Joey Chestnut Still Top Dog as he Devours 68 Hot Dogs to Win 6th Consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island … NYC Mayor Bloomberg Wins Hypocrite of the Week Award

If its the 4th of July, it means the annual Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest from Coney Island, NY … it was gagtacular!

Once again Joey “Jaws” Chestnut was the victor in Jordonesque fashion as Chestnut won his 6th consecutive Nathans hotdog eating contest. Chestnut overwhelmed the competition and consumed 68 hotdogs and buns in 10 minutes. OMG, can you say Pepito-Bismal? Chestnut walked away once again with the mustard yellow belt winning by 14 hot dogs. Second place went to Tim Janus of New York with a distant 52 hot dogs scarfed down. Chestnut was proud of his accomplishment, although he stated he had wanted to break his record. Joey stated that next year he plans on going for 70. YIKES!!!

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More than 40,000 spectators, some dressed as hot dogs, ketchup and mustard bottles, watched Chestnut out-eat his competition by almost 16 hot dogs to take home his sixth straight Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog-Eating title on the U.S. Independence Day holiday.

“I came here hoping I could do 70 (hot dogs), but I am happy with 68. It is a world record after all and I will be back next year to see if I can go one better,” said the 28-year-old Chestnut from San Jose, California.

I wonder if Michelle Obama watched the nitrate devouring contest?

However, Chestnut might have been over-shadowed by the “golden H” belt and the hypocrite of the week award given hands down to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The food “Nazi”  Mayor who has banned large sodas in NYC actually had the audacity to attend the weigh in of the 29 competitive eating contestants in Tuesday. Some how inhaling hotdogs is different than large sodas. The “hypocrite” Bloomberg actually tried to justify his hypocrisy by saying eating in moderation was the key.

Having it (a hot dog) occasionally is fine,” he said. “If you want to eat 65 hot dogs in 10 minutes, that’s even fine. Just don’t do it more than once a year and you won’t have a problem.”

Dude wanna bet? What part about COMPETITIVE EATING IS IN MODERATION!!! Bloomberg has to be either the biggest fool or the most uninformed individual ever. The no salt, no trans-fats, no large soda Mayor seemed to have no issue with hot dogs, even though some physicians have compared them to cigarettes. Bloomberg seems to have no issue with calorie overload.  Um, just curious Mr. Mayor … do you not understand that there is an IFOCE? That stands for Major League Eating & International Federation of Competitive Eating.  They eat more than just hot dogs and more than once a year you idiot, hypocrite, moderation Mayor. Personally, I could care less whether these folks gorge themselves and regular folks have a large soda. Then again, I am not a hypocrite like Mayor Bloomberg.

There was Mr. No Salt, No Transfats and Limited Soda reeling off pun after pun about a food reportedly so bad for you the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine put up a billboard last year comparing hot dogs to cigarettes.

At one point the mayor wondered if the reigning champs would win “or if one of their dogged pursuers will finally ‘ketchup,’ cut the mustard and be pronounced wiener. No question it’s going to be a dog fight.”

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