Joran Van der Sloot Confession (I grabbed her by the neck) in the Murder of Stephany Flores in Peru


The Little Dutch boy who cried “Natalee.”

Once again we are privy to a Joran Van der Sloot confession in the murder of a girl; however, unlike in Aruba … Peru officials are taking this killers confession seriously.


“I grabbed her by the neck with both hands, and I strangled her for about one minute”.

Because grabbing someone by the neck and strangling them is a normal reaction to some one reading your emails.  Joran Van der Sloot had confessed to the murder of 21 year old Stepany Flores, according to the leaked documents via On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, the confession is quite damning.

DAN COLLYNS, GRN CORRESPONDENT: Here in Van der Sloot’s confession, where he talks about here — he says that she hit him in the face with her fist and when they were actually having an argument, after he alleges that she saw this e-mail which referred to him and found out about the previous — the Natalee Holloway case and his involvement in that. It says, “She hit me in the head on the lefthand side with her fist.

And in that moment, impulsively, with my elbow of my right arm, I gave her a — I hit her in the face, right above her nose. There was a lot of blood all over the place, and I think she was about to pass out. It affected me so much, that I took her — I grabbed her by the neck with both hands, and I strangled her for about one minute. And at that time, I thought, What am I doing? I kind of came to my senses, thinking, What can I do now? Because I also had blood on my shirt. There was also blood on bed. So I took my shirt and I put it on her face and pressed hard to the point where I killed her — to the point where I killed Stephany.”

In his confession Joran Van der Sloot would once again try and play the “Natalee Holloway” card and claim that he would tell police where her body was in Aruba. Joran wanted to be extridated back to Aruba. Suddenly the “Little Dutch boy” wants to cooperate in finding Natalee. Wasn’t it just days before he came to Peru that Joran Van der Sloot extorted money from Beth Holloway for information as to where Natalee Holloway was buried? Information that proved to be a lie.

COLLYNS: And he says here that, you know, “The possibility that if this process could go rapidly and smoothly there’d be the possibility that they could extradite me to Aruba, I’d be willing to talk about the case. And I would be — I would love to — I would be willing also to talk to the Aruban police if there would be the possibility of closing this case.”

However, what was the story Joran Van der Sloot told Chilean police when he was arrested. When arrested in Chile he told police that the two were attacked by two men who broke into their room. However, some how they only killed Stephany and let Joran live.

Wendy Murphy discusses the case against Joran Van der Sloot, VIDEO. Murphy states that she finds his confession credible, but not 100% truthful. Take note Aruba … the confession of a murder does not have to be 100% accurate to be prosecuted.

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    92 Responses to “Joran Van der Sloot Confession (I grabbed her by the neck) in the Murder of Stephany Flores in Peru”

    1. wolfgang on June 15th, 2010 8:27 am

      He is trying to say this was not premeditated murder, she provoked it and he was unable to control himself. Is he trying to go to psych hospital instead of prison? Do they even have them in Peru? Anita will sell her soul and future trying to get him out of jail, and he will let her do it…it is always all about him!!

    2. Pearl on June 15th, 2010 8:54 am


    3. Pearl on June 15th, 2010 9:01 am

      Even now, after five years of relentless suffering and torment in not knowing where Natalee is, or where the Aruban predators took her, or what they did to her, – even NOW, Aruba and their predators continue to treat brutally victimized Natalee as a commodity.

      They dare to use Natalee and Stephany as an item “for sale”, a “bargaining chip” for yet again, more disgraceful acts of corruption by Aruban police in collusion with MURDERERS to literally deny Natalee and her family the truth, the justice they deserve and Natalee – her right to COME HOME and be buried in dignity by her loving family.

      What is unconscionable are the remarks made to suggest that our FBI could be responsible for the heinous infliction of harm upon Stephany when ARUBA IS NOT A U.S. TERRITORY and the HEINOUS CRIMINAL COVER UP BY ARUBAN POLICE THAT RESULTED NOW IN STEPHANY’S MURDER, IS SQUARELY UPON ARUBA’S SHOULDERS.


      Why didn’t Aruban police seize evidence, arrest,detain and interrogate the criminals they KNEW were involved in Natalee’s “disappearance”?

      So let’s have a brief run-down, shall we of the truth regarding HOW the Aruban police colluded and conspired with murderers regarding HOW they RESPONDED to the KNOWLEDGE that a child was missing:

      Aruba 2005
      - MB chaperones report Natalee missing early in the morning. They notify hotel, Beach Police (that by the way, Van der Straaten and Van Cromvoirt BOTH had ties to).
      Aruban police DO NOT RESPOND. They claim the MB chapersones didn’t call the “right people”.

      Peru 2010
      - Stephany’s family reports Stephany missing. Immediately, Peruvian police respond. An all points bulletin is issued for JORAN VAN DER SLOOT. Why? Simple. He was the LAST PERSON SEEN TAKING STEPHANY INTO HIS HOTEL ROOM. He was seen leaving. Stephany never got out of the room alive.

      Aruba 2005
      - Hotel security cameras reveal on May 30, 2005 that Natalee was NEVER dropped off at her hotel as claimed by the predators from hell.
      Aruban police do not use this evidence. In fact, they don’t seize it nor act upon it.

      Peru 2010
      - Hotel security cameras reveal Joran leading Stephany into his hotel room. Joran exits. Stephany never comes out. This becomes EVIDENCE and is protected and secured by police and USED towards investigating criminal acts inflicted upon Stephany.

      Aruba 2005
      - Witnesses give vivid accounts of Natalee being taken away in a car by: DEEPAK, SATISH and JORAN Van der Sloot. Natalee is never seen again.
      Hotel employees give clear accounts that NO SIGN of Natalee is seen by anyone.

      Aruban police respond by IGNORING DEEPAK’S CAR, NOT SUMMONING ANY OF THE THREE IN FOR QUESTIONING, DETAINMENT, OR INTERROGATION – and ignoring hotel employees and MB students who all clearly state that NO SIGN of Natalee was ever seen. Aruban police instead claim: Natalee was taken back to her hotel by Joran, (despite tape and employees saying she NEVER RETURNED), and Aruban police go on to claim that Natalee was met at the hotel by two black security guards, using Joran LIES (that they know are lies) to float FALSE leads, while Joran says: “she hit her head, falling to the ground getting out of the car”.

      Peru 2010
      Hotel employees information is acted upon. Joran is the last person seen taking Stephany away. Joran is questioned based on THE FACTS, NOT FICTION invented by the corrupt police in Aruba.

      Aruba 2005
      - SURVEILLANCE TAPES indicate that Natalee is seen at the casino, shortly before going to Carlos and Charlies, then taken to a car with the SAME PERSON who had been sitting with her at the CASINO. That’s MULTIPLE POINTS OF CONTACT THAT JORAN HAD WITH NATALEE. To make matters worse, PAULUS VAN DER SLOOT is seen sitting right next to Natalee. This is ignored by police, and in fact not used in any way, shape or form to question Paulus – who ( on May 30, 2005) was telling Beth that his son was not at the casino with Natalee (which quickly got changed due to those security tapes clearly showing not only Joran, but PAULUS right there, next to Natalee!). This is ignored by Aruban police.

      Peru 2010:
      Peruvian police USE THE CASINO TAPES to nail Joran with Stephany, not only when she collects her winnings, but at multiple other points throughout the casino, shortly before Stephany becomes incapable of walking OUT of Joran’s hotel room. HE TARGETED STEPHANY, JUST LIKE HE TARGETED NATALEE – BEFORE – HE MET HER AT CARLOS AND CHARLIES.

