Tax Cheat Democrat Charlie Rangel Says Tea Party Bunch of “White Crackers” & Compares Republicans to al Qaeda Terrorists


Where is the outrage, where are the calls for an apology as Democrat Charles Rangel compares the Tea Party to a bunch of “white crackers” and compared the GOP to al Qaeda Terrorists?

So this is what it has come to in the United States? A tax cheat like New York Representative Charles Rangel is allowed to use a racial slur regarding the Tea Party, referring to them as a “white crackers” with no outrage or punishment, yet an athlete like the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper uses the “N” word and is publican enemy #1, ripped to shreds in the media and in social media and is forced to take sensitivity training? Rangel made matters even worse as he compared the Republican party to al Qaeda terrorist. Really? Is this what we allow our elected leaders to act like? Could Rangel be any more irresponsible or ignorant?

Is this what the Democrat party has become? Referring to those you disagree with as crackers or terrorists? Seriously. How does anyone get away with this? How does Rangel even have a job at this point? But this is what political discourse has become these days. If you are black, you get away with calling others a racists or call them crackers with no accountability. But foolishly and ignorantly use the “N” word and your career is over. Heck, George Zimmerman became a “white” Hispanic so that the race-baiters could go after him and make the death of Trayvon Martin a Civil Rights case, when it was not. It is a sad state of affairs and people like Rangel just make matters worse.

From Mediaite -

“White crackers, eh”? I guess we are supposed to be impressed that Rangel did not refer to the Tea Party as “creepy ass” crackers.

Ok, if no one else wants to say it, we will. Charles Rangel is nothing more than a racist. He appears to only talk in words of black and white. Sorry, wasn’t it Martin Luther King Jr. who profoundly stated, it is not about the color of one’s skin, it is about the content of one’s character?” As for Rangel, he has no charter. The tax cheat and ethically challenged Rangel was even too much for Barack Obama as he had said for Rangel to call it quits. But that did not happen. What would be considered worse, a power hungry, ethically challenged politician not having the common decency to resign, or the ignorant voters reelected the characterless individual?

From The Daily Beast:

House Republicans? Have done more damage to American competitiveness than al Qaeda ever could. “What is happening is sabotage. Terrorists couldn’t do a better job than the Republicans are doing.”

The Tea Party? Defeat them the same way segregation was beaten. “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked. It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break.”

He sees in some of the reluctance to move forward on immigration reform a fear, one that white people have of non-whites.

“Every white son of a gun from Europe has found a way to get here, and these barriers I think have a lot to do with color and the awkwardness or the uncomfortableness that a lot of whites feel about people of color,” Rangel said.

Asked, though, why black congressmen, who have traditionally resisted liberalized immigration laws, are now supportive of them, Rangel rejected the premise. “You are not going to go back to Abe Lincoln now and that bullshit are you? Blacks were tied to Abe, who freed the slaves, and so we followed the Republicans”—and called on all segments of society, including the Democratic Party, including religious institutions, to do more to help the downtrodden.

Just curious, how come Rangel is not more concerned about black unemployment at record highs or black on black crime that is at epidemic levels? Instead, it’s more about the hate and division.

The Gateway Pundit provides Rangel and us a history lesson as to the Democrat party after Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves following the Civil Way.


UPDATE I: Hey Charlie, if you want to compare the Republican party to Al-Qaeda … Since when has a US Embassy or Consulate been closed due to a communication from the GOP? I didn’t think so you idiot!!!

Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel Calls Out Barack Obama on Lack of Diversity … Where Are the Woman that they Criticized Romney For? (VIDEO)

Just another double standard: When a Republican President picks the best candidates, they are racists and sexists … but when Barack Obama does the same, he’s just finding the very best person for the job.

Remember when Barack Obama, Democrats and the complicit liberal MSM accused GOP presidential candidate of having a war on woman and the foolish “binder” comments? It would seem that Obama has his own issues of diversity and a lack of presence of woman in his White House. US Rep Charles Rangel (D-NY) called out Obama and called it “embarrassing as hell” and stated that he could have “a Harvard problem”. OUCH!!! Isn’t that interesting that Rangel just called Obama an elitist.

“it could be the Harvard problem where people just know each other,
trust each other and women and minorities don’t get a chance to rub elbows and their reputations and experience is not known.”

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Thursday called it “embarrassing as hell” that President Barack Obama is facing charges that his White House lacks diversity.

