DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Says GOP Using Benghazi to ‘Gin Up Their Base’ Ahead of 2014 Midterm Elections

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) squared off against one another over politicizing the Benghazi investigation this morning on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused the GOP of using the Benghazi investigation to drive their base for voter turnout, since they lost on Obamacare. Hmm, lost on Obamacare? Americans are the ones who lost on Obamacare. Bachmann stated that the Democrats have tried to sabotage the investigation process from the beginning. A fact that is most plainly see by the recent revealed Ben Rhodes email that was purposely kept from the committees investigating Benghazi.

“I think it’s important that this is a dialogue and not a monologue, ” Minnesota congresswoman said, adding later, “It’s really clear that the Democrats have tried to sabotage this process from the very beginning,”

Laughing, Wasserman Schultz said, “We don’t have the ability to sabotage.”

One would think that any politician would want to get to the truth of Benghazi and why the American people were mislead by a presidential administration, no matter what the party affiliation. Not Democrats.


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Republicans are digging up the issue of the 2012 attack in Benghazi to drive turnout this election year.

Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, told CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday that as the issue of health care fails rile up their base, House Republicans are refocusing their attention on the assault that left four Americans dead, including the ambassador to Libya.

Schultz appeared Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Rep. Michele Bachmann, a conservative from Minnesota who ran for president in 2012.

“The big question on many people’s minds is, where did this false narrative come from, to blame a video rather than the terrorist actions of Ansar al-Sharia, which were evident on the ground,” Bachmann said. “So I think that what this committee is doing is taking a very careful look at a very deliberate pace to go through depositions and people on the ground to find out the truth of what happened. That’s all people want is the truth.”

The Obama administration first linked the attack to protests sparked by an anti-Muslim film produced in the United States, which had incited violence in other regions at the time. However, it was later revealed to be a coordinated terrorist attack.

US. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) Will Not Seek Reelection in 2014

Representative Michele Bauchmann announced on her web site this morning that she would not be seeking reelection in 2014 for the 6th District of Minnesota.  Bauchmann also ran for the GOP nomination for president in 2012. Bauchmann stated that just like the president who is limited to 8 years, so should she as a Congressman. Buachmann has been a staunch conservative voice in the House and it shall be missed. Personally, I am a believer that it should be mandatory that both the House and Senate should have term limits. Our Founders never intended for career politicians.

Bauchmann went on to say, “I promise you I have and I will continue to fight to protect innocent human life, traditional marriage, family values, religious liberty, and academic excellence.”

More from CNN:

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann will not seek reelection next year. But, said the former presidential candidate, she has no plans to fade from public view.

“Looking forward, after the completion of my term, my future is full, it is limitless, and my passions for America will remain,” she announced in a video posted to her campaign website early Wednesday.

Bachmann, who served four terms representing Minnesota’s 6th District, promised that there “is no future option or opportunity” that she “won’t be giving serious consideration if it can help save and protect our great nation for future generations.”

And more from the Politico which is probably one of the liberal MSM outlets that Bauchmann was referring to regarding spinning the reason why she is leaving. Add the WAPO to the list as well.

“And rest assured, this decision was not impacted in any way by the recent inquiries into the activities of my former presidential campaign or my former presidential staff. It was clearly understood that compliance with all rules and regulations was an absolute necessity for my presidential campaign. And I have no reason to believe that that was not the case. …

”I fully anticipate the mainstream, liberal media to put a detrimental spin on my decision. … But I take being the focus of their attention of their disparagement as a true compliment of my public-service effectiveness. … To m my detractors, my work continues for YOUR best interest as well. … God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”


Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN-R) Responds to IRS Targeting Scandal … “The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy”

Rep. Michele Bachmann asking the questions that now all of America want to know …

US  Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-R) comments on the IRS targeting scandal where the Internal Revenue Service admitted to targeting Conservative and religious groups who opposed the Obama administration, while at the same time fast-tracked those non-profit organizations looking for tax exempt status who agreed with the Administration. Bauchmann makes and important point as the MSM has really only focused on one part of the story. Not only did the IRS prevent, stall and make Conservative organizations lives miserable to get tax exempt status in the run up to the 2012 political election, they also, and just as important, favored liberal and progressive organizations to get theirs in s timely manner.

