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IRS Official Lois Lerner “I Have Not Done Anything Wrong. I Have Not Broken Any Laws. I Have Not Violated any IRS Rules or Regulations.”

What a joke. Top IRS official Lois Lerner says to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a prepared statement, “I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations.” Then like any innocent person who has done nothing wrong, pleads the 5th on the grounds of what she would say might incriminate her. You just can’t make this stuff up. Lois Lerner is the woman who was in charge of the division that targeted conservative and tea party groups withholding their freedom of speech and then invoking her 5th Amendment rights. UNREAL. It is obvious that there will need to be a “Special” prosecutor appointed to investigate this scandal. If IRS officials are just going to make a joke of the hearings, lie, obfuscate, and plead the 5th.

Hmm, if she has done nothing wrong, why did she apologize weeks ago for the IRA targeting conservative groups? Her apology and admission that the IRS targeted conservative non-profits started all of this and forced the MSM into following the story.

NorCal Tea Party Patriots First Tea Party Organization to Sue the IRS

Return of the Jedi …

California-based Tea Party group, the NorCal Tea Party Patriots, become the first to sue the IRS accusing the IRS of violating its constitutional rights due to the “intensive and intrusive scrutiny” it received while seeking tax-exempt status. Let the pigeons loose. Hopefully, this will be just the beginning of the law suits against the IRS that have admitted to targeting conservative and Tea Party groups.  As reported at the Politico, the group alleges it applied for tax-exempt status in March 2010 but didn’t receive approval until Aug. 2 of last year. The lawsuit accuses the IRS of violating the First and Fifth amendments and seeks monetary damages.


A California-based Tea Party group sued the U.S. Internal Revenue Service on Monday in what marked the first lawsuit to stem from an investigation finding the agency singled-out conservative organizations.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, the NorCal Tea Party Patriots accused the IRS of violating its constitutional rights due to the “intensive and intrusive scrutiny” it received while seeking tax-exempt status.

The lawsuit sought class action status on behalf of all conservative and libertarian groups – such as those associated with the Tea Party movement – that were targeted by the IRS for extra scrutiny from March 2010 through the middle of this month. Tea Party groups call for reduced federal spending and taxation.

Citizens for Self-Governance:

We are sure you were as disgusted as we were upon hearing the news of the top down abuse of power the IRS has aimed at Conservative groups. Today, we are on the precipice of something monumental to correct the balance of power. We are taking the fight directly to the IRS.

Like many of you, we know folks who have been subjected to harassment and abuse by the IRS as they tried to obtain their non-profit status. I have first-hand knowledge because the first tea party group that I was involved with was unfairly targeted.

We are not sitting back and waiting for Congress to fix things. Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) decided to take matters into our own hands. We found the best lawyers in the country for aggressive litigation versus the federal government and, with our assistance, the NorCal Tea Party filed a class action suit against the IRS Monday in Ohio Federal Court.

Many other small grassroots organizations dedicated to liberty have been damaged or intimidated to the point of giving up, so CSG will provide the guidance and support needed to vindicate their rights in a direct legal battle with the IRS.

If you or someone you know has been harassed by the IRS and are interested in participating in the class action suit, let us know. You can send an inquiry by going to the website There’s no cost to you…because we are here to help you fight. (more)

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