      Aruba 2005
      No statements are collected from witnesses, while ALL statements made by the men who led Natalee away – are repeatedly CHANGED, over and over again.

      Peru 2010
      ALL witness statements are collected. NO STATEMENTS ARE CHANGED. And the man last seen taking Stephany away is the PRIME SUSPECT. In Aruba, the MEN seen taking Natalee away – are just “WITNESSES”. J2KP “witness statements” are repeatedly tampered with, and changed. REAL WITNESS STATEMENTS ARE NEVER TAKEN IN ARUBA.

      Aruba 2005
      Despite surveillance tapes from the Holiday Inn, and perhaps the MARRIOTT, and Carlos and Charlies, as well as the CASINO at the hotel, – along with multiple OTHER POINTS where security tapes were available, ….Aruban police IGNORE ALL POINTS that TIE JORAN and PAULUS as the last persons (along with Deepak, Satish and their pals) with Natalee, along with all the security footage that somehow went – poof! INSTEAD: rather than using the POINTS where they KNOW Natalee was last seen with the men who took her away, Police instead DIRECT THEIR PHONY “SEARCH” FOR NATALEE – AWAY – FROM THE EVIDENCE, AWAY FROM THE POINTS WHERE SHE WAS LAST SEEN, and instead, direct searches towards the opposite side of the island, where lo, and behold, a bloody mattress appears. With Joran’s penchant for crab cages and suitcases, and loss of sneakers, etc. one has to wonder WHY Aruban police, on MULTIPLE LEVELS, and on so MANY OCCASIONS, continually CHOSE TO IGNORE EVIDENCE. A clear pattern begins to appear that is undeniably nothing less than CORRUPTION, and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

      Peru 2010
      - Peruvian police direct searches USING THE EVIDENCE that is right there in front of them. THEY TAKE STEPHANY’S CAR AND APPLY FORENSIC’S IMMEDIATELY. Not like the Aruban police who allowed (BY NOT SEIZING IT) Deepak’s car to be sent off to the BODY SHOP – along with the other vehicles, so that ALL EVIDENCE COULD BE destroyed.
      Meanwhile, Stephany’s sister wants to know: WHY COULDN’T ARUBAN POLICE DO WHAT PERUVIAN POLICE DID – IN LESS THAN TEN DAYS?

      INDEED. WHY?

      Answer: because the Aruban police were NOT conducting an investigation. They were conducting a COVER UP. They were conducting accessory to kidnapping and murder exercises.

      Peruvian police were the ones conducting the INVESTIGATION.

    4. on June 15th, 2010 9:04 am

      Every time Joran van der Slut tells a story – it’s not his fault!

      So this defense is:
      She hit me first (yeah girls always go around hitting 6’3″ guys)
      I didn’t know what I was doing when I hit her in the nose and then strangled her.

    5. kaye on June 15th, 2010 9:11 am

      joran is a liar, yes,but peru has all the evidence they need to put him away. joran is not going anywhere. peru will never allow the murderer of one of their own to go free. if he is not killed in prison, as sure as he sets foot on the sidewalk in Peru he will be killed. Mama anita sold her soul a long time ago when she covered for joran and her husband. karma, anita, karma. it’s already taken your husband. now your oldest son is next. what about the other two sons? what about you. it is time for anita to say, “no more” and come clean.she knows what they did with natalee. is she going to leave this burden for the other two sons to carry when she is gone?

    6. Brenda on June 15th, 2010 9:11 am

      The boy knows by now there’s no influencing Peruvian authorities. Some good reading on why we need to worry much. He certainly messed with the wrong family now TWICE. Holloways who love Natalee still and will not rest until justice is servered…and an influencial family with $$$ and power who loved their daughter/sister and have said they want justice servered. Just won’t be on a silver platter, will it?

      The Flores family is well known in Peru. Patriarch Ricardo Flores is a politically connected former race car driver. The four Flores sons, including Enrique Flores, run a successful event-planning business.

      After police showed Enrique and his father the surveillance tape, they again began trying to find out more from people at the hotel, and obtained information about the man on the tape.

      “They gave us his social security number and his name,” the brother told CNN. “We came back home and searched his name on the Internet. I cannot tell you the shock we felt.”

      “My wife typed ‘Joran van der Sloot’ into Google and started screaming for me to see,” Enrique Flores told CNN on Sunday. “I couldn’t believe it. How could it be that guy?”

      “All I have been doing is reading about Natalee Holloway and what her family has gone through,” Flores said.

      Stephany Flores was a trusting young woman, her family said.

      “My sister is very friendly … always smiling, always nice to everyone,” said Enrique Flores. “I think about how she felt with him, that she probably did not think … and it is … so hard to think about that.”

      “My sister was the only girl in our house, the queen of our family,” he continued. “What she wanted, she got. She loved to play soccer” and would organize matches with her friends in the family’s backyard…..

      ……In the hours after his sister’s wake, Enrique Flores is gripped with grief, sadness and determination. He cannot stand to talk for long about his sister until his voice cracks and he asks if the interview can please end. One sentence, though, before it does.

      “We just want justice,” he said.

    7. Brenda on June 15th, 2010 9:12 am

      I think I got spammed again :( What special/reserved characters should we stay away from using? (probably multiple dots?)
      SM: Could also just be a glitch. The spam software is supposed to be “smart” so if it thinks something is spam once it will continue to think it’s spam. I’ll look in the spam folder ;) (klaasend)

    8. Pearl on June 15th, 2010 9:13 am

      As I am certain beautiful Tamikosmom would point out, Joran continually changes his story.
      Except in Peru, ALL THE CHANGES do not disappear. They only keep ADDING UP to reveal the CRIMINAL that Joran van der Sloot truly is.

      Joran claimed that he FOUND STEPHANY ON HIS COMPUTER, after “going out for coffee”.

      We now know that Joran never went out for coffee. In fact, he exited his room WITH COFFEE, and a CHANGE OF SHIRT.
      Since we KNOW that Joran, by his own accounts USED HIS “BEIGE” SHIRT TO SNUFF OUT – THE FEW REMAINING GASPING BREATHS THAT LITTLE STEPHANY HAD IN HER TINY BODY, and – since we KNOW that Joran EXITS the room with a NEW SHIRT ON along with his “coffee”, we know that little Stephany was already dead, and that devil was feigning an “ENTRANCE” that never happened.
      It was an EXIT made to look like an “entrance”.

      But bear in mind: Joran wants us to see his DELIBERATE ACTS OF WILLFUL, CALCULATED COVER UPS – as mere acts of “rage” that were not planned.

      Just like Joran wants us to believe that Natalee somehow caused her own kidnapping, being drugged by him, and murder by him, his father and their friends – along with all the other EVIL CRIMINAL ACTS they inflicted upon little, defenseless Natalee Holloway.

    9. meemee on June 15th, 2010 9:27 am

      all the time its someone else fault. this guy is a pig, and doesnt deserve the light of day or the air we all share to breathe. I hope he rots

    10. crossbow on June 15th, 2010 10:12 am

      Rather then boycott Aruba; as it is not the Arubans but the Dutch that refuse to prosecute Joran; we should be boycotting Dutch companies.
      Start hitting them in the pocketbook and see how fast they change their tune.
      We should start with:
      Shell Oil
      And especially
      Uniliver Corporation.
      Just look at how many products we buy that are owned by that Dutch Company.
      It is the Dutch that are afraid of lost income on Aruba because they have to subsidize the island. Why punish the Arubans? Punish the ignorant Dutch prosecuters.
      It is the Dutch that are pulling the strings not the Arubans.

