Socialist Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton by 11 in New Hampshire, by 9 with Biden in Race


According to the most recent NBC News/Marist poll, self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders has a 11 point lead over Hillary Clinton. That is not a typo folks, a socialist now is the front runner in the Granite state for the Democrat nominee for president. Just two months ago Hillary was up by double digits over Sanders. The more and more Clinton pours money in politics ads into NH, the more she sinks. Just how embarrassing will it be for the Democrat party, if a socialist is their nominee?

Bernie Sanders has jumped out to a nine-point lead over front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and he’s gained ground on her among Iowa voters in the Democratic presidential race, according to a pair of brand-new NBC News/Marist polls.

In New Hampshire, the Vermont senator gets the support of 41 percent of Democratic voters, Clinton gets 32 percent and Vice President Joe Biden gets 16 percent. No other Democratic candidate receives more than 1 percent.

Full NBC/Marist poll.

Latest NBC Marist Poll Shows GOP Opening Up Leads in Key Senate Races Ahead of 2014 Midterms

Republicans need a net pickup of 6 Senate seats in the 2014 midterm elections in order to wrestle control away from Harry Reid and Democrats.

The GOP need a net pickup of 6 Senate seats in order to gain control of the US Senate. A recent NBC/Marist poll shows that although Democrat incumbent Sen. Mark Udall is still leading in Colorado, Republicans are surging in the key “red” state races in Kentucky and Arkansas. US Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) leads incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor by five points among likely voters, 45% to 40%. Although Kentucky is not a pickup for the GOP, some Democrats have thought that it could be a possible loss for the GOP. However, that does not appear to be the case. In reality, the GOP already is at a +3 as Republicans will pick up seats in the open Senate races formerly held by Democrats in Montana, West Virginia and South Dakota.

Other Senate seats currently held by Democrats that are now in play include Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan.  My person opinion is that the GOP with have a net pick up of 7, possibly 8 Senate seats. If all things go right, it could be 9, but my gut feeling says this will not be a wave election like in 2010 because too many establishment Republicans are running and the establishment appears to have no clue that their conservative base is what wins elections. Not being Democrat light.

US Rep. Cotton (R-AR) calls Democrat Sen. Pryor a good Obama foot soldier, who was the deciding vote for Obamacare and who has voted with Obama 93% of the time.

Republican Senate candidates have opened up leads in the key states of Arkansas and Kentucky, putting them in a strong position to win back the U.S. Senate, according to new NBC News/Marist polls.

But another NBC/Marist poll shows Democrats holding on in the blue state of Colorado, suggesting a limit to the gains that Republicans could make in November.

In Arkansas, Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., leads incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor by five points among likely voters, 45 percent to 40 percent, with two minor candidates getting a combined 5 percent.

In Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is ahead of Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes by eight points among likely voters, 47 percent to 39 percent, with Libertarian David Patterson getting another 8 percent.

And in Colorado, incumbent Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., is up by six points over Rep. Cory Gardner, 48 percent to 42 percent.

NBC News/Marist poll Has Rick Santorum & Mitt Romney Virtual Tie in Battle Ground State of Ohio

A new Marist/NBC News poll just days ahead of Super Tuesday and the all important GOP Ohio Primary has the Buckeye state in a virtual tie between Rick Santorum and Mitt Tomney, 34% to 32%. The poll shows that a majority of likely GOP primary voters view Romney as the Republican candidate with the best chance of defeating President Obama in November 2012. By a 57%  to 36% margin likely GOP primary voters prefer electability over ideology.

Two days until Super Tuesday and the pivotal Ohio Republican presidential primary, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are running neck and neck in the Buckeye State, according to a new NBC News/Marist poll conducted Feb. 29 – March 2.

Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, gets the support of 34 percent of likely GOP primary voters, and Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, gets 32 percent.

Full poll results can be seen HERE.

Another recent Rasmussen poll showed that Mitt Romney was closing fast in Ohio on Santorum. Momentum is obviously on the side of Romney heading into Ohio and Super Tuesday.

Read more

Republican Florida Primary: Consensus Polls Show Mitt Romney Up Big in Florida Over Newt Gingrich

It appears that the Republican Florida primary may be called when the polls close …

The Florida primary is a two man race and according to most all polls, Mitt Romney has a lead over Newt Gingrich. Check out the numerous polls HERE that have Romney well ahead in the Sunshine state. At RCP average polling, Romney is up by double digits over Gingrich by 11.3%. Looks like it may be over thin FLA.

Mitt Romney up big in latest Marist/NBC poll. With just days to go before the all important Florida primary that may determine who shall win the GOP Presidential nomination, Romney up by 15% over Gingrich.

PPP has Romney up as well and the trend is strong movement away from Newt Gingrich and toward Mitt Romney.

According to a Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll released late Saturday night, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads former GOP Speaker Newt Gingrich by 11 points. However, even more noticeable is that the poll shows that Romney is also leads President Barack Obama in a hypothetical match up 48% to 44%.

