson had Kucinich on the show to discuss the following tweet, which links to a Washington Post article about how the administration is insisting that President Obama “has both the authority and determination to make his own decision on a military strike against Syria.”

Not so, says Kucinich, and the president risks impeachment if he does. “There is no imminent or actual threat to the United States of America. If there was, then people expect the president to defend us. But in this case the president is going on his own,” Kucinich explains.

“It’s not ‘I the President,’ it’s ‘We the People of the United States,’ Kucinich says after quoting the president saying earlier on Friday: “I meant what I said, I have not made a final decision.” Kucinich points to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which says only Congress has the power to take America to war. “That’s a fundamental principle and if the president throws that away, disregards that I think there will be consequences for him,” he said.

VIDEO – The Right Scoop

Former Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich was Asked Whether Benghazi Talking Points were Politically Scrubbed … His Response, “Of Course They Were, Are You Kidding?”


Former Democrat US Representative Dennis Kucinich and now Fox News contributor appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning and his comments regarding Benghazi were damning for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I must say that I had to check outside the window while I was 100% aggressing with Kucinich’s remarks as I thought I saw pigs flying by. When asked by Chris Wallace during the panel discussion, if he thought the Benghazi talking points were politically scrubbed, Kucinich replied, “OF COURSE THEY WERE. COME ON, ARE YOU KIDDING”?  Kucinich had previously stated that the Obama administration had to call the Benghazi attack a street demonstration otherwise it brought into play on the eve of an election the fact that the entire Benghazi policy was a failure. Then there was the damning comment of the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton run State Department … “So we went there to protect the Libyan people. We couldn’t go into Benghazi to protect our own Americans who were serving there?”

Video Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

Partial transcript from FOX News Sunday:

WALLACE: Congressman Kucinich, I think it’s fair to say you’re a liberal Democrat. But I want to ask you, does it bother you that the CIA, as we now know, originally wrote about links to Al Qaeda, originally wrote about having warned the State Department for months about threats in Benghazi and that all of that was taken out and let’s put this up on the screen. State Department official Victoria Nuland wrote in pushing back against what the CIA had written, that information “could be abused by members of Congress to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings, so why would we want to feed that either? Concerned.” This, Congressman, from the transparent administration of Barack Obama.

FORMER REP. DENNIS KUCINICH, D-OHIO: Well, I didn’t need those memos to know that it was wrong for us to intervene in Libya. This is one liberal Democrat who said the intervention was wrong. And what the attack on the consulate brings up, Chris, is the failure of the Benghazi policy from the beginning. And that’s why they had to call it a street demonstration instead of an attack because on the eve of an election that brought in a whole new narrative about foreign policy, about dealing with terrorism, and about the consequences that led to four deaths of people who served the United States.

WALLACE: So do you think those talking points were politically scrubbed?

KUCINICH: Of course they were. Come on, are you kidding? You know, this is one of those things that you have to realize, we’re in the circumference of an election, and when you get on the eve of an election, everything becomes political. Unfortunately, Americans died and people who believe in America who put their lives on the line, they weren’t provided with protection. They weren’t provided with a response. They and their families had a right to make sure that they were defended. Look, we went into Benghazi with under the assumption that somehow there was going to be a massacre in Benghazi. So we went there to protect the Libyan people. We couldn’t go into Benghazi to protect our own Americans who were serving there? I’m offended by this, and there has to be real answers to the questions that are being raised.

WALLACE: Kim, let’s assume that Congressman Kucinich is right and that the talking points were politically scrubbed to protect Hillary Clinton, to protect Barack Obama running for re-election, is that where the scandal ends? What evidence is there — there certainly were misjudgments, but what evidence is there that the administration did anything wrong, wrong, either before or during the attack?

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Well, the thing is we don’t know. And this is what we found out this week, that the official record that is out there on all kinds of things, is simply not correct. OK, so, you know, apparently the White House was not involved in the talking points. That’s not true. Apparently Hillary Clinton was just a footnote in all of this. That was not true. Apparently and supposedly their requests for aid were never denied. We’ve heard this week that that was not true. And so the White House faces an issue here, which is where do we go — where do we get these answers? And that’s why you are now hearing calls for a bipartisan select committee. The Democrats keep claiming that this is partisan, this is a partisan exercise. The only way you’re going to get these answers is if you actually put a committee, put both sides on it, give them the power of deposition, give them the power of subpoena, finally get the emails, finally talk to all the witnesses in public, and if the White House really claims it has nothing to hide, then it shouldn’t fear such an exercise. But that’s the only way that you’re going to start getting any answers on this. Otherwise it’s going to drip, drip, drip on like this week after week.