      BTW: read the transcript: She hit me on the left side of my head and I reacted and hit her with my right elbow. They had to be facing each other for that to occur. I thought they were sitting side by side; which would make his scenario impossible.

    11. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 10:21 am


      Excuse my sarcasim, “Of course it’s not his fault and how could anyone see it any other way!”

      Big Problem this time = In his statement he says:

      “I kind of came to my senses, thinking, What can I do now?” …”I put it on her face and pressed hard to the point where I killed her — to the point where I killed Stephany.”

      This point alone says that he was not acting in self-defense and he knowingly and more importantly CLEARLY made the choice to murder!

      He has no defense this time – It’s just so saddly unfortunate that there is a “This Time”.

    12. Pearl on June 15th, 2010 10:26 am


      It started with a knock on the door.
      Knock, knock. Knock, knock.
      No one answered.
      Knock, knock.
      Knock, knock.

      It was all a deceptive ploy.
      One of a million heinous distractions to cover up what really took place.
      The knock by Paulus on Joran’s apartment in the middle of the night as Beth begged him to help her find Natalee.
      The knock by Joran on his hotel door to feign an alibi for murdering beautiful Stephany Flores.

      One of a million evil fistsed crushing blows upon the delicate frailty of valor, courage, righteousness, and truth that had also come knocking upon the Van der Sloot’s door.

      Sham knocking on the door is a rehearsed forgery practiced in this brood of insidiousness and decadence.
      It’s like the counterfeit statements, the forged documentation of statements, phones and their usage, the pretense of time , location and travel manipulated by the homicidal unconscionable.

      The Knock on the door to feign the presence of someone inside, the perpetrator’s hideous statement that it is his understanding that someone is inside capable of answering the hideous knock on the door, the knocks that come from the depravity of hell.

      No one answers.
      Beth awaits, an answer to the knock at the door, trembling in shock, shaking in terror, agonizing over the disappearance of her precious child, only wanting to know where Natalee is, who took her, where is she, why is no one answering the door?

      After faking sleep, and dragging his depraved soul to the door, Paulus told Team Justice for Natalee -that Joran was in bed – sleeping.
      Paulus claimed his son couldn’t have been with Natalee, he claimed his son was in bed.
      He claimed that his son couldn’t have been with Natalee, one of many contradictory statements that was eviscerated with the same ease they eviscerated Natalee.
      Paulus walked over to Joran’s door, and feigned the same devious knock on Joran’s door, that Joran feigned five years later to make Stephany look “alive”.

      The knock that was supposed to awaken Joran from his “sleep” in 2005, the knock that was supposed to make Stephanie look “alive”.
      Paulus already knew that Joran wasn’t inside.
      Paulus knew where Joran was because they had just held another of his no corpse, no case obstruction of justice meetings. He had also just spoken with his depraved son on the phone. Paulus had already spoken with Joran on the phone before Beth had ever arrived at the doorstep to hell, the door step to savagery.

      No one answered in 2005. Joran wasn’t home. Knocking when no one can answer comes so easily to the Van der Sloot murderers.
      More hideous time to buy. More depraved manipulations to carry out: manipulations of time, locations, records, witnesses, surveillance cameras and all they recorded, and phones.

      The knock was twisted into the infamous phone call to the savage three, (another phone call had already taken place prior to Beth’s arrival where the conspirators rehearsed their plot to obstruct justice).

      One of many phone calls between devils and their gang of conspirators, who spend their lives manipulating time, phones, surveillance, witnesses, statements and records, while they eviscerate little girls, stomping their fists into helpless children, while they pummel their arrogance against justice and truth, satiating their appetites for depravity with crushing blows to the valor, honor, integrity and ethics that refuse to abandon the helpless souls of little, defenseless girls victimized by savages from hell.

      These are the monsters who prey on little girls, drugging them, raping them, robbing them, rendering them incapable of protecting or defending themselves, that leave fathers helpless, defenseless and incapable of comprehending the heinous insidiousness of monsters who knock with such ease, incapable of comprehending the appetites of beasts who repeatedly feed over and over again upon their prey.

      The knocks came again.
      Five years later.
      Only this time, a little girl lay helpless in a pool of blood, beaten, savagely crushed by the same forces of evil that spent millions on preserving and defending the monsters whose night time version of fun when the lights go out – is to bury, and re-bury a defenseless and brutally victimized little girl until finally – erasing her. They like to call it “no corpse, no case”, while pummeling the victim’s mother into the ground , shattering her heart into razors of pain that re-pierce her soul over and over again, while the monsters continue to satiate their savage appetites with their no corpse, no case re-victimization of helpless and brutally victimized little children.

      Monkeys: it’s OUR TURN to KNOCK ON SOME DOORS.
      This is OUR TIME.
      This is our turn for JUSTICE FOR NATALEE.


      Raise your hands for justice.
      WHO ‘S THERE?

      Let it be YOU who bangs your fist for justice.
      Let it be your voice that stands up for these precious children and their right to justice.

      Let it be your voice that stands up for Natalee’s right to justice and to come home to her family.
      Let it be your voice that stands up for Stephany’s right to justice for her family.

    13. Kim on June 15th, 2010 10:41 am

      Well I am sure that there is no video or the two murdering men that were in the room and only killed the girl and let Joran live…. what did they do climb in and outta the window , oh yeh and they only stole from Stephany they let poor little Joran keep not only his life but his money too??? Oh and don’t forget , the real killers also shared the loot with Joran, ummm didn’t he have Stephany’s credit cards on him when caught….. what a winner he is

    14. maryl on June 15th, 2010 10:49 am

      I’ll put 5 dollars worth of food on his prison account if he tells Natalee’s family where she is.

    15. ThEhApPsTeR on June 15th, 2010 11:14 am

      “Wed don’t negotiate with criminals.” Go Peru!

    16. meemee on June 15th, 2010 12:15 pm

      i watched nancy grace last night, and she had some loser guy, that is a friend of urine. he said we all i repeat WE ALL have it wrong. this guy needs to be taken in for questioning by the F.B.I for he claims urine told him things. where do these creeps come from, it actually showed a picture of him and urine partying together. birds of a feather flock together.

    17. kiltie on June 15th, 2010 12:30 pm

      Aruba is begging for Joran’s computer. I figure all the bigwigs who facilitated the cover up of Natalee’s death must be sweating bullets for fear of what will be discovered on the computer. Viva Peru!

    18. Mike on June 15th, 2010 12:34 pm

      Maybe this guy can send the money they paid him to “the feed urine in prison fund” or “the save urine’s ass in prison fund”.

    19. Katerina on June 15th, 2010 12:37 pm

      #16 meemee I saw that program you’re referring to last night. The guy actually sent JVDS money via Western Union. I wonder how many others have been conned by Joran and have sent money to him all over the world via Western Union. Time to subpoena some Wester Union records, someone is funding this creep.

    20. Brenda on June 15th, 2010 1:05 pm

      kim, guess they climbed in through the window too! :>)

      The boy saying he came to his senses tells too much truth from a liar’s mouth this time. So with senses intact we smother someone half our size and go out for coffee and danish. Lovely.

