Jug Twitty Gives his Thoughts and Opinions on the Main Characters in the Natalee Holloway Case

The following is a partial transcript from last nights Dana Pretzer interview with George “Jug” Twitty on Scared Monkeys radio. The full transcript can be read here or listen to the podcast … Jug Twitty, in his own words on his thoughts, perceptions and opinions regarding the investigation into the disappearance of his step-daughter, Natalee Holloway. Trust us, he did not beat around the bush. We thank him for that.

Aruba talking heads

Jug Twitty provides his opinion of some of the players who have been involved in the Natalee Holloway investigation. In an investigation with so many twists, turns and flat out lies, we thank Jug Twitty for his honesty and candor during last nights interview.

Dana: “Jossy Mansur

Jug: “He’s a man of his word. I’ve been to his house, met his wife, his sons went to same military school, I trust him.”

Dana: “Julia Renfro

Jug : “She has her own agenda and her whole deal she ran us around, she has some kind of connection to Paul.

Dana: “Paul Van der Sloot

Jug: “is a coward, I’m a father I’m a very good father, this man is not and I see his face at night he’s evil.”

Dana: “Dennis Jacobs”

Jug: “A puppet, he’s dirty I could tell the first day the man’s string pulled by somebody”

Dana: “Gerald Dompig

Jug: “Dompig, I never sat down with him face to face.”

Dana: “Oduber, the Prime Minister

Jug: “Oduber, very wishy washy. Sat with Beth and I we had dinner with wife and him and gave him confidential information that he was flabbergasted about but he did nothing, He really has no power down there really.

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Diario: Fraudulent Drivers License Case in Aruba … the usual Suspects Paul Van der Sloot & Gerold Dompig

DIARIO, September 8, 2007: den caso “rijbewijs gate, Jossy 1 ”HUEZ DI ACUERDO CU PETICION DI VAN DER SLOOT, PA YAMA DOMPIG COMO TESTIGO Once again the usual suspects, Gerold Dompig and Paul Van der Sloot. Its nice to see that PVDS is a defense attorney for a suspected criminal. What a shock. The below article from Diario with references to van der Sloot and Dompig has to do with the following case in drivers license corruption case in Aruba. Jossy Mansur, Managing editor of Diario was kind enough to explain exactly what the gist of the article is as follows:

It has to do with a big case of corruption, in which fraudulent driver licenses were Drivers-license_fraudsold. Sloot was one of the defense lawyers for one of the implicated persons. Everyone of his proposals to the Judge (to void the citation, and to set his client free) were rejected. He then asked for Gerald Dompig to be put on the witness stand because he was in charge of the department that issues driver licenses at the time when the licenses were sold. The judge did grant Sloot the petition to put Dompig on the witness stand. Treatment of the case will continue on the 13th of September at 1:00 p.m.

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The Other Side of Natalee Holloway Case? Gerald Dompig Says They are Guilty as Hell

The other side of the Natalee Holloway case, otherwise known as “Spinning for $’s”. There is a reason why this article in Amigoe was shopped around with no takers. Maybe because the facts, previous statements, previous interviews by those who are now changing their story state quite a different scenario. Maybe Gerald Dompig best review the past statements he has made as well. Over the next week, we will carve apart the shameful article that would blame a family, US law enforcement and even VP Dick Cheney for Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. The article that appears in Amigoe actually reads like a bad Saturday Night Live script. If we did not know the people involved, we would actually think the article was sarcasm.

Dompig, who up until May 2006 – when he resigned – led the investigation on Aruba, and three others, who from the start each had their own function after the then 18-year-old girl from the prestigious Mountain Brook at Birmingham , Alabama , did not return to her hotel room on the 30th of May 2005 , are now speaking up. They each feel the importance of sharing this side of the story. Perhaps even the story; the truth. A story where three boys – Joran van der Sloot (at that time aged 17), Deepak Kalpoe (21) and his 18 year old brother Satish (formally still suspects), hardly play a role in anymore. (SM)


Pressured? If Dompig was pressured by anyone it was his own government.

(Hat Tip: Klaas)

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Gerald Dompig in His Own Words…

We provide you decide:

thanks to Klaasend for putting this video together.

Globe Reports Kalpoe Brothers “Ready To Crack”

Globe122506While we do not put our full faith and confidence in the Globe Magazine, they do have an interesting article on the recent developments in the Natalee Holloway disappearance. The Globe reports that Gerald Dompig is claiming that the Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are “on the brink of cracking in the face of the testimony of a credible secret witness.”

The Globe also is reporting that Dompig said in an interview with Josse Mansur that the new investigative team from the Netherlands are “homing in on the Kalpoe Brothers.” He also goes on to state that they are now unable to withstand interrogation, declaring “If we put pressure on the two brothers, they will break.”

Josse Mansur was a guest on The Dana Pretzer Show and discussed some of these same topics. To listen to the podcast, use these links Play in Popup | Download


Many were under the impression that Gerold Dompig was no longer on the force. Guess not.Dompigmikes Dompig is convinced that the disappearance of Natalee Holloway will have a solution. Maybe with the KLPG taking over it will.

From Diario, 9/22/06: Aunke e por tarda un poco mas ainda: COMISARIO DOMPIG TA CONVENCI CU E CASO DI NATALEE LO HAYA SU SOLUCION


As everyone knows, when the young Natalee disappeared, a team of investigators was formed to handle the case and it was headed by Gerald Dompig, but then, in a surprise move, the Government decided to give the case over to Holland.

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House Keeping in Aruba … Enter the Dutch … Is this Show or the Real Deal?

Aruban authorities have finally asked for help from the Dutch. Unfortunately this request comes some 14 months too late. The real question is if this new investigation is to be believable by the new Dutch team coming to Aruba, they will have to be able to re-question the suspects and witnesses. Also they will actually have do a proper interrogations with follow-up questions, not the farce that took place last summer.