“It’s embarrassing as hell. We’ve been through all of this with [2012 GOP presidential nominee] Mitt Romney. And we were very hard with Mitt Romney with the women binder and a variety of things,” Rangel said on MSNBC. “And I kind of think there’s no excuse with the second term.”

The Obama administration has been criticized recently for not having enough diversity with its Cabinet appointees after The New York Times ran a photo of Obama meeting with senior advisers in the Oval Office, the vast majority of them white men. The White House responded by releasing its own photo, which showed a much more diverse crowd of Obama’s top advisers.

“The president values diversity, believes it’s important, because it enhances the quality of the pool of potential nominees for positions across the administration,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said at briefing Tuesday. “He believes that by looking broadly for candidates for offices that [it] ups the chances he’ll find the very best person for the job.

Isn’t this just typical, Obama and his reelection team went after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and accused the Republican party of a war on women, yet Obama seems to have his own issue with a lack of woman in his White House … but that is perfectly ok and explainable. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Censured Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) … “It Wouldn’t Hurt Congress to Have More Morality”…

 The following must see VIDEO brought to you courtesy of Weasel Zippers

Charlie Rangel(NY-D) stating that  about that “It Wouldn’t Hurt Congress to Have More Morality”. WHAT? Yes, the same Charlie Rangel that was charged with 13 ethics violations, convicted on 11 and to be censured is talking morality. Is there no end to his hypocrisy?


Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) … “It Wouldn’t Hurt Congress to Have More Morality”…

House Votes to Censure Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Democrats Give Standing Ovation

Lame Duck House, Drain the Swamp Edition:

Yesterday the US House of Representatives voted 333 to 79 in favor of censure of ethically challenged Charles Rangel (D-NY). As Rangel begged his colleagues for a lesser punishment, the House voted for censure of the 80 year old Rangel as he was found guilty of broken 11 different ethics violations. Rangel later defiantly responded to his censure by stated the following, “I know in my heart I’m going to be judged not by this Congress but by my life, my activities, my contributions to society.” Actually Charlie, there is only One who judges you and he can see through all your BS. Because those in charge of writing tax law have no idea how to follow them, eh?

Who Me?

In a rare ritual of public humiliation, House lawmakers Thursday will begin considering censure of Rep. Charles Rangel, a legendary New York politician found to have broken 11 different ethics rules.

The 80-year-old Harlem Democrat was found to have misused congressional perks, failed to pay taxes on some income for 17 years, failed to report assets properly for a decade, and misused a rent-stabilized apartment as a campaign office.

Thursday’s scheduled vote would cap an ethics probe that has gone on for more than two years. The saga has already cost Rangel his chairmanship of the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, as well as more than $2 million in legal fees. Aides say Rangel has also paid all the back taxes owed.

Black Caucus whips for Charlie Rangel reprimand.

The Congressional Black Caucus snapped into action in defense of Charles Rangel Thursday as the House prepared to censure him for 11 ethics violations.

 How out of touch are Democrats with WE THE PEOPLE and their frustration of corruption of politicians. We need to look no further than the video via the Gateway Pundit, Democrats give Charlie Rangel a standing ovation after this corrupt political dirt bag and tax cheat was censured. UNREAL.

Rangel was in a position of power and authority and he abused his powers. Take you lumps like a man Charlie, shut up and retire. Give me a break sir, you were the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee that wrote tax law.

House Ethics Panel Convicts Charlie Rangel on 11 Ethics Violations


US Rep Charlie Rangel (NY-D) was convicted and found guilty today on 11 of 13 counts of ethics violations. The full ethics panel will now convene a sanctions hearing to recommend a punishment. So what will it be for Charlie, serious sanctions, formal reprimand, censure or expulsion. However, don’t count on anything harsh, most likely it will be a slap on the wrist.

GUILTY on 11 out of 13 violations


Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), once one of the most powerful members of the House, was convicted Tuesday on 11 counts of violating ethics rules and now faces punishment.

Read more

Charlie Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Trial … Was This a Trial or a Circus?

What a joke, Rangel brings his 3 Ring Circus to the Ethics trail … Send in the Clown!

House Ethics, just one big laugh for Pelosi and Rangel

US Rep. Charlie Rangel (NY-D) walks out of his ethics trial after Rangel was denied his plea for a delay. What else did anyone expect from Rangel except more deception, delays and game playing? Rangel walked out in protest after  complaining that the bipartisan “adjudicatory subcommittee,” would not grant him more time to hire a new attorney.