Gingrich is badly trailing Romney by 11 percentage points, garnering just 31 percent of likely Republican voters heading into Tuesday’s presidential primary, according to a Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll released late Saturday night.
President Barack Obama should be wary as well. Romney beats Obama by a 48-44 percent spread — a lead inside the error-margin, however — in a theoretical general-election matchup, the poll shows.

In the Republican primary, Romney’s lead looks insurmountable. It cuts across geographic, ethnic and gender lines. And the poll indicates Romney’s attack on Gingrich as a Freddie Mac insider is a hit with GOP voters.

As stated by Hugh Hewitt, Gingrich got some help from Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, but it has come too late because Newt built his candidacy on a promise built on a premise, both of which have been shattered this past week. Gingrich is supposed to be able to hammer Obama in a debate; however, Newt hardly accomplished that this past week against Romney. That is one thing that Newt will not be afforded if he ever did win the GOP nomination. There is no way a stumbling Obama with no teleprompter would ever agree to more than 2 or 3 debates.

The promise was that he could thrash President Obama in the debates and the premise is that there would be many debates just like the one in which he successfully jammed John King.

Of course Newt’s two bad debates this week (with Thursday’s being especially lousy) blew up the foundation for Newt’s campaign, and while the Speaker and his die-hard supporters want to blame various factors –the crowd, Romney’s claims etc– the average Florida voter got two previews of coming attractions and are judging the Speaker according to what they saw not by what he says they should have seen.

All the complaining in the world regarding the MSM because when running against President Obama, the One will have the liberal state run media in his back pocket looking to put their guy in office for 4 more years.

Post Iowa Caucus … Mitt Romney Up Big in New New Hampshire Polls with 20 Point Lead, Santorum Sees Modest Bounce

With just a few days to go before New Hampshire primary, Romney with commanding lead.

Following the Iowa Caucus 8 vote narrow victory by Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum, the former Massachusetts Governor appears to be up big in the polls for the New Hampshire primary. According to three polls, Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in the Granite state of NH. Romney is in the lead in New Hampshire; however, it appears that Santorum has received a modest bounce as well. It is impossible to imagine that Mitt Romney will not win NH; however, the real question is whether the second place candidate will be Santorum or Paul and if that individual will get more than 20% of the vote.

A Suffolk University poll for Boston-based WHDH-TV shows Mitt Romney up big with an overwhelming 40%, in second is Ron Paul with 17% and Rick Santorum has surged into third with 11%.

An NBC/Marist poll, Romney receives 42% of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, followed by Ron Paul with 22, and Rick Santorum at 13%. Although Romney has a commanding lead in NH and it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that the race will be called much quicker primary night in New Hampshire, than that of the Iowa Cuacus, the poll shows that Santorum has made considerable gains from 2% to 13% in a month.

More than a month ago – in an NBC-Marist poll conducted Nov. 28-30 – Romney stood at 39 percent, Gingrich at 24 percent, Paul at 16 percent, Huntsman at 9 percent, Perry at 3 percent and Santorum at 2 percent.

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll conducted for WMUR-TV also shows Romney up big in New Hampshire prior to next weeks primary and Santorum with an increase. The poll shows Romney leading the way with 43% of the vote, Paul in second with 18%, Santorum in third up from 4% to 11%, and Gingrich and Huntsman trailing the pack.

More polling data and analysis at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. Also, the most recent Rasmussen poll shows a major shake up in the GOP race, Santorum up big; however, Romney up as well.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in New Hampshire finds Romney earning 42% support. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a distant second with 18% of the vote, followed by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, hot off his photo finish with Romney in the Iowa caucuses, at 13%.

According to the Real Clear Politics average polling, Romney up by 21% in the Granite state.

NBC News-Marist Polls Has Gingrich Up Big in South Carolina & Florida Over Romney …

According to the latest NBC News-Marist Polls, Newt Gingrich is continuing his momentum and is up big in South Carolina and Florida. Newt leads in SC 38% to 22% and Gingrich leads in Florida over Romney 39% to 26%.  Given the polling samples, I would dare say that Democrats or those leaning are voting for Gingrich, the candidate they believe cannot beat Obama. Sorry, something just seems not right with the sampling for states like South Carolina and Florida.

According to new NBC News-Marist polls, the former House speaker has now opened up commanding leads in South Carolina and Florida — two states that historically have played important roles in deciding the eventual Republican nominee.

Fueled by the support from conservatives and the Tea Party, Gingrich is ahead of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by nearly 20 points in South Carolina.  The winner of that state’s primary has gone on to capture each GOP nomination since 1980.

In South Carolina, which holds its presidential contest on Jan. 21, Gingrich gets the support of 42 percent of likely primary voters, including those leaning toward a particular candidate. That’s a 35-point jump since October’s NBC-Marist poll of the Palmetto State contest.

Full South Carolins Poll can be read HERE. As for the polling data, not sure how one can poll more Democrat leading individuals in a state like SC that votes Republicans and is for subject matter that pertains to a GOP primary.

