Search Continues for Missing 9 Year Old Mikaela Lynch … Girl Spotted on Surveillance Video in Clearlake, CA (UPDATE: Mikaela Body Found in Creek)

The search continues for 9 year old Mikaela Lynch who went missing on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, 2013 while playing in the back yard of her parents vacation home in Clearlake, California. She has not been seen since. However, there is a new break in the case that may shed a positive light on the case. Mikaela Lynch, who has severe autism and is unable to speak, was captured on a neighbors surveillance video running up the street after.  This has changed the focus of the search for year Mikaela Lynchl as is shows that the little girl did not cross the street and go into the water.  Hopefully, she is hiding and scared and will soon be found.

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New surveillance video also changed the focus of the search. Police said video from a neighbors surveillance camera shows Mikaela Lynch running up the street after she was last seen at the home on Sunday.

The video gives new hope to the search. Many worried that Mikaela went to the lake on a hot afternoon and her family says she does not know how to swim.

Missing 9-year-old girl spotted on surveillance video in Clearlake.

Clearlake Police Lt. Tim Celli tells KGO-TV on Tuesday that the video shows Mikaela Lynch running up the street after she was last seen at the home on Sunday. The video came from a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

Celli says the video eliminates the possibility that Mikaela went across the street and into the water. Authorities have changed their focus accordingly.

Home owners in the area are asked to check their property, sheds, outbuildings or any crawl spaces.

MAP OF THE AREA – Hat Tip Klaas

Mikaela Renee Lynch_missing_MAP

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UPDATE I: There is sad, heartbreaking news to report in the case of missing Mikaela Lynch. The 9 year olds body was found in a creek deceased. Words cannot even describe the sorrow that I have for this little 9 year old autistic girl who was so dependent on adults. REST IN PEACE MIKAELA.

Clearlake police announced on Wednesday that they had found the body of a 9-year-old girl in a creek near her parent’s vacation home.

The grim discovery in Cache Creek had been what Mikaela Lynch’s parents had dreaded. Their daughter, who has autism and the mental capacity of a 1-year-old girl, had wandered off on Sunday afternoon and hadn’t been seen since.

“Unfortunately, we have a conclusion to the search,” said Clearlake Police Chief Craig Clausen.

9 Year Old, Autistic San Francisco Schoolgirl Mikaela Renee Lynch Missing Since 5/12/13 From her Lake County Vacation Home in Clearlake, CA

9 year old Mikaela Renee Lynch has been missing since Sunday, May 12, 2013 when she disappeared from her Lake County Vacation home in  Clearlake, CA.  Mikaela Renee Lynch was last seen in Highlands Harbor at about 1:30pm Sunday. The 9 year old girl has autism and is reported to have the metal capacity of a one year old and she is unable to speak. Mikaela had been playing on a trampoline with her younger brother, but left  her alone for “just a few minutes” when he ran inside the house. From what is being reported,  Mikaela likes water but does not swim. Not a very good combination when one is vacationing at a lake house. Say a special prayer that this precious child be found safe.

Mikaela Renee Lynch_missing

Missing – Mikaela Renee Lynch (Clearlake Police Dept)

Mikaela Lynch’s father reported her missing from her home on Harbor Drive in Clearlake about 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

The girl has been playing on a trampoline with her younger brother, but was left alone for “just a few minutes” when he ran inside to avoid a bee, said Clearlake police Lt. Tim Celli.

Authorities said Mikaela has the mental capacity of a 1-year-old.

She “is attracted to water” but does not know how to swim, Celli said. Her family’s home backs up against water, and search-and-rescue teams were scouring nearby waterways by air and on the ground.

Mikaela Renee Lynch Description:

Mikaela had taken off her clothes – something she frequently did when she was hot – and the diaper she typically wore was found near her home.

Mikaela is 4 feet tall, weighs 70 pounds and has blue eyes and brown hair. She is unable to speak, according to police.

UPDATE I: Additional volunteers and divers were brought in to look for Mikaela Lynch, who disappeared on Sunday while playing in the yard of her home in the Highlands Harbor neighborhood of Clearlake in Lake County. Search expands for missing 9 year old Mikaela Renee Lynch.

Police believe Mikaela is naked and shoeless. They were told she often removed her clothes when she became hot. Police found articles of clothing in the yard.

The girl also typically wore a diaper.

“Canines have led to a diaper we believe the child was wearing at some point, located near the waterway at least one house away,” said Celli.

The scent trail seemed to end there, he said.

UPDATE II: Authorities expanded their search Monday for a 9-year-old autistic girl who can’t speak who went missing from her waterfront home in Northern California.

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