    21. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 1:09 pm

      meemee #16,

      It’s the Gangster effect they all want to play Gangster. It’s a reality escape for them. Parents aren’t paying attention and many of these video games have brainwashed them into thinking that being a Gangster is Cool! What a sad loss.

      And you are so right about birds of a feather! Do they not have any respect for human life or the law, any compassion for the families, any sense of decency or justice?

      I never thought I was the greatest parent but I made sure I knew enough about my children, where they were, who they associated with and how they spent their time to make sure that if and when they fell off the track I was right there to set them straight and back on it.

      Not to cover for them, Not to make excuses!

      My children called me “the MEAN MOM” and when they asked why? I told them because, “NO ONE SAID LIFE IS FAIR AND I’M A MEAN MOM – DON’T FORGET IT!” that was my line.

      I never abused them and they knew I loved them and now that they are all grown up they have each come to me and thanked me for being “the Mean Mom”!

      I taught them that life is not fair and I taught them to deal with it! I taught them not to whine and run and coware.

      It Paid off being the “Mean Mom” I have children who have grown into responsible adults and have contributed to the world – I am proud of them!

    22. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 2:09 pm

      Crossbow #10 you are so right on both counts!

      Aruba is under Dutch Jurisdiction and they are taking orders from the Dutch prosecutor.

      Dave Holloway & Tim Miller were suppose to meet someone in Aruba yesterday to have a meeting on any new evidence and the meeting was postponed? Anyone care to guess why??

      Why Hans Mos or who ever is in that position now is not reopening the Holloway Investigation at this time is the most Unjustified, Undignified Travesty of Justice Imaginable! Joran has confessed to Natalee’s murder/death so many times and we all know that evidence exists (and we know, they know where) They look worse to world continuing the concealment then they would if they would just fessed up and made it right!

      And Kiltie #17

      I just bet they want that computer! Because now someone may have their hands on some EVIDENCE that’s not privy to the “Aruban Good Ol’ Boy Network” and they could “ALL” be exposed!

      My how the tables have turned! The Rooster’s coming home to Roost! Get your Fryers Ready! We’re gonna have a picnic! YeeHA!

      Main Entree – Justice for Natalee!

    23. meemee on June 15th, 2010 2:21 pm

      lisa i agree with you, it all goes back to the parents, therefore, mr. sloot died before we can get his full story, i still feel papa and urine were running a little perverted operation together. i too knew my kids friends and if i didnt like them, guess what they were not their friends anymore, oh yeah my kids got a spanking too. kids today have no respect for anyone, they are lazy, spoilt and think they deserve things, when my boys were little they played outdoors all day, and they did chores for allowance. i feel it is too late for urine, i cringe wondering what his other 2 brothers are like. anita should be held accountable. god bless natalie and stephany

    24. meemee on June 15th, 2010 2:23 pm

      Katrina, I thought joran emailed to him and he did not send the money. The guy on tv is american, i just dont get him. He was creepy to me. He also should be questioned.

    25. A Texas Grandfather on June 15th, 2010 2:28 pm

      I know you are proud that each of your children have come to you to tell you of their appreciation for the steadfast values you gave them when they wanted to do foolish things.
      Of course being the “mean mom” became a thing of levity with your children. They knew that when you invoked the “mean mom” stance that the position you held was fixed, no further negotiation possible. This is what all good parents do for their children.
      Hooray for good parents!

    26. A Texas Grandfather on June 15th, 2010 2:35 pm

      It now appears that LE in Aruba want to come to the party and investigate Joran. With egg and mud and corruption all over them, I hope that LE in Peru are very skeptical and are careful not to let them be anywhere by themselves.

    27. on June 15th, 2010 3:25 pm

      For the first time in 5 years, I’m ready for Joran van der Slut to get out of the news and disappear into a dark hole. Well he’s disappeared into the dark hole so far……..

    28. Roxy on June 15th, 2010 3:35 pm

      I agree, something really should be done about Aruba’s part in all of this. This is so unbelievable!

    29. Roxy on June 15th, 2010 3:45 pm

      His cell looks entirely too nice

    30. nychic on June 15th, 2010 3:47 pm

      Not only should Western Union transfers be checked

      The Pig’s Online Poker Accounts May Have Cash Balances -

      I’ve said it before right here on SM
      Online Poker Should Be BANNED
      It Only Results In Bad News
      So Many DumbAsses Have Lost Their House, Life Savings, Etc…Now Look…It Appears That Is How The Pig Lured Stephany To The Hotel !

    31. Roxy on June 15th, 2010 3:58 pm

      It’s looking grim…

      The Daily Beast has learned that international red tape has led Aruban authorities to shut down their investigation—and now his lawyer has threatened to quit. Barbie Latza Nadeau on how Stephany Flores’ murder case in Peru may prevent justice for Holloway.

      The killing of Stephany Flores has been the highest profile murder case in Peru for years and the Dutchman has attracted a significant amount of public anger. Anita van der Sloot, Joran’s mother, is expected to arrive in Peru this week accompanied by a Dutch television crew.

    32. Roxy on June 15th, 2010 4:00 pm

      P.S. Word is that the Dutch TV crew has paid her way to Peru. Does that mean they are broke?

      Yesterday on NG the email JVDS sent to his so called creepy friend/accomplice said that he had a shop in Thailand…..anyone heard anything about that?

    33. Roxy on June 15th, 2010 4:07 pm

      Sorry I asked that question, I just found out he has a coffee shop in Thailand…

    34. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 4:51 pm

      Welcome to the Hotel Castro, Castro …. Such A Lovely Place!

      If he’s going to survive he will need money,” said the police source who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The state provides around $1.50 a day per prisoner, he will need to buy everything from toothpaste to a decent space in which to sleep. On top of that, the mafias will be pressing him for protection money, all foreign prisoners have to pay just to stay alive.” The source added: “The prisons are run by the prisoners, everything is available there: drugs, alcohol, sex.”

      Van der Sloot could wait years in prison for his trial to begin.

      We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay! Yall Come back now Ya Hear!

    35. brie. on June 15th, 2010 5:08 pm

      The only thing that Joran is going to admit to is that Natalee is in the ocean…!!!

    36. ezsolution on June 15th, 2010 5:09 pm

      with such a compulsive liar why cant they just inject him with truth serum and get it all. or send him to one of those countries who know how to make people talk. is that not where they send all those terror chaps.

    37. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 5:09 pm

      Roxy, I think I read somewhere that he sold his coffee shop in Tialand. I think it was a front for his human trafficing escapades and he was getting tired of the Tialand authorites raiding it!

      Poor Little Joran – The world just won’t let him do what he wants the way Paulus & Anita Did!

      Guess he’s seeing his “RUDE AWAKENING”!

    38. kiltie on June 15th, 2010 5:25 pm

      33. Roxy: HAD a coffee and sandwich shop in Thailand. The couple he sold it to said it was so mis managed and the books were in horrible shape.

    39. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 6:20 pm

      meemee #23 a mom just like me!

      Did you hear that Anita “Chores for Allowance”! Not a new concept!!!

      Joran is exactly what happens when your child is allowed to not only roam the poker tables underage but given a line of credit???

      And as Always Aruba (Yes Aruba) looked the other way!

      Devil Spawn!

    40. Kelly on June 15th, 2010 6:23 pm

      What a pig….period…lethal injection is too good for him – but that’s the only thing that might be fair here….that or a firing squad…hear me?

    41. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 6:34 pm

      Katablog # 27

      Just Hang in there now – We have a long way to go yet! I don’t want him disappearing into a hole until the currpt evil empire of Aruba falls and Natalee is found!