Vanderbilt houskpng

(Vanderbilt – ‘06)

A strong mother comes to clean up the mess made by the children.

The family business has been damaged by the irresponsible siblings who

should be punished appropriately.

The Dutch have to reestablish the trust required for visitors to have confidence in their physical safety.

Justice must prevail!

Aruba’s next Police Commissioner will come from The Netherlands

What a surprise …Â  Who controls Aruba?

AM Digital Next Police Chief

(AM Digital: Click on article to enlarge)

According to reports the next Police chief of Aruba replacing the out going Ronny Bernadina will come from the Netherlands. Supposedly after three years an Aruban will be appointed to the position. Three years is a long time.

Once this new chief of police’s time is up, he will be replaced by a new chief of police from Aruba.   Bernadina insisted on the protocol and in cooperation with the Legislation Administration and Judicial Affairs, it was established with the purpose to improve the organization.

Seems that Gerold Dompig will not get his wish of having Bernadina’s replacement be Aruban.

Who the new Chief Commissioner will be is unknown to Dompig but he hopes that the Government will not again bring in somebody from the outside.

“When will we mature? When will we trust our own people”?

Bringing in a Dutch Chief again will not contribute to the progress of the police force.

According to outgoing Bernadina, “Nothing will change within the police corps if a local person is hired.” We are sure it won’t. Some how that lack of change is probably not a good thing.

Nothing will change within the police corps if another local person is hired for this job, said Bernadina.   He also said that politics was interfering too much with police matters in the past and the KPA could not do her job properly.  

Also the problem with discipline within the police corps has to be solved, said Bernadina.   This year, KPA had to take 40 disciplinary measures already against police officers.   Last year, this number was 38 for the entire year.  Ã‚   The protocol requires therefore a so-called audit, where all the police districts are investigated.   This will become the base for the new chief of police to test the results of his plans.  Ã‚  

More on the story read the full article from Amigoe, August 3, 2006

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Aruba … “ONE CORRUPT ISLAND”: Paulus Van der Sloot Wins Court Case Against Aruba

I really hope the Judge in NYC is paying attention, if not … WAKE UP!!!

Does anyone really think that an American could receive a fair trial in Aruba? Not a chance. If she does then we have a “Natural Bridge” to sell her.

Aruba, do you want to know why your tourism is sinking out of sight and will continue to do so? Maybe because the powers that be in Aruba see fit to reward Paulus Van der Sloot for his law suit while the family of Natalee Holloway is told nothing regarding the disappearance of their daughter.

According to Bondia, Paulus Van der Sloot has won his legal case against Aruba in that he was unjustly detained by Aruban authorities. Paulus Van der Sloot was awarded Afls 50.000 or approximately US$28,000 by the Courts. This $28,000 settlement to Paulus Van der Sloot will cost Aruba millions of dollars in tourism due to the backlash.

Bondia PVDS lawsuit 1

(Bondia, click on article to enlarge)

The cronyism that has taken place during this entire investigation and following court proceedings has been nothing short of disgusting. The fact that judges were flown in to give the appearance of impartiality or preferential treatment is a joke to all thinking people. Paulus Van der Sloot was part of the legal system, knows the system and gamed the system. The two words “impartial” and “Aruba” can never be used in the same sentence.

I guess Paulus Van der Sloot did pull in the favors.  Initially he went to court to get his name off the suspect list. Interesting how the two black security guards who were framed have not been afforded that option. Then again, they are not Dutch.

Paulas VDS Favors

(click on pic to enlarge)

The Court, however, did not yet rule in the case of the family. That is still pending. For what? How can anyone say that Joran Van der Sloot was improperly detained when at the very least his lies lead to his incarceration? In interviews Joran has even admitted he understood why he spent time in jail.

Bondia PVDS lawsuit 2

(Bondia; click on article to enlarge)

The Court system in Aruba continues to be a mockery. The extent that they are willing to go to protect and pay off their own is truly pathetic. The Aruban people have no one to blame for their sicking economy and tourism than those in power who see fit that the Natalee Holloway case is covered up. To the Aruban people, do you remember when your own Gerold Dompig made this statement?Dompig BD

Dompig says he believes Paulus van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance.

The exact quote from the interview was as follows:

Troy Roberts (CBS): Do you believe Paulus Van Der Sloot knows more than he has been telling?
Gerold Dompig: Yes I Do…

But then again, Dompig resign from the police. Voluntarily of course.

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Aruban Investigation: Paulus Van der Sloot Pulling in the Favors

Paulus Van der Sloot and the never ending Favors.

Paulas VDS Favors

(Hat Tip: Klaas, click on picture to enlarge)

When one has friends in high places, favors are not only a premium, they are a necessity. One never knows when they will need to call in their mark. After all is said and done, Paulus Van der Sloot awaits the judges decision in his civil law suit against Aruba for false imprisonment. A law suit where not only Paulus stands to gain financially, but his son Joran as well who is still a suspect the last time I looked.

Let us remember back to the 48 Hours – CBS – Saturday, 3/25/2006, interview with Gerold Dompig.  Dompig accuses the elder Van der Sloot of being knowing more and being involved.

Dompig says he believes Paulus van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance.

The exact quote from the interview was as follows:

Troy Roberts (CBS): Do you believe Paulus Van Der Sloot knows more than he has been telling?
Gerold Dompig: Yes I Do…

Not only is a suspect in Joran Van der Sloot somehow given the right by a judge to receive monies for damages, but also Paulus was given the right to sue when the chief of police thinks he is complicit in the crime.

Paulus, its good to know people in high places isn’t it?

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