The full Florida poll can be read HERE.  Once again this polling data is based upon 44% Democrat, 33% Republican and 22% Independents.

As stated at Outside the Beltway, Gingrich obviously has the momentum as seen by the RCP average polling. However, how long will it last and is the bias MSM just waiting for a Newt victory before they begin their Pro-Obama reporting and bring out the political knives to carve up Gingrich’s past.

Obama Sinking in Polls … Losing Ground to GOP, Obama Leads Palin by Just 5%


Yet more bad polling data for President Barack Obama. Not only is Obama’s job approval and favorability rating sinking fast in the polls, Obama is also losing ground in head to head match ups against potential 2012 GOP Presidential candidates. Hey Democrats, guess who had the biggest gain on Obama … that would be Sarah Palin.  She previously trailed Obama by more than 20 percentage points earlier this year; however, Palin now trails the Obama by just 5 points, 49% -44%.

Look out President Barack Obama. Even Sarah Palin’s gaining on you.

A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that Obama looks increasingly vulnerable in next year’s election, with a majority of voters believing he’ll lose to any Republican, a solid plurality saying they’ll definitely vote against him and most potential Republican challengers gaining on him.

Even in potential matchups where he leads, Obama in most cases has lost ground to the Republican.

Michelle Malkin references some of the other hypothetical matchups. There appears to be an obvious trend … ANYBODY BUT BARACK. Hey America, how’s that “Hopey, Changey” stuff working out for you these days?

Obama is neck and neck with Romney, leading by 46-44. Obama had led by 5 points in August, 4 points in June, and 1 point in April. Romney now leads among independents, 44 percent to 40 percent.

Obama leads Perry by 50 percent to 41 percent. They split independents 43-43. Obama had led Perry by 19 points in August, as Perry was joining the campaign.

President Barack Obama Hits 39% in Latest McClatchy – Marist Poll


Following President Barack Obama jobs speech in front of a joint session of Congress, Obama has now hit an all-time low in his jobs approval with the McClatchy-Marist poll.  Obama’s approval rating is at 39% among registered voters and for the first time a majority, 52% disapproves of the job he is doing as president.

“President Obama needs to reboot his presidency,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “Although numbers like these typically spell doom for an incumbent’s re-election prospects, the Republicans in Congress and eventually his GOP opponent could still provide Obama with running room.”

President Obama’s current approval rating is his lowest since last December …

How damaging is this poll for Barack Obama, one only needs to look at the Independent vote.  Only 32% of independent voters now approve of Obama’s  job performance while  57% disapprove.  Just last month 38% of independents  gave Obama a thumbs up on his job approval and 46% disapproved. More polling data from Independents.

There has been a ten percentage point change among independent voters and Republican voters. 40% of independent voters have a favorable impression of the president while 50% shared this view last month.  Among Republican voters, 87% have an unfavorable view of Mr. Obama while 77% thought this way in August.

69% of independent voters disapprove of how the president is handling the country’s economy.  In June, 60% had this view.

As stated at The Daily Caller, even Obama’s personal popularity seems to be on the wane. Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion stated that “President Obama needs to reboot his presidency.”  However, it appears from Obama’s recent comments  that he he doubling down on his failed polices and spewing nothing more than class warfare. Hardly a reset of his presidency.

Marist Poll: Obama’s Job Approval on Economy Hits All Time Low at 40%

Democrats and Independents  are abandoning Obama in economy job approval …

A new McClatchy-Marist Poll finds that just 40% of Americans approve of the job that President Barack Obama is doing in handling the economy. The 40% job approval rating represents Obama’s lowest rating, while 57% disapprove with his handling of the economy. Obama’s poll numbers are in free fall as the poll numbers for January 2011 was 44% approve, 48% disapprove.

Registered voters nationally are not satisfied with how President Barack Obama is handling the nation’s economy.  According to this McClatchy-Marist Poll, four in ten voters — 40% — approve of how the president is dealing with the country’s economy while nearly six in ten — 57% — disapprove.  Only 3% are unsure.  Mr. Obama’s approval rating on the economy is the lowest of his presidency.  His previous low was last September when just 41% gave him a thumbs-up on the issue.

As the economy gets no better, gas prices continue to rise and the job market gets no better, all spell trouble for Barack Obama and his reelection bid for 2012. When gas prices hit $5 a gallon, Obama will be below 40%. The downward trending with Democrats and Independents should cause concern for Obama. One would think at some point he would do the right thing and get the economy going rather than sticking to his liberal agenda that is failing miserably.

There has been a change among Democrats and independents on this question.  While 71% of Democrats approve of how the president is handling the economy, 27% disapprove.  This is a 12 percentage point increase in the proportion of Democrats who disapprove since JanuaryAmong independent voters, 34% approve while more than six in ten — 63% — disapprove. Here, too, there has been a jump in the proportion of voters who are dissatisfied with how Mr. Obama is dealing with the economy.  In January, half — 50% — shared this view.

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