      Then it’s – GET BENT BUTTSNORT TIME!

    42. on June 15th, 2010 6:45 pm

      yeah, the “delicious sporter” who had a degree in news accounts (don’t believe it for a minute)was selling sandwiches and coffee! Now that’s a degree worth getting!

    43. on June 15th, 2010 6:51 pm

      The comments on this page are from some really clueless enablers who either lie through their teeth or make it up as they go.

    44. Susan on June 15th, 2010 6:57 pm

      I’m not getting through either :-( Spam attack?? I’ve tried to post two comments here today, but nothing.

    45. Maggie on June 15th, 2010 7:08 pm

      HLN news said today that Aruba and Peru will now be working together.. Arlene Shippers gonna go brief them too? Joran has lied so much Aruba can dump anything they want on him now..but I do not believe at all that Joran is the only person involved in Natalee’s “disappearance” and cover up. Aruba trying to use Peru to repair their image? I would love for them to hook up a lie detector to Straten, Jacobs, Dompig and Kalpoes for starters. 2 years to search VDsloots property and house. Dompig stated a judge on the spot wouldn’t let them search Van Der Sloot’s home or property, only Joran’s apartment.. 10 days after Natalee disappeared. The black security guards were woke up before daylight a few days after Natalee disappeared…were searched and had their home searched and arrested. This was after Beth had watched the security tape of Natalee not returning to the Holiday Inn. Renfro went on O’Reilly’s show and said the cops said they have good solid evidence against the 2 black security guards.

      I watched Greta’s interview from Peru last night.. Couldn’t believe when she asked how they were doing or when she started blaming the FBI again to the Flores family.

      Flores family seems like very nice, classy people. When Greta asked them if they hated Joran, they said no, we don’t even know him.

      More on her site of the interview, but I couldn’t even stand to go watch it.

      Katablog, I agree.. I am tired of seeing him.. Will be glad when he goes away and stays.. I just hope first Natalee’s gets to come home to her family to rest and they get answers.

    46. Susan on June 15th, 2010 7:09 pm

      Aruba, Peru to swap notes on Joran van der Sloot

      Officials hope any details they share involving Joran van der Sloot and the murder of Stephany Flores, will help in the Natalee Holloway investigation.

      Aruban and Peruvian authorities have agreed to “help each other” in the murder investigation of Stephany Flores – in which Joran Van der Sloot is the prime suspect, Aruban government spokesman Taco Stein told CNN Tuesday.

      Investigators hope the cooperation will lead to new information about the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in 2005 in Aruba. Van der Sloot is also a suspect in that case.

      Following a phone meeting with Peruvian judge Carlos Morales on Tuesday morning, Stein said Peruvian authorities have agreed to allow Aruban investigators into Peru once a formal request has been made. He did not indicate when that more formal request would take place or when Aruban investigators are expected to arrive in Peru, but described the meeting as a “positive start” to information sharing.

      On Monday, van der Sloot, who is in the Miguel Castro Castro prison in Lima, was awaiting a psychological evaluation, prison authorities said. He is in a high-security area of the prison where only two of 10 cells are occupied, and he has no contact with inmates in the general prison population. He is under guard 24 hours a day, authorities said. The only other inmate in the area is alleged Colombian hit man Hugo Trujillo Ospina.

      The two have spent some time together in a common area where there is a television set and weights made of out of broomsticks and soda bottles, authorities said.

      On Monday, van der Sloot’s attorney resigned saying the job was causing too many problems for him.

      According to transcripts of his confession, van der Sloot said he elbowed Flores in the face before strangling her and then suffocating her with his own shirt.

      – CNN’s David Ariosto contributed to this report.

    47. Laurie on June 15th, 2010 7:35 pm

      Something bugs me-someone on one of the blogs said Stephany was a lesbian and would never let a man near her…ok. In the video of the gambing table, she is looking all around as she sits down. She walks up, makes no physical contact with him, does not sit particularly close to him (and you don’t see anything intimately inclined, more like a drug deal)…I don’t know, I don’t doubt he’s a murderer-but this all seems phony.

      He’s a worldwide human (and drug) trafficker, but he plays this like a dumbass-like he’s as good as dead outside so he is itching to go to jail….

      Is it just me? Granted, he’s not the brightest-but he’s been in operation for how many years? I hope he just gets shanked-nobody’s ever going to find anything useful out of him.

      I am so very sorry for Natalee’s family, no one will ever find out what happened to her. She is gone, like so many others. There are rotten people out there-and women and children in poor countries are used and discarded every day.

    48. USS Yorktown on June 15th, 2010 7:58 pm

      He may as well call himself Joran Osama bin Laden van der Sloot.

    49. wolfgang on June 15th, 2010 8:02 pm

      I just heard Stephany’s brother say on Nancy Grace that they don’t care where Joran spends his jail time, in Peru or Aruba … they just want him locked up. Do you think he is going to cut a deal to go to Aruba for better jails and much better treatment, food,pillows,Mama etc.???? That doesn’t seem right to me…he did this latest crime in Peru. Peru may be glad to get rid of him, having to protect him in jail and give him the better food is not something they wanted to do.

    50. Lisa in Maryland on June 15th, 2010 8:14 pm

      Laurie #47

      For 5 long years we’ve stood together hanging on in Hope and Faith that the Holloways prayers will be answered. The one thing we counted on with our Faith is that Joran would F up again. That there would be another chance to find out what happened to Natalee.

      That is possibly happening right now!

      Keep the Faith – Hang on to that last shred of Hope that this family may find their PEACE!

      Now is not the time to give up – you don’t quit the race 5 feet from the finish line! Now is the time to press harder!

      Joran could crack any day. We don’t know what is going to happen next but I truely believe that the Truth about Natalee is going to come out by hook or crook and that all the culprits will be exposed!

      Never Give Up! Keep up the Good fight! Natalee deserves to come home! Her family needs her to come home!

      Justice for Natalee!

    51. delaine bisesi on June 15th, 2010 9:05 pm

      I think the only reason stephanie went to his room was for him to repay her. He was going busted and they may have been gambling as a team or she simply loaned him money. He is such scum he never meant to repay her. She got mad and he killed her. Almost as soon as they got to the room.

    52. on June 15th, 2010 9:08 pm

      I couldn’t begin to explain my anger if Joran gets out of Peru. The Aruba officials would let him out after about 10 minutes!

    53. Roxy on June 16th, 2010 12:41 am, I know, I have never seen comments like this anywhere else, no one in the world backs him up, I wonder if these folks took a stupid pill.

      kiltie and Lisa in Maryland thanks for the rest of the info.
      “get your sandwich and coffee and women here”…yikes! Well he did go to school in the Netherlands…and it’s not called the Netherlands for no reason! :P

    54. not surprised at all on June 16th, 2010 12:43 am



      They are as unreliable as Joran Van Der Sloot.

    55. Jajouka on June 16th, 2010 2:05 am

      The Halls of Babylon are shaking.

      Do not forget those two little pervs Kalpoe.

      The hand in the infamous photo of J2K.

      How much drug money flows to The Queen B?

      The Washing Machine of the Carribean.

    56. NGBoston on June 16th, 2010 4:27 am

      Pearl says,

      Monkeys: it’s OUR TURN to KNOCK ON SOME DOORS.
      This is OUR TIME.
      This is our turn for JUSTICE FOR NATALEE.

      Pearl—can you continue to post the addresses and phone numbers which you have on previous threads?

