Democrat Doug Schoen Poll: 56% of Americans Want President Barack Obama Fired in 2012

56% of likely voters want Obama to be a one term “One-der”.

My how the times have changed and it took less than two years for America to become fed up with Obama and Democrats. As if you thought it could not get any worse for Democrats and President Barack Hussein Obama. According to a recent Democrat pollster Doug Schoen, 56% of likely American voter want President Obama fired in 2012. Also, do you miss George W. Bush? The continuous Democrat “blame Bush” campaign has been a failure for Obama. Americans wanted leadership and instead they got a finger pointer who says, the buck stops with everyone else, but Obama.  It would seem so as the poll also showed that 48% of likely voters thought GWB was a better President than BO. The complete poll can be seen HERE.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, rapped by the White House for pledging to make Barack Obama a one-term president, seems to have the support of a majority of Americans. A new poll provided to Whispers says that 56 percent of likely voters want the president fired.

According to pollster Doug Schoen, whose new poll shows vast support for the Tea Party movement among voters, the president is still liked by about half the nation. In fact, more like him personally than like his policies. Some 48 percent think he’s a nice guy, while just 42 percent approve of his job performance.

But that personal favorability doesn’t translate into re-election support when voters are asked if Obama deserves a second term. Says Schoen: “Despite voters feelings toward Obama personally, 56 percent say he does not deserve to be re-elected, while 38 percent say he does deserve to be re-elected president.” Worse, Schoen adds, “43 percent say that Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 48 percent say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.”

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