President Obama Advises New York Governor Paterson Advises Not to Run … Drag on the Ticket


It is starting to get real crowded under Obama’s bus.

So much for State’s rights. Barack Obama has reportedly sent message to current NY Governor Paterson not to run in the upcoming New York governors race. Barack to Gov. Paterson, please assume the position and place your self under the Obama bus. Obama’s concern is Paterson’s terrible polling numbers.Why shouldn’t Obama interfere in a state governor race, if he can force CEO Rick Wagoner of General Motors out, what’s a governor.


It’s getting awfully crowded under the Obama Bus

However, what is Barack’s real concern in New York, RUDY GIULIANI!!!

The Obama administration, fearing that Gov. Paterson is too embattled to remain at the top of the ticket, has sent a direct message asking him not to run for a full term as governor. Does this make Barack Obama a racist? Jammie Wearing Fool speculates the same question.

Multiple sources said the White House and national Democrats, fearful about Paterson’s performance, low poll numbers and increasing lack of support, had decided to suggest he not run again, accelerating a timetable for their plans after the governor went on a rant claiming his poll problems are thanks to a racist media — in which he invoked Obama’s name.

“The message was delivered,” said one source familiar with the events, adding that concern about Rudy Giuliani had helped drive the timeframe.

Barack Obama is worried that Paterson will be a “major drag” on the Democratic ticket next year. With Obama’s sinking poll numbers with the economy, healthcare and the deficit; Barack Obama may want to look in the mirror and see just how much of a drag he is next year, let alone in the 2010 midterm elections and 2012.

Jules Crittendnn provides a suggestion to Obama, as long as you are interfering in state politics why don’t you ask Massachusetts governor Patrick Duval to the list as his poll numbers are dismal as well.

UPDATE I: The Obama White House has said to Fox News that this story is incorrect and that Barack Obama is not interfering in the NY Governor’s race. Maybe they should send that memo to the New York Times?

UPDATE II: Embattled New York Governor David Paterson said on Sunday he was still running for office

YES HE WILL!!! New York Governor David Paterson says that he will still run for office in the wake of reports that the Obama WH had advised otherwise. Looks like the NYT did not get the Obama message that said hush on the fact that they were interfering in state politics.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the Obama administration is worried Paterson’s unpopularity could drag down New York’s Democratic members of Congress and the Democratic-controlled state legislature in November 2010 elections.

Citing an administration official, the Times reported that Obama’s request that Paterson step aside was put forward by his political advisers, but approved by the president.

The newspaper quoted another administration official as saying: “Is there concern about the situation in New York? Absolutely.” That official said the concern had “been conveyed to the governor.”

A “New York Democratic operative with direct knowledge of the situation” also confirmed the request had been put forward, the newspaper said, adding that the operative described Paterson as being “resistant” to the idea.

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    1. Greg the Mongoose on September 20th, 2009 1:58 pm

      Remember Caroline Kennedy? Gov. Paterson, taxed his ass out of office. Obama wants Paterson to step aside for the good of the party.. Obama reads polls ?

    2. NY Gov David Paterson Questions Barack Obama’s Coattails and Weak Record for his Political Woes | Scared Monkeys on September 23rd, 2009 7:05 am

      [...] Obama, his coattails and his record. Paterson says he will run for re-election despite the White House asking him not to an his most awkward meeting with Barack Obama. Some one dare say that Obama has a failed record, [...]

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