      The only thing which the correct public officials respond to is continued written or verbal objections from many. They were very helpful.

      Crossbow also raises a good point about the Dutch. Aruba itself needs to be held accountable under it’s own Kingdom of the Netherlands. As SM has pointed out before-that would mean we should be adding our voices in unison to Beatrix of Netherlands, the current Dutch Monarch.

      Since justice has been obstructed on this case since Natalee Holloway was kidnapped and murdered in 2005, Aruba is not ever going to do a damn thing to Joran to continue to hide the corruption related to this case and cover for all other guilty LE Officials. We have to go over their heads.

    57. NGBoston on June 16th, 2010 4:50 am

      The Little Sporter’s first Attorney has already had enough and quit this week. After Joran has his Psychiatric Evaluation, he is going to lie again & make more bogus statements- claim he was drunk, high, under the influence, etc. and claim to have all sorts of mental impairments or psychological problems so he can serve time in a different venue. The Murderer thinks he can still manipulate but he is frightened, claiming he is broke and still attempting to use Natalee Holloway’s location & forthcoming “confession” as his last bargaining chip. PATHETIC!

      Most important, Joran has got to have legal representation before anything is allowed to move forward and the Aruban Officials visit Peruvian Officials for that “exchange of information.” Of course Peru knows this, and will be dilligent to make certain there are no lapses. The last thing they would want to do is create any legal loopholes for Joran to slip through and have Aruban LE or Anita VDS crying that Joran’s legal right to counsel was not granted at the time any further statements are made or further legal questioning by Peru takes place. Peru still has the upperhand on the Stephany Flores case and with a confession and all the evidence, that is a done deal. Everything should be temporarily postponed/stalled until Joran has legal counsel in place again. It is looking like he won’t be able to get a Peruvian Attorney to represent him, so what is next for the Murderer?

      Joe Taco—-where are you?? That would be perfect. Taco can kiss his US career good-bye if he changes his mind and decides to hop back into the frying pan again. What happened to Mama Sloot’s Legal Team and her spin Doctor’s? Anita chickened out and changed her plans about visiting her little Sporter ever since she saw the outrage from the public since she fears for her own safety. Anita—-How do you think BETH HOLLOWAY FELT on your stinking little piece of crap Island back in 2005? Don’t you think she was afraid? Fearful for her own safety with the corruption all around her? Big difference, though—she was looking for her own daughter, THE VICTIM here.

      ANITA VAN DER SLOOT IS A COWARD who remains silent now WHEN SHE SHOULD BE TALKING. Her corrupt Husband is DEAD, her Murdering Son is next and she still has no decency or ability to DO THE RIGHT THING. We all know Anita has known from the day she wiped Paulus dripping sweat off the kitchen table- Anita KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED AND what her Son and Husband did. Family meeting, REMEMBER????? Family meeting with the Kalpoes to rehearse what fabricated story was going to be released to the media. DISGUSTING.



    58. Scott on June 16th, 2010 6:07 am

      He’s not getting out of Peru. Are you kidding? There would mass rioting in Peru. He killed one of their own. The only reason he got away with Natalee’s murder is that it was in Aruba. Had he killed her in the USA he’d be getting butt ****** by guys named Bubba and Lester!

      Peru is NOT going to let him go. He will spend his time in a Peruvian jail. The USA CAN now, it’s a FACT, charge him in the USA with Natalee’s murder. He’s never getting out of jail…EVER!

      He’s done. Caput. He will be systematically killed once released into the general population.

      He will NOT give up details of Natalee’s body while in Peru talking to Aruban officials.

      No way Peru lets him go. NO way!

    59. Lisa in Maryland on June 16th, 2010 8:35 am

      Anita is suppose to arrive in Peru today.


      Anita—-How do you think BETH HOLLOWAY FELT on your stinking little piece of crap Island back in 2005? Don’t you think she was afraid? Fearful for her own safety with the corruption all around her? Big difference, though—she was looking for her own daughter, THE VICTIM here.

      With the exception of being a vitim the shoe is on the other foot now! Let see how she likes it!

      If the Peruvian people are so outraged as to threaten Joran’s lawyer’s life just for defending him can you imagine the warm welcome she will get!

      And Oh SO RIGHTLY SO!

    60. Pearl on June 16th, 2010 8:48 am

      Dear Good Monkeys who have tirelessly carried little Natalee’s voice – for five very long years. You are truly an inspiring group of wonderful people. #50 LISA in MD…. YOU ARE SO VERY ON TARGET.

      Please take a moment to read # 50.





      To 56 – yes, I hope we can all do a little research and some heavy duty BANGING ON DOORS.(Will re post later today).
      Let our fists for justice be clenched together and UNDIVIDED.

      If you do – you are letting him win.
      He wants America to believe that had we just “left him alone” – that no one else would be harmed.



      STAY TOGETHER. Don’t let anyone or anything divide us. KEEP NATALEE FRONT AND CENTER, AND STEPHANY AS WELL.
      Stay focused. Be their voice for justice.

    61. Reno on June 16th, 2010 9:21 am

      Klass can’t post in the forums, but pull this in please

      Goggle dutch to english
      Joran: “Freedom for sensation”
      June 16, 2010 By: The Editors

      LIMA – The offer of Joran van der Sloot to Aruba for transfer in exchange for notes in the case Natalee Holloway was yesterday by the Peruvian authorities by hand. The lawyer of 22-year-old Arnhem, however, has a new bold proposal ready. This time addressed to the world press.

      “My client provides the international media to give them ten years to systematically provide” sensational news “that in exchange for parole in the lawsuit about Stephany Flores. The market value of my client is shown to journalists every time unprecedented. Joran is hot and he makes his sensational stories for newspaper circulations and rising high ratings. The media has simply benefit from my client’s turbulent life in freedom can continue. Hence this proposal, “said lawyer Máximo Altez.

      Through his lawyer, Van der Sloot also know a possible parole not to undermine a new massacre. “That is absolutely excluded, but a new mysterious disappearance, extortion cases and a renewed career of women are certainly not excluded from this offer. My client will be ten years the media and the public at their beck and call. That guarantee is there, “says Altez.

      Media Journalist Barry Sakkotz find the new offer of Van der Sloot a bold move, it believes that the proposal may work to his advantage. “The world press, the Peruvian authorities with lies and color coverage within 24-hours in a bad light. They will eventually collapse under the immense pressure and Joran still running. The power of the media is immense and that Joran now bends to his advantage, “concluded Sakkotz.
      Help: Get out of here. Is Altez saying set Joran free so the press can make big profits for the next ten years?

    62. Reno on June 16th, 2010 9:43 am

      The above post is probably a satire. Disregard

    63. meemee on June 16th, 2010 11:12 am

      I just cant believe peru would let urine go. And i did see some of Gretas interview, I stopped watching her she became SO POLITICAL, there are enough of those bozos on the air and radio, anyhoo
      I dont see what Aruba can share with Peru, I was under the impression they had NOTHING since they have done NOTHING, and if i was anita i would stay home, dont think she would be welcomed in Peru. Please pray that we get Natalie home. Justice for Natalie, and Stephany, Stephany’s family carries themselves with such grace, as did Beth and her family

    64. Sam on June 16th, 2010 11:29 am

      Such great posts here!
      Crossbow – I, too, have wondered how he elbowed her in the face after she supposedly hit him in the head. I don’t believe she hit him for a second. He is a first-degree liar and is trying to make it look like it was her fault. He likes hitting females. It’s fun for him. She was sitting beside him and he elbowed her hard in the face to incapacitate her so he could kill and rob her.