Bachmann then when on to emphasize the fact that it will now be the IRS that enforces and polices Obamacare. Michele Bauchmann stated, ”It is important and reasonable to ask, could there potentially be political implications regarding healthcare, access to healthcare, denial of healthcare. Will that happen based upon a person’s political beliefs or their religiously held beliefs. These question would have been considered out of bounds a week ago. Today these questions are considered more than reasonable. And more than fair for the American people.”

Of course this was before that we found out that the woman who was in charge of the very department that was responsible for targeting Conservative and religious groups that the very IRS scandal is predicated upon is now the head of the IRS agency for Obamacare. Speaker of the House John Boehner stated that he was not interest in who resigns, “my question is about who’s going to jail over this scandal.” However, it appears in the Obama administration that being a good little soldier and effectively attacking Conservative and the Tea Party gets you a career advancement to the IRS division of Obamacare. Barack Obama said he would hold everyone accountable, Sarah Hall Ingram now heads the Obamacare implementation office. UNREAL. There is no way the internally this woman was not advanced because of the job she did in targeting a segment of the population who opposed President Barack Obama. How is this women still employed, if we are to take Obama at his word that those responsible would be held accountable and better yet, how is she not in jail?


Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll … Tim Pawlenty Drops Out of GOP Presidential Race

US Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has won the Iowa Republican Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa with 4823 votes.  Ron Paul, 4671 votes, was second and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty placed third with 2293 votes. Look for Bachmann to gain steam and for the MSM to go after her even more as she becomes a credible threat to Barack Obama in 2012. As noted by ABC News, it is now apparent that Bachmann can now match the organizational ground skills with enthusiasm.  It is now looking like a three person race for the GOP nomination between Bachmann, Romney and Perry. Although, I agree with No Quarter, the real; race will be between Romney and Perry, two GOP candidates with executive experience as governors that will be a key issue for 2012.

Bachmann Wins … Pawlenty Out

Other notables in the Iowa straw poll following the top three were, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (1,567), Herman Cain (1,456), Texas Gov. Rick Perry (718), former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (567), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (385), former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (69) and US Rep. Thad McCotter (Mich.) (35).

“What we saw happen today is this is the very first step toward taking the White House in 2012, and you have just sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president,” said Bachmann (R-Minn.) after her victory was announced.

Bachmann took 4,823 votes, narrowly escaping a major upset at the hand of Texas Rep. Ron Paul who won 4,671 votes. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty placed third with 2,293, a showing that is likely to raise questions about his ability to continue in the contest.

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Mike Huckabee Says Donald Trump Should Replace Treasury Secretary Geithner as US Credit Downgraded

Calls for Treasury Secretary Geithner to resign, but who should replace him?

As the US economy flounders, continues to be an abysmal failure and the US credit rating for the first time ever was downgraded by S&P, there are calls by many for the Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to resign. GOP Presidential candidate and House Rep. Michele Bachmann has demanded that Barack Obama ask for Geithner’s resignation. Bachmann had voted against the debt limit bill that virtually did nothing to control spending and deal with the paying down the debt. Add US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) to the list as well.

VIDEO Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

“This president has destroyed the credit rating of the United States through failed economic policies and his inability to control government spending… President Obama is destroying the foundation’s of our economy one beam at a time. I call on the president to seek the immediate resignation of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and to submit a plan with his list of cuts to balance the budget this year, turn the economy around and put our people back to work.”

It is obvious that Barack Obama, Tim Geithner and the rest of “The One’s” economic teams policies, philosophies and agendas have failed in a major way. So much that most all of Obama’s economic team has left office. Even Obama’s former economic adviser Christine Roemer has stated that we are “pretty darn F*CKED”. Geithner is one of the few original economic advisers that remain from Obama’s original clan, it is time for his misguided ways to go. Remember back in April 2011 when Geithner said, as reported at The Hill, “there is no chance that the U.S. will lose its top credit rating.” He could never have been more wrong.

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