Boko Haram Claims Responsibility For Kidnapping More Than 200 Missing Nigerian Girls … Islamist Militant Terrorist Leader Says … “I Will Sell Them … Allah Says I Should Sell”


Abubakar Shekau,  man claiming to be the Boko Haram leader has claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls. In a video tape the Muslim Islamist militant leader said, “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah. There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell.” Over 200 girls were abducted on April 14, 2014 when a school in north-east Nigeria was attacked by members of the Islamist group Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden,” in Chibok.

And of course Islam is a religion of peace.

About 230 girls are still believed to be missing, prompting widespread criticism of the Nigerian government.

The Boko Haram insurgency has left thousands dead since 2009.

The girls were taken from their boarding school in Chibok, in the northern state of Borno, on the night of 14 April.


“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” a man claiming to be Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video first obtained by Agence France-Presse.

“There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women,” he continued, according to a CNN translation from the local Hausa language.

Boko Haram is a terrorist group receiving training from al Qaeda affiliates, according to U.S. officials. Its name means “Western education is sin.” In his nearly hour long, rambling video, Shekau repeatedly called for Western education to end.

Democrats would tell you that the GOP is conducting a war on women. Sorry, but you trivialize the actual war on woman and their exploitation that is taking place in the world no different than Democrats fauz cries of racism just because someone may disagree with Obama’s policies. As Legal Insurrection states, take a real good look at the real war on women courtesy of Islamists.

Former NBA Player Dennis Rodman Says,Obama and Kim Jong Un Could Bond If They Shoot Hoops … Also, ‘Won’t Apologize’ For ‘My Friend’ Kim Jong Un’s Murderous Regime: ‘We Do The Same Thing Here’


File this one under why you don’t let idiots go to an oppressive Communist country and become “useful idiots” for propaganda.  Some called it ”BASKETBALL DIPLOMACY”, personally I call it IDOCY and more Dennis Rodman attention seeking behavior. What a joke. Is this what we have come to in the United States in allowing a fool like Dennis ‘The Worm” Rodman to act as an ad hoc diplomat?  Then again, John Kerry is now in charge of the State Department, I guess anything is possible.

Why would anyone take this clown seriously?

Former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman and attention seeking whore who thrives on the outrageous recently visited North Korea and spent time palling around with communist dictator Kim Jong Un. However, after returning to the US, Rodman told reporters that Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un could bond if they shot hoops. Wow, who knew that North Korea would stop threating to nuke America and killing their own people if Kim Jong Un and Obama played a game of HORSE or played some one on one? WTF!!! Rodman stated in his interview on ABC’s ‘This Week’, that Kim Jong Un wanted Obama to call him. I almost have to ask why the media even interviewed Rodman and gave anything he does credibility. Rodman is a fool, an attention seeking fool. Nothing more. Either Rodman is ignorant to the fact of what actually goes on in North Korea, or he does not care. North Koreans are being unjustly imprisoned and they are being starved to death and we have a bridal dress wearing Dennis Rodman allowed to go there and act like this brutal leader is like everyone else. Unreal. Just curious, why did State Department allow this A$$ clown to go there?

DENNIS RODMAN, otherwise known as a “USEFUL IDIOT”.

During the interview with George Stephanopoulos on ‘This Week,’ Rodman kept referring to Kim Jong Un as his friend and a good guy. When pressed about the prison camps, the lack of human rights and the murderous North Korean regimes, Rodman made excuses and said that “we do the same thing here”. REALLY? As reported at Mediaite, Dennis Rodman ‘Won’t Apologize’ For ‘My Friend’ Kim Jong Un’s Murderous Regime: ‘We Do The Same Thing Here’.

Check out Rodman’s comments below that the US has death camps and that the North Korean dictator is his friend. Some how an ignorant Rodman is able to over look the killing and starving of people because the dude is his friend. Newsflasf to Dennis, the North Korean people do not respect Kim Jong Un, they fear him.  If they showed the slighted bit of opposition, they would be imprisoned or killed.

Rodman downplayed his trip that some are calling “basketball diplomacy” saying that he is not a diplomat while brushing aside allegations about North Korean death camps by saying “we do the same thing here.”

“I don’t condone that. I hate the fact that he’s doing that. I didn’t talk about that. I saw people respected him, his family. He’s only 28. He’s not his dad. He’s not his grandpa. He is 28 years old. He’s very humble. He’s a very humble man. He don’t want war, that’s one thing he don’t want. He loves power. He loves control, because of his father, you know, stuff like that. But he’s just…he’s a great guy. He’s just a great guy. You sit down and talk to him,” said Rodman.

When Stephanopoulos went after Rodman on not talking about North Korean death camps he said, “We do the same things here.”

A dumbfounded Stephanopoulos replied, “We have prison camps here in the United States?”

“This is all politics right? He don’t want to do that,” said Rodman.

“It sounds like you’re apologizing for him?” said Stephanopoulos.

“No, I’m not apologizing for him. He was a great guy to me. He was my friend. I don’t condone what he does. But as a person to person, he’s my friend. What I did was history. He’s a friend to me. That’s about it,” said Rodman.