      Kiltie – It will be very interesting to find out all the details the devil spawn has on his computer.

      Roxy – thx much for the video link. Excellent. I guess that blanket he had around his neck is the one he will be sleeping under.

      Anita – I hadn’t thought of Anita’s reception in Peru. Maybe she’d better shave her head and dye it black as a disquise. Interesting to know that Anita is broke now. Paulus didn’t plan for them, I guess.

      Delaine B – never thought of the loser using “paying her back” as a way to get her into his hotel room. Very plausible. Too bad we’ll never know what really happened because sloot is a pathological liar.

      I think right now he is praying to the devil to get him back to Aruba. Bet he can’t wait until the Aruban authorities see him for info on Natalee…he hopes they will take him back. Next he’ll say, “I’ll only talk in Aruba.” Manipulative scum.

      Don’t play, Peru. I’m sure the Pervians expect him to be raped and killed soon. He’s so high profile. I doubt they want that on their watch, although I hope they don’t care.

    65. A Texas Grandfather on June 16th, 2010 12:29 pm

      Joran’s MO seems to be the same regarding women at the casinos. In Natalee’s case he helped her win back some money she had lost. In Stephany’s case he and she teamed up to try to win.

      This gives the women/girls a false sense of security so they put their personal radar on hold and go along with his suggestions.
      This takes place over a period of several days. He was hanging around with the MB group claiming to be a Dutch soccer player on vacation in Aruba.
      In Natalee’s case, I believe it was for sexual purposes. In Stephany’s case, it was the money. He saw that she had a pretty good roll and he wanted it.
      The confession about the computer is one of his many lies. Forensics will tell a far different story.

      Aruba has one last chance to do the right thing. If they fail this time, all of us need to contact our Government and make them put a travel ban on all the ABC islands and to stop doing any business with known Dutch firms.
      It is not known who owns the hotels on Aruba, but those people need to be contacted as well. The Holiday Inn chain and the Mariot chain need to be told that if they continue to do business in the ABC islands, that Americans will boycott them everywhere.

    66. meemee on June 16th, 2010 2:17 pm

      well said tx grandpa, im a tx grandma here. i totally agree with you. If aruba screws up again, all dutch firms, and the netherlands should be held accountable. I for one would never set foot In aruba. Natalie became like a daughter I never had 5 years ago, this case has consumed me. I dont believe anything came up on his computer, i think he wanted her money and he killed for it. Joran is a LIAR, HE probably doesnt know how to tell the truth. JUSTICE FOR STEPHANY AND NATALIE

    67. Sven on June 16th, 2010 2:37 pm

      Does anyone know how to find the full translated version of his written confession? In the one poorly translated one I found there was almost no statement that wasn’t a partial lie, if not a full lie. His most amazing narrative was about his taxi trip which took up 2/3 of the confession. It was totally fictional and read like a novel from him telling the taxi drivers to help him flee the country because he was a fugitive for murder, to his turning himself in at a Chilean police station (twice) but they wouldn’t take him to – oh, it goes on and on. It’s quite a tale of intrigue and suspense.

    68. Sven on June 16th, 2010 2:39 pm

      Thank god Peru is turning the computer over to the FBI and not Aruba. The aruban authorities would have surely found a way to accidentally destroy the hard-drive.

    69. Lisa in Maryland on June 16th, 2010 2:43 pm

      In response to Reno #61 – if it were true

      Does anyone find it the least bit interesting that Joran would bargain with the media for the period of 10 yrs. for which I am under the understanding is the statute of limitations on murder cases under Dutch Law?

      I’m not sure if I have been misinformed on that statute.


      Yea Right, Joran! – Like Peru is actually going to set you free from your murder charge so you can be a big hit media sensation! I guess this is Jorans Van Der Stoups version of SURVIVOR?


      How about we bargain for 10 minutes of Dave Holloway in the same cell with you Cameras or not! NOW THAT WOULD CAUSE A MEDIA SENSATION!

      The only leverage you have now is that kind that gets you BENT! You Narcissistic sociopathic BUTTSNORTING PIG!


    70. Sven on June 16th, 2010 2:46 pm

      I’ve had this “ha ha” thought that ironically when Joran finally out of desperation for any chance of being extradited to Aruba tells the real place he and his dad disposed of Natalee – the sea – and it really is the truth – they won’t be able find it and his last chance is his own undoing because he waited too long and the body is gone.

    71. Lisa in Maryland on June 16th, 2010 2:49 pm

      LOL – Am I missing something in the translation??? Is he saying here that there may be another one???

      Through his lawyer, Van der Sloot also know a possible parole not to undermine a new massacre. “That is absolutely excluded, but a new mysterious disappearance, extortion cases and a renewed career of women are certainly not excluded from this offer. My client will be ten years the media and the public at their beck and call. That guarantee is there, “says Altez.

      LOL – This is sooo very, very sick I feel bad for laughing!!! It’s creating a whole new emotion for me. Don’t know wether to laugh, cry or vomit!

    72. Sven on June 16th, 2010 2:58 pm

      Pearl: Your posts are great and right-on. All his lies and stories in Peru are shattered by the hours of video tape evidence. Too bad the Aruban tapes were lost.

    73. Sven on June 16th, 2010 3:06 pm

      Roxy: My hope is Joran’s computer has some notes on the Aruban officals who may have helped in the cover up. And since the FBI gets the computer first – perhaps then our State Dept. will some ask for help from Dutch authorities to bring the hammer down on the Aruban govt.

    74. Lisa in Maryland on June 16th, 2010 3:17 pm


      Sorry to differ but I don’t think she is in the sea. I think she is on the Van Der Sloot property.

      I don’t think they ever went anywhere after Carlos & Charlies. I think they took her to his apartment and Joran and the Kalpoes tried to gang rape her and she resisted and they killed her. I think that Paulus heard them and entered in after the fact and it was too late. I think he told the Kalpoes to go home and keep quite and then he and Joran disposed of her body on the property. Possibly in the well or the swimming pool he had filled in. The walls on the property are high and no one could see.

      Paulus knew better than to allow them being seen in public trying to dispose of a body and he knew he could keep the law off the property long enough for him to work a deal with them to look the other way!

      I think everything else was just cooked up lies to throw the investigation and from Joran’s demented mind.

      Of course the only real fact we have is they left Carlos & Charlies together & Joran lies. The rest is simply speculation.

    75. Sven on June 16th, 2010 3:49 pm

      Lisa: Aruba did dig up all over the property but it wasn’t until (I think) 2007. This past week an eyewitness came forward and was interviewed on US TV about how he saw Paul meeting Joran in his red SUV in the wee hours on the road near the Marriott and Paul appearing nervous, looking side to side etc.. His account was dismissed by police in the initial investigation. Joran’s two younger brothers were at home that night – they had school the next day. Anita was out of town. Was the red SUV ever searched? Don’t know. Were any boats his father owned or had access to ever searched? Don’t know.