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Says He is Considering Congressional Run in Another State

Liberals just can’t leave politics …

US Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) stated that he is considering a Congressional run for office in another state. When it comes to Dennis Kucinich, one wonders where he might try another planet instead. Ohio lost two congressional seats in the reapportionment due to the 2010 U.S. Census.  The result is that this will reduce Ohio to 16 congressional seats and 18 electoral votes come 2012. Kucinich is said to be eying the Congressional seat in the  liberal state of Washington.

“If I don’t have anywhere I can run in Ohio, I have to start thinking about what my options are,” Kucinich in an interview with a television station in Lakewood, Ohio. “I prefer to continue serving the district I’ve served for as long as I have.  But that’s not my choice to make in terms of the map.”

Ohio is losing two congressional seats in the redistricting process, and Kucinich’s is likely on the chopping block. If that happens he could end up drawn into a district with Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) or find himself having to run against Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) if he wanted to continue representing the state.

It will be rather interesting to see whether Washington opens its arms to the far Left 8 term Congressman or whether carpetbagging is deemed unpopular. The pathetic aspect of this is that liberal politicians just cannot leave politics. The private sector where results are expected is just to much for them. They just can’t get it through their heads that being a US Rep is not a lifetime appointment.

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Settles Frivolous Nuisance Lawsuit in Olive Pit Tragedy

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has settled his frivlous lawsuit against the Congressional cafeteria for the permanent damage, mental anguish and loss of consortium he suffered from biting into on olive pit in hos veggie wrap. UNBELIEVABLE. The details of the settlement are confidental. Of course they are … can you say nuisance law suit settlement. Kucinich stated, “I feel the defendants have responded fairly and reasonably.” Too bad we can’t say the same for the Congressman.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said Friday that he’d settled his lawsuit against the congressional cafeteria for dental damage he sustained after biting into an olive pit.

Kucinich wrote on his website that he’d settled his suit, the terms of which were confidential, and sought to explain the situation leading him to sue for $150,000 earlier this week.

“Though I would prefer to focus your attention on my work dealing with the profoundly important issues that face our nation, such as job creation, getting the economy back on track, and ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — it seems that some are more interested in discussing my personal dental issues,” Kucinich wrote.

Actually, when it comes to this loon, I would rather have him focus on his olive pit prosecution than pointing his two cents in any legitimate and important issue of the day. Why is this moonbat even in the People’s House? Ohio, you can do better.

Statement from Kucinich.

WHAT, who knew that Dennis Kucinich was one of the 10 to 30 million people in the United States not covered by health insurance? Does anyone really believe that a US Rep. does not get dental insurance, Really?

“To clarify, no dental expenses were covered by any health plan, nor did I have dental insurance that covered the injury, which, until it was resolved, affected my ability to chew food properly,” he wrote, explaining why he sought recompense.

Dennis Kucinich Sues Congressional Cafeteria for $150K for Olive Pit in Sandwich

Ever wonder why we have such a litigious society with far too many frivolous law suits … just ask Dennis Kucinich, it’s the pits.

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is suing the Congressional cafeteria for $150,000 for selling him a vegetarian sandwich wrap in 2008 with an alleged olive pit in it. The Congressman claims that the olive pit caused dental damage. Unbelievable, the suit is claiming that the sandwich ”contained dangerous substances,” and biting into it caused serious “permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures.” Good grief, Dennis Kucinich is also claiming  loss of enjoyment. Sorry, but doesn’t Congress have a dental health care plan, unlike the one that they want to force upon others with Obamacare.

No wonder people have such a poor image of Congress, when those who contribute to the ills of society like frivolous lawsuits are the politicians in charge, America we have a problem.

The law suit can be read HERE.

The lawsuit that the Cleveland Democrat filed Jan. 3 against operators and suppliers of the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria says the sandwich he bought there “on or about” April 17, 2008 “contained dangerous substances, namely an olive pit, that a consumer would not reasonably expect to find in the final product served.”

Biting into it caused serious “permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures,” the legal documents say. They contend the congressman is entitled to damages for future dental and medical expenses and to compensate him for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment.


Video: CNN

Exactly what was Dennis’ los of enjoyment? Permanent dental and oral injuries … from an olive pit? C’mon man!!!  How sad, a member of Congress looking to make a buck off a frivolous law suit. I guess it is safe to say that Dennis Kucinich will not be welcome at the Olive Garden any time soon.

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