Woman’s Rights in Islam and Sharia Law … 14 Year Old Girl Raped and Lashed to Death, Charged with Adultery

 Woman’s rights in Islam …

A 14 year old girl, Hena Akhter, was sentenced to 101 lashes from the imam from the local mosque as punishment for adultery. She was brought out into public and lashed for her crimes. According to CNN, she dropped at 70 lashes. She dies a week later from her injuries declaring in her dying words to her mother that she was innocent.

Want to know what passes for female adultery? How about being raped. As stated at Patterico’s Pontifications, could there be a more barbaric interpretation to adultery. A woman to prove she was raped cannot do so without four witnesses to back her up. What!

Many months later on a winter night, as Hena’s sister Alya told it, Hena was walking from her room to an outdoor toilet when Mahbub Khan gagged her with cloth, forced her behind nearby shrubbery and beat and raped her.

Hena struggled to escape, Alya told CNN. Mahbub Khan’s wife heard Hena’s muffled screams and when she found Hena with her husband, she dragged the teenage girl back to her hut, beat her and trampled her on the floor.

The next day, the village elders met to discuss the case at Mahbub Khan’s house, Alya said. The imam pronounced his fatwa. Khan and Hena were found guilty of an illicit relationship. Her punishment under sharia or Islamic law was 101 lashes; his 201.

Afshan Azad, Harry Potter Actress “Beaten, Threatened & Branded a Prostitute” by Her Brother & Father After Dating a Non-Muslim

You have heard of Muslim honor killing, how about honor beatings … because Islam means peace. Not even Harry Potter actresses are exempt from Muslim honor killings.

22 year old Afshan Azad, the Harry Potter actress who played Padma Patil was attacked by her bother and father who threatened to kill her because she dare date a Hindu man. She was branded a “whore” by her family when they learned who her boyfriend was. The actress was forced to flee her home under threat of death. Her father, 54 year old Abul Azad and her brother 28 year old Ashraf  were arrested and charged with making threats to kill her. However, due to fear for her life, Afshan Azad did not testify against her father and brother. Azad’s brother pleads guilty to assaulting her; however, prosecutors allowed the two to skate on the death threat charges.

A Harry Potter actress fled her home after her father and brother threatened to kill her for going out with a Hindu man, a court heard yesterday.

Afshan Azad, 22, who appeared in the blockbuster movies as Padma Patil, was attacked and branded a ‘slag’ when Muslim relatives found out about her boyfriend.

The actress was so scared that she escaped out of her bedroom window and later fled her home city.
Police were called and her father, Abul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf, 28, were arrested and charged with making threats to kill her. The actress’s brother was also charged with assault.

Read more

SHOCKER!!! Nobel Peace Prize Awarded and not to Obama … This Time a Deserving Recipient, Jailed Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo

Nobel Peace Prize vs. China … Finally Nobel gets it right!

The Nobel Peace Prize committee finally gets it right this year and awards the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to jailed Chinese, political and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo. The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner presently sits in a Chinese jail and is currently serving an 11-year term on subversion charges. Kudos to the Nobel Peace Prize committee for actually make a controversial choice in picking a winner for all the right reasons. It is about time some one stood up to China and their horrific treatment to people.

Liu Xiaobo, an impassioned literary critic, political essayist and democracy advocate repeatedly jailed by the Chinese government for his writings, won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in recognition of “his long and nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.”

Mr. Liu, 54, perhaps China’s best known dissident, is currently serving an 11-year term on subversion charges.

Needless to say, the Chinese government is not happy with the decision. Not in the least. It is about time some one stood up to China and called them for what they really are. In awarding the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo, the committee for the first time in a long time got it 100% correct and should be applauded. Although their statement below has some PC platitudes in it to China, it is nice to see some one actually stand up to this Communist, humna rights violators instead of just bowing to them.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry reacted angrily to the news, calling it a “blasphemy” to the Peace Prize and saying it would harm Norwegian-Chinese relations. “Liu Xiaobo is a criminal who has been sentenced by Chinese judicial departments for violating Chinese law,” it said in a statement.

In their statement in Olso announcing the prize, the committee noted that China, now the world’s second-biggest economy, should be commended for lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and for broadening the scope of political participation. But they chastised the government for ignoring freedoms guaranteed in the Chinese Constitution. [editors note: "lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty", really? Have they seen the slave and near slave labor wages in China? I guess they have not hear of FoxxConn.]

“In practice, these freedoms have proved to be distinctly curtailed for China’s citizens,” the statement said, adding, “China’s new status must entail increased responsibility.”

Nobel was obviously making up for last years ridiculous choice. Last year, it was bad enough that Obama was nominated, but to win? Sadly, the committee make a mockery of the award last year and gave it to Barack Obama, a man who had literally accomplished nothing. It was such a joke that Obama had won the award last year that even SNL could not resist the satire.

Interestingly enough, Barack Obama has seemed to be left off the Nobel Prize list of nominee for economic this year. A collective America with record debt, record food stamp recipients and an unemployment rate that is supposed to rise once again later this morning wonders why.

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