    76. Sven on June 16th, 2010 4:02 pm

      Crossbow: I agree with putting pressure on the Dutch government (finally). As 5 yrs pressure on Aruba has come to naught. Time to up a rung on the ladder of international relations. Just as Peru will be turning Joran’s computer over to the US (not the Arubans), I believe our State dept. had a hand in that negotiation on the release of the computer to us. I was once privy to a similar negotiation between the US and the Philippines in handing over a Philippino citizen who stole $2 million from a DC law firm. Since there was no formal extradition treaty for the crime, there was an “under the table” agreement for the return of the fugitive in exchange for US funding. Why this particular person got handed over was that the partners of the law firm once were White House counsel to the President. It was all politics. I think politically internationally (and especially because of the oil thing of late – great timing) – we once again have the ability to convince the Dutch authorities to take the matter out of the hands of Aruba – it has become too much of a hot foot ball for the Dutch to ignore anymore, especially given the secret tapes of Joran’s female slave trade out of Thailand to Amsterdam. I think they’ve had enuf.

    77. Sam on June 16th, 2010 4:48 pm

      #70 – Now that’s an Alfred Hitchcock moment!
      Still feel for Natalee’s family and friends, tho. Always will.

    78. kitty on June 16th, 2010 6:29 pm

      Makes one wonder where Pappa Sloot’s fine Lawyer friends are when you need them? Why aren’t they stepping up to defend Joran? With his having been involved in law, his becoming a Judge and all…..

      Where are they all now? Awfully quiet on Aruba these days… no one there wants to defend Joran?

    79. Sam on June 16th, 2010 6:35 pm

      #67 Sven – no, have not seen any translation. He said he actually told the drivers he was a murderer and fleeing? Yea, right! And two of them thought him such a justified and nice murderer, they wouldn’t even take him to the police station to turn himself in when he asked them to!!!!!! Bwahhaaaaaa! He shoulda thunk a little harder. His self-serving lies are blatantly transparent. He’s not very smart at all, outright ignorant. He’s just been lucky and protected up to this point. Byee byee murderous monster. The world is a safer place today with you locked away.

    80. brie. on June 16th, 2010 7:54 pm

      Anita arriving in Peru with Dutch media…so what! Joran needs to tell the truth about Natalee and no plea bargain…why try bargain with such a liar, he will just say she is in the ocean, and we all know we can’t find her, this is his attempt to get out of the jail in Peru…he belongs there…!!!

    81. Sam on June 17th, 2010 12:57 am

      #67 Sven – here’s one…you’ll have to translate it. Hope it’s a better one for you.

    82. kitty on June 17th, 2010 8:17 am

      Sam & Sven… good comments!

      was he talking out of the coke side of his fried brain or the marijuana side of his brain or the combo of the two… detoxing is a bitch! will he now claim that he was not in his right mind, aside from an insanity plea bargaining chip?… maybe that’s the only chip he can play now… since the casino days are over!

      On a more serious thread…The human trafficking and drug trafficking trade may even extend into the recesses of the Netherlands hierarchy … I do hope that it is exposed by the powers that be in the Netherlands (and I forget that special team that investigates over there)..

      Prostitution is big money there and although legalized, in the red zone in Amsterdam… these girls could be sent abroad to other places, worldwide ~ Lord knows where… it really needs to be exposed and stopped. And, it would take a miracle to stop human trafficking… and

      is that even being addressed at the UN level?…

      It’s unconscionable that this even goes on, but that is the reality of how sick of a world we live in.

      I too, feel very sad for the Holloway and Flores’ families and also for girls who’ve disappeared and are/have been (being) abducted into the human trafficking trade ~ quite frightening actually.

    83. Sven on June 17th, 2010 11:36 am

      Kitty: I have a friend, Christian Guerrier, who runs the The Millennials Project (can find the Project on Facebook). He’s from Haiti and is very active in saving women and children from slavery (if you’re interested). He lives in Miami.

    84. Sven on June 17th, 2010 11:37 am

      Sam: Thanks.

    85. Sven on June 17th, 2010 11:56 am

      Joran is a weaver of tales; and part of his charisma to others is that he really is a story-teller, in the traditional sense of the anthropologic definition of the word in folk and tribal traditions since time began. He loves making up stories and likes watching people becoming enthralled – sense of power. He’s like the spider spinning his web and drawing in his prey. At each telling he embellishes and adds more details and/or changes the details. His latest achievement is getting Peru to question the taxi drivers and Peru actually believing Joran that he told the drivers he was a fugitive and they abetted him in his escape – very similar to when he made up the story of (more or less) of handing Natalee over to a security guard at the Marriott which resulted in 2 arrests and detainment of these poor guys. He’s doing the same thing with the 2 taxi drivers. Yesterday some guy produced a map Joran had drawn a few years ago of where Natalee was buried and once again, people are flocking to the site of where Natalee might be according to the crudely drawn “treasure map”. What allows him to keep his sanity in jail is laughing at how people are once again running down dead-end streets chasing any morsel he throws out – taxi drivers helping him to escape and treasure map to Natalee. When will people stop reacting to his every action? I’m sure by now he’s got the Cartel assassin he shares a cell block with also enraptured. God knows what the two of them are gonna concoct together.

    86. Sven on June 17th, 2010 12:13 pm

      Sam: if the confession translation isn’t available yet, part of his “taxi-trip tale” included (1) they stopped at a police station in Chile so he could turn himself in and the woman officer at the desk told him (after he confessed to her he was a murder fugitive from Peru) that since he wasn’t on an Interpol bulletin, she couldn’t help him and he should just return to Peru and turn himself in. (2) after being unable to get the police to take him in, the taxi driver told him he had a relative who was a police officer and he would take him to her – but that didn’t work out either, blah, blah, blah. The one thing I do find of interest is he had ocean current charts in his bag – he said he was contemplating dropping Stephany in the ocean where the current would take her out to sea and now back to shore. With only an hour or 2 to plan a disposal, and that this was his first plan, I believe, he came up with it on such short notice because it came up first because that is how he and Daddy disposed of Natalee. In a panic and confused, what else would cause him to devise such an elaborate plan.

    87. Sven on June 17th, 2010 12:30 pm

      The complete 10-page confession English translation is at:

    88. kitty on June 17th, 2010 8:53 pm

      Thanks, Sven ~ you’re very thoughtful to pass on that information…I too, have a friend who’s penned a powerful book called, Escape From Slavery ~

      it’s so disheartening that this is durrently going on ~ daily…
      around the world. (sigh)……………..

      And I also agree that *Jorans intentions were to dispose of Stephany, the same way, he did Natalee and that was in the ocean… why else have those maps? ~ there are truths within his lies… shame ~ I feel so sad & sorry for the Flores’s & the Holloway family’s suffering and will continue to pray for both.

    89. kitty on June 18th, 2010 6:19 am

      the authors name: Francis Bok

    90. Joran Van der Sloot Now Says his Confession a Lie, Little Dutch Boy Says was Tricked by Police | Scared Monkeys on June 21st, 2010 8:15 am

      [...] is now Joran Van der Sloot’s latest story … Joran Van der Sloot has retracted his confession to the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru and has stated that the police tricked him into the [...]

    91. Joran Van der Sloot Files Complaint Against Peruvian Police … My Rights Were Violated, They Seized by Laptop | Scared Monkeys on June 24th, 2010 9:00 am

      [...] you knew the gig was up and you were guilty of the crime. How exactly is one confused when you were so detailed in the description of how Stephany Flores was killed in his confession? “There was blood [...]

    92. Peruvian Appeals Panel Considers Joran van der Sloot’s Murder Confession of Stefany Flores | Scared Monkeys on August 22nd, 2010 12:38 pm

      [...] the murder of 21 year old Stephany Flores; however, once again this sociopath is trying to play the “Natalee Holloway” card and claim that he was coerced, his rights were violated, he lied and his confession should not count [...]

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