Facing a rare trial to review alleged ethics violations, Rangel walked out in protest after complaining that the bipartisan “adjudicatory subcommittee,” a special panel under the House ethics committee, wouldn’t grant him more time to hire a new attorney. It was a theatrical twist for a Harlem legend who has vowed to fight the charges to the end. 

 Did people actually think Rangel was going to present a defense?


More craziness … Rangel, just like a typical Democrat, playing the VICTIM CARD.

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Charlie Rangel Improperly Raids PAC for $393K to Pay for His Legal Ethics Defense

You just can’t make this stuff up about Democrats … Will Nancy Pelosi drain the swamp as she promised for her final act as Speaker?

Ethics for thee, Not for me

Define irony … A Democrat committing ethics violations by improperly taking money from a political action committee (PAC) in order to pay for their already existing ethics violations defence. UNREAL. Charlie Rangel (NY15-D) faces ethics trials starting tomorrow and it would appear that he has managed to commit yet another ethics violation in paying for his legal defence. Rangel tapped stole from his National Leadership PAC $293,000 to pay his main legal-defense team this year. He then took another $100,000 from the PAC in 2009 to pay lawyer Lanny Davis. I guess Charlie did not know this was illegal either.

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Charlie Rangel’s “Blago” Moment & Democrat Headache … “Hey, if I was you I may want me to go away too. I am not going away! I am here!”

Rangel … “I am not going away.” What is going away is the Democrat control in DC.

Scandal plagued NY Congressman Charlie Rangel’s 20 minute rant was pure “political theatre” and for Democrats an Excedrin PM headache and Pepto Bismol moment all rolled up in one. Rangel had his “Blago” moment as he defensively went on the defensive in his House speech stating that he was not going away. Rangel asks as he begins his speech, “Why did I take the floor today …” Many Democrats were asking the same question.


Rangel says … “I am not going away!”

It was a rant that slammed everyone from House Democrats to Pres. Barack Obama – and he promised not to go away anytime soon. Watch this video.
This was a very senior member of Congress, who clearly thinks he’s been wronged by both the press and his colleagues, sounding off about exactly the way he feels. And he’s pissed off. Here’s a selection of some of the best quotes:

Charlie Rangel even found time in his rant to go after President Barack Obama. Do we sense trouble in Democrat paradise?

Read more

Draining the Swamp: US Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) Accused of Three Ethics Violations

Waters claims she was just helping a minority owned struggling bank was she has always done, never mind that her husband was a major share holder. Yep, no conflict of interest here.

More from Nancy Pelosi’s Democratc most ethical House of Representative’s ever … California Democrat Maxine Waters was charged with three ethics violation, although she vows to fight them and claims her innocense. The 10 page statement of alleged violations and other documents released Monday sets the stage for a trial by a subcommittee of the ethics panel later this fall.  Waters has requested a trial before this years midterm elections.

As Rep. Maxine Waters was warned against interceding on behalf of a bank with ties to her husband, her chief of staff, who is also her grandson, was “actively involved” in working to help the institution, according to a House Ethics Committee report released Monday that accuses the longtime Los Angeles political figure of three ethics violations.

Waters was accused of violating three rules — one that requires its members to “behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House,” a second that prohibits lawmakers from using their influence for personal benefit and a third forbidding the dispensing of favors.

Water’s and Charlie Rangel’s ethics hearings should do wonders for the Democrat brand and image heading into the 2010 midterm elections.

Barack Obama Throws Charlie Rangel Under the Bus … “It’s Time to End His Career” … Is it Obama’s Business?

Obama quick to throw under the bus before the process has a chance to work, did Obama just say that Rangel acted stupidly? Why is this President’s MO always a rush to judgment?

As previously reported, Barack Obama stated in an interview with CBS News that it was time for US Rep Charles Rangel (NY-D) to retire with dignity.  Is Barack Hussein Obama really the first black elected US President? Maybe Bill Clinton was after all.  Is it really Obama’s place as head of the Executive branch of government to be telling any one in the Legislative branch what he or she should be doing with their career?


Obama’s comments using the past tense when referring to Charlie Rangel should trouble the voting constituency that most backs Barack Obama. Why is Obama so quick to throw Charles Rangel under the bus?  Why is Obama interfering in something that is none of his business? One would think that “The One” has enough issues to deal with than to get involved with House matters. After all the water that Democrat House Reps have carried for Obama and the fact that they have risked their political careers to support Obama’s socialist and unpopular agenda, how many Democrat politicians are paying attention to how quick Obama is in his lack of support and how fast the shove